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WWE Raw live results: Last chance MITB qualifying match


Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles will get one more chance to qualify for Money in the Bank tonight.

Tonight's Raw will feature a triple threat last chance Money in the Bank qualifying match between McIntyre, Orton, and Styles. All three wrestlers lost their initial qualifying matches last week. Riddle defeated McIntyre, John Morrison defeated Orton, and Ricochet defeated Styles.

Money in the Bank is taking place on Sunday, July 18. Raw's Riddle, Morrison, and Ricochet and SmackDown's Big E have qualified for the men's Money in the Bank ladder match thus far. Raw's Asuka, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, and SmackDown's Carmella are the first five wrestlers set for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship and Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women's Championship have also been announced for Money in the Bank. Kingston will confront MVP on tonight's show. Ripley will team with Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke against Charlotte & Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina.

Lashley defeated Xavier Woods in a non-title Hell in a Cell match in the main event of last week's Raw. The show then ended with Lashley having Woods in the Hurt Lock against the cage as Kingston yelled for Lashley to let Woods go. However, MVP locked the cage door to prevent Kingston from being able to save his partner.

A strap match between Jaxson Ryker and Elias is also set for tonight's show. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville announced that Randy Orton couldn't compete in tonight's last chance triple threat match. They noted he's not there tonight for reasons out of their control. 

They announced that the winner of a battle royal takes Orton's place in the triple threat later. Riddle ran up and claimed to have a note from Orton stating Riddle should take his place. 

They could tell Riddle wrote the letter and not Orton. He agreed to enter the battle royal and represent Orton in the match.

Riddle Won The Battle Royal

This was a typical WWE battle royal. It picked up towards the end when it came down to Riddle and Priest. It's a bit odd that Riddle's representing Orton. There's no real explanation why Orton's not there tonight or in the triple threat. 

Participants: Angel Garza, Mustafa Ali, R-truth, The Viking Raiders, Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Drew Gulak, Jinder Mahal, Cederic Alexander, Humberto Carrillo, Damien Priest, Tozawa, Monsoor, and Riddle.

None of the participants got an entrance except for Riddle.

Gulak was the first one eliminated. Mahal then tossed out Benjamin. Garza went over but landed on one foot. He then hopped around ringside and jumped back in the ring. Garza tried to throw out Monsoor, but Ali threw out Garza instead. Ali explained to Monsoor that he saved him. Monsoor turned around, and Ali threw him out. 

Mahal then backdropped Truth out for the next elimination. Next, Mahal grabbed Tozawa and threw him out. Gulak then ran over and rolled up Tozawa to win the 24/7 Championship. Truth pinned Gulak to win the title, but Tozawa won it back right away.

Omos then walked down to ringside and pulled out The Viking Raiders at the same time. He beat them down around ringside. 

Back from the break, the battle royal came down to the final four of Hardy, Alexander, Priest, and Riddle. Hardy ran wild and went for the twist of fate on Alexander. Alexander countered and threw out Hardy. 

Priest took advantage and caught Alexander with hit the lights. He then tossed out Alexander. The final two were Riddle and Priest. Priest almost eliminated Riddle, but he held on. He then recovered and ran wild on Priest. 

Riddle locked on the Bro-Mission, but Preist dropped him on the apron. Riddle tried to pull out Priest, but he fought back. Priest ended up on the apron with Riddle in the ring. They fought back and forth until Riddle rocked Priest with a knee to win the battle royal. 

Riddle then demanded they play Orton's music instead of his. He did Orton's pose and celebrated his win. Riddle takes on Drew McIntrye and AJ Styles in the last chance match later. Riddle's representing Orton, which means if Riddle wins, then Orton's in the Money in the Bank ladder match. 

They recapped the Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss feud. 

Nia Jax and Reginald approached Baszler, who had a deck of cards. Jax asked if she's preparing for a match or a card game. Baszler claimed the cards help her relax. 

Reginald tried to apologize, but Baszler knows it's Alexa Bliss's fault. She promised to beat Nikki Cross later tonight. They walked off. Alexa Bliss was standing in the background watching them. 

They showed a graphic for Baszler vs. Cross, but there was a loud banging sound in the background. 

They cut backstage to show Jaxson Ryker hitting objects with a strap. 

In the back, Kevin Patrick interviewed AJ Styles and Omos. Styles was furious that Riddle was in the match and thought he should take on McIntrye in a singles match. Omos claimed he was scouting the competition when he pulled out The Viking Raiders. They recapped The Raiders attacking Omos last week and Ricochet beating Styles. 

Styles promised to win the triple threat and Money in the Bank ladder match.

In the back, Sara Schreiber interviewed Nikki Cross. She promised to win tonight and has high hopes for winning Money in the Bank. She then came up with the name Almost A Superhero Nikki Cross or Nikki ASH. 

Nikki Cross defeated Shayna Baszler (w/Nia Jax & Reginald)  (9:50)

Cross and Baszler had a fine match. Bliss got involved, so there was some magic. 

The announcers referred to Cross as Nikki Cross and Nikki Ash throughout the match. 

Cross had the early advantage with a side headlock. Baszler took over and slammed Cross down hard. Baszler slowed the pace down and backed her into the corner. Baszler missed a knee, and Cross sent her to the floor with a dropkick.

Suddenly, Alexa Bliss's music hit, and she walked to ringside. The heels stood at ringside and watched as she entered. Cross then hit a cross body from the top rope, wiping them all out. 

Cross jumped back in the ring and posed. 

Back from the break, Baszler rocked Cross with a knee for a near fall. She placed Cross on the top rope and looked over at Bliss. Cross took advantage and hit a tornado DDT. 

Jax and Bliss walked towards each other at ringside. Bliss started to hypnotize Jax, but Reginald stopped her. Instead, Bliss kicked Jax and then Reginald. Bliss walked up the ramp.

Cross rolled up Baszler for a near fall. However, Baszler kept looking over at Bliss, and Cross rolled her up for the win. 

They recapped Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods from last week. 

Kofi Kingston and MVP Go Face To Face

Kingston and MVP were great in this segment. 

Kingston discussed Lashley viciously beating down Woods last week. He felt helpless because he couldn't get in the cell to help his friend. Kingston noted Woods deserves some respect for going in the cell with Lashley. They piped in fake cheers and applause. 

Kingston can't get the image of Woods in pain out of his mind. He promises to make Lashley pay and beat him at Money in the Bank to win the WWE Championship. 

MVP's music hit, and he walked out with Lashley's ladies. MVP laughed at Kingston for thinking he could win the title. MVP admitted they're looking past Kingston because he's not a threat. 

MVP noted Lashley is enjoying his vacation but promised to destroy Kingston. Additionally, MVP promised that Lashley would make what Brock Lesnar did to Kingston seem like nothing. 

Kingston claimed Lashley's soft. He pointed out that Woods got close to beating Lashley last week. However, Kingston's not worried because he already beat Lashley. 

MVP praised Lashley and said he deserves everything he has. Kingston argued that he earned all of his accolades too. When Kingston was champion, he defended the title every week and took the belt all over the world. 

Kingston pointed out that MVP has Lashley taking vacations and hanging out with the ladies. Kingston noted Lashley's not focused and promised to win the title. 

MVP walked down the ramp. He claimed Kingston took the title back to Ghana for his ego. Kingston promised that Woods returns next week because he's not like MVP. Kingston believes MVP's milking the knee injury. 

MVP was offended. He said he's not cleared because he's too hurt. Kingston jumped out of the ring and rocked MVP with trouble in paradise. Kingston yelled at MVP that he's wasn't hurt before, but he's hurt now.

They recapped Eva Marie introducing Doudrop. Later, Asuka and Naomi beat Marie and Doudrop after Marie tagged herself in the match. 

In the back, Kevin Patrick interviewed Marie and Doudrop. Marie is giving Doudrop the chance to make up for last week. They take on Asuka and Naomi in a rematch next.

Eva Marie & Doudrop defeated Asuka & Naomi (2:16)

This was a short match and was all about Doudrop and Marie's problems. 

As they entered, Marie made Doudrop hold her jacket. 

Namoi tried a sunset flip, but Doudrop countered. Asuka tagged in and briefly had the advantage. Doudrop hit a splash in the corner, but Asuka applied the Asuka lock.

Doudrop broke free and tried to make the tag, but Marie dropped off the apron. Asuka tried to roll up Doudrop, but she escaped. She followed up with a senton and took out Naomi with a shoulder tackle. Doudrop then hit a running crossbody/splash for the win. 

Marie was shocked that Doudrop won the match. She grabbed the mic and announced herself as the winner. 

They recapped John Morrison beating Randy Orton last week. They highlighted Miz using the drip stick.

In the back, Sara Schreiber interviewed John Morrison and The Miz. Morrison couldn't think of anything positive to say about Miz. Then, they did a tight close-up on Miz with Schreiber holding the mic. Miz noted he sees everything, and nothing gets past him. 

The camera pulled back to reveal Ricochet switched with Schreiber and was holding the mic. Ricochet promised to beat Morrison in their upcoming match. He stole the drip stick and used it on the heels. Morrison was funny in the segment, and the bit with Ricochet was clever. 

John Morrison (w/The Miz) vs. Ricochet ended in a double count-out (10:32)

Morrison and Ricochet had a good, fun match until the count-out finish. 

The Miz joined the commentators during the match. 

Ricochet used a slam and elbow drop for a near fall. Morrison backed Ricochet in the corner and hit a kick to the head for a two-count. Morrison slowed the pace down, but Ricochet recovered and sent Morrison to the floor with a dropkick. 

Ricochet followed up with a sliding dropkick. Miz rolled in Ricochet's way and wouldn't move. Ricochet yelled at him to move again. Miz laughed and stayed in the same spot. Ricochet then jumped off of Miz's wheelchair and caught Morrison with a hurricanrana. 

Ricochet took the drip stick again and used it on Miz. 

Back from the break, Morrison was firmly in control. Morrison attempted a move off the second rope, but Ricochet avoided it. Ricochet then hit a springboard crossbody off the middle rope for a near fall. 

Ricochet fired up and hit a sliding clothesline for a two-count. Morrison recovered and hit a sliding knee for a close near fall. Morrison missed Starship Pain, and Ricochet took over. 

Ricochet teased a dive, but Morrison jumped over the barricade. Morrison then sat on the barricade and taunted Ricochet. In an incredible-looking spot, Ricochet hit a springboard crossbody onto Morrison over the barricade. They probably landed on a crash pad on the other side, but the spot looked great. They both got counted out, which was a weak follow-up to the spot. 

They recapped Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley's feud. 

In the back, Flair spoke with Natalya & Tamina. Flair noted they all understand each other because of their legacies. All three are on the same page and promised to make Ripley, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke pay. 

Charlotte Flair, Natalya & Tamina defeated Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke (5:34)

This was a fine match, but it dragged at times. 

Earlier tonight, Ripley, Rose, and Brooke discussed their tag match. Rose noted they look good but hit hard. 

All six started brawling before the match around ringside. Flair and Ripley brawled in the ring until their teammates joined them. Then, Ripley, Rose, and Brooke cleared the ring. 

The match started during the commercial break. Tamina attempted a superkick on the floor, but Brooke caught the leg. Flair then jumped Brooke from behind to take over. Flair, Natalya, and Tamina isolated Brooke on their side of the ring. 

Brooke rolled up Flair but a near fall. Flair kicked out, but it sent Brooke into her corner. Ripley got the tag and ran wild on Flair. Flair quickly made the tag to get out of the ring. 

Natalya rolled up Ripley for a near fall. Ripley took out Tamina with a dropkick but Flair used a chop block on Ripley. Natalya went for the sharpshooter, but Rose broke free. 

The finish came when Flair rocked Rose with a boot for the win. 

After the match, Ripley hit a chop block on Flair's knee. Ripley then ran out of the ring like a heel. 

They recapped the Jaxson Ryker and Elias feud. 

In the back, Ryker was hitting himself with the strap. Tozawa ran by him, but Ryker just kept hitting himself. R-Truth then ran by and tried to talk to Ryker. Truth asked Ryker if he could see him. That seemed like a John Cena reference. There was also a Brock Lesnar reference earlier. 

Ryker explained he's purging all the pain from his body. Truth asked to use the strap to get his 24/7 Championship back.

Strap Match: Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias (3:37)

Ryker and Elias had a fine short strap match.

Earlier today, Elias promised to sever all ties with Ryker in the strap match. On commentary, Byron Saxton claimed Ryker had a week to become one with the strap. 

Elias jumped Ryker for the early advantage. Then, Elias dragged him to the floor and tied the strap to the post. Ryker fought back and used the strap to send Elias into the ring post. 

Ryker came off the second turnbuckle, but Elias hit a jumping knee for a near fall. Ryker fought back and sent Elias into the corner. Ryker whipped Elias with the strap. He then hit a slam for the win. 

In the back, Damien Priest approached Riddle and wished him luck in his upcoming match. Riddle didn't respond and claimed he's not Riddle; he's Randy Orton. Eventually, Riddle admitted he's not Orton. Priest told Riddle that Orton's lucky to have Riddle as his friend. Riddle was touched but then went back to being mean Randy Orton. 

Kevin Patrick approached Drew McIntyre and asked if he could beat AJ Styles and Riddle in the triple threat. McIntrye told a story about the Scottish fighting the British and Irish. He then said that's how he saved Christmas. Patrick believed him.

McIntyre admitted the story is ridiculous, just like Patrick's question. He promised to beat Styles and Riddle and go on to Money in the Bank. 

Last Chance Money In The Back Triple Threat Match: Drew McIntyre defeated Riddle and AJ Styles (w/Omos) (26:39)

This was a really good triple threat match. All three worked hard and told a good story. The match followed the typical structure of a WWE triple threat with one guy taken out of the match.

McIntrye had the early advantage and rocked Styles with a clothesline. He followed up with a suplex on Riddle for a near fall. Riddle fought back and hit a series of kicks on McIntyre.  

McIntrye fought back and sent Riddle across the ring with a suplex. He followed up with a suplex and huge back body drop on Styles for a near fall. Styles sent McIntrye to the floor. Styles ended up on the apron, but McIntyre attacked the knee. 

McIntyre cleared the announce table and set up for the Celtic Cross. Styles slipped out, and Riddle rocked McIntrye with a knee. All three fought around ringside trading shots.

Styles sent McIntyre into the ring post. Styles and Riddle fought over a suplex on the floor.

Riddle hit a suplex on Styles, but McIntyre caught him with a suplex too. Styles followed up with the Pele kick on McIntyre. Riddle and Styles then worked together to slam McIntyre on the announce table. 

Back from the break, Styles worked over Riddle's leg and slowed the pace down. McIntyre's out of the match after going through the table. Styles caught Riddle with the Pele kick for a near fall. 

Styles jumped out of the ring to attack McIntrye. Back in the ring, Riddle fought back, but Styles regained control by attacking the leg. Styles followed up with a brainbuster on Riddle for a near fall. Then, he jumped out of the ring again to attack McIntyre. 

Riddle caught Styles entering the ring and hit the draping DDT. Riddle set up for the RKO, but Styles caught him and hit a modified burning hammer for a two-count.

McIntyre pulled Styles out of the ring and sent him into the barricade. McIntrye ran wild and dropped Riddle face-first on the mat. Riddle avoided the claymore and sent McIntrye to the floor.

Styles recovered and hit a sliding forearm on McIntyre. Riddle caught Styles with a knee. He then hit a dive onto both McIntyre and Styles. Riddle rocked McIntyre and Styles with a series of kicks. Riddle attempted the plenty kick on Styles, but he moved, and Riddle crashed into the stairs. Riddle yelled that he broke his foot. Referees and officials ran out to help Riddle to the back. 

Back from the break, McIntyre and Styles went back and forth. Riddle's out of the match because of the injury before the break. McIntyre was firmly in control and hit a neck breaker. McIntrye seemed to injure his knee at some point. McIntyre caught Styles's leg and hit a spine buster for a near fall. 

Styles dropped McIntrye on the top turnbuckle to take over. McIntyre recovered and hit the Michinoku Driver for a close near fall. Styles fought back and locked on the calf crusher. 

Riddle limped down to the ring and locked on the Bro-mission on Styles. Styles broke free. Riddle rocked McIntyre with a kick to the head with the bad foot. Styles went for the phenomenal forearm, but Ridde countered with a knee. He then hit the RKO, but Omos pulled Styles out of the ring. McIntyre then hit the Claymore kick on Riddle for the win. 

McIntrye qualified for the Money In the Bank ladder match. He posed on the top turnbuckle to end Raw.

Next Week: Xavier Woods goes one-on-one with Bobby Lashley.