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WWE Raw live results: Last man standing


The Big Takeaway: Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match when Samoa Joe interfered, choking Reigns out with the Coquina Clutch. Two more matches are official for SummerSlam: Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt. And Neville defends the Cruiserweight championship against Akira Tozawa. Brock Lesnar showed up and destroyed the Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel in the opening segment. There was a twist in the ongoing tease of a Shield reunion. Seth Rollins was double-teamed by Sheamus and Cesaro without a save from Dean Ambrose. The two had words backstage. Later, when Ambrose was being double-teamed by Sheamus and Cesaro, Rollins made the save and cleaned house. Ambrose held out his fist to Rollins for a show of solidarity, but Rollins walked off without returning the favor. 

Show Recap: 

The Miz opened the show with Maryse, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the ring. Miz called out Jason Jordan after Jordan blindsided him last week. Kurt Angle came out instead and said Jordan wouldn't be a guest on MizTV because he has a match against Axel tonight. Miz said he had a guest that would exceed MizTV standards. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to a huge reaction. There was an "ECW" chant for Heyman, then a "Suplex City" chant. Miz said this was his show, so he runs things. Miz did an impersonation of Heyman and said Lesnar was pretty much guaranteed to lose at SummerSlam. Miz said it wasn't a question of whether Lesnar would lose at SummerSlam, it was a question of who was going to walk out the Universal Champion because Lesnar doesn't have to be involved in the decision to lose the championship. Miz said he would put his money on Reigns (boos), Strowman (cheers) and Samoa Joe (cheers) ahead of Lesnar, who would take his ball and go home. Miz said good riddance to bad rubbish. 

Heyman said on behalf of his client, he asked Miz if he and his wife ever role play? Heyman said Miz is Reigns, Dallas is Joe, and Axel is Strowman, and in this game of role playing, Lesnar would give everyone a preview of SummerSlam. Lesnar clotheslined Axel and Dallas, gave Miz a spinebuster, gave Dallas and Axel a spinebuster, then delivered F-5s to Axel, Dallas and Miz to leave bodies scattered across the ring. 

Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins (8:37) 

Sheamus won with a schoolboy cradle after Rollins went to the top rope, but Cesaro jumped on the apron to distract him. Rollins hit a sling blade and a knee lift just before the finish. The story was that Rollins didn't have anyone in his corner, but Sheamus did and that helped him win. Postmatch, Rollins gave Cesaro a tope, but Sheamus attacked Rollins. Cesaro and Sheamus looked to the back, anticipating that Ambrose would make the save. But Ambrose never showed up, even though the fans chanted for him. Sheamus and Cesaro delivered the spiked White Noise to Rollins. There's been an addition to Rollins' theme music where a voice, which sounds like the late Chris Warren of the old DX band, screams "Burn it down." 

Rollins limped backstage, where he found Ambrose. Ambrose told Rollins not to do that again because it made Ambrose look like a judge. Rollins screamed that Ambrose was a real jerk. Ambrose said it has been three years since the end of the Shield and he didn't know what he had to prove to win Ambrose's trust. Ambrose said he wasn't getting burned again and he has Cesaro later tonight and he was going to face him alone. 

Jordan went to the ring to face Axel, who was laid out by Lesnar. A doctor told Angle that Axel was in no shape to fight. Angle just walked up to the person who was closest to where he was standing and asked him who he was. The guy said his name was John-Pierre Goulet, and Angle ordered him to face Jordan right now. 

Jason Jordan defeated John-Pierre Goulet (1:20) 

This backfired badly. Crowd roared for Goulet and booed loudly Jordan after an overhead belly-to-belly suyplex. Jordan got the pin with a hoist neckbreaker. 

Michael Cole announced that Bayley had suffered a separated shoulder and it has knocked her out of her SummerSlam match against Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship. 

Bayley came out to the ring for an interview with Charly Caruso. They showed highlights of Bayley suffering the injury against Nia Jax. Bayley didn't look at the highlight on the TitanTron because it was going to make her mad. Bayley said she had to finish the match against Jax because no one would take her seriously if she didn't beat Jax. Some of the fans started booing, so to quell that Bayley thanked the fans for the tweets. Even more fans booed. Corey Graves worked in the usual bizzaro world line dropped every time Raw is in Toronto. Bayley, clearly flustered, continued to thank those who reached out to her. Caruso asked who Bayley thought was going to win the title shot to face Bliss at SummerSlam. Bayley said Sasha Banks, who came out. The two embraced. 

Sasha Banks defeated Emma by submission in a three-way match that also included Alicia Fox (4:44) 

Banks made Emma tapout to the Bank Statement. Banks had Alicia Fox in the Bank Statement, but Emma broke it up. Crowd loved them some Emma, giving her a bigger reception than any of the women who have appeared so far on the show. Emma nearly pinned Fox after Banks landed the double knee drop off the second rope. When Fox barely escaped, the fans chanted "this ref sucks." Emma gave Fox a Ocean Cycle Suplex on Banks onto the apron at about 1/4 of the speed that Manami Toyota used to deliever that move. 

Renee Young talked with Strowman, who said he liked hurting Reigns. He said the Big Dog was nothing more than a puppy and he'll be the only monster standing. 

Enzo Amore came out. He introduced the Big Show. Amore told Show they were like the dream team. Amore said Show's right hand was like a GPS and dropped a good location on Big Cass. Show said Cass had a soft chin. Show said Cass needs to learn respect. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came out. Anderson said Enzo and Show haven't won anything. Anderson challenged them to a match. Gallows called themselves "The Good Brothers" and called Enzo and Show nerds. Enzo said he didn't hear a word that Anderson said because he was imagining Gallows putting his pinkie next to his mouth because he resembled "Dr. Evil" and Anderson was "Mini-Me." Enzo accepted the challenge. 

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Enzo Amore and The Big Show (6:36) 

Anderson pinned Amore after (what else?) a big boot to the head. Show was distracted when Cass walked out. Gallows booted Show off the apron. Show never even got in the ring as the match was Amore getting beaten down, then pinned. Cass beat up Amore again. Enzo gave Cass a tope, but that merely staggered Cass, who threw Enzo into the dasherboards. Enzo backed away from Cass around the ring, and Cass walked into a big right hand from Big Show. On replay, it looked like a hell of a punch as it landed stiff. Cass sold it great. Crowd got a rise out of seeing Show do Enzo's shuffle on the ramp. Cole mentioned Scott Dawson's ruptured bicep injury and annnounced it would keep the Revival sidelined for the foreseeable future. 

Balor came out. Fans chanted "too sweet." Balor talked about kicking Wyatt's teeth down his neck last week. Balor said Wyatt talks in tounges and speaks in riddles. He said Wyatt cares less about wins and losses than about having people fear him. Balor has learned how to kick fear in the face. Balor told Wyatt the next time Wyatt comes at him, Wyatt better not miss. Balor said whatever Wyatt wants to start, he will finish. Then Wyatt appeared in the ring, but Balor was already on the top rope waiting for him. Wyatt rushed at Balor, but Balor jumped over him. Balor gave Wyatt a sling blade. Then Wyatt's video wipe appeared again. Wyatt vanished and appeared on the TitanTron. Wyatt said he understands why everyone loves Balor, because when Balor flies, the fans fly, too. But when Wyatt knocks Balor down, the people will fall, too. 

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro (19:36) 

Ambrose won a very good match where he pinned Cesaro with a schoolboy cradle. They played off the finish from the earlier match where Sheamus jumped up on the apron when Ambrose was on the top rope. Fans got into it when Cesaro stood on the top of the ringpost for about 30 seconds. He teased superplexing Ambrose to the floor, but Ambrose hit a superplex instead. Cesaro put on the sharpshooter, which got a pop since they were in Canada. Ambrose made the ropes. Ambrose made a comeback with a rebound clothesline, followed by an elbow tope onto Cesaro. Later, Cesaro attempted the Gotch Neutralizer, but Ambrose backdropped him over. 

Postmatch, Sheamus jumped Ambrose. Rollins came out for the save, backdropping Cesaro on the floor and clotheslining Sheamus over the top rope. After a long staredown, Ambrose held out his fist for a Shield salute. The place was going crazy with "yes" chants. Rollins looked at Ambrose after a lengthy tease, but he walked off. This time, it was Ambrose who was left hanging. Crowd booed because they were dying to see a Shield reunion. 

Akira Tozawa was backstage with Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews. O'Neil said now that Tozawa in the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight championship (after his win over Ariya Daivari on 205 Live) the cruiserweight championship was coming home to Titus Worldwide. Neville came in and said he was ready to scout his competition for SummerSlam if Tozawa is his competition. O'Neil said what did Neville mean "if." Neville said Ariya Daivari lost to Tozawa lost his title dreams last week, and tonight Daivari was facing Tozawa with nothin to lose, which sounded like a losing situation for Tozawa, if you asked him.

Daivari did an insert promo saying he would gain revenge on Tozawa for denying him a chance to win the cruiserweight championship last week.   

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari (3:50)

Tozawa defeated Daivari with a senton bomb. So after selling his right shoulder for weeks, Tozawa was in the ring with no tape or his arm in a sling. O'Neil, who was on commentary, claimed Tozawa rested in a hyperbaric chamber to recover. Apparently, Floyd Landis has joined Titus Worldwide. Crowd wasn't into it at all. 

Young did an interview with Reigns, who said that he didn't watch MizTV with Lesnar earlier. He retired the Undertaker and said he didn't care if Lesnar left the WWE because he would finish Lesnar, too. He vowed to beat Strowman tonight. 

Nia Jax defeated Dana Brooke in a three-way that also included Mickie James (3:02) 

Jax pinned Dana Brooke with a legdrop. Mickie James and Brooke largely did babyface spots against the monster heel. Bliss was on commentary saying how much she would like to face Jax at SummerSlam. Next week, it's Banks vs. Jax for the title shot against Bliss. 

Rich Swann faces TJP on 205 Live tomorrow night. 

Goldust did a promo where he quoted the Graduate froom 1967. Goldust said absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he can't wait to share his masterpiece with everyone. SummerSlam is two weeks away and he might find his next hero or villain. Whoever it is under his direction, they will shine like gold. Goldust seemed to tease he was about to become a heel manager. No mention of R-Truth. 

Cass walked up to Angle backstage and asked to face Show at SummerSlam. Angle said he had the same idea. Cass said he wanted Amore barred from the building, barred from Brooklyn, barred from the state of New York. He said Enzo should be locked up. Angle broached the idea of Enzo being locked up. Cass proposed having Enzo locked in a shark's cage above the ring, and Angle agreed, adding he hoped Enzo wasn't afraid of heights. 

Balor vs. Wyatt is official for SummerSlam. 

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match (22:16) 

Strowman controlled the early going and threw ring steps in early. Reigns managed to get the upperhand and rammed the steps onto Strowman three times. Strowman stayed down for a six count before rising. Reigns called for the Superman punch, but Strowman caught him and delivered a face-first power bomb. Strowman hoisted Reigns in the air but Reigns caught him with a Superman's punch. Strowman rolled out of the ring, but Reigns caught him with the Drive By. Reigns went for another Drive By, but Strowman caught him and slammed him on the apron. Reigns had pulled out a table after the first Drive-By, and Strowman set it up in the ring. Reigns recovered and threw repeated forearms on Strowman, then picked Strowman up for the Samoan Drop through the table. Both men were down. Strowman rolled out of the ring to his feet at eight, while Reigns got to his feet in the ring. Reigns went for the spear, but Strowman threw a chair into Reigns face, just like how Evil did to Kazuchika Okada over the weekend. Reigns used the barricade to get to his feet at nine.

They fought in the crowd to the announcer's table. where Reigns rammed Strowman's head into the announce table twice. Reigns gave Strowman a Drive-By on the ramp. Strowman got up at six and hurled Reigns into the LED entrance on the stage. Strowman again drove Reigns into the LED screen. Strowman then cleared the announcer's table as Reigns got up. Strowman tried to power bomb Reigns through the table, but Reigns escaped and hit two Superman punches. Reigns ran at Strowman for a spear, but Strowman kicked him. Reigns dead a wind sprint down the ramp and speared Strowman for a great highlight. The referee got to eight when Reigns got up and Strowman was still down. For whatever reason, the referee didn't count Strowman out. Samoa Joe showed up in the crowd and sank in the Coquina Clutch on Reigns, choking him out. Reigns was down and out and Strowman got up while Reigns was counted out.