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WWE Raw live results: Lynch & Charlotte vs. Banks & Belair


Date: October 11, 2021
Location: Chase Center in San Francisco, CA 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw was awful.

Show Recap -- 

Drew McIntyre entered to start the show. He wore street clothes while also carrying his sword. They advertised that Crown Jewel was “one week from Thursday” instead of telling us the date. 

McIntyre thought it was appropriate to be a warrior kicking off Raw in the home of the Warriors. McIntyre mentioned the top matches for Crown Jewel, including his match against Big E where he would once again become WWE Champion. He knew his time on Raw was counting down but was ready to go to Smackdown as the champion. 

Big E interrupted. Corey Graves mentioned that Big E did the intros for the Fury-Wilder fight. 

Big E understood McIntyre’s desire to be champion because Big E himself felt the sweet nectar of the championship drip down his chin down betwixt his nipples. (McIntyre looked befuddled.) Big E informed McIntyre that he would never win the title from him. He can either get off the train tracks or get run right over. 

McIntyre recalled how excited the fans were when Big E won the title. McIntyre himself was the champion for a long time but never got that reaction because of the time he won the title. McIntyre’s time would come at Crown Jewel because he planned on running right through him. 

The Usos interrupted. They were excited to see Big E and McIntyre fight. Jey thought Big E would win, Jimmy thought McIntyre would win. Jey said we all knew that Roman Reigns would beat Brock Lesnar to retain the Universal Championship, but they wanted to know who would be next for Reigns at Survivor Series — Big E or McIntyre. 

McIntyre and Big E weren’t really getting along but they agreed to the Usos challenge for a match tonight. The slight dissension allowed the Usos to knock them down with superkicks before leaving. 


Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came out for the next segment. (They seemed unconcerned by their friend getting laid out by their long-time rivals. This had more to do with poor production/timing than storytelling.) 

(During commercial break in Canada, they announced a house show in Montreal on December 30, which would be the first show in Canada in a long while.) 


King of the Ring Round 1: Xavier Woods defeated Ricochet (10:55)  

Ricochet hit an impressive superplex which led to break about three minutes into the match. 

Ricochet was in control until Woods dropped him over the top rope, hit a double foot stomp and diving leg drop for two, followed by a gutbuster for two. Woods rolled to the outside after Ricochet hit a Death Valley Driver, so Ricochet followed with consecutive dives. Ricochet tried another dive but Woods drove him into the barricade. 

Woods followed with a diving elbow drop for the pinfall win. Woods will face either Kingston or Jinder Mahal in the next round. 


Backstage, Riddle wanted Randy Orton to guess who challenged Omos to a match tonight. Orton didn’t take long to figure out it was Riddle himself, but Riddle acted like Orton didn’t know. Riddle had a plan for tonight but Orton basically let him know that the plan last week wouldn’t work a second time. Orton told him that he was on his own tonight. Riddle didn’t believe him. 


Jimmy Smith said Raw has been quieter than usual tonight. I thought he was referring to the dead crowd but he was actually referencing the Miz being absent. They plugged Dancing With The Stars. (The crowds have been pretty good lately but not so far tonight.) 


Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeated Mustafa Ali & Mansoor (1:25) 

Alexander won quickly with a Michinoku Driver on Ali. I’m just happy someone won with the Michinoku Driver. 

Ali was not happy, however. He shoved Mansoor to the ground after the match. He’s tired of this. 


Queen’s Crown Round 1: Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke (1:24) 

Baszler won quickly with a knee strike. Nothing to this. 

Baszler attacked Brooke after the match as they were showing a replay but the referee quickly broke it up. 


Charlotte Flair did a backstage promo. She wanted to win both title belts and meld them together. 

[Second Hour] 

They gave Omos his own music a few weeks ago but they still came to AJ Styles’ music here. 

Riddle tried distracting Omos and Styles before the match with his ramblings before trying to summon Orton to attack but he never showed. The crowd did laugh when Riddle sang Orton theme, thinking that would bring him out. Styles said even the dumb people of San Fran knew that Orton wouldn’t show. Styles told the ref to start the match. 

Omos (w/AJ Styles) defeated Riddle (2:32) 

Omos had the match won in under a minute after a chokeslam but Styles told him not to make the cover. Styles encouraged Omos to try some karate on Riddle, specifically a roundhouse kick. Omos kicked Riddle in the head and Styles had them show a replay. The crowd chanted “we want Randy.” Omos finally hit a tree slam for the pinfall win. (They played Omos’ music.)  

Styles was going to give Riddle a Styles Clash but he stopped upon hearing Orton’s music. Orton didn’t appear so Styles told Omos to watch his back. Orton still appeared out of nowhere and laid out Styles with an RKO. 


McIntyre confronted Big E in the back and blamed what happened earlier on him. Big E said they’d beat each other up at Crown Jewel but they needed to worry about the Usos tonight. McIntyre agreed they should work together. He figured Reigns must be worried about them because the Usos can’t wipe their own asses without his permission. Big E and McIntyre mimicked the Mega Powers handshake before laughing about it. 


Bobby Lashley promo 

Lashley noted that Goldberg literally threatened to kill him and that behaviour was not befitting of a WWE superstar, hall of famer, or father. Lashley mentioned that he was a well-dressed champion who defended his title all year while Goldberg showed up in cut-off sleeves, frothing at the mouth and making death threats. 

Lashley said Goldberg was a dog that needed to be put down and he planned on ending Goldberg’s career. “You can’t kill the All Mighty.” 


Sasha Banks did a backstage promo. She wasn’t worried about anyone and planned on winning the Smackdown title next week. 

(There was a commercial for Chucky where he actually complained about how often they go to commercial during Raw. Maybe he should be doing the Raw report.)


Austin Theory defeated Jeff Hardy (2:04) 

Theory had a rest hold on Hardy as Reginald ran into the ring while trying to escape the 24/7 crew. Reginald did a flip over Theory even though he could have easily walked around him. The 24/7 shenanigans distracted Theory, so Hardy gave him a Twist of Fate. 

None of that mattered at all though, because Theory avoided a Swanton Bomb and applied a schoolboy holding the tights for the pinfall win. 


Bianca Belair did a backstage promo. Belair said she didn’t have to cheat to win and planned on knocking Lynch down to Becky No-Belts. 


Kevin Patrick asked New Day who would win if Kingston and Woods had to face off next week. Kingston said “who” over and over as he backed away through the curtain to head to the ring. 

King of the Ring Round 1: Jinder Mahal (w/Veer & Shanky) defeated Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) (8:55) 

After a commercial break and some outside distractions that meant nothing, Mahal gave Kinston a Khallas for the pinfall win. Mahal posed with the crown post-match. 


Becky Lynch did a backstage promo. She said she didn’t have much more to say despite being someone who talks a lot. She has already beaten them all and was five steps ahead of everyone. Lynch compared Charlotte to the smell of stale piss and said Banks went home and cried every time she lost. 


(A Toronto house show was announced for December 29 at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.) 

They plugged John Cena’s appearance on SNL. 

[Third Hour] 

Belair and Banks got into what was basically a fight trying to determine who would start the match. That bled into a brawl with their opponents as officials tried to get things under control. Charlotte also attacked Lynch and as the two of them fought, Belair grabbed Banks and chucked her on top of them. 

As they continued to brawl, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville demanded they get back in the ring to restart the match. (Pearce called them four of the greatest of all time.)

Even though Belair is the only clearly defined babyface of the four, it was Lynch and Charlotte who were in the usual “babyface” corner of the ring. 

Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair & Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks ended via ??? (4:33) 

This sucked. 

Neither team got along and they kept tagging each other in and out. It randomly ended via referee stoppage/disqualification/no contest/referee boredom when Belair attacked Banks. They attacked each other until Lynch was left standing after knocking out Banks. 

This was bad. 


The Usos discussed strategy for tonight. 

The announcers congratulated Stephanie McMahon on winning some award. 


Queen’s Crown Round 1: Doudrop defeated Natalya (3:02) 

Doudrop is a caricature who said the words “yas queen” in a pre-match promo. 

Natalya controlled the match until Doudrop used a rollup for the win. Doudrop faces Baszler next week. Another short women’s match. 


John Morrison was peacefully meditating in the back when he was rudely interrupted by Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH. He explained what he was doing and Nikki said she was glad he was following his dreams. Nikki admitted to Ripley that she didn’t know what he was talking about. 

Elsewhere, Austin Theory took a selfie with Big E as he prepared for his match. Big E was annoyed but didn’t kill him. 


Patrick asked Mansoor about Ali. Ali happened to be nearby and he called Mansoor a giant waste of time. Ali, who loses every week, told Mansoor that he was his only lifeline. Ali called Mansoor a worthless loser. Mansoor didn’t react or respond. Ali attacked him and laid him out. 


WWE Champion Big E & Drew McIntyre vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos ended via ??? (15:13) 

The Usos took control and did the New Day spot where they tag in and out and stomp their opponent (Big E) repeatedly in the corner. The crowd briefly chanted for their hometown Usos. The Usos drove Big E into the steps as they went to break. 

The Usos remained in control until Jey missed a hip attack and Big E suplexed him before tagging in McIntyre. McIntyre gave Jimmy overhead suplexes and a spinebuster for two. Jey tagged himself in and the Usos hit double superkicks which got a two count. 

McIntyre gave them both neckbreakers and set up for a Claymore but Big E tagged himself in. Big E told McIntyre to get out of the ring until Jey gave him two consecutive superkicks for two. Big E countered a move by Jey and incidentally knocked McIntyre off the apron. 

Big E gave Jey an STO but McIntyre was being a pissy baby so he pulled Big E out of the ring (and broke up the cover). The two men brawled until the ref called for another boredom stoppage. 

The Usos wiped out both men with dives. Big E and McIntyre fought them off but the crowd didn’t care. McIntyre wiped out Big E with a Claymore as the show ended.