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WWE Raw live results: Matt Hardy vs. Randy Orton no holds barred


Date: February 17, 2020
Location: Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, WA 

The Big Takeaway -- 

None, really. 

The advertised Orton-Hardy match didn’t happen because Orton violently attacked Hardy after he basically asked for it. AJ Styles returned to plug his match at SSD (and tease his WrestleMania opponent), and the Street Profits have joined Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders in their fight against Seth Rollins and company. Samoa Joe was not on the show.

Show Recap -- 

Randy Orton entered as the announcers ran down tonight’s card, which will include Drew McIntyre vs. MVP. Orton was loudly booed. He pointed at the screen and a video recap of last week’s angle with Matt Hardy showed. They came back to the live crowd who continued booing. 

Orton said he’s supposed to face Hardy tonight in a no holds barred match, but that’s not going to happen after what happened last week. He said Hardy was in the back right now still trying to get cleared. He said the Hardys were known for taking big leaps and often crashing to the lowest of lows. 

Matt interrupted. He wore a neck brace and street clothes. Hardy demanded to know what the hell was wrong with Orton. A few people chanted, “what the hell.” Hardy said he came here to fight, but the WWE doctors won’t clear him. However, just like Edge, he had grit. “Matt Hardy will not die.” He said guys like him and Edge will always get back up. 

Hardy didn’t know what his future held but knew it wouldn’t be determined on Orton’s terms, it would be on his own. Orton told him he should have quit last week when he could still leave the arena on his own two feet. 

Hardy got in the ring. Orton wondered what Hardy would possibly do if he went for an RKO right now. Orton said nobody would ever understand why he did that to Edge. He respected Hardy and always did. He also respected Edge — and loved Edge like a brother. Orton said he was sorry and left the ring. 

As Orton got to the stage, Hardy grabbed a chair and reentered the ring. Orton removed his vest and sauntered back down. Orton leaped on the apron and Hardy took a swing, but Orton ducked and necked him on the rope. Orton then planted him with an RKO. The same crowd that was booing him earlier chanted “RKO” and “one more time.” 

Orton grabbed the chair and smashed Hardy in the back a few times. Orton used the edge of the chair on Hardy’s midsection, then hit him in the back one more time. Orton removed the brace and set up Hardy for a con-chair-to as two referees pleaded with him to stop. Orton dropped the chair and left the ring without doing anything but then ran back down. 

Orton yanked Hardy from the ring, placed his head over the steel steps and gave him a con-chair-to. A few people chanted “one more time” as others booed. Orton then gave him another one and yelled, “I’m sorry” before marching off.

After a break, they showed Hardy being carried away on a stretcher as the announcers recapped what happened in their serious voices. They also showed a sad kid hanging his head. 

Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan (7:45) 

These two are both in a gauntlet match at Super Showdown. Black tried using quick strikes but Rowan knocked him down with a running crossbody on the outside and they went to break 30 seconds into the match. 

After the break, Black used strikes but Rowan caught him and slammed him for a two count. Rowan grabbed Black and clumsily swung him into the barricade. Black used a leg scissors to send Rowan into the post, then used a moonsault. Black followed with a lifting knee strike for a nearfall. 

Rowan blocked a Black Mass, then Black blocked a claw slam. Black used strikes but Rowan hit a powerbomb for a close nearfall. Black slipped out of a claw slam and nailed a Black Mass. Rowan bounced off the ropes and fell to a knee, so Black gave him another Black Mass for the pinfall win. 

They plugged Roderick Strong vs. Velveteen Dream for NXT this week. 

Charlotte Flair promo 

Charlotte mentioned being at NXT Takeover Portland, pointed at the screen, and a replay aired of her attacking Rhea Ripley. Charlotte said she went to NXT because she wanted to know who was putting it in Ripley’s head that she could come to Raw and challenge her. 

While she was there, she began to reminisce about her time there and about what her class built to eventually become a third brand. She was mad about the entitlement of someone like Ripley who didn’t fight and claw to earn respect the way she did. She couldn’t believe Ripley’s audacity to show up on Raw and challenge her while holding the title that she put on the map. 

Charlotte thought Ripley was good, even very good, but Charlotte would humble her at WrestleMania. She concluded with, “everyone is the next big thing, until they’re not.” 

This wasn’t a terribly interesting promo. 

Riddick Moss defeated Mojo Rawley and R-Truth to retain the 24/7 Championship (1:53) 

Nobody got an entrance. Moss won quickly by rolling up Rawley. The only notable spot was Truth doing John Cena’s usual comeback sequence. Moss left through the crowd after winning. Rawley tried to attack Truth afterwards, but Truth gave him a scissors kick. 

[Second hour] 

They announced (via The Wrap) the participants for the Women’s Elimination Chamber match: Natalya, Liv Morgan, Shayna Baszler, Asuka, Ruby Riott, and Sarah Logan. 

Drew McIntyre promo 

McIntyre said we were only 48 days away from WrestleMania and was tempted to point at the sign, but Charlotte did that already, so he wanted to do something different. He counted down from three and had the crowd point along with him (not that many people did it). McIntyre said Suplex City was located in Claymore Country and he was going to demolish that bitch down. 

Paul Heyman interrupted. Heyman said everyone wanted this night to get bigger, so he was going to give it to them and introduced Brock Lesnar. Of course, Lesnar wasn’t actually there. Heyman said he wanted to say Lesnar’s name just to remind us what it will sound like after we hear “and still” after Lesnar defeats Ricochet at SSD and defeats McIntyre at Mania. 

McIntyre warned Heyman that he would be saying Lesnar’s name when Lesnar is crying after he kicks his head off at Mania. Heyman admired McIntyre’s talents, but his opponent tonight did not. MVP came out. 

MVP was annoyed that he showed McIntyre respect last week and thought they were old friends, but McIntyre gave him a cheap shot. MVP said he would whoop his ass tonight, then gave him a cheap shot with the microphone. MVP nailed him with a running kick in the corner. The referee checked on McIntyre before starting the match. 

Drew McIntyre defeated MVP (1:11) 

McIntyre immediately booted MVP when the bell rang. MVP had some brief offense, but McIntyre gave him a Future Shock DDT and Claymore Kick for the quick pinfall win. 

Goldberg was announced for Smackdown this week. 

Becky Lynch promo 

They aired a recap of the Baszler-Lynch angle from last week, then Lynch entered holding a paper bag. Lynch had a bandage on the back of her neck. 

Lynch said she has no use for fame, but did figure out what to do with fortune. She yanked $100 bills out of the paper bag and dropped them in the ring. She said she was paying her fine upfront for what she’s going to do to Baszler. 

Lynch said only animals go for the neck and it was to weaken their prey before they finish them. Lynch wanted Baszler to take a good look at the pretty face of the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion in history — “Do I look like prey to you?” 

She made specific mention of all the women she has defended the title against, including Ronda Rousey. Lynch said she was coming after Baszler. 

Baszler appeared on the big screen. Baszler said the Chamber match was in a cage and she came from cage fighting. Everything was lined up for her to win and face Lynch at Mania. She quipped that she would “chew” through everyone. Baszler said that she didn’t actually plan on biting her last week, it just happened, then warned her about what she did have planned. 

Baszler said she would tear the “sh*t” out of her. Lynch said she was rooting for her. 

Lynch was good here. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Lana, Bobby Lashley, Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. Lana said she got the idea of this team on Valentine’s Day and said it would be like a double date. Vega was happy for them, and admitted that she and Garza were hot, but they were strictly business partners. Garza said no woman could tie him down and no man could match up to him. 

Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza (w/Lana & Zelina Vega) defeated Rusev & Humberto Carrillo (9:54)

Garza ripped off his pants and chucked them at Rusev before going to the outside and asking the crowd who wanted to give him a kiss. A woman rushed to the barricade and kissed him on the cheek. As Garza gloated, Carrillo wiped him out with a suicide dive. This was pretty funny. 

Shortly after a break, Rusev made a hot tag and gave Garza an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, running charge, and another overhead suplex. Lashley tried breaking up the cover, but Rusev moved and Lashley hit Garza. As Rusev went after Lashley, Garza gave him a superkick but Carrillo broke up the cover. 

Carrillo took out Garza with a dive, Lashley speared Carrillo, then Rusev ran over Lashley. The crowd chanted “Rusev Day.” Rusev gave Garza a diving headbutt for a nearfall. Lashley jumped on the apron, so Rusev gave him a Matchka kick, then Garza used a schoolboy holding the tights to pick up the pinfall win over Rusev. As Garza celebrated, Rusev knocked him out of the ring. 

This was fun while it lasted. The crowd liked Rusev. 

Keith Lee joins WWE Backstage tomorrow with Renee Young, Booker T and Mark Henry. 

Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane (w/Tag Team Champion Asuka) defeated Natalya via countout (4:53) 

They replayed Asuka’s stiff kick to Natalya’s face resulting in a black eye. Asuka and Sane mocked Natalya before the match and asked if she was okay. They clarified that they didn’t care if she was okay by chanting “we don’t care, we don’t care”, then Asuka said she would beat Natalya in the Chamber and go on to WrestleMania. 

Natalya was about to apply the sharpshooter but saw Asuka on the apron so went after for some reason. Asuka avoided getting hit, then Natalya and Sane managed to hit each other at the same time. As the ref checked on Sane, Asuka kicked Natalya in the head on the outside. There were chants for Asuka as she danced around Natalya’s body. Natalya was counted out. Sane wins. 

[Third hour] 

Seth Rollins sermon 

AOP and Buddy Murphy were already in the ring to start. Murphy introduced the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins. A fan proudly held up a “Monday Night Moron” sign. Very good. Rollins thanked everyone for joining him and clarified that he did not use the word “sermon,” he simply asked for a moment to speak. 

Rollins knew that his movement would face some resistance but they completed phase one last week. The crowd chanted “you suck.” Rollins politely asked them to show respect. Rollins said they completed phase one when they defeated Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and the Viking Raiders. They proved you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. 

Rollins said he takes being their Messiah very seriously and phase two would not be easy. He said it was time to seek out the weak and the noncompliant and rehabilitate them if they can or eradicate them if they must. He said this wasn’t a warning or a threat, this was a message from the heart, this was the gospel. 

As he continued, the Viking Raiders ran out and wasted no time getting in the ring. They attacked AOP as Rollins bailed and had Murphy fight for him. The Viking Raiders took them out as Rollins watched from the stage. Suddenly, Owens appeared and gave Rollins a stunner. 

This felt rather pointless. 

Rollins and his crew were approached by Caruso and Rollins was very annoyed to see her. Rollins said if Owens and the Raiders wanted a fight, they would get it tonight from AOP and Murphy. 

AJ Styles & OC promo 

Styles said he was back and it wouldn’t be WrestleMania season without him. Luke Gallows said Uncle Allen was at his best when the WrestleMania sign was up. Karl Anderson said Styles was the new Mr. WrestleMania. Styles humbly said he was the best superstar on any roster ever, but unbelievably, he did have a few critics. 

Styles said he would win the gauntlet match and nobody could say anything except him. Then he would be the one saying, “who’s next.” He wanted the WWE Champion and didn’t care who it was, whether it was Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Roman Reigns, the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Hulk Hogan or Sting with the soul patch. 

Ricochet interrupted. Styles said he was just being nice when he mentioned Ricochet’s name and nobody thought he would ever be WWE Champion. A few people booed. Styles wondered what he did to deserve a shot. 

Ricochet said he earned his title match and would beat Lesnar at Super Showdown. Styles and his buddies thought that was hilarious. Ricochet challenged Styles to a match. Anderson said Styles’ first match back shouldn’t be against a non-good brother and accepted the match for him instead. 

Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson (7:01) 

Ricochet hit a dive before a break. Styles attacked Ricochet during the break, so he and Gallows got kicked out. Ricochet and Anderson went back-and-forth until Ricochet hit a superkick and Benadryller for the pinfall win. 

Caruso interviewed Liv Morgan. She felt betrayed when Ruby Riott attacked her and that would have broken the old Liv Morgan, but she wasn’t a puppy on a leash that Riott thought she was. Morgan said she would eliminate Riott from the Chamber and earn a title match at Mania. 

Next week, Raw is in Winnipeg for the first time since I believe July 5, 2004. That show was main evented by Triple H, Ric Flair & Eugene defeating Chris Benoit & Edge in a handicap match. It also appears to be the show that featured musical chairs. 

Six-man tag match: Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders defeated Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy & AOP via DQ (15:23) 

They worked over Owens until he made the hot tag to Ivar. The Raiders double-teamed Rezar, then Owens hit a senton for a nearfall. Later, Owens gave Murphy a powerbomb but the cover was broken up. The Raiders each took out AOP with dives, then Owens gave Murphy a stunner. After 15 minutes, Owens had it won, but Rollins ran in and broke up the cover for the DQ. 

They took out the Raiders, then focused on Owens. Rollins grabbed a mic and said Owens has crucified them from day one and now it was time for them to crucify him. They began lifting him up when the Street Profits’ music hit and they ran down to make the save. Montez Ford sent Murphy flying with a running shoulder block. Rollins bailed as his crew got beat up. 

Owens gave Akam a stunner, then Ivar and Montez Ford each hit frog splashes. The good guys posed as the crowd cheered.