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WWE Raw live results: The Miz returns to TV


The Big Takeaway: The Miz returned and will face Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship on the 25th Anniversary of Raw in two weeks. The show pushed the Balor Club, who defeated Roman Reigns, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins. They continued to paint Jordan as the overenthused geek that make Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins roll their eyes.

Samoa Joe entered himself into the Royal Rumble. Nia Jax is in the women's Royal Rumble, and will face Asuka next week on Raw from San Antonio. The two were supposed to wrestle tonight, but Jax jumped Asuka during her ring entrance. Samoa Joe also teased a match with John Cena down the line. It was a weak reacting crowd in Memphis and the building appeared heavily tarped off. 

Show Recap:

Reigns walked out to largely boos. Reigns said after his attacks, all his hype and all the talk, you would think that Joe would be ready for him. But Joe wasn't, which was why Regins is still champion. Reigns said he was fighting for a purpose because he was fighting for Dean Ambrose. Reigns told everyone in the back if you mess with one of the members of the Shield, you mess with all of them. 

Jason Jordan came down to total boos. Jordan said when he watched Reigns' match with Joe, he got goose bumps because it was the first time in his life he was part of something meaningful. Jordan acted like he was a member of the Shield. He thanked Reigns and wanted to bump fists. Reigns looked at him like he was crazy. Seth Rollins came out with a smirk on his face and said Jordan has a lot to learn. Rollins said they have to work on Jordan's timing because he was stepping on Reigns' moment. Jordan said this was everyone's moment because each of them had their problems with Joe and Reigns took care of it. Jordan said "We run this show. We're all champions." Jordan said we aren't the Shield, but we might be the most dominant three man group in the WWE. 

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows showed up laughing over what Jordan said. Balor said he knew Jordan was excited, but did he really think he was part of the most dominant group in the WWE. Balor said he's been running with Gallows and Anderson for ten years, long before Jordan knew Kurt Angle was his father. Anderson said they've been running with Balor for a long time and there was even a special on the WWE Network about it. Gallows said when Balor came to Raw, they knew he wanted to shine alone and he became the first Universal Champion. Anderson said eventually they knew the three of them would come together and take the place over. Balor said that day was last Monday on Raw and Balor said 2018 would be the year of Balor Club. Jordan scoffed and said he was proud to be a part of the Champions Club. Rollins and Reigns just winced. 

Balor said he saw the Big Dog, the Architecht, and he saw...Gallows bellowed "Nerd." Jordan pushed Gallows and the two had to be pulled apart. Reigns looked upset with Jordan.Angle came out and ordered a six-man tag main event with the Balor Club vs. Jordan, Reigns and Rollins for later tonight. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Mandy Rose and Sandy DeVille via tapout (10:54) 

Mickie James accompanied Sasha Banks and Bayley. Paige joined her Absolution mates. James will be in the women's Royal Rumble, along with Banks and Bayley. Sonya DeVille told Banks "Put your hair up and square up" as she delivered body punches. Mandy Rose and DeVille pulled off the typical heel tricks to keep Banks from making the hot tag. Ultimately, Bayley got in the ring without a tag and took out DeVille to the floor. Banks made Rose tap to the Bank Statement. 

There was a 25 Years of Raw retro highlight with the unforgettable Mankind visiting Vince McMahon skit in the hospital from October 1998, followed by Steve Austin's attack. Corey Graves mentioned Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley being on the 25th anniversary show, along with Ron Simmons and JBL. 

Goldust visited Alexander in the locker room. Goldust dressed like Mick from the Rocky series and told him he wanted to eat lightning and crap thunder against Alexander tonight. Goldust attributed that line from Rocky, but it was actually from Rocky 2. Alexander said he had dreamed about being a WWE Superstar all his life and a night like this all of his life. Goldust said the biggest thing standing in his way for the cruiserweight championship wasn't Enzo, it was Cedric. Goldust gave him a pep talk. 

They built up the Mixed Match Challenge by showing a Facebook video from earlier in the day showing how Goldust put on his makeup. It was revealed that Alicia Fox would be Goldust's partner. Fox acted like a total babyface and was jubilent about teaming with him.

Matt Hardy came out to his new "Woken" introduction. He walked out to total silence. Hardy did an inset promo where he vowed to delete 29 other superstars in the "Rumble of Royalty" and become champion of the multiverse. 

Matt Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins (1:55) 

Curt Hawkins acted like he was scared of this version of Hardy. Hardy won a total squash with the side effect and twist of fate. 

Immediately, Bray Wyatt's vignette popped up on the screen. Wyatt showed up in the ring for a staredown with Hardy, who laughed like a wild man. Wyatt laughed back at him and the two just stood there laughing at each other for about a minute before they cut away. The whole Hardy Woken character feels like it peaked ten months ago. 

Elias was in the ring for a song. He's trying to get over his catchphrase that WWE stands for "Walk With Elias." Elias started to sing about Elvis Presley's birthday and Graceland was only six miles away. He wondered why he should even care about Elvis and introduced the Miz, who came out with Dallas and Axel. Graves claimed Tommy Wiseau asked the Miz to star in a remake of "The Room." Miz got a "welcome back" chant as he started an episode of MizTV. Miz said the Marine 6 has wrapped, his latest USO tour was over and he is back. Miz introduced his guests, Dallas and Axel. 

Miz said the two men turned their careers around in 2017 and are living embodiments of a New Year's Resolution done right. Axel said 2017 was the best year of his life and said it was like every day Miztmas. Dallas tried to get a "Thank you, Miz" chant started to some success. Dallas presented Miz with a framed photo of the Miz. Dallas said it was going to be tough going to sleep tonight without that tonight. Axel took off his jacket, then gave it to Miz and said he got Miz a brand new sportscoat. Dallas, trying to outdo Axel, took off his watch and gave it to Miz. Axel and Dallas got ticked off at each other trying to kiss up to their boss before Miz ordered them to calm down. 

Miz said 2017 was a great year because he held the Intercontinental Championship for 200 days, he was Rolling Stone's Superstar of the Year, he elevated Raw and SmackDown. but he hasn't forgotten about the Shield jumping him in November, leaving him laying after the triple power bomb through a table. Miz said that was an indignity and he allowed Reigns to borrow the Intercontinental Championship because while he was gone, he wanted the Intercontinental Championship defended week after week after week. He said clearly, the man makes the championship and Daddy's home. He said in 2018, his daughter would be born and when people think of the Intercontinental Championship, they would think of him, just like the Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels. Miz said he hoped Reigns enjoyed his time with the Intercontinental Championship, because he was coming back for his championship and he could believe that. 

Anderson, Balor and Gallows talked backstage. Anderson and Gallows alluded to drinking stories from Japan. Balor said the situation was different but the tactics would remain the same. He wanted to show that 2018 was the year of Balor Club and they gave each other the Cliq hand gesture. 

They showed a preview of Graves interviewing Amore on a new Network show called "Straight to the Source,' where Graves brought up Amore being kicked off a bus in Europe and Amore calling Graves a horrible announcer while walking out of the discussion. 

Amore came out and said the doctors told him he couldn't wrestle last week because of the flu. So he rang in the New Year sipping chicken noodle soup given to him from Nia Jax. Enzo said he couldn't believe that Alexander teamed with Goldust because it's the closest Alexander is getting to gold in 2018 and he's going to start 2018 the same way he ended 2017, as the Cruiserweight champion. 

Cedric Alexander defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore by countout, but Amore retained the championship (8:47) 

Jax watched the match from the back. Amore dumped Alexander off the top rope to the floor. Amore went for the DDG (jumping DDT off the second rope), but Alexander met him with a dropkick to start his comeback. Alexander did a handspring kick for a two count. Alexander attempted the Lumbar Check, but Amore escaped to the ropes, only to meet a kick to the face and it bloodied up Amore legit. Alexander hit a springboard clothesline. Amore rolled to the floor while Alexander hit a somersault tope. Amore sold his left ankle while a trainer came over to wipe off Amore's face. It led to Amore getting counted out and the fans booed the finish. Alexander didn't sell being disappointed over not winning the championship.  

The Undertaker, DX, Jim Ross, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler. HHH. Michaels and Austin are now being advertised for the 25th anniversary Raw show in two weeks. 

In the back, the doctors checked out Amore. They informed him that he would need an MRI. Jax came to the trainer's table to check on Amore and told him she was worried. Amore said he was fine. After Jax left, Amore grabbed h is ankle and screamed in pain and frustration. 

Angle was on the phone with someone who, according to Angle, had not been in the ring in years but would be great for the Women's Royal Rumble. Sheamus and Cesaro walked up demanding a rematch against Jordan and Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Angle said they would get their rematch at the Royal Rumble. Sheamus said that was great news and they were dressed to compete. Angle said he would find them opponents tonight. Then Miz came up and asked Angle if he had any idea who he was talking to. Miz claimed USA Network executives were on pins and needles about his new unscripted series which would star  on the USA Network and star him and his wife. Miz said he knew how to run a show and wondered if Angle knew how to run a show and asked for a rematch against Reigns at the 25th Anniversary of Raw. Angle said that wasn't a bad idea, then asked Miz not to touch him. 

Earlier today, Miz learned his partner in the Mixed Match Challenge. Asuka walked out of a limo and told him "we will win." Miz screamed about how he was going to win the Mixed Match Challenge. 

Asuka was in the back. Bliss walked up. Bliss said Asuka may have beat her last week, but she got lucky and to enjoy it while it lasts. Bliss said when her friend Jax heard what Asuka called Jax, she wouldn't want to be Asuka. 

Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews defeated Sheamus and Cesaro (5:19)

Michael Cole said Titus O'Neil was trying to recruit Jax for Titus Worldwide in the Mixed Match Challenge. Sheamus did the low bridge spot with Apollo Crews, who took a bad bump to the outside and favored his left knee. Eerie to see that in consecutive matches. Booker T all but gave away the result saying he didn't think O'Neil and Crews would win. Sheamus went to Brogue Kick Crews, who jumped off the apron for a moonsault onto Cesaro. Sheamus got his leg caught in the ropes, and O'Neil pinned him with a schoolboy cradle. O'Neil, Crews and Dana Brooke went wild pinning the former tag team champions while Cesaro and Sheamus were in shock over losing. 

Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to easily the best reception of the night, and even that wasn't overwhelming. Heyman said there's a code, a credo in the industry and it's called old school. It's something that he and Lesnar have a lot of respect for, but it's never blinded them that this is a progressive industry. There are new ways to market the product to the core audience and the fans worldwide. But tonight, Heyman says they've gotten away from something old school that takes away from Lesnar. The old school way of promoting a Universal title match was to find a challenger, one man to step up and face Lesnar. One man who thought he was a better fighter or a better wrestler who could tap Lesnar out or pin Lesnar. Heyman said they've gotten away from that because the Universal title isn't marketed over who can beat Lesnar, it's how can they get the title off of Lesnar. Last week, Heyman said Lesnar took Kane's best shot and laughed in Kane's face. Heyman said Lesnar walk into the Royal Rumble with only one cliffhanger in mind: will Lesnar pin Kane, will Lesnar pin Braun Strowman or will he stack them on top of each other and pin them both. Heyman said he hasn't seen anyone that can put down Lesnar.

Lesnar and Heyman left and walked up the ramp.,where Kane jumped Lesnar from behind. They fought to the backstage area, where Strowman jumped in and threw Lesnar into a stack of road cases. Strowman threw a case onto Lesnar, who fell through a table. It look like something the size of an guitar amp landed on Lesnar. Then Strowman laid out Kane by throwing him into a case. Strowman grabbed a grappling hook, threw it to the top of a truss and used his strength to send it crashing down on top of Lesnar and Kane. Lesnar was motionless and two trainers attended to him and Heyman watched on in horror. Lesnar did a stretcher job while Kane struggled to his feet. As he was loaded into an ambulance, Lesnar said he didn't want to go to the hospital and ordered Heyman into the vehicle. 

Samoa Joe defeated Rhyno via tapout (2:44) 

A match meant to rehab Joe and continue the gimmick of Rhyno trying to toughen up Heath Slater. Joe hit an STO for a two count. Rhyno briefly had Joe up on his shoulders, but Joe got behind Rhyno, clamped on the Coquina Clutch for the tapout. 

Charly Caruso did an interview bringing up Joe's loss to Reigns last week. Joe said last week wasn't a loss. He said Reigns little win was a peric victory, a victory that comes with such a great cost, it might as well have been a loss. Joe said he's beaten years off of Reigns' career every time he's been in the ring with him, the cracks in Reigns foundation are showing and when the time is right, Joe will be there. Joe entered himself into the Royal Rumble. Caruso brought up several names that Joe will face, including John Cena. Caruso said as he looks back at his career, Cena is a man he will never forget and Cena will be the first person he eliminates in the Royal Rumble

Bliss stopped Jax backstage and asked about Enzo. Jax said he was fine, not that Bliss cares. Bliss said she does care, she was smart, beautiful and talented. Jax then entered herself in the women's Royal Rumble. Bliss said she would favor Jax to win. Bliss said Asuka said something about Jax. About beating around the bush, Jax demanded to know what Asuka said about her. Bliss whispered what Asuka supposedly said in Jax's ear. Jax couldn't believe it, then asked if Bliss speaks Japanese. Bliss said no. Jax knew Bliss was lying because Asuka doesn't speak English. 

Asuka made her ring entrance, but Jax got Asuka on her shoulders and gave her the electric chair. She gave Asuka a somersault senton and left. There was a brief "Nia" chant. There was no match. The two will meet next weeok on Raw. 

The vote for Bayley's partner in the Mixed Match Challenge has come down to Elias, Jordan or Joe. 

As Balor made his ring entrance, pictures were shown of Balor, Anderson and Gallows as the Bullet Club in Japan to get the new group over. They were careful not to show anything from New Japan Pro Wrestling and instead aired photos from various dojos, arenas and bars. Graves mentioned Anderson and Gallows holding both the IWGP and WWE tag team championships. 

Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (15:26) 

Early on, Reigns gave Anderson and Gallows the Drive-By simultaneously while Rollins hit Balor with a pescado. After that spot, Jordan celebrated with his teammates like he had done something big. Reigns and Rollins looked at him like he was an idiot. Reigns got the first hot tag and teased a Superman punch, hit Gallows and Anderson with standard punches on the apron, but Balor came up with the sling blade for the heat, which consumed most of the bout. Rollins got the hot tag and gave Balor a tope, his own sling blade to Anderson, a vertical suplex into a Falcon Arrow to Anderson for a two count. Anderson gave Rollins an Anderson Spinebuster for a two count. Rollins went to tag Jordan, but Gallows knocked Jordan off the apron. Rollins gave Gallows an enzuigiri. Balor attempted a sling blade on Rollins, who reversed it into a back suplex. Just as Rollins was about to make the hot tag to Reigns, Jordan ran after Gallows. That distracted the refereee, who didn't see Rollins tag Reigns. Meanwhile, Anderson and Gallows gave Rollins the Magic Killer. Reigns and Jordan started arguing. Reigns speared Gallows outside the ring and also laid out Anderson. Jordan went to help Rollins up in the corner, but just as he left the ring, Balor hit Rollins with the Woo Dropkick and pinned Rollins with the Coup de Grace. 

Postmatch, Reigns and Jordan continued to argue. Then Miz, Dallas and Axel ran out of the crowd to jump Reigns, Rollins and Jordan. The beatdown cntinued with Miz giving Reigns the Skull Crushing Finale. The Miztourage and Miz started to leave, but a few members of the crowd chanted "one more time." Miz mocked Reigns with his bark that he does before the spear, then Miz, Dallas and Axel gave Reigns the Triple Power Bomb.