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WWE Raw live results: More build to Extreme Rules


The Big Takeaway: Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the main event when Rollins and Reigns collided, leading to the two exchanging words. Next week, Finn Balor will face Wyatt and Joe in a three-way match. Kurt Angle also ordered Rollins to face Reigns. Paul Heyman made his return to Raw for the first time since the day after WrestleMania, putting over Balor as the best in-ring performer in WWE today and wished him luck at Extreme Rules. Balor told Heyman he was going to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, a title he never lost. There were some additions to the Extreme Rules card. Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus, which allowed the Hardys to select a stipulation for the Raw Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules. Hardy chose a steel cage match. Also, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Neville and Austin Aries is now a submission match. Elias Samson made his Raw debut, beating Dean Ambrose by DQ when the Miz interfered. 

Show Recap: 

Wyatt started the show and told the crowd to stand up because soon the slaves of the beast (meaning Lesnar) shall be liberated. Stand up for the one true savior, Bray Wyatt. He said the beast cometh, the beast is all around them, he lives in each and every one of the fans. He's the leach that society wraps around their neck. He's the reason why their children can't sleep at night. Wyatt said he's in control and he would feast on the beast's black heart. The beast will die a death at the hands of Bray Wyatt. At Extreme Rules, four men will suffer while he will begin his crusade to slay the beast once and for all. He said he was the only one who could protect the fans. He wondered if the fans thought Rollins could protect him, but Rollins' destiny will end at Extreme Rules because he sacrificed him last week, and Joe as well.

Wyatt said in his world, there are no friends, there are only followers, ask Balor. He said the fans try to live vicariously through Balor, but in the end, the beast himself will understand that only Wyatt can slay the beast. Wyatt said Reigns claims this place to be his yard, Wyatt asked Reigns "What does one silly yard mean to a man who owns the world?" Wyatt said this was his world. 

Reigns walked out to his usual reaction. Reigns said if Wyatt wants to run his mouth in his yard, Wyatt should do it to his face. Wyatt said he sees nothing has changed, that Reigns lets his temper get the best of him. Wyatt said he was the only one who could beat Lesnar. Reigns said that wasn't going to happen because he was going to beat four guys at Extreme Rules and then beat Lesnar. Reigns said the only thing he was worried about tonight was how he was going to get Wyatt's ass out of his yard. 

Kurt Angle came out and said he wanted to know who was going to carry the momentum into the Fatal Five-Way tonight. He ordered Reigns vs. Wyatt immediately. 

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt by DQ (4:38) 

Reigns still had his left shoulder taped. Wyatt laid in a diving shoulder block to Reigns' midsection, Joe walked out as Reigns was laying on the mat, gave Wyatt the evil eye, then put Reigns in the Coquina Clutch. Wyatt joined Joe in putting the boots to Reigns, but Joe put Wyatt in the Coquina Clutch. Rollins ran out to send Joe packing. Reigns hit Wyatt with a Superman Punch. Fans started chanting for a Shield reunion as Reigns and Rollins glanced at each other. 

Backstage, Reigns asked Rollins why he came out for the save. Rollins said he didn't do that for Reigns, he did it to get a piece of Joe. Angle showed up and ordered Reigns and Rollins to face Wyatt and Joe later tonight. Then the Drifter walked in strumming his guitar. Angle said the Drifter has been trying to get his attention for quite sometime and tonight he's got it. Ambrose said the Drifter would face Dean Ambrose tonight.

Brian Kendrick did an interview backstage saying he was the teacher and Akira Tozawa was the student. 

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari (2:07) 

They cut away to Kendrick backstage for interview snippets running down Tozawa during the match. Tozawa pinned Ariya Daivari with a senton bomb. Kendrick faces Tozawa in a street fight tomorrow night on 205 Live, and Kendrick vowed to destroy him. 

Charly Caruso approached Sasha Banks backstage. Alicia Fox and Noam Dar walked up. Banks and Fox are wrestling again tonight. Fox and Dar laughed at Banks being single (?). Dar threatened to tell Banks what she is. Banks dared him to, but Dar backed down.  

The Drifter, simply called Elias Samson, sang in the ring before his match, sitting on a stool strumming his guitar. The crowd booed so loudly they nearly drowned out his lyrics. Ambrose interrupted him.  

Elias Samson defeated Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose by DQ in a nontitle match (9:49) 

The Miz and Maryse were on commentary. Samson worked over Ambrose's left arm until Ambrose started a comeback with a hangman's neckbreaker. Ambrose jumped off the top rope, but Samson met him with a high knee to the jaw. Samson covered him for a two count, but Ambrose turned it into a crucifix for another two count. Ambrose hit a rebound clothesline. Miz ran in, teased jumping Ambrose, then gave Samson a double axehandle, which got Ambrose disqualified. The story out of this finish was since Ambrose got DQ'd, if he gets disqualified at Extreme Rules, he loses the Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose went after Miz, but Samson jumped Ambrose and gave him a Roll the Dice. Miz gave Samson a thumbs up and he and Maryse exited.

Big Cass found Enzo Amore laid out backstage. Cass screamed at the referees about what happend, but no one knew. After a commercial, an EMS worker revived Amore, who said he was jumped from behind, but he wasn't sure who did it. Angle and Cass watched on as Amore was carried away. Cass told Angle that Angle better find out who did this before he does. We never found out who jumped Enzo. 

Balor came out for an in-ring interview saying the Balor Club is in the building. Balor is facing Karl Anderson tonight. Paul Heyman interrupted Balor to a good response. Heyman ran down the participants of the Five-Way one by one, saying Lesnar would make Rollins a freakin' victim. Lesnar would make Joe a victim. Then came Reigns, the one who laid the Dead Man down. Heyman said if Reigns wins the Five-Way, he would no longer be the end-all, be-all in the WWE, he will just be Lesnar's victim. Which leads Heyman to Balor. Heyman got in the ring and said that Balor was nobody's victim. He knows the other contenderss have painted Balor as the underdog, but Balor was no underdog. Heyman said they may not see Balor coming, but he sees Balor coming and the Balor Club sees Balor coming. Heyman said he believes Balor is the most talented in-ring performer in WWE today, which got a big pop. Heyman believes that Balor believes Balor will take the other four contenders to the extreme, which Heyman knows a little something about. That got a brief "ECW" chant. 

Heyman believes that Balor believes Lesnar is the same as the other four contenders in the Fatal Five-Way, which is Finn Balor's next victim. Heyman said he is most intrigued at the possibility of Lesnar vs. Balor for the Universal Championship. On behalf of Lesnar, Heyman wished Balor good luck at Extreme Rules. They shook hands to cheers. Balor said he was glad Heyman was here, even though Lesnar wasn't (Balor muttered "Surprise, surprise," making Lesnar out as a heel out-of-town champion like it was 1970s NWA). Balor asked Heyman to give Lesnar a message from him. He told Heyman to tell Lesnar he will win the Five-Way and go on to face Lesnar for the championship he never lost. And tell him that Finn Balor will bet Brock Lesnar. Heyman looked troubled by that, but left the ring amicably.  

Finn Balor defeated Karl Anderson (6:21) 

Heyman's promo putting over Balor helped with the match because the crowd was involved. Good match. Announcers played up Balor's past with Anderson and Luke Gallows, though never mentioning the Bullet Club by name. Balor tried the Coup de Grace, but Anderson got up and hit a spinebuster for two. Balor escaped a power bomb, got a double leg takedown and did a double stomp. Balor flew over the top rope for a somersault tope onto Anderson and Gallows, hit the Slingblade on Anderson and pinned him with the Coup de Grace. 

Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox (2:13) 

Banks got the win with the double kneedrop while Fox was bridged across the middle ropes. Postmatch, Dar and Banks started arguing. Banks decked Dar with a slap to the face. Fox hit Banks from behind and gave her the scissors kick. Fox and Dar kissed over Banks' prone body. 

Apollo Crews talked with Kalisto backstage. Kalisto asked Crews why was Crews fighting Titus O'Neil's battles? Kalisto asked Crews if he attacked Enzo earlier. Apollo denied it, but defended O'Neil saying he needed to keep his options open. O'Neil walked in and said Kalisto was trying to be the first international member of the Titus Brand. Kalisto said he wanted nothing to do with the Titus Brand. O'Neil said he was going to have Crews teach Kalisto a lesson on respect later tonight. 

There was a vignette of Goldust doing a promo saying the brightest lights may fade away, but gold is the purest of them all. It never rusts. But R-Truth's lights are flickering and fading. At this point, someone tried to hand Goldust a script, but he threw it down saying he didn't need one. He's back in the director's chair now and he controls how and when his film will end. He said the Golden Age is back. Once again, it was a Goldust promo reminiscent of the early days of the gimmick. 

Bliss did an interview with Caruso. They showed Bayley's back after getting hit by the kendo strick last week. She said the sound of the bamboo stick hitting Bayley's back makes her salivate. She said she will make sure Bayley's back will be tattooed in welts. Bliss said Bayley isn't capable of being extreme because it isn't in her DNA. She's going to take Bayley's dreams and turn them into nightmares, just like she will do to Mickie James tonight. 

Kalisto defeated Apollo Crews (2:41) 

Kalisto won with Salida del Sol. O'Neil, who was at ringside, distracted Crews by screaming at him to pounce on Kalisto. O'Neil lectured Crews some more after the match. 

Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus in a match where the winner gets to decide the stipulation for the Raw Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules (12:05) 

Cesaro and Jeff Hardy seconded their tag partners. Sheamus, with Matt Hardy on the apron, knocked him to the floor with a running shoulder block, followed by a clothesline off the top rope. At this point, Booker T called Sheamus "graceful," which Michael Cole quickly derided. After Sheamus hit White Noise, Hardy started a comeback with a tornado DDT and the Side Effect, each for near falls. Sheamus nailed a running knee to Hardy's jaw, but Hardy grabbed the ropes. Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick, but Hardy rolled out of the ring. Cesaro went after Matt on the floor, but Jeff jumped over Matt to give Cesaro a clothesline. Sheamus kicked Jeff in the back, but Matt gave Sheamus the Twist of Fate for the three count.

Postmatch, Caruso interviewed Matt, who said the stipulation at Extreme Rules would be a steel cage match. Matt cackled like his Broken Matt character. 

Austin Aries' Cruiserweight championship match with Neville at Extreme Rules is now a submission match. 

Austin Aries defeated Tony Nese by tapout (4:26) 

Neville was seated at ringside rooting on Tony Nese. Aries is still selling a left knee injury. Aries kept going for the Last Chancery to build up the new stip. Crowd chanted for C.M. Punk when Nese was on offense. As Aries jumped off the second rope, Nese belted him with a forearm, then attempted a vertical suplex, but Aries hit two knees to the head while in mid-air, put Nese in a guillotine choke, then dropped into the Last Chancery for the tap. 

Postmatch, Neville put Nese in the Rings of Saturn while glaring at Aries, showing he had a submission hold he could beat Aries with. 

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James in a nontitle match (3:02)

James had the upper-hand most of the way until Bliss simply caught her with a right hand and landed the DDT. Afterwards, Bliss pulled out the kendo stick and nailed James with a shot across the shoulders. Bayley ran out, grabbed the stick and teased hitting Bliss, who begged off and eventually rolled out. The storyline is whether Bayley can develop a ruthless streak to beat Bliss for the championship at Extreme Rules. 

Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by submission (14:57) 

Reigns got the heat and was knocked out of the ring about ten minutes in. Joe tried to throw Reigns into the post, but Reigns reversed it. Rollins got the hot tag and ran wild, giving Joe the sling blade and Wyatt a pescado. Rollins threw Joe out of the ring and hit Joe and Wyatt with a tope. Wyatt tripped Rollins on the top rope. Joe and Wyatt went for a double superplex, but Rollins fought them off and wiped them both out with a double crossbody. Rollins teased his new Rainmaker finish, but Wyatt turned the tables and tried Sister Abigail. Reigns intercepted that and tossed Wyatt out of the ring. Reigns went for the Superman punch on Joe, who moved and Reigns collided with Rollins. That led to Rollins screaming at Reigns, who was pulled out of the ring by Wyatt. On the floor, Wyatt gave Reigns Sister Abigail. In the ring, Joe put Rollins in the Coquina Clutch, who passed out instead of tapping. 

Angle watched the finish from the back. Balor walked up and asked Angle not to leave him out on the fun next week. He told Angle he wanted to face one of these men next week. Angle told Balor he wouldn't be wrestling one of those men next week, he would be wrestling two. It would be Balor (Angle pronounced it like Baylor University, like this was the time for that) vs. Wyatt vs. Joe. Balor said that was music to his ears. Angle also said next week, it would be Rollins vs. Reigns.