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WWE Raw live results: Payback fallout


Date: August 31, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Randy Orton will face Drew McIntyre again for the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions. There were a series of qualifying matches that led to Orton winning a triple threat over Seth Rollins and Keith Lee. 

The IIconics were abruptly broken up. 

Retribution made an appearance but it was nothing significant or different. 

Show Recap -- 

Raw opened with a tribute graphic for “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. 

Randy Orton came out to start the show. The announcers said Orton’s attack on Drew McIntyre resulted in a hairline jaw fracture. They assumed that he would be ready to defend the WWE title at Clash of Champions. 

They ran down qualifying matches, which would lead to a triple threat later tonight. Rey Mysterio was not medically cleared so Dominik is taking his place against Seth Rollins. (Orton stood in the ring the entire time they announced everything.) 

Orton ran down McIntyre who thought he deserved to be champion but all he really deserved was to live in pain and eat out of a straw. Orton talked about what he did to all the legends recently and agreed with McIntyre that he was entitled. He didn’t think he should have to face Kevin Owens to qualify for another title shot because he was entitled to one. 

Orton was willing to jump through those hurdles to beat McIntyre for the title — if he can even make it to Clash of Champions. Orton said McIntyre wasn’t here tonight but heard that he was hanging out with a few legends. He showed a photoshopped image of McIntyre, Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels together in a lineup of hospital beds. 

Keith Lee interrupted. Lee noted that Orton was doing everything he could to forget about what happened last night when Lee beat him. Lee said Orton may be the greatest ever but it was factual that Orton had to bask in his glory last night. A win over Orton should perhaps put him next in line for the title. 

Lee began talking about McIntyre, who he considered a good friend, when he was attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler gave Lee a DDT as Orton slowly backed out of the ring and they went to break. 

Keith Lee defeated Dolph Ziggler (10:54) 

Ziggler had Lee down in a chinlock about three minutes into the match. Lee got to his feet but Ziggler followed with a dropkick. Lee used a pounce to send Ziggler out of the ring and they went to break four minutes into the match. (Nothing besides this match has happened since the previous break.) 

Lee was in control after the break but Ziggler raked his face and used a Fameasser for two. Ziggler followed with a neckbreaker and elbow drop for two. Lee fought out of another chinlock and used fists and powerslam. He didn’t go for a cover for some reason so Ziggler managed to hit a Zig-Zag for a nearfall. 

Lee blocked a superkick and hit a spirit bomb for the pinfall win. Lee advances to the triple threat number one contender’s match later tonight. 

Sarah Schrieber interviewed Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. They disagreed on whose plan won them the titles. Baszler said she’s the one who put Bayley to sleep using Sasha Banks as a weapon. Jax said that was easy to do because she tossed them around all match. 

Asuka danced into the frame. Schrieber asked if Asuka has found her next opponent after she demanded to know who it would be earlier tonight. She said no. Baszler and Jax weren’t happy with her stealing their interview time. Asuka shoved Baszler and yelled in Jax’s face before leaving. 

Adam Pearce was with security in the back demanding they do their jobs and keep Retribution out of the arena or else he would find new security. 

Asuka in-ring interview 

Charly Caruso asked Asuka who deserved a title shot. Asuka laughed. She listed all of the women she has defeated including Becky Lynch, Bayley, Ruby Riott, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. 

Mickie James interrupted. She said she recognized greatness when she saw it and called Asuka one of the greatest champions of all-time. James declared that she was coming for the title. 

Natalya and Lana (in her gear) interrupted. (Lana’s gear said “Lana Day.”) Lana said James has failed to adapt whereas she was a trendsetter. James thought that was amusing. James got in Lana’s face and Asuka interrupted to say she was ready for all of them.

James got in Asuka’s face before they were attacked by Natalya and Lana. James and Asuka fought back and sent them from the ring. 

There was a Connor’s Cure video. 

Cedric Alexander was with the Viking Raiders backstage when Demi Burnett entered the frame to wish them luck tonight. She was impressed that Alexander turned down the Hurt Business. She also gave Ivar a kiss on the cheek. Ivar was happy. Angel Garza showed up with a rose after everyone left. He smirked. 

Mickie James defeated Lana (w/Natalya) (2:41) 

James won relatively quickly was a Mick Kick on her birthday. (Asuka was on commentary. James pointed at her after the win and Asuka was ready for the potential challenge.) 

Caruso was outside of Aleister Black’s locker room and wanted to get a comment about his attack on Owens last week. Orton emerged from the room instead. He left without comment. Caruso was confused. 

[Second hour] 

They announced that the Riott Squad would face the IIconics tonight. The winning team would earn a tag title shot. The losing team would have to disband. There was no explanation for this. 

Schrieber interviewed the IIconics. Billie Kay talked about their history and becoming friends over their shared dream to become wrestlers. Peyton Royce said they sacrificed a lot to get here. Kay said only a halfwit would think the Riott Squad could beat them. Royce said the Riott Squad were destined to break up and they would just help the process along. 

Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens (0:15) 

Black attacked Owens during his entrance. Black tossed him into the side of the ring and gave him a Black Mass before pushing him in the ring. 

The referee didn’t want to start the match but Owens told him to start it. The ref rang the bell. Owens managed to get a few shots in before Orton gave him an RKO for the pinfall win. Orton advances to the triple threat match. 

Caruso was with the Mysterio family backstage. Angie and Rey’s daughter Aalyah were there. Rey said it would mean the world to him if Dominik could earn a title shot tonight. He understood that injuries happen in this industry and Dominik was the man he wanted in his place.

Dominik knew he was the underdog but his confidence was on another level after his win last night. Dominik added, “Tonight, I got a 619 with the name ‘Monday Night Messiah’ written all over it.” A completely normal sentence. 

Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin fight in Raw Underground tonight. 

MVP’s VIP Lounge 

MVP and Benjamin were in the ring. MVP introduced Bobby Lashley so he could get his own entrance as the new US champ. 

Lashley noted that Crews tried getting some payback after their match last night so he promised to get him back. Benjamin said he would beat Crews like a punk tonight. 

MVP moved on to their match tonight when Alexander interrupted. Lashley and Benjamin were about to go after him but MVP stopped them. MVP noted that Alexander came out alone and wanted to know if he had a change of heart. Alexander responded, “hell no” and said that he didn’t come alone. The Viking Raiders attacked the Hurt Business from behind. 

6-man tag match: Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders defeated US Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP & Shelton Benjamin (6:19) 

They worked over Alexander. As he got close to a tag, Lashley and Benjamin attacked the Raiders, which the referee was fine with. MVP tried to use the distraction but Alexander used a schoolboy for the pinfall win. 

MVP smiled upon losing. Lashley and Benjamin were going to attack but MVP held them back. MVP applauded the other team for their win. 

The Hurt Business were beating up Alexander in the back after a break. Crews and Ricochet (both wearing Connor’s Cure shirts) ran in to back them off. 

Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan defeated The IIconics (3:28) 

As Ruby ran wild on Kay, Royce tried to attack but Morgan made the save. Ruby and Kay traded cradle attempts until Ruby got the final cradle for the pinfall win. Ruby and Morgan earn a tag title shot. 

So, the IIconics have to break up. Kay and Royce played up this loss the way you’d expect. Tom Phillips said more than a decade of friendship was gone. They can still be friends, they just can’t team anymore. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins was pissed at Murphy for kicking him in the head and getting pinned by Dominik. Rollins couldn’t afford any mistakes tonight so he demanded Murphy go to the back. He didn’t want to see Murphy until he figured out which side of history he wanted to be on. 

Murphy tried defending himself but Rollins told him to shut up and leave. As Murphy left, Rollins smacked him in the back of the head. Murphy appeared displeased. 

Murphy took one more look at Rollins from the stage when he was attacked from behind by Dominik. Rollins seemed impressed. Dominik sprinted to the ring and the ref called for the match to start when he entered. 

Seth Rollins defeated Dominik Mysterio (10:01) 

Dominik used a dive off the announce table early in the match which sent us to commercial. 

Rollins was in control after the break, hitting a Slingblade for two. Dominik fought back and countered a buckle bomb by sending Rollins into the buckle with a leg scissors takedown. Dominik followed with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and standing moonsault for two. The announcers were selling this big as a nearfall. 

Dominik followed with a dive off the top to the outside. (The Mysterio family was shown watching in the back.) Dominik hit a 619 but Rollins dodged a frog splash and hit a curb stomp for the pinfall win. Rollins advances to the triple threat match. 

With the Mysterio family still watching in the back, Rollins gave Dominik another stomp. Rey ran off. (We didn’t see him appear yet even though Rollins wouldn’t have been hard to find.) 

Raw Underground 

Titus O’Neil beat up two guys. Riddick Moss challenged him next. O’Neil appeared to be in control until he was momentarily distracted outside the ring. Yes, outside distractions in Underground. Moss kicked him in the nuts and knocked him out with a punch for the win. 

The Street Profits cut a promo on Andrade, Garza and Zelina Vega. Angelo Dawkins had a scouting report on each person written on a whiteboard. They questioned if Andrade was really Tranquilo. Dawkins accused Garza of padding his stats by handing out roses to everyone and claimed Vega was always mad because she’s so short. 

Akira Tozawa tried driving into the arena but was stopped by the guy at the parking gate because he wasn’t on the list. Tozawa got out of the car and grabbed the list only to realize the list was blank. He removed the guy’s coat to reveal he was a referee. R-Truth rolled him up to win the 24/7 title. Tozawa pushed the referee in the car and drove off after Truth. 

Non-title Tornado Tag Match: Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega & Demi Burnett) ended in a no-contest (approx. 8:45) 

This again. 

Red cups falling from the ceiling appears to be a regular part of the Street Profits’ entrance. 

They did a stacked up powerbomb spot less than a minute into the match when Dawkins powerbombed everyone down. They immediately went to break. 

The heels were in control after the break. Phillips said it’s been a brutal match and we’ll have to take his word for it since we’ve seen very little of it. Dawkins made a comeback by giving Andrade a suplex before hitting Garza with a spinning back elbow. Dawkins gave Andrade a bulldog but Garza broke up the cover. The heels took over until Ford broke up a cover (barely). 

Ford gave Andrade an enziguri and began shaking the ropes until the lights began to flicker. Garza bailed and took Burnett with her. 

Ford went for a cover but the referee bailed at some point as well. 

Retribution appeared and the announcers also ran off (including Samoa Joe I guess). Retribution attacked Andrade, Ford and Dawkins in the ring while other members beat up Vega on the outside. They cut to break. 

Back from break, Phillips excitedly let us know that we could stream WWE content on Peacock. He then calmly recapped what happened a moment ago with Retribution. 

Pearce was shown yelling at security. 

Raw Underground 

Kay and Royce were in the audience and Shane McMahon told them to have a good time. 

Jessamyn Duke beat Avery Taylor quickly. Marina Shafir beat someone else quickly as well via submission. 

Shafir and Duke stared at the IIconics. Royce pushed Kay in the ring and Duke knocked her out with a kick. Royce didn’t seem too upset. 

Crews, Ricochet and Alexander hyped each other up. Caruso approached them for an interview and noted it hasn’t been a good 24 hours for them. Crews said the old Apollo would have been happy just to have held the US title but the new Apollo wasn’t going to stop until he gets it back. Ricochet said MVP didn’t know about friendship and said they had Alexander’s back. 

The Underground fight between Benjamin and Crews didn’t have a finish. They fought into the crowd which led to a brawl between the Hurt Business and the babyfaces. Lashley, MVP and Benjamin individually choked out Ricochet, Alexander and Crews without a problem. (This really made the faces look weak. Weaker than usual, I mean.) 

Elsewhere, Burnett was concerned that Garza abandoned his friends. He said they were trained fighters and he wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to her. They were about to leave but Retribution busted through the door. They saw Garza and Burnett. Garza sprinted away, leaving Burnett on her own, which was funny. Burnett ran away before they could do anything. 

Number one contender’s triple threat match: Randy Orton defeated Keith Lee and Seth Rollins (11:02) 

Rollins and Orton agreed to work together but Orton immediately left the ring. Rollins also left to argue with Orton. Orton said he changed his mind. Lee pulled Rollins into the ring and used a corner avalanche. Orton tried to attack from behind but Lee gave him one too. Lee took down both guys with a slingshot crossbody and they went to break. 

Lee tried another crossbody after the break but Rollins gave him a superkick and followed with a flying knee off the apron. Orton then dropped Lee on the announce table before he and Rollins tossed him into the ring steps. 

As Orton and Rollins struggled to get Lee in the ring, Orton kicked Rollins and gave him a draping DDT. Rollins came back with a falcon arrow for two. 

Lee knocked both guys down with body blocks and chucked Rollins into Orton. Lee launched Orton toward the barricade with a big pounce. Rollins attempted a dive but Lee caught him and tossed him onto the announce table. 

Rollins reversed a powerslam into a small package for two. Rollins followed with a forearm and thrust kick and set up for the curb stomp but Lee nailed a spirit bomb. 

Orton slipped in and gave Lee an RKO. He frantically crawled over Lee and covered Rollins for the pinfall win. Fun match. (It was a bit silly that Orton crawled over an opponent instead of just pinning him, but I suppose you can explain it.) 

Orton faces McIntyre at Clash of Champions for the title.