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WWE Raw live results: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre title match


Date: November 16, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship and will face Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. 

The New Day retained the tag titles and will face the Street Profits at Survivor Series. 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are off team Raw due to injury and were replaced by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. 

The two title matches tonight delivered. The rest of Raw was very skippable.

Show Recap -- 

The announcers plugged tonight’s title matches. Tom Phillips said the WWE title match was a main event worthy of WrestleMania. 

Drew McIntyre entered wearing street clothes. They recapped his appearance on Smackdown. (They didn’t show Roman Reigns’ saying that nobody watches Raw.) 

McIntyre said Survivor Series was a Thanksgiving tradition and he loved Thanksgiving. He was thankful for family and friends that he can lean on and for the fans. He asked the fans if they were ready to see him Claymore kick Randy Orton’s head off and regain the title. The screens cheered. 

He talked about Reigns and claimed that he only cared about himself. He said Reigns put himself on a pedestal above everyone else and had his own head up his ass. McIntyre said he would humble Roman at Survivor Series. 

Randy Orton interrupted on the tron. Orton was thankful for being a 14-time world champion. He mentioned being fined for putting his hands on Adam Pearce but was thankful that it didn’t faze him because he’s been fined and suspended more than any other wrestler. He has broken rules but was still here after all of these years because he’s the greatest wrestler ever. 

Orton would prove that he was the greatest and would start tonight by retaining the title. McIntyre said they’ve been at this too long but he would end it tonight by putting his foot through Orton’s face. 

McIntyre was about to leave but Miz and Morrison interrupted. They plugged Miz’s show and rambled on for a bit before Miz finally said that tonight would end with the WWE title on him. McIntyre thought that was funny. Miz and Morrison also claimed that Bray Wyatt didn’t appear last week because he was afraid of Miz. 

McIntyre threatened them so they left the ring. Miz said it was McIntyre’s own fault that he lost the belt after giving Orton three shots that he didn’t deserve. Miz said it didn’t matter if he deserved a shot or not, whether McIntyre won or not, he would be laughing all the way to the bank at the end of the night. 

They replayed all eight times that Nia Jax has put Lana through a table. 

Shayna Baszler and Jax approached Lana in the back. Lana said he deserved on team Raw and wanted to prove it tonight. Baszler and Jax mocked her and warned her not to tag into the upcoming match. 

Six-woman tag team match: Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Lana & Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (7:00) 

Rose had Kinesio tape on her shoulder. She was taken out of the match almost immediately. 

Lana wanted to start but Baszler tagged herself in. Jax grabbed Rose on the outside and Baszler stomped her shoulder into the steel steps. This led to a break less than 90 seconds into the match even though nothing else has happened (besides the babyface entrances) since the previous break. Rose was gone when they returned. 

Brooke made a tag to Asuka who used strikes on Baszler but Jax broke up a cover. Brooke tried to help but Jax shoved her out of the ring. 

Asuka was trying to fight on her own but Baszler caught her in the Kirifuda Clutch. Lana had tagged herself in so even though Asuka appeared to be going out, Baszler had to let go. Lana entered the ring and kicked Asuka but only got a two count. Asuka kicked her in the head and put her in the Asuka Lock for the submission win. 

Jax cleared the announce table and Baszler grabbed Lana. (Brooke and Asuka could be seen leaving the ring and thus leaving Lana on her own. I don’t think we were supposed to see that.) 

Jax teased that she was proud of Lana but grabbed her and put her through the table for the ninth time. 

The men’s team argued in the back until AJ Styles implored them to stop. Matt Riddle started using their nicknames which led to another argument. Styles said they were better than Smackdown on paper but they needed to focus and thought they should have a tune-up match against Retribution. (He said this as if the match wasn’t already announced earlier today.) 

Styles gave them all Raw t-shirts. Keith Lee wondered if his shirt would even fit around his arm. They all left but Riddle gave Big Jordan a nickname first. Styles asked Jordan if he had been speaking to Riddle but figured that wasn’t possible because he doesn’t speak English. Jordan said “of course” he speaks English. Styles was perplexed and had a lot of questions for him. 

One of Wyatt’s puppets knocked down a Miz Funko Pop. 

Brooke was backstage in a panic, concerned over Rose’s shoulder injury (even though she was dancing with Asuka moments earlier). Charly Caruso tried to interview her but Mia Yim attacked her and kicked her into some equipment boxes. Officials ran in to check on Brooke. 

Firefly Fun House 

Alexa Bliss said Wyatt wanted a match with Miz tonight. Wyatt warned him that you don’t want to see his bad side. They cut to a quick montage of Wyatt doing fake karate or whatever to prepare for his match. Suddenly, Wyatt was in a spelling bee competition and spelled the word “jackass.” Following that, he chucked a dart at the rabbit puppet. This was pretty bad. 

Hurt Business promo 

MVP said Bobby Lashley would beat Sami Zayn. Shelton Benjamin said they would beat New Day before beating the Street Profits on Sunday. MVP wanted to put Smackdown out of business. 

New Day interrupted. Kofi Kingston called them a bunch of jerks and said that the team name should be the Jerk Business. Woods didn’t seem to think that was funny but assured him the crowd would be laughing if there was one. They said they would retain and it would, in fact, be the best versus the best on Sunday. 

There was one 7-minute match in the first hour. 

[Second hour] 

Byron Saxton said that Rose and Brooke were injured and wouldn’t be able to compete at Survivor Series. 

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander (w/MVP & US Champion Bobby Lashley) to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (16:48) 

There was a cool spot where Kingston went for a boom drop but Benjamin caught him and gave him a buckle bomb. Benjamin and Alexander followed with a Doomsday Device for a nearfall. 

Hurt Business worked over Kingston following a break until he came back with a tornado DDT and made the hot tag to Woods who ran wild on both opponents. Woods gave Alexander a missile dropkick for two. Kingston tagged in and used a flying foot stomp but Benjamin broke up the cover. Benjamin tossed both New Day members to the outside. 

Alexander used consecutive suicide dives on Kingston (he went too fast on the first and went straight into the barricade). Alexander tried another one on Woods but either Woods moved or Alexander sorta came up short. Either way, they both went down. 

Benjamin attacked Kingston and gave him an Angle Slam for a nearfall. Benjamin superkicked Kingston and Alexander followed with a brainbuster but Woods broke up the cover. 

Kingston superkicked Alexander and gave Benjamin a Trouble in Paradise. Kingston and Woods gave Alexander the Day Break (backbreaker/foot stomp combo) for the pinfall win. New Day retain. 

It’s New Day vs. Street Profits at Survivor Series. Fun match outside of a few clunky spots. 

Sheamus approached McIntyre, who was still in street clothes. McIntyre hesitated because he wanted to get ready for his match but Sheamus wanted to talk to him. Sheamus recalled being friends with McIntyre’s mom and had a gift for him — a chest with items from McIntyre’s past that they previously thought was lost. Sheamus also gifted him with a sword. McIntyre seemed moved by this. Sheamus wished him well. 

Retribution cut a promo in the back. Mustafa Ali said the members of team Raw tried to act differently from one another but they were all the same. He said Styles was going to go down with the ship. Styles was on commentary and brushed off Ali’s comment. 

Eight-man tag team match: Retribution defeated Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Sheamus & Riddle (12:03) 

Riddle was all over Slapjack and T-Bar early on. It seemed like he wanted to tag out but Sheamus and Strowman got into an argument outside the ring. Lee watched as Styles tried to plead with them. Strowman pushed Styles into Big Jordan and they went to break. 

(A full 30 seconds passed with them only showing what was happening outside the ring so we had no idea what was happening with Riddle and T-Bar. There also didn’t seem to be any reason why Lee couldn’t just tag in for Riddle.) 

Retribution worked over Riddle following the break. Ali taunted Styles as he attacked Riddle. Riddle gave Slapjack a suplex and made the tag to Lee. Ali was the legal man but ran away when he saw Lee tag in. Lee crushed Slapjack in the corner before chucking him into T-Bar and Mase. He continued to use Slapjack as a weapon before tossing the others outside the ring. 

Ali made the save by giving Lee a suicide dive. Ali made a cover for two. Strowman ran over T-Bar and Mase outside the ring. Slapjack ran away from him but ran right into a Brogue Kick. Lee chokeslammed Ali but Sheamus tagged himself in. He set up for a Brogue Kick but Strowman tagged himself in. He set up for a powerslam but Sheamus yanked Ali down. 

Sheamus and Strowman argued as Riddle tagged himself in which led to more arguing. Ali shoved Riddle into Strowman and cradled him for the pinfall win. Retribution wins. 

Ali scampered off to celebrate with his team, who hardly looked like winners. Styles entered the ring and they all argued (Lee watched from ringside). 

Nikki Cross walked through the back looking for Bliss. Sarah Schreiber approached her and asked why she was looking for Bliss. Cross said she needed to get Bliss away from Wyatt. 

Cross left and Schreiber found Jeff Hardy who was ripping down ‘Wanted’ posters that were posted by Elias. Hardy threatened to go after him. 

Hardy found Elias after a break. Elias asked if he had anything to report about his accident. Hardy told him that he didn’t hit him with the car. Hardy shoved him against the lockers and told him he was proven innocent. He threatened to do worse than hit him with a car. Hardy left. 

Bray Wyatt (w/Alexa Bliss) defeated The Miz (w/John Morrison) (4:50) 

Miz cut a pre-match promo recalling his history with Wyatt. He said they don’t need to fight and suggested that they work together with Orton and McIntyre fighting later tonight. Bliss entered and said, “He says no.” She laughed. 

Cross stormed out and pleaded with Bliss to leave with her. Bliss slapped her and they brawled until officials separated them. Wyatt’s Funhouse music hit and he entered wearing a sweater. Bliss was thrilled and walked down the ramp with him. 

[Third hour] 

The match began after a break. Wyatt offered a handshake but Miz kicked his hand away and attacked. Morrison also gave him a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Bliss appeared out of nowhere to startle Morrison. This distracted Miz allowing Wyatt to attack. 

Miz came right back with a double axe handle and DDT for a one count. Miz followed with It Kicks. He missed by a mile on the last attempt and Wyatt came back with a clothesline, running body block, Uranage, and the dumb neck snap thing. 

Morrison grabbed Wyatt’s leg so Bliss leaped off the steps at him and they both flew over the barricade. 

This distracted Wyatt so Miz hit a running corner clothesline but Wyatt no-sold it and hit a Sister Abigail for the pinfall win. 

Bliss emerged unscathed from behind the barricade. (Morrison didn’t.) Wyatt and Bliss happily strolled up the ramp until the lights turned red and the Fiend appeared on the screen. Phillips tried to act worried that the Fiend was on the tron. 

There was an Orton vs. McIntyre video package. 

Adam Pearce informed Caruso that Rose and Brooke were off Survivor Series. Their replacements are Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. 

Caruso interviewed Asuka about facing Sasha Banks. Asuka was excited. Very excited. 

They plugged Undertaker’s Final Farewell at Survivor Series. Phillips said he would be there live. (I feel like they could have done a better job pushing this.) The announcers ran down the full Survivor Series card. 

Caruso tried to interview Orton but he cut her off because he has enough distractions. 

Angel Garza promo. He can protect you better than your boyfriend. 

Jax asked Baszler why she hit Rose so hard. Baszler reminded her that she put Lana through a table every week for over two months. Baszler said they didn’t need anyone. Evans and Royce showed up. Royce thought they should strategize. Jax couldn’t believe they were there so they left. Jax said this was the worst idea since Quibi. 

They really need to overhaul the women’s division. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship (24:10) 

McIntyre entered wearing a blue and black kilt while holding the sword Sheamus gave him earlier. This seemed like the kind of thing he’d do for a big PPV match. 

McIntyre used a couple of big moves early including a headbutt and spinebuster. Orton grabbed his belt and began leaving (less than two minutes in) but McIntyre went after him. Orton ducked a Claymore and again left the ring. 

Orton was about to leave but Pearce came out and announced that it was now a no-countout, no-disqualification match. 

They traded fists after a break until Orton hit a backbreaker. Orton then attacked with a steel chair. He also drove the edge of the chair into the previously-injured jaw of McIntyre. Orton tried multiple covers but McIntyre aggressively kicked out while still selling being in pain. 

Orton responded with a back suplex onto the edge of the barricade. He also nailed McIntyre with the steel steps for two. McIntyre chopped Orton but Orton quickly thumbed him in the eye. Orton followed with consecutive back suplexes on top of the now-repaired announce desk. 

Orton tried another one but McIntyre fought him off and did consecutive back suplexes on the table instead. McIntyre went for a Claymore but Orton dodged and McIntyre fell on the announce table which led to a quick commercial break. 

McIntyre came back with overhead suplexes and a neckbreaker. Orton fought back and hit a superplex (off the middle rope) for two. This led to piped-in “this is awesome” chants. McIntyre used a backslide for two, followed by a Future Shock DDT for a nearfall. 

McIntyre punched Orton off the apron and he fell through a table (that was set up by Orton earlier) which led to a two count. (Orton’s back was bleeding from the table.) McIntyre tried for a Claymore but Orton countered into a powerslam. Orton followed with a draping DDT off the announce desk and another one in the ring. 

McIntyre came right back with a Claymore kick for the pinfall win. McIntyre wins the WWE Championship. Very good match. 

It’s McIntyre vs. Reigns at Survivor Series.