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WWE Raw live results: Roadblock fallout


Happy Holidays to everyone.

The Big Takeaway: 

The WWE Universal Championship will be defended at the Royal Rumble with the champion Kevin Owens going against Roman Reigns. Mick Foley ordered that Chris Jericho be suspended in a shark cage above the ring. It was a night of some new programs possibly coming to light. Nia Jax attacked a hobbled Sasha Banks, one night after Banks' match Ironman match against Charlotte. Speaking of Charlotte, Bayley defeated her for the third time in three months. They're teasing a possible title match between the two. And Bruan Strowman interferred in the main event, going after Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, leaving them both laying. 

Owens and Jericho opened the show in the ring. Owens started to welcome fans to the Kevin Owens Show, but corrected himself to the "Chris and Kevin Show." Owens said there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep the Universal Championship, even if it means taking a codebreaker from his best friend. Owens admitted he didn't know what was going to happen when Jericho hit the ring, but no matter how bad the codebreaker hurt, it couldn't compare to how much it hurt knowing Jericho wasn't his best friend anymore. 

Jericho said he had to make all the "muttonheads" believe. Jericho said he was going to prove to Owens they were stronger than ever by giving him "The Hug of Jericho, bring it in, man." Jericho brought up Santa Claus, calling him a stupid idiot. Jericho accused Santa Claus of stealing his list gimmick and added him to the list. This brought out Mick Foley, saying Santa knows who's been nice and who's been naughty, and Jericho has been naughty. Foley replayed Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins laying out Owens and Jericho in the postmatch at Roadblock. Owens said Reigns could have ended his career. 

Foley was wearing a leather sportscoat, which Jericho called the worst thing he's ever seen. Foley said he would show Jericho the worst thing he's ever seen. Foley took off the jacket, where he wore the ugliest long-sleeved shirt. Foley said he ordered a tag team match with Owens/Jericho vs. Rollins/Reigns "right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania." They were in Columbus, Ohio, which Foley sheepishly admitted afterwards. Jericho and Owens talked over each other making fun of Foley over that one. 

Owens said they would overcome the odds again. Foley noticed that Owens kept beating the odds because of Jericho's help, so he ordered Owens to defend the Universal Championship against Reigns again. However, Jericho would be suspended above the ring locked in a shark cage, which was a throwback to an angle that Jericho did leading up to his first WWE program with Ken Shamrock. A shark cage was lowered in from the . Jericho was incensed that he was being forced to go inside the cage and tried to get heat saying the cage was secure because it read "Made in Ohio" written on it.

Jericho stepped in the cage to test how secure its footing was. Foley locked the cage with Jericho inside, despite Owens' demands that Jericho get out of the cage. Jericho ordered Foley to let him out. Foley said he had the key in his fanny pack and pulled out old Dude Love merchandise, various New Day t-shirts, a Santa Claus badge. But he didn't find the key. Foley said Jericho was secure because the cage wouldn't rise above the ring until he gave the signal, which was pointing upwards. Foley started to point upwards and the cage rose to the rafters. Jericho went up and pitched a fit. Foley wished him a nice day and Jericho was left hanging up there. 

After a commercial, Jericho somehow got down, with emergency technicians helping him. Jericho had trouble breathing and acted like he was going to have a seizure because he was supposedly afraid of heights. Jericho was priceless, as he's been all year. 

Enzo Amore and Big Cass came out to face Rusev, who got heat interruptin Cass' catchphrase. 

Rusev defeated Big Cass by DQ (:59) 

Cass showed off his more aggressvie side, refusing to break while he delivered knees to the head of Rusev, leading to the DQ. 

Sasha Banks limped out with a crutch wearing a brace on her left knee from her match against Charlotte at Roadblock. The announcers stood and applauded as she came out. They also said the rivalry between Charlotte and Banks was "at the end of the line." Banks said she gave her blood, sweat and tears, literally. But to tap out not once, but twice, then have her leg broken, led to her heart being broken. She admitted that the better woman won, as much as it pains her to say it. She calls herself the Boss, but she doesn't feels like the boss right now. She called out Charlotte so she could look right in Charlotte's eyes and congratulate her. 

Instead, Nia Jax came out. Jax walked around Banks and said Banks would never be the Boss to her. She said Banks was weak, was wounded and just a little girl. Jax kicked the crutch out from underneath Banks and gave her a hip toss against the ropes. Jaxx teased using the crutch as a weapon, but threw it down and left. 

Sheamus and Cesaro had the Raw Tag Team belts over their shoulders. Sheamus didn't want Cesaro's hand on his shoulder. Foley walked in and congratulated them, then unveiled the new Raw Tag Team titles. Sheamus thought it was beautiful, but asked for something in green. Sheamus and Cesaro started arguing while a referee walked in and told Foley that officials needed him because it was an emergency.

Out in the hallway, Braun Strowman was throwing people and various items around, upset that Sami Zayn lasted ten minutes with him last night. Foley told him he told Zayn to take the night off two hours ago and he's at least 100 miles away from the arena. Strowman said it's going to be a long night for everyone on Raw and it's all on Foley's head. 

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar (5:11)

Austin Aries was on commentary. It's a new program with Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar. Last week on 205 Live, Dar defeated Alexander, then dedicated his victory to Alicia Fox, who is now Alexander's girlfriend in storyline. Well, at least for now. Alexander got the win with the Lumbar Check followin a flying clothesline and a handspring enziguiri.  

Dar did a promo afterwards saying they're now even, but thought better of it. He admitted that Alexander got the better of him because he has Fox. Dar said that all he wanted for Christmas was Fox, which got Alexander mad.

The New Day came out melancholy without the Raw Tag Team titles. Xavier Woods said their reign ended after 483 days. Kofi Kingston said they can't mourn forever because Ric Flair couldn't have become a 16-time champion without losing 15 times. Big E. said "And that will become Charlotte in a month." Woods vowed to win the belts back. 

Sheamus and Cesaro came out. Sheamus started to make fun of the New Day's ring entrance, but Cesaro told him not to because they discussed it earlier. Sheamus and Cesaro announced each other as the new champions. Kingston couldn't believe they've given Cesaro and Sheamus new belts when they had to walk around with copper belts for over a year. Kingston said at some point, they had to lose the belts and if it had to be anyone, he was glad it was to him. Sheamus said thanks, but Woods said Kingston was talking to Cesaro. 

Kingston compared Cesaro to various strong animals. Cesaro said he had to be strong to carry Sheamus and his big ego. Sheamus fired back he didn't care what the fans throught. Fans chanted "shame." Sheamus said the New Day's reign of terror has come to an end, and 483 days of disgracing the Raw Tag Team Championships are over. Cesaro muttered they didn't disgrace the belts. Sheamus said if the New Day can hold the belts for 483 days, then he can hold the tag team belts for over 20 years. 

Woods said over 483 days, they had dozens of different t-shirt designs, sold cereal and even had the Old Day. Big E. asked him not to mention the Old Day. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came out and said when he looks inside that ring, he sees a bunch of nerds. Anderson didn't know what the bigger joke is, the fact the New Day think they're the greatest tag team in WWE history, or the fact that Cesaro and Sheamus won the belts by themselves. Gallows said if it wasn't for them handing out lots of beatdowns on the New Day, Sheamus and Cesaro wouldn't be tag champions. 

The Shooting Stars came out. Epico had the perfect holiday gift for them. Primo tried to sell them Time Shares for the Shining Star Resort and Hotel. Cesaro tore it up and all six men starting brawling.

Cesaro, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and Big E. defeated The Shooting Stars, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows via submission (10:46)  

Anderson and Gallows gave Kingston the boot of doom for a near fall. Kingston thew Gallows out of the ring for the hot tag to Big E, who gave a belly-to-belly suplex on Anderson. Sheamus tagged in as Big E went for a splash. Sheamus gave Epico ten beats of the Bodhran. It led to everyone doing their big moves until Cesaro gave Epico a 10-rep Giant Swing, then got the tap out with a Sharpshooter. Sheamus grabbed the belt right out of Cesaro's hands after the match. 

Enzo told Cass backstage he was worried he was costing Cass wins. Cass told him not to worry about it. A stagehand gave Enzo a letter. The letter said that on November 21, Enzo exposed himself in the workplace and he was ordered to attend sensitivity training. Enzo thought he had to go back to class. Cass wished him a good night. 

Neville came out for a rare in-ring interview. He talked about destroying Rich Swann and his buddy "P.J. Perkins" and the fans cheered him. He said that was rich because the fans don't cheer for him unless he's getting beaten up. He said he doesn't need their pity. He said if the fans' favorite wrestles on 205 Live, it's too bad because he's going to oblierate the division. 

Swann came out and wondered what happened to the man who he once looked up to. Neville told Swann to shut up because it was him who took Swann under his wing in Japan. Since then, Swann's star has soared, but where was the respect for him, the King of the Cruiserweights. Swann said Neville could call himself anything he wants, but he's the best in the cruiserweight division and Neville couldn't handle this. 

They were about to face off until Brian Kendrick came out. Kendrick defended Neville, saying they were a lot alike and if it weren't for them, none of this would be possible. That's why Neville and Kendrick respect each other. Neville said Kendrick was right because they've both earned their spots in the WWE, unlike Swann. It seems that someone should teach Swann his place. Swann went after Neville, but Kendrick jumped Swann. Neville put the boots to Swann until T.J. Perkins ran out for the save, but Neville quickly floored him, as well. Neville stomped on Perkins repeatedly and left to Kendrick's applause. Kendrick gave Perkins a Sliced Bread #2. 

Backstage, Darren Young, Bob Backlund, Bo Dallas, and Jinder Mahal sat down for sensitivity training. The instructor asked him to identify himself. Enzo started to give his usual spiel, but stopped and said he was here because he gave everyone a look at his Italian "Sausage." But it wasn't his fault because his partner locked him out of the locker room. The instructor asked him how long he had been having problems with his partner. Enzo thought she was saying he was in a same-sex relationship. She asked him to take a seat. He picked up a chair and asked "Where should I take it?" 

The instructor turned to Mahal and asked who he was. He identified himself. She asked him to spell his name. Enzo screamed out "SAWFT!" 

Sin Cara and Titus O'Neal went to a no contest (:40) 

Strowman came out and laid out both Sin Cara and Titus O'Neal. Cara tried to give Strowman a tope, but Strowman dropped him and tried to make it look like a belly-to-belly suplex. Strowman carried Cara up the ramp. Foley came out, but Strowman said he told Foley it was all his fault. He threw Cara off the stage into a Christmas tree and an assortment of presents designed to break his fall. A shattered Cara remained on the floor while watched helplessly and Strowman left. 

Jericho was pacing in the locker room. Owens asked if he was OK. Jericho was mad about being left in a cage, left in the air like a "sexy pinata." Jericho said he had a fear of heights, he had "arachnophobia." Owens corrected him and said that was a fear of spiders, Jericho had acrophobia. They gave each other a pep talk and said tonight, Reigns and Rollins would get "it." 

Charlotte came out and told the crowd to bow down to "your queen." Charlotte said she would call Banks out, but after what happened earlier she doesn't think Banks will make it. There was a reason why Banks was easy pickings for Jax. Charlotte said she had solidified herself as the greatest superstar the WWE had ever seen. You could put her in any era and she would be the greatest at any time. She brought up Trish Stratus and the Fabulous Moolah. She said fans subscribe to the WWE Network every month to see her lose, but they're always disappointed. She said "Ohio...wait." It's like when Clemson is going to beat Ohio State in the College Football Playoff. 

Bayley came out. Charlotte wanted to know why she was interrupting her. Bayley said she was there to congratulate her. It her opinon, Sasha vs. Charlotte would go down as the greatest women's rivalry in WWE history, which says a lot because she's been watching since she was ten years old. Charlotte says Bayley doesn't belong in the ring, she belongs with the people watching her. Bayley said now that the Sasha-Charlotte rivalry is over, it was time to let the Bayley-Charlotte rivalry begin. Bayley said there was a scoreboard in Charlotte's match last night, but she and Charlotte have their own scoreboard. It reads Bayley 2, Charlotte 0. 

Charlotte said Bayley's wins against her don't count. She said she held up four fingers after her win last night to signify her fourth Raw Women's Championship reign and the Four Horsewomen. She's always been the top Horsewoman, while Bayley was #4. Bayley challenged her to a match then and there. Charlotte couldn't believe that Bayley would challenge her to a match after what she went through last night, then ordered a referee to come out. 

Bayley defeated Raw Women's Champion Charlotte in a nontitle match (14:38) 

First seven minutes were mainly exchanging armbars. Charlotte caught a beautiful moonsault for a good false finish. Bayley immiedately tried a crucifix for another two count. Bayley ducked a Charlotte punch and pinned Charlotte with a backslide for the Kerry Von Erich finish. They showed a replay where Charlotte's shoulder was still up. They're playing up Bayley as the new number one contender. 

Back to sensitivity training for role reversal. Young and Backlund took turns impersonating each other. Backlund started doing Indian squats. Enzo offered to be Mahal. Enzo impersonated Mahal where he made a reference to being in 3MB, getting fired, getting his job backand still being a schumuck. Mahal said Enzo had little man's syndrome and you can't teach that. Enzo asked the instructor if it would be insensitive to smack the taste out of Jinder's mouth. She said yes, but Enzo said he was already learning because he was growing more sensitive. 

No Emmalina this week. Another vignette and a Tweet where she ran down the 4 Horsewomen. 

At sensitivity training, Dallas promised to stop forcing his bo-liefs onto others. Young promised to stop being selfish and start listening to his coach. Mahal promised to think before his acts. After everyone left, Enzo started to hit on the instructor. Then Rusev walked in. Enzo looked to the other exit, but Mahal blocked him. Rusev beat up Amore again, held Amore in a full nelson so Lana could walk in and slap him. Then Rusev gave him a full nelson slam through a table. 

U.S. Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens by DQ (17:04) 

Among the standout moments was Owens doing an illegal double team on Reigns, rolling out of the ring in front of the camera, then waving to it. Rollins got the hot tag and gave Jericho the Springboard knee. Reigns hit Owens with a Superman punch outside the ring. Rollins jumped off the top rope but Jericho caught him with a kick, then put him in the Walls of Jericho.

Rollins made the ropes. Reigns came in and gave Jericho a Superman punch. Then Strowman ran down and attacked Reigns. Strowman got in the ring, which led to Jericho and Owens running for cover. Strowman went after Rollins, clobbering him across the chest. Jericho and Owens rolled Reigns back in the ring, where Strowman gave him an Oklahoma Stampede.