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WWE Raw live results: Rollins hosts Rey Mysterio 'retirement ceremony'


Date: June 1, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Rey Mysterio did not, in fact, retire. There was a very good match between Seth Rollins and Aleister Black. Not much else happened. 

If you’re wondering, there was no mention of George Floyd or the protests happening across the United States and Canada.

Show Recap -- 

The announcers ran down tonight’s card. Tom Phillips said Rey Mysterio would update us on his condition tonight. 

Seth Rollins entered with Murphy and Austin Theory. Byron Saxton was confused as to why Rollins would be hosting a retirement ceremony for Mysterio. Samoa Joe wondered if maybe Mysterio would retire. Rollins was booed and greeted with “you suck” chants by the NXT/PC wrestlers in attendance. Murphy and Theory sat at ringside to watch Rollins speak. 

Rollins said Aleister Black was confused over the situation involving Mysterio and it was Rollins’ job to enlighten him. Rollins said we’d hear from Mysterio tonight but Mysterio wouldn’t have it in him to announce his retirement so Rollins would do it for him. He said Mysterio was chosen as a sacrifice and that was a legendary feat. 

Rollins went on for a while about Mysterio sacrificing himself before playing a video package of Rey’s career. The majority of the video was a sincere Mysterio highlight package but ended with Rollins trying to take his eye out. Rollins applauded for Mysterio and offered to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Black ran out and attacked Rollins who managed to escape the ring. 

Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins (w/Murphy & Austin Theory) (21:02) 

Black was in control until Rollins caught him with a dropkick as he reentered the ring (Black also had his eye on Rollins’ buddies outside the ring). Rollins took over and hit a suicide dive. Black made a brief comeback until Rollins dumped him over the top. Rollins’ pals approached Black but Humberto Carrillo ran out (to his music) with a steel chair to back them off. 

Rollins was in control after a break. Black hit a big boot but Rollins came right back with a slingblade for two. Black dodged a flying knee strike and came back with strikes of his own, a running knee and springboard moonsault for two. They traded rollups, then Black hit a roundhouse kick and German suplex into a pin for two. 

Rollins came back with an enziguri, superkick and Falcon Arrow for two. Rollins went for a frog splash but Black got his knees up. They traded strikes on the apron until Black booted him into the post and followed with a moonsault off the apron. 

After a break, Rollins headbutted Black off the top and followed with a frog splash but only got a two count after taking too long to make the cover. The audience chanted “Aleister” as he ducked a curb stomp and attempted a submission hold. Rollins kicked out of it and powerbombed him. Rollins came off the top but Black caught him perfectly with a lifting knee. That looked terrific. 

Black set up for the Black Mass but Rollins’ friends hopped on the apron. Carrillo attacked them but the distraction allowed Rollins to catch Black in a rollup. Black kicked out and rolled up Rollins for the pinfall win. 

Theory and Murphy attacked Black after the match. Carrillo tried to make the save but the numbers were too much. Rollins’ chums held Black and forced him to watch as Rollins stomped Carrillo. Rollins then gave Black a stomp as well. 

I didn’t like Black going into sell-mode so early on but this was otherwise an excellent match. The post-match was good, too. 

The announcers plugged Raw Talk and the free version of the WWE Network. 

They recapped Apollo Crews winning the US Title last week. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. Garza was very happy to see Caruso. She asked about his controversial win over Kevin Owens last week. Vega was about to go nuts on her but Garza stopped her. Garza said it was just like seduction and it was good to be one step ahead. Vega said Garza saw what he wanted and took it. 

Caruso told Garza, “thank you very much for your time.” He thanked her and gave her a rose. After Garza left, Vega tore up the rose and Caruso was not happy. 

They plugged NXT Takeover: In Your House. Joe wondered if they were giving away a house. 

They aired a video from Shawn Michaels (who has a thick beard) discussing the upcoming Randy Orton/Edge match. He said “greatest wrestling match ever” would be hard to deliver and talked about his own great matches. (He specifically mentioned the ladder match against Razor Ramon, the Iron Man match against Bret Hart and the two WrestleMania matches against Undertaker. They also showed brief clips from his Mania matches against John Cena, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle.) He thought they had it in them to deliver. Michaels picked Edge to win the match. 

Lana ranted at MVP backstage. MVP said, unlike her, he had actual work to do and didn’t have the time or desire to hear from her. Lana called him a leech for using her Bobby to revive his washed-up career. MVP said that wasn’t true, but even if it was, she was doing the same. She slapped him and walked away. 

[Second hour] 

They aired an overly dramatic video recap of… Rollins’ promo earlier tonight and the match and angle that followed. This is the kind of recap you’d expect to see the week after, not an hour later. In fact, the show is an hour old and this match/angle feels like the only thing of substance that has happened so far. All we’ve had otherwise have been quick talking segments. 

Apollo Crews in-ring interview 

Kayla Braxton interviewed Crews. He said he had a long list of feelings and he still couldn’t believe he was standing there as US Champion. Braxton asked who he chose to defend his title against tonight. Crews said there was a long list of deserving competitors but the man who was most deserving was Kevin Owens. 

Owens came out (walking with a limp) and congratulated him. Owens thanked him for the opportunity and normally wouldn’t turn this down but felt like this was coming out of pity after what happened to him last week with Garza. Crews said he deserved the shot. Owens said Garza could wait but now felt bad because Crews’ first reign would be a short one. 

US Championship match: Apollo Crews NC/DDQ Kevin Owens (10:22) 

They fought back-and-forth until Owens nailed a senton off the apron to the outside. Owens followed with a senton off the top for a nearfall. Owens tossed Crews into the ropes and kicked him low for the pop-up powerbomb but he appeared to kick him too low. 

Crews sold it as if he got kicked in the nuts as the referee checked on him (and told Owens, “you kicked him in the groin!”) The referee let Crews get to his feet as Owens waited. Owens asked Crews if he was good, then Crews punched him. They traded fists and the fight spilled to the outside which led to a break. 

[On Friday’s SmackDown, Jeff Hardy tells all. Plus, a women’s tag team championship match.] 

After the break, they traded strikes until Crews hit a powerslam for two. Owens slipped out of an Angle Slam attempt and hit a superkick for two, followed by a moonsault for two. Crews countered a pop-up powerbomb and hit an enziguri and Angle Slam for two. Crews followed right away with a standing moonsault for two. 

Crews hit consecutive Stinger Splashes but Owens avoided a third one and hit a superkick. Owens attempted another senton but Crews got his knees up. With both men down, Garza and Andrade ran out (as Vega directed traffic) and attacked both men for the double DQ/no contest. 

US Champion Apollo Crews & Kevin Owens defeated Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) 

The match began during a break. The announcers said Garza issued a tag challenge during the break and Owens accepted. 

Garza and Andrade worked over Crews until he made the hot tag to Owens. However, Garza distracted the referee and clocked Owens with a cheap shot which allowed the heels to take over again. Owens came back with an atomic drop, clothesline and senton but Andrade dropkicked him after he got distracted by Garza. 

Crews made a blind tag, and after a vertical suplex by Andrade, Crews gave him an Angle Slam. Garza attacked Owens on the outside, so Crews dropkicked him off the apron. Andrade tried a schoolboy with his feet on the rope but Crews kicked out and followed with a spinning sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall win. Phillips noted this was Crews’ third win over Andrade. 

The match went only about 5-6 minutes after the break. 

Braxton interviewed Asuka. Asuka said she would take out the bully (Nia Jax) at Backlash. Braxton asked about Charlotte Flair. Asuka said she’s always getting better but Charlotte always stays the same. She said the empress never bows down to anyone. 

Street Profits / Viking Raiders bowling segment 

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins were upset by the bowling shoes and wanted Jordans instead. There was a bad camera cut when Ford appeared to throw the ball perfectly but it somehow ended up in the gutter. (There were a lot of these throughout the skit.) 

An employee brought drinks and the teams toasted each other. Ford smelled it before drinking it and Dawkins spat it out. Ivar let them know it was goat’s milk. There was some “comedy” involving turkey legs. Ford also dropped a ball on Dawkins’ foot. 

One of the employees kicked the Raiders out of the kitchen. She didn’t kick them out of the building because she thought Ivar was cute (the third straight week this has happened). The Raiders were up 100-21 halfway through the game. 

The Profits told the guy behind the counter that they want the smoke. He shut the lights off and turned the smoke effects and spotlights on. The Profits went on a roll and took the lead 130 to 121. The Raiders had one trick up their sleeve. Erik slid Ivar down the lane with a ball in hand for a strike. The Raiders won 131-130, tying up their series. 

Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) defeated Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross (w/Tag Champion Alexa Bliss) (5:08) 

There was a segment before the match where Cross and Kay almost got into a brawl backstage but they were separated. 

Kay had control until Cross came back with a running clothesline, bulldog and dropkick. Kay dodged a high cross attempt and hit a sit-out Uranage (I think) for the pinfall win. They did not show any replays. 

Backstage, Drew McIntyre told Caruso that he does not back down from any challenges. He’s on week nine as champion and has defeated seven challengers. He was happy to make MVP number eight and was ready for Bobby Lashley as well. He invited everyone on a trip to Claymore Country. 

[Third hour] 

Raw Talk tonight has Rollins, the Street Profits and Viking Raiders as guests. 

Rey Mysterio interview 

The announcers interviewed Mysterio who joined from his home. Mysterio didn’t have an update but noted that if an infection got in, that could be the end of his career. Joe asked if he was retiring tonight. Mysterio said he didn’t know anymore. He could be cleared in a few weeks or he could never be cleared again. 

Joe asked about Rollins’ speech earlier. Mysterio said Rollins had a lot of negativity for a messiah. Mysterio didn’t sacrifice himself, Rollins tried to end his career. Dominick showed up next to Mysterio and interrupted him. Dominick said somebody from this family should deal with Rollins. Mysterio tried to calm him down but he said this was BS. 

Mysterio thanked everyone for reaching out and said it meant a lot to him and his family. Mysterio knew people wanted a real statement from him, so railed on Rollins for what he put his family through. Mysterio said he would never forgive him. “Damn you, Seth Rollins.” 

Mysterio patted Dominick on the back and said, “let’s go.” Mysterio got up and left but Dominick remained on camera. He noted Rollins was a man of scripture and said, “an eye for an eye.” 

Nia Jax promo  

Jax said she did not start this. It was Asuka and Kairi Sane two teamed up on her. She mocked them for speaking Japanese and said Becky Lynch gifted Asuka the title because of hormones. Jax called herself the victim and would expose Asuka for being a backstabbing charlatan. 

They aired a video of R-Truth winning the 24/7 title from Rob Gronkowski. Gronk was at his home with a friend who agreed to help him take a Tik Tok video. Truth was there posing as a gardener in the background. As Gronk danced, his friend revealed that he was wearing a referee’s shirt, then Truth rolled him up to win the belt. Gronk was mad but his friend tried to reason with him because he had a new career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming up. 

Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane (3:18) 

Sane was in control until Jax rolled to the outside. Sane tried a baseball slide dropkick but Jax caught her and drove her face into the apron. 

Jax then launched Sane into the steel steps. (Her face appeared to hit the steps flush, not on the corner or edge.) Jax rolled Sane into the ring and hit a leg drop for the pinfall win. The way this aired, it didn’t seem like any sort of injury occurred. 

As Jax posed, Asuka ran down to confront her, but she left. 

Randy Orton promo 

Orton said that when he’s at home he wakes up, pours a coffee and watches the WWE Network. He caught up on all the shows, even Ride Along. He realized that every WWE superstar seems to think that Ric Flair is the greatest of all-time. He agreed. But he also noted that Flair, last week, called Orton the greatest to lace up his boots — and Edge himself said the same. 

Orton said Edge accused him of being complacent and comfortable — and he was right. Edge couldn't handle that he has half-assed it for 20 years and still accomplished more than him and everyone else. Edge had to scratch and claw to pretend to be like his heroes and all Orton had to do was be himself. Orton would prove he was better than Edge at Backlash. 

Edge’s storybook ending would be ended by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment — RKO. 

Charlotte Flair promo 

Charlotte told the wrestlers in the audience to shut up and respect their champion. She said they should all aspire to be like her opponents at Takeover. She was rooting for them and wanted one of them to be the next Rhea Ripley or Io Shirai so she can make them bow down. She moved on to Asuka and ran down her accomplishments and said she must want to be like the queen. 

Non-title match: NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Raw Women’s Champion Asuka ended in a count-out or DQ or no contest (9:35) 

Charlotte targeted Asuka’s knee early on and worked it over. Asuka came back with a roundhouse kick, German suplex and a shining wizard for two. Asuka missed a missile dropkick, but countered a Natural Selection attempt into a submission. Charlotte countered that into a Boston Crab but Asuka rolled into a cover for two, then applied a leg lock. 

Charlotte countered that into a deadlift high-angle German suplex. Joe was very impressed with this sequence. Asuka tried for an armbar but Charlotte hoisted her up again, this time for a powerbomb for two. Asuka avoided a Figure Four but Charlotte booted her off the apron. 

At that point, Asuka’s music hit and Jax sauntered out wearing an Asuka mask. She also had on green face paint. The bell rang for either a DQ or count-out. They didn’t announce the result, of course. Jax then ran over Asuka. 

Caruso interviewed Lana after showing a replay of her exchange with MVP earlier. Caruso said Lana wasn’t at ringside for Lashley’s matches because he found her too beautiful and distracting. Caruso wondered if this was his idea or MVP’s. Lana wasn’t sure. Lana noted that Lashley didn’t want her at ringside for his matches but didn’t say anything about MVP’s matches. She giggled and left. 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated MVP (w/Bobby Lashley & Lana) in a non-title match (2:55) 

There were six minutes left in the show when they came back from break for the entrances. Lashley came out first and Phillips began foaming at the mouth calling this an explosive situation. After McIntyre and MVP entered, Lana entered to her music before the match started. Lashley appeared confused. The main event started with three minutes left in the show. 

Lashley distracted McIntyre which allowed MVP to push him into the post and barricade. MVP followed with a running boot in the corner for a one count. McIntyre came back with clotheslines and a flying clothesline. Lashley yanked MVP from the ring, so McIntyre took them both out with a flip dive. 

McIntyre then hit a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. Immediately after the match, Lashley put McIntyre in a full nelson and they abruptly went off the air.