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WWE Raw live results: Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss


The Big Takeaway: 

Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women's Championship with the DDT. Postmatch, Nia Jax came out to celebrate with Bliss, but then turned on Bliss, dropping her on her back while Bliss rode Jax's shoulders in victory. John Cena and Roman Reigns had a memorable verbal dual during a contract signing angle with Cena really stealing the show. The two traded inside references galore and it was a sight to see. Jeff Hardy will face the Miz next week for the Intercontinental Championship after winning a 15-man battle royal to open the show. 

Show Recap: 

Jerry Lawler was at the commentator's table in place of Booker T, who couldn't get out of Houston due to Hurricane Harvey. 

Miz, Maryse and the Miztourage came out to start the show. Before he could say anything, Kurt Angle came out. Miz said that Angle doesn't respect the Intercontinental Championship and he doesn't respect him. Angle said Miz would defend the Intercontinental Championship against the winner of a 15-man battle royal that would start immediately. The Big Show, with his face cleanly shaven, came out first, followed by Matt and Jeff Hardy and Finn Balor. 

Jeff Hardy won a 15-man battle royal to earn a Intercontinental title shot at the Miz (16:16) 

Curt Hawkins was thrown out by practically the other 14 guys at :06. Kalisto was eliminated by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel at :54. Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Balor wrked together to eliminate Show at 2:25. Anderson and Gallows looked at Balor with a smile after that with Michael Cole explaining their past in Japan. They also replayed that elimination later. Truth was taken out by Dallas and Axel at 3:54. Goldust tried to throw out Anderson and had him on the apron, but Gallows superkicked Goldust over at 6:12. During a commercial, Apollo Crews attempted a springboard move, but was tripped to the floor by Elias. Gallows missed a charge on Matt and was eliminated at 11:07. Matt and Anderson had a slugfest on the apron after they went over the top rope. It ended with Anderson missing a charge and running into the post to the floor at 11:54. Then Gallows, already eliminated, grabbed Matt's leg and pulled him to the floor at 11:57. Matt brawled with Gallows and Anderson after that one and the referees had to break things up. Meanwhile, as the refs were distracted, Jeff Hardy and Balor tried to eliminate Dallas, but Miz interfered to keep Dallas in. 

Jeff and Balor had a staredown, which got a buzz from the crowd. Jeff hit a double leg drop and teased the Twist of Fate, but Balor responded with a sling blade and the woo dropkick. Then Bray Wyatt appeared and threw out Balor at 15:07. Balor's video wipe came up on the screen and Wyatt vanished. That reduced the field to five. Jason Jordan threw out Axel and Dallas with a double clothesline at 16:03. Jordan took out Elias at 16:13, but Jeff knocked out Jordan at 16:15 to earn the title shot. 

Bliss did an interview with Charly Caruso. Bliss said Banks has never succesfully defended the Raw Women's Championship and she isn't going to do it tonight. Bliss said she hopes that Banks has enjoyed playing champion over the past week because tonight the goddess is ready to reclaim her throne.

Enzo Amore came out. They showed the tape of Big Cass tearing his ACL last week. Amore said since he proved he could compete against 7-foot giants, he could compete in the cruiserweight division. He mentioned Floyd Meaweather knocking out Connor McGregor, which got boos. Enzo chuckled over it. Amore introduced Noam Dar as his opponent and said Noam was one man with two first names.  

Enzo Amore defeated Noam Dar (2:54) 

Amore won with a sloppy version of Gail Kim's Eat Defeat. Neville watched backstage. Caruso interviewed Neville and said if Amore is the type of man coming after him, then he would hold the Cruiserweight championship forever and ever. 

Next was an interview segment with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, who said for those of you who thought they were going to sing the blues in Memphis over Strowman, they were wrong. Heyman said they were going to sing the praises of Strowman, who Heyman called the most worthy contender for Lesnar's Universal Championship. Heyman said Strowman scooped Lesnar up and powerslammed him through a table at SummerSlam, then did it again. Heyman mentioned Corey Graves said Strowman powerhandled Lesnar. Then on Raw, Strowman came to the ring and got in Lesnar's face. Heyman told children watching at home wondering if monsters for real that he doesn't believe in monsters, but believes Strowman is one. They replayed Strowman powerslamming Lesnar last week. 

Heyman said at No Mercy, Strowman would face Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Heyman said what Strowman did last week was necessary because Lesnar wasn't going to duck Strowman. Heyman said Lesnar wants Strowman. Lesnar took the microphone and said "What he's trying to say is, suplex city, bitch." And that was that. 

Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins (10:17) 

Cesaro pinned Rollins after an uppercut. Rollins had just hit a blockbuster and a sling blade, then started to climb to the top rope. Sheamus was at ringside and tried to trip Rollins, who hopped over him. Dean Ambrose, also at ringside, brawled with Sheamus. Rollins was distracted with the fight at ringside and Cesaro blindsided him for the pin. 

Sheamus and Cesaro celebrated. Sheamus then challenged Ambrose to a match. Rollins and Ambrose came out at the top of the hour, then stood in the ring through a commercia, a five-minute package previewing Cena's contract signing with Reigns later tonight at No Mercy and the ring entrance of Cesaro and Sheamus. By the time Ambrose started his match, they had been out there an half hour. 

Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus (10:45) 

Ambrose won with dirty deeds in another match with plenty of interference. Cesaro jumped on the apron but Rollins pulled him off. Rollins rolled in the ring and Cesaro tried to give chase, but the referee stopped him. Sheamus went for white noise, but Rollins gave him a springboard knee to the face while the referee was distracted. Sheamus worked over Ambrose's back for much of the match, using El Desperado's Numero Dos (called the stretch muffler by Graves), the Irish Curse backbreaker and a rolling senton off the second rope. I thought this was actually a better match that Cesaro-Rollins. 

Emma told Mickie James she was going to tweet #giveemmaachance to see how quickly it would trend. Emma said she lost to Nia Jax last week, but in the end she was the one trending. Emma wondered what was going to be trending after their match tonight. James corrected Emma and said what was trending was #giveemmacpr. Emma started on with her usual rant about starting the women's revolution and said her new hashtag would be #thankemmaforthe revolution. James said if Emma beats her tonight, she'll tweet any hashtag Emma wants. But if she beats Emma, then Emma can never say she started the women's revolution. Emma agreed and said maybe the new hashtag will be #mickiewillnevertrend. 

Emma pinned Mickie James (1:41) 

After a kick to the face, James tried a cradle, but Emma reversed it for the pin. Emma grabbed the microphone and said "I started the women's revolution" over and over again until she got to the back. Emma also has new music as they finally got rid of that remix from her comedy babyface days. 

Angle was back out to preside over the Cena-Reigns contract signing. Cena got more cheers than boos and shook hands with Lawler on the way down. Lawler joked that Cena was trying to get a cheap pop in Memphis. Cena said Cena-Reigns was WrestleMania worthy but they're doing it at No Mercy. Cena said this was the reason why he came to Raw, to get face-to-face with the man who says he runs the yard, the big dog. Cena said since Reigns had set foot in the ring he hasn't just been the blue chip prospect, he's been the blue chip prospect who has been protected no matter who has come in his way. Cena said Reigns doesn't want to fight him because Cena has no more f's to give. 

Reigns came out and got booed much more. Reigns couldn't believe Cena said he didn't want to fight Cena. Reigns said Cena wasn't as big of a deal as he thinks he is. Reigns didn't care what Cena thinks of him, he's already done something that Cena never did: retire the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Reigns said it isn't that he doesn't want to fight Cena, it's that maybe he doesn't need to. 

Cena said maybe Reigns is right because Reigns is the big dog. Everybody in the back knows it, even though all of the fans are still trying to figure that out. Cena admitted he is a polarizing figure because every single week some people cheer him because they stand for what he believes in and others boo him because they don't. Every week, there are people who want him to change the content of his character and maybe do a heel turn (a minority of the crowd cheered that suggestion). With Reigns, it's different. Cena said the fans go back-and-forth with Reigns because when they look at him they see what Cena sees in Reigns: a cheap ass, corporately created, John Cena bootleg. Fans started chanting "yes." Cena said Reigns wasn't "the guy," he was "a guy" trying desparately to fill shoes he can never fill. Cena said he wasn't the Undertaker, a battered veteran at the end of his career with a bad hip. Cena said he was the fastest, strongest and hungriest that he's been in his entire life. Cena said Reigns won't sign that contract because if Regins does, then Reigns' Roman Empire will...a Cena dropped the microphone. That was a hell of a promo by Cena and it wasn't lost on the crowd, some of whom chanted his name even though Cena was redefining "a subtle heel."

Reigns said the fans boo Cena because Cena sucks. Reigns forgot his line at this point and Cena had to fill time. Cena told Reigns "go ahead a find it. I'll wait. It's called a promo kid. If you want to be the big dog, you're going to have to learn how to do it. See ya, fourth wall!"  Reigns restarted and called Cena a phony and a yes man who can learn how to big anything and do anything. He called Cena fake bitch. Not only that, Cena is a part-time fake ass bitch (they tried to bleep that part out). And Reigns would be damned if he was going to bust his ass Friday, Saturday and Sunday just so Cena could co-host the Today Show, then jump on a big ass bus and come to a WWE show if they pay him enough. Reigns said Cena's jumps off his bus with a big shovel to bury as much young talent as he can. That's how Cena stays on top of the mountain. But what bothers Cena is Cena can't bury him. Reigns said he was the one guy in the WWE that Cena can't see. Why would he want to cheapen his legacy by being the next John Cena when he can be the one and only Roman Reigns. 

Cena said Reigns is a fool. There's an old saying that it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool instead of opening it and removing all doubt. Cena said Reigns, if all people, used the same, pathetic excuse that every other person has done. Cena said Reigns had the gall to blame him. Cena said it took Reigns five years to cut a half-decent promo but now he was going to shrink him down to size. 

Cena said everybody in the back thinks he's got this mystical golden shovel, these magical powers to control everyone's fate. It was really the fans who held the keys, they always have and always will. Cena said he's heard what Reigns has said for ten years. Cena said Reigns believes that he holds everybody down. Cena said he hasn't main evented WrestleMania in five years, he was the opening match at SummerSlam, and held the U.S. Championship to give younger stars a chance like Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles. Reigns took the U.S. Championship as a demotion. Reigns blames Cena, but Cena blames Reigns because he's still here because Reigns can't do his job. When it comes to this yard, there's only one rule: step up or stand aside. And over the years, there's been a few to step up, but not one to keep up. Then Cena heard about Reigns, the one who could possibly keep up, but Cena listens to Reigns. Cena said Reigns should be ashamed Cena is a part-time, because Cena can do this better part-time better than Reigns could ever do it full-time. Cena was in a league all of his own in this segment. 

Cena made the "You can't see me" motion and fans started chanted his name. Oh yes, there were contracts in the ring. Reigns signed the contract. Then Reigns flipped the table over. 

Anderson and Gallows came out. Anderson said it was getting heated out here with these two big egos. Anderson said Reigns and Cena were not good brothers. Gallows said they were going to march into the ring and beat up a couple of nerds. Angle ordered a match to start right now between Cena/Reigns & Anderson/Gallows.  

John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (5:59) 

Reigns pinned Anderson after the spear as Cena gave Gallows the AA. Reigns was really funny, half-heartedly rooting Cena on while Gallows held Cena in a headlock. Cena and Reigns were trying to one-up the another, often to the detriment of their own cause. Reigns and Cena continued to glare at each other after winning. 

Elias was in the ring for another song. Elias said he didn't have anyone to blame for getting eliminated from the battle royal...but all of the fans. Elias said Dusty Rhodes once called him the Elvis Pressley of the WWE. He started running down Memphis to the tune of "Hound Dog." Elias sang "The king is gone but he's not forgotten, even though you all are rotten." Lawler stopped Elias saying Elias had trouble relating to his audience because the WWE Universe in Memphis appreciates those lyrics. Lawler brought out Pelvis Wesley from SouthPaw Regional Wrestling. Crowd had no idea who Wesley was. Wesley started dancing like he was Elvis. Elias kicked him, gave him a clothesline and put the boots to him. Crowd recognized Wesley as Heath Slater and started chanting "He's got kids." Elias gave him Drift Away. What's weird is that the announcers never identified Wesley as Slater. Weird segment overall that bombed. 

Miz, Maryse, Dallas and Axel were leaving the arena when Rene Young interviewed them. Miz was mad that Jeff Hardy could get an Intercontiental Championship match by winning one match. Young pointed out that Hardy beat 14 other men to get it. Maryse said Jeff didn't have to pin anyone to get the chance. Young said that Angle wanted to give the Intercontinental Championship a higher profile, just as Miz requested. Miz and Maryse just walked off. 

Banks cut a promo with Caruso. She said that tonight she would end her string of short title reigns. 

Tomorrow night on 205 Live, it's Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik versus Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Noam Dar. 

Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women's Championship (13:57)

Bliss escaped the bank statement by running Banks' face into the ropes, then pinned her with the DDT. Bliss worked over Banks' back, starting when Banks missed a baseball slide and Bliss sent her into the dasher boards. Bliss leveled Banks with an elbow to the face, then used a Code Red for a two count. Banks made a comeback with a shining wizard. At the finish, Bliss hit a superplex, but Bliss also sold it for so long that Banks put her into the Bank Statement. Bliss rolled her into a cradle for a two count, forcing Banks to break the hold. 

Postmatch, Nia Jax came out to congratulate Bliss. Jax gave Banks a running splash in the corner. Bliss got on the top rope and Jax carried her around the ring on her shoulders. Then Jax dropped Bliss on her back, turning on her. Jax grabbed the belt and held it up over Bliss, then held it over her head. Certainly was a strong tease for Bliss-Jax at No Mercy. Banks has had four WWE Women's/Raw Women's Championship reigns for a grand total of 82 days.