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WWE Raw live results: Second chance qualifying match


Date: November 9, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Next week’s Raw will feature a WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre, plus New Day defend the tag titles against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. 

McIntyre won a six-man tag match with New Day over Orton, Miz and Morrison. Orton didn’t get involved in the match. 

Matt Riddle qualified for Team Raw after defeating Elias and Jeff Hardy. He also went on to get the pin in a tag match with Keith Lee over Sheamus and Braun Strowman. 

Bray Wyatt was not on the show. Alexa Bliss appeared briefly in a backstage segment with Nikki Cross. 

Raw was quite bad, at least until the last 40 minutes or so (which featured Ali vs. Ricochet and the six-man main event). 

Show Recap -- 

They announced that Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will face Randy Orton, Miz and John Morrison tonight. Also, Asuka faces Nia Jax, which they said could be one of the main events of WrestleMania if it were for the championship. 

MizTV with The Miz & John Morrison 

They let Morrison come out to his own music but he still acted like Miz’s parrot. Miz hyped tonight’s main event and plugged his show. He was going to introduce New Day but Randy Orton interrupted. 

Orton didn’t appreciate that Miz thought his show was more important than any match he is in. Orton accused Miz of calling Stamford to put him in this situation because the briefcase was the only way he could win the title. 

Orton said they kicked Miz out of the locker room years ago and wished they never let him back in. He also told Morrison that he took his ball and went home years ago just to wrestle in the minor leagues. 

Orton turned his back and offered Miz a shot. Miz and Morisson decided to play nice instead. Miz said they just wanted to get closer to the tag team championships. 

New Day interrupted. They thought it was funny that the men in the ring were going off with verbal strong style so they wanted to go in the ring to laugh at them for it. As soon as New Day hit the ring, Orton gave Kingston an RKO. Miz and Morrison tossed Woods from the ring. 

McIntyre sprinted out to go after Orton but Miz hit him from behind with the briefcase. Miz and Morrison held up McIntyre so Orton could give him an RKO. Orton left on his own. 

Orton was good on the mic here. Kingston came across like a geek after getting RKO’d. 

Triple threat qualifying match: Matt Riddle defeated Elias and Jeff Hardy (8:55) 

Elias was in the ring for a promo. He began playing guitar but stopped early on purpose in anticipation of someone interrupting. He started playing for real but was interrupted by Hardy. 

Matt Riddle is, in fact, “Riddle” now. His tron only shows his last name and that’s how he was introduced. 

They went to break less than 2 minutes into the match. Elias was in control before and after the break. Hardy made a comeback which led to everyone trading moves. Hardy set up Riddle for the Twist of Fate but Elias caught him with a knee strike. Riddle then gave Elias a Bro Derek for the pinfall win. Riddle qualifies for Team Raw. Not much of a match. 

Styles (with Jordan Omogbehin) spoke to Adam Pearce in the back. They shook hands. After Pearce left, Charly Caruso asked Styles what the conversation was about. Styles said it wasn’t about anything, they were talking as friends. She asked if he was happy about Riddle qualifying and he said yes. He thought Riddle was what they were missing. Sheamus interrupted. 

Sheamus wasn’t happy because he didn’t like Riddle and threatened to kick his head off if he stepped out of line. Styles thought they should have a team meeting tonight. Caruso asked Sheamus how he thought Styles was doing as team captain. Sheamus said Styles wasn’t his captain. Braun Strowman showed up too just to say that Styles wasn’t his captain either. 

Elsewhere, Mustafa Ali said Ricochet was a good guy and courageous for standing on his own. However, you can’t change anything on your own. Mia Yim said it was easy to feel alone when you were misguided. Ali said, “we will not rest until we shut you down.” (Yim made mention of being laughed at by a green and pink-haired person, which is likely a reference to Asuka.) 

Drew Gulak, wearing a suit, approached the Hurt Business. Basically, he wanted to join but they turned him down. Bobby Lashley was going to grab him by the tie but it was a clip-on tie so it came right off. MVP couldn’t believe he approached them wearing a cheap tie so they beat him up. R-Truth showed up and pinned Gulak to win the 24/7 title. 

There was a Veterans Day video. 

Shayna Baszler (w/Nia Jax) defeated Lana (1:53) 

Lana had second thoughts before coming to the ring. They aired a replay of every time Jax put her through a table along with a counter on the screen. 

Baszler won quickly with the Kirifuda Clutch. (She could have won moments earlier by pinfall but pulled Lana up at two.) 

Baszler and Jax were going to put Lana through the table again but Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke (who were on commentary) stopped them. 

[Second hour] 

There was an awkward meeting backstage with Lana, Rose and Brooke. Lana thanked them for helping her but they were annoyed and told her to stay out of their way. Either somebody flubbed a line or they wrote dialogue that didn’t make any sense. 

Team Raw team meeting 

Styles introduced each member of Team Raw. Riddle had on different gear than what he wore earlier. They all stood facing the hard camera which looked completely unnatural. 

Styles reiterated that Riddle was their missing piece. This led to an argument. Riddle thought all they needed were code names. (He also wished Keith Lee a happy birthday.) Riddle said Styles was “Skipper” and Sheamus was “Fireface.” Sheamus didn’t like this. Sheamus thought Riddle’s name should be “Dopey.” Riddle laughed and said he was right. 

Styles stopped him from continuing. Styles mentioned the roll that Jey Uso was on and also put over Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin. 

Styles called himself the captain again which almost led to another argument. Styles cut them off and said he spoke to Pearce and had a match made: Sheamus and Strowman against Riddle and Lee. Styles would be the special referee. They argued. 

This really sucked. 

Keith Lee & Matt Riddle defeated Braun Strowman & Sheamus - with referee AJ Styles (12:25) 

Strowman and Sheamus had the heat on Riddle. Riddle kicked Styles by accident so Styles couldn’t count when Sheamus put Riddle in a schoolboy. Sheamus got in Styes’ face so Riddle tried another kick but Sheamus ducked and Styles got kicked again. 

Strowman and Lee ran at each other but Styles somehow got between them and got crushed. This led to Big Jordan getting in the ring which… led to a break. After the break, Jordan was back outside the ring and Styles was fine. 

Lee made a big comeback which included him chucking Sheamus’ body into Strowman. Lee also powerbombed Riddle on top of Sheamus. Lee followed with a big clothesline on Strowman for a nearfall. Sheamus tagged himself in and nailed Lee with a knee strike and Brogue Kick. 

Riddle tagged in and gave Sheamus a German suplex for two. Riddle followed with strikes but Strowman got in his way which allowed Sheamus to knock him down. Sheamus set up for the Brogue Kick but Strowman tagged himself in. Strowman set up for the powerslam but Sheamus tagged himself in. Sheamus also knocked Strowman off the apron with a Brogue Kick. 

Riddle then caught Sheamus in a schoolboy for the pinfall win. Two wins tonight for Riddle. The action following the break was good. 

Alexa Bliss plucked petals off flowers in the back when she was approached by Nikki Cross. Bliss was happy to see her for the first time in he a while. Cross reminded her that she saw her last week. Bliss hoped that Cross has been enjoying the funhouse and thought about inviting her on. 

Cross was worried about Bliss and “him.” Cross said she was there for her. She warned Bliss about the Fiend before saying Bliss needed to choose between her and him. Bliss blew petals in her face and said she chose “him.” Bliss laughed and walked off. 

Caruso said Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander would face New Day for the tag titles next week. 

MVP and Lashley came to the ring. MVP said Benjamin and Alexander would win the tag titles and Lashley would make short work of Sami Zayn. 

Titus O’Neil interrupted. He said they disrespected him a few weeks ago. MVP had respect for him and offered him an opportunity to walk away or else. O’Neil refused and questioned Lashley’s pride considering he never defends the title. Lashley offered him a title match right now. 

Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Titus O’Neil to retain the US Championship (1:05) 

Lashley won quickly with a spear and Hurt Lock. 

This was bad. Lashley couldn’t quite get the Hurt Lock applied because O’Neil was too big and immobile. Lashley seemed to know that it didn’t look good so he went into the ropes to buy time (knowing the ref wouldn’t call for the bell if they were in the ropes) but O’Neil was tapping anyway. Lashley eventually locked in the hold and stepped away from the ropes. The ref finally called for the bell even though O’Neil was tapping the entire time. 

In the back, Sheamus was pissed and complained about his match to McIntyre. McIntyre said he should perhaps avoid Brogue kicking his teammates. Sheamus said he hated his teammates as much as McIntyre hated his. McIntyre started doing the “New Day rocks” clap. Sheamus called him a lunatic. 

They reminisced about teaming together and drinking kegs years ago. This caused Sheamus to calm down. Sheamus wished him luck and said they could go for beers later. McIntyre said they could have more than a few pints when he wins the title back. 

Non-title match: Raw Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Nia Jax (w/Shayna Baszler) via disqualification (7:50) 

[Third hour] 

I erased my recap of this match because it doesn’t matter. Asuka had Jax in the Asuka Lock but Baszler broke it up for the DQ. 

Jax and Baszler beat up Rose and Brooke and Lana (who had been watching at ringside) after they got involved. Jax put Lana through the table again. Jax told Lana she was dragging them down. 

Sarah Schrieber interviewed Truth about having to defend his title in a seven-way match. Truth didn’t seem to understand that he had to be in the match until she made it clear. He did some “comedy” until his music began playing and he went to the ring. 

Angel Garza promo. I think he said he’s vying for every woman in the world. I wish him luck. 

Akira Tozawa defeated R-Truth, Drew Gulak, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Erik and Tucker to win the 24/7 Championship (0:24) 

Tozawa pinned Truth quickly as everyone else brawled to win the belt. 

This led to everyone pinning each other to win the belt in the following order: Erik beat Tozawa, Gulak beat Erik, Tucker beat Gulak, Gulak beat Tucker, Tucker beat Gulak, Gran Metalik beat Tucker, Lince Dorado beat Gran Metalik, Truth beat Lince Dorado. They all ran after Truth. This was embarrassing.  

Mustafa Ali (w/Retribution) defeated Ricochet (13:58) 

Ricochet sent Ali off the apron with a hurricanrana. Retribution surrounded him to cause a distraction. They cut to break just as Ali was about to give him a swinging neckbreaker. 

Ali used another neckbreaker after the break for two. Ricochet came back with a dragon suplex. They traded counters until Ricochet hit a northern lights suplex and floated over into a brainbuster for a nearfall. Ali followed with a great-looking backstabber off the top for a nearfall. 

Ali taunted and slapped Ricochet who fired back with a forearm and reverse rana. Ricochet did a springboard corkscrew dive onto Retribution on the outside (minus Yim). Ricochet tried a Pheonix splash but Ali moved and applied a Koji Clutch. Ricochet passed out and the ref called for the bell. Ali wins. Fun match. 

Pearce told Orton that he will defend the title against McIntyre on Raw next week. Orton shoved him against the wall. Pearce said he was just the messenger. Orton told him to tell the “staff” that they can go to hell. 

Six-man tag match: Drew McIntyre and Raw Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated WWE Champion Randy Orton, The Miz & John Morrison (13:11) 

New Day took out Miz and Morrison with dives. McIntyre taunted Orton who watched from ringside as they went to break less than 3 minutes into the match. 

A distraction allowed the heels to take control of Woods after the break. Miz wanted to tag Orton but he didn’t want to get involved (in case he had to face McIntyre). Miz used It Kicks in the corner but Woods came back with a clothesline and tagged in McIntyre. 

McIntyre handed out suplexes before suplexing both Miz and Morrison at the same time, which looked great. McIntyre gave Morrison a neckbreaker and Future Shock DDT as he stared at Orton. 

McIntyre set up for the Claymore kick but decided to slide Morrison over to the corner so Orton could tag in. Orton teased tagging in but didn’t. 

Morrison tried a schoolboy with his feet on the rope but Woods pushed him off. Miz took out Woods while Morrison wiped out Kingston with a dive. 

Miz tried a sneak attack but McIntyre gave him a spinebuster and hit Morrison with a headbutt. McIntyre followed with a Claymore kick for the pinfall win. McIntyre taunted Orton as they went off the air.