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WWE Raw live results: Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle US title match

Brock Lesnar appears, Elias returns, and Dexter Lumis faces The Miz.

Date: October 17, 2022
Location: Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, OK 


Show Recap --

Bobby Lashley was in the ring mid-promo as soon as the show started and he called out Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar entered (wearing jeans, a black vest over his t-shirt, and a black cowboy hat). Lesnar took the fight to Lashley and drove him hard into the ring post. Lashley responded by shoving Lesnar into the post before spearing him through the barricade.

Officials, security and a bunch of wrestlers ran out to pull Lashley away (Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Mustafa Ali were among them). Lashley got around them and tackled Lesnar before giving him a spinebuster through the announce desk. The crowd chanted for Bobby. 

(They went to break six minutes into the show and aired replays when they returned.)


The announcers ran down tonight’s card.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (w/AJ Styles) defeated Alpha Academy (8:19)

(The team name for Gallows and Anderson is “The O.C.” and their entrance video refers to them as the only club that matters.)

Gable and Otis got the heat on Anderson through a break until he made the hot tag to Gallows. Gallows eventually took out Otis outside the ring as Gable put Anderson in an ankle lock in the ring. Anderson slipped out and hit a spinebuster before OC hit Magic Killer for the pinfall win.

— Judgment Day entered after the match. Finn Bálor mocked the OC by repeatedly saying “too sweet” over and over again before calling it played out. Bálor reminded them he was the one who started that “stupid little club.” Bálor said he could end them and challenged them to a match at Crown Jewel. (Bálor motioned to his crotch when he said “jewel.”)

Styles didn’t understand why people did this. They were already in the ring so they should wrestle right now — unless they needed their mother’s (Rhea Ripley’s) permission.

Dominik told them to shut up and suggested they go to Smackdown like Rey. Styles called Dominik a punk and challenged him to a match tonight. Ripley accepted on his behalf. Dominik initially looked surprised but acted tough and issued a warning to Styles.

Styles wanted to fight now but Dom needed time to get prepared and said he’d be ready “in an hour or so” (which was funny). Styles said he would beat the piss out of him like Rey should have.


Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins told all the haters to his ass and encouraged his supporters to sing his song. (People did sing but it didn’t seem that loud.)

Rollins wanted to correct a wrong from Extreme Rules when he defends his US title against Matt Riddle tonight. The crowd chanted “you tapped out.” Rollins admitted that he tapped out but it was strategic because he wanted to be ready to beat Lashley for the US title and he did that for all of us.

Mustafa Ali interrupted. Ali congratulated him on winning the title but wondered why he didn’t shout out Lesnar for the assist. Ali told Rollins that Lashley promised him that he was next in line for a championship opportunity. Ali challenged him to a match.

Rollins annoyingly told Ali that he didn’t belong in the ring with him but Ali didn’t back down.

Rollins admitted that he liked Ali in the ring and especially admired him outside the ring. As Rollins handed out compliments, he suddenly decked Ali. Ali fought back but Rollins launched him into the ring post. (The fourth time in 44 minutes that somebody has gone into the post.) Rollins left.


A limo with longhorns and a ‘JBL’ license plate pulled up to the arena.

Bayley joined commentary for the next match.

Non-title match: Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (w/Bayley) defeated Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair & Candice LeRae (12:11) 

LeRae took out SKY with a dive and Belair had Kai in position for a Glam Slam but instead of hitting the move, she dumped Kai out of the ring, perhaps because she knew it was time for a commercial break.


SKY hit Belair with a springboard dropkick during the break to take control. Kai held Belair’s braid preventing her from making a tag but Belair fought her off and tagged LeRae. LeRae hammered away on both opponents and stepped off Kai’s back to give SKY a senton. The heels used the numbers advantage to take control until Belair made a hot tag.

Belair and LeRae gave SKY a combo vertical suplex/missile dropkick and SKY landed awkwardly. The teams traded moves until Bayley decided to get a kendo stick. Belair tacked her over the announce desk but that left LeRae alone in the ring so Kai and SKY gave her a double-team back suplex for the pinfall win.


Cathy Kelley interviewed Riddle who planned on beating Rollins’ ass and becoming the US champion. Riddle saw Ali out of frame and offered him a title match if he won tonight. Ali appreciated the gesture.

They walked over to Miz when they heard him screaming a few feet away. Miz claimed he was looking over his shoulder for Dexter Lumis when he slipped and fell because a janitor didn’t clean up a spill. He claimed his foot/ankle was shattered and asked them to get help. They sarcastically said they’d get help and left.


They plugged NXT.

Cora Jade approached Rhea Ripley in the back. Jade wanted Ripley to be Roxanne Perez’s opponent tomorrow on NXT because she was the most ruthless woman there. Ripley briefly contemplated the scenario before she accepted. Ripley said she would gladly put Perez down for her.


JBL segment 

JBL said it took a momentous occasion to break back the “Wrestling God” and he had a huge announcement to make. Before he got to the announcement he wanted to apologize for doing this in Oklahoma. He ran down the people of Oklahoma before bragging about the Texas Longhorns putting up 49 points against the Sooners recently.

JBL said that Rey Mysterio was gone and proved what JBL always knew and that was Rey was a deadbeat dad. It was a great trade that Raw made in moving Rey — as big as the New York Yankees acquiring Babe Ruth.

JBL introduced Raw’s newest addition: Baron Corbin. JBL put over Corbin while also insulting Dolph Ziggler. JBL claimed Ziggler didn’t “steal the show,” but has been stealing money from WWE for 15 years. He said Corbin would succeed in any era and called him the current Wrestling God.

Ziggler interrupted and the bell rang so I guess they have a match.

JBL was good here.


JBL joined commentary.

Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler (13:38)

Moments after Kevin Patrick (the new play-by-play announcer) ran down Ziggler's accolades, Ziggler got a nearfall and Patrick said that would’ve been a big upset. Corbin came back with a big clothesline, which impressed JBL, and chucked Ziggler into the steps which led to break.

The crowd chanted “bum-ass Corbin” moments before Ziggler came back with clotheslines, punches in the corner, a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for two. Corbin followed with a fallaway slam for two. Ziggler countered an End of Days into a fameasser for a nearfall and Corbin hit a Deep Six moments later for two. Ziggler hit a dropkick and a Zig-Zag for a nearfall.

Corbin blocked a superkick and hit End of Days for the pinfall win. JBL raised Corbin’s hand.

(The crowd got was relatively quiet when this started but they got into it.)


Miz was in the trainer’s room but didn’t want anyone to touch his leg because it was too painful. Byron Saxton approached and asked Miz for an update. Saxton informed him that they spoke with the custodian staff who said they saw Miz pour water on the ground before sitting in it. Miz was also the one who put the ‘wet floor’ sign there.

Miz was offended that they thought he staged this just to get out of a match. Johnny Gargano was passing by and yelled out for Dexter Lumis which caused Miz to pop to his feet — showing that he was fine. Saxton said he could wrestle tonight after all. Miz begrudgingly agreed.


MVP and Omos did a backstage promo on Braun Strowman. MVP put over Strowman but no one compared to Omos. MVP said they would be at Smackdown on Friday and Omos would look down on Strowman to prove that Omos feared no man. Monsters weren’t real, but giants were. 


Cameron Grimes approached Styles and the OC. Grimes said he was having trouble with the Schism and wanted them to be his tag partners on NXT. Gallows knew that Grimes had money and got excited but Styles warned him that it was all crypto. Basically, Gallows and Anderson accepted as long as he had cash. Grimes was happy. 


They replayed the Bray Wyatt segment from Smackdown. 

They plugged Crown Jewel. (Vince McMahon might be gone but they’re still doing the thing where they’ll say it’s “two weeks from Saturday” instead of just giving us the damn date.)


Dominik Mysterio (Judgment Day) defeated AJ Styles (w/The OC) (14:27)

Styles beat up Dom until Ripley dared Styles to hit her. Styles wanted to do it and told the referee, “this chick needs to be blasted.” The distraction allowed Dom to hit a dive and take over but Styles came back with a springboard forearm outside the ring which led to break.

A referee distraction allowed Ripley to trip Styles off the top turnbuckle and Dom followed later with the three amigos for two. Styles came back with a pump-handle gutbuster for two before Dom hit a tornado DDT for two. Styles ducked a 619 and applied a calf crusher but Dom got a rope break.

An argument between the two teams broke out and the ref was distracted again allowing Ripley to hold Styles by the leg. Dom then caught Styles in a schoolboy for the pinfall win. Styles was shocked and Judgment Day celebrated big.


Gargano offered advice to fellow Cleveland-native Miz. Gargano suggested he just tell the truth tonight. Miz said the truth was that he’s been victimized by a crazed stalker and he’d be banned after tonight. Miz said he might go after Gargano next. Gargano was fine with that and told Miz that he warned him. 

Dexter Lumis vs. The Miz

The match didn’t happen. Miz attacked Lumis from behind with a chair during his entrance and laid him out with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz left as officials checked on Lumis.


Damage CTRL did a backstage interview. They said Alexa Bliss and Asuka were gone because of them and they would successfully defend the tag titles on Smackdown over Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi. Bayley warned Belair that she would take back control next week.

(They announced Belair against Bayley in a non-title match next week.)


Gargano warned Miz that he made a mistake and that Lumis wouldn’t stop. Gargano said Miz should just do what Lumis asks. I think Gargano intimated that Miz has a secret that could get him cancelled and Miz & Mrs would get taken over by him and Candice. Miz blew him off.


Elias return 

Elias said his younger brother’s career was tragically cut short but the show must go on. Elias wanted to do something different and play something on the keyboard but he was interrupted by Riddle.

Riddle entered with bongos. Riddle was a huge fan of Elias and also got really Zeke’d up when Ezekiel was around. Riddle asked Elias if he wanted to hit his bong and had the crowd sing “walk with Elias.”

Elias appreciated the kindness but suggested Riddle just take a seat for this one because Riddle had a big match coming up and Elias had a special song ready for Oklahoma. He promised Riddle that they would play together one day. Riddle was happy.

Elias began playing the keyboard but Rollins interrupted.


Seth Rollins defeated Matt Riddle to retain the United States Championship (14:47)

Rollins shoved Elias, who was still at ringside, so Elias hit him with a knee strike as the ref was checking on Riddle. Riddle was amused by that but Rollins took control during a break anyway and hit a double foot stop for two.

Riddle made a comeback and hit a Floating Bro for two. Rollins applied a cradle for two and Riddle responded with a knee strike and Bro Derek for two.

Rollins hit a reverse superplex into a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Rollins came off the top but Riddle caught him in the triangle choke he won with at Extreme Rules. Rollins powerbombed Riddle but he held on. Rollins tried a bucklebomb but Riddle still held on. Rollins hit a sit-out powerbomb but Riddle kicked out of the pin and cinched in the hold until Rollins finally got a rope break.

Rollins rolled out of the ring to regroup and told Elias to hit him (to force a DQ). Elias didn’t do it so Rollins superkicked him. Riddle gave Rollins a PK and a draping DDT.

Riddle went for an RKO but Rollins pushed him into Elias who entered the ring at that moment. Riddle fell and Rollins hit him with a curb stomp for the pinfall win. Rollins retains.

Rollins stomped Elias after the match as well.

(This was a really good match until the finish. It’s a wonder why Elias was even there.)

— Rollins was about to stomp Riddle again but Mustafa Ali ran in and tackled him. Ali attacked him around ringside but Rollins bailed through the crowd. Ali warned Rollins, “I’m a problem. I’m your problem.” Rollins held up his title belt as the show ended. 


[For those in Canada, Raw will not air on Sportsnet 360 next week. Instead, it will be on OLN and online on SN Now.

Sportsnet has a handful of channels but it looks like Raw is being preempted by a combination of Padres/Phillies, Raptors/Heat, and Penguins/Oilers.]