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WWE Raw live results: Six-man tag, KO Show with Bray Wyatt


Date: October 5, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Mustafa Ali is in Retribution. 

As expected, Randy Orton will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship in a Hell in a Cell match. Orton handed McIntyre a rare loss in the main event, pinning him after an RKO in a six-man tag match. 

Murphy turned on Seth Rollins but Rollins ultimately got the better of him. Rollins attacked until Aalyah begged him to stop. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler successfully defended the tag titles against Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

Show Recap -- 

Randy Orton sat in a dimly lit room in the back (the one where he attacked everyone last week). Orton doesn’t remember a lot about his ambulance ride after Clash of Champions but he does remember the match. He remembers being ambushed by Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels. 

He remembers Drew McIntyre punting him in the head and being driven off in an ambulance by Ric Flair. Orton felt nothing but darkness and pain in that moment. Twenty-four hours after that, McIntyre celebrated with those legends with a title he didn’t deserve and that made him sick. Those legends even played poker and toasted two of his opponents tonight. 

Orton decided to repay the legends last week. He made them feel the darkness and pain that he felt at COC. Orton ran down what he did to each guy in great detail, including whispering to Christian to say to Edge for him. 

Orton wished that McIntyre was there to witness it. McIntyre’s bill was not yet paid and wouldn’t be until Orton was the WWE Champion. Orton said McIntyre could attain the legacy he sought if he could survive Hell in a Cell against him. 

At the precise moment that Orton issued the challenge, McIntyre barged into the room and attacked him until officials ran in to break it up. 

This was certainly a different way to start the show. 

Six-woman tag match: Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Zelina Vega, Natalya & Lana (4:51) 

Rose and Brooke matched this week with primarily blue gear. Rose picked up the pinfall win for her team with a knee strike on Lana. 

After the winning team left, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler marched out. They confronted Natalya and Lana outside the ring. (Vega left.) Jax was going to put Natalya through the announce table but Lana saved her. This resulted in Jax putting Lana through the table instead (for the third time over the past few weeks). 

During the match, the announcers talked about the draft and Samoa Joe made reference to GMs (who?) and officials working stuff out ahead of Friday. Tom Phillips mentioned that Adam Pearce was probably stressing out in the “war room.” Isn’t he on both shows? 

R-Truth had a white board in the back with his mock draft. His picks included ninjas and Bray Wyatt’s puppets. He also had Vince McMahon going 5th to Smackdown. There was a custodian behind him and he thought it was Orton. 

The custodian tried to attack with a mop but Truth ducked and ran away until he tripped over a  mop bucket. The custodian pinned him to win the 24/7 title. It was Drew Gulak. He ran away. 

MVP met with Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews and Ricochet. MVP downplayed his loss last week and said they can win an occasional match but they never win the fight. He noted the importance of the draft and how much a move to Raw helped Crews. 

MVP said he also had an opening in the Hurt Business tonight only and claimed his brand was a bigger opportunity than going Raw or Smackdown. After MVP left, Crews and Ali blew this off but Ricochet appeared to consider it. 

Seth Rollins / Murphy segment 

Seth Rollins and Murphy entered for their match. There was a long video recap of the Mysterio family angle. Rollins asked Murphy to hand him the mic but he didn’t because he wanted to get something off his chest. Murphy said he has done everything Rollins has asked of him and more but if Rollins wanted him to continue being his disciple, he needed to apologize. 

Rollins couldn’t believe it. Murphy didn’t want the apology for him, he wanted Rollins to apologize to Aalyah. Rollins snatched the mic away and yelled at him. Rollins said he was the one who saved Murphy. 

Rollins also noted that he could have shown way more DMs between Murphy and Aalyah, including the ones where she states her true feelings about Murphy and about her family. Rollins stressed that he was the messiah and Murphy was the disciple. 

Dominik and Humberto Carrillo ran out and attacked. They cleared the ring and they each hit dives which led to break. 

Seth Rollins & Murphy defeated Humberto Carillo & Dominik Mysterio 

The match began during the break and Rollins quickly gained control on Dominik. Rollins and Murphy couldn’t get along. Rollins wasn’t happy about Murphy tagging himself in. Carrillo tagged in as they argued and took them down with a flying crossbody. There was some back-and-forth until Carrillo wiped out both guys with a nice dive. 

However, Carrillo came off the top and Murphy caught him with a mid-air V-Trigger for the pinfall win. Murphy marched off without Rollins after the match. (Two straight matches with the same finishing move, basically.) The match was only about five minutes or less. 

Braun Strowman confronted Adam Pearce. He knew Raw Underground wasn’t happening but wanted a match tonight. Pearce said he wasn’t on Raw so he couldn’t do that, but he could give him an exhibition. 

Strowman didn’t know what that meant. Pearce said if he could find him an opponent, Strowman could have an unsanctioned match. Strowman was happy with that. He left. Keith Lee, who happened to be nearby, told Pearce to sign him up. 

[Second hour] 

Rollins confronted Murphy in the back. Rollins wanted Murphy to apologize to him. If he doesn’t apologize by 10:00pm tonight, there would be hell to pay. 

KO Show 

Owens said he was normally excited to interview his guest but that wasn’t the case tonight. He said it was true that you change when you encounter the Fiend. He felt the anger and agony and dread. He knew tonight wouldn’t be about having a chat so he chucked the furniture from the ring. They aired a replay of Wyatt attacking him on Smackdown. 

Owens couldn’t describe how bad the mandible claw felt. He also wasn’t sure why these dark souls kept attacking him, between Aleister Black and Wyatt. Owens wondered if the Brood or the Ministry of Darkness would come after him next. He called out Wyatt. 

Wyatt appeared on the screen and said, “bonjour.” Wyatt thanked him for having him on his show and said it was always nice to have new friends, whether it was to play catch with or bury bodies together. Wyatt sang a song for Owens about friendship. 

Wyatt invited Owens to sing. Owens wasn’t interested. Owens said maybe they could have been friends before he attacked him. Owens wasn’t going to get brainwashed like Alexa Bliss and didn’t want to wait until Friday to fight. Owens called him to the ring. 

Wyatt said the situation with Bliss was none of Owens’ business. That was between her and him. Wyatt said Owens had no idea what he’s gotten himself into but on Friday, he’ll find out. Wyatt excitedly said bye and see you later. 

Owens wanted a fight so he left the ring and began making his way up the ramp but was attacked from behind by Black. Black laid him out with a Black Mass. 

I don’t like the Fiend stuff but Owens and Bray were good here and it helped build the Smackdown match. 

Charly Caruso interviewed McIntyre. McIntyre said he beats up Orton every time he’s in the building. He accepted Orton’s HIAC challenge. McIntyre said Orton would be locked in the cage with him and he would send Orton to hell. 

“Exhibition” match: Braun Strowman vs. Keith Lee ended in a double countout (1:14) 

Phillips said normal rules would apply in this match but the result wouldn’t count toward either man’s win-loss record. 

It ended quickly via double countout. Lee tried a shoulder block but Strowman didn’t budge. Lee knocked him back a bit with a second tackle, so Strowman came right back with a “dropkick” which knocked Lee from the ring. Strowman chuckled him into the steel steps and the ref counted to ten for the countount. 

Strowman was pissed so he tackled Strowman through the barricade. Officials ran out to stop Strowman from doing more. Lee emerged to his feet like nothing happened so they got into it again. Lee drove Strowman into the video boards before spearing him off the stage. Officials checked on both men as they showed several replays. 

It would be nice if Lee could string together some wins, but I thought this segment was just fine. 

There was a new Bianca Belair video to show off why she’s the smartest. She rinsed three other women in a trivia game and called herself the new GOAT (over Michael Jordan). 

Truth, Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak fought inside a dumpster. Truth somehow emerged as the new 24/7 champion. This was very dumb. 

US Champion Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin (w/MVP) defeated Apollo Crews & Ricochet (w/Mustafa Ali) (9:43) 

MVP cut a pre-match promo. He blamed last week’s loss on Retribution and warned “T-Bag” about the Hurt Business. Crews, Ali and Ricochet interrupted. Ali thought it was funny that he blamed the loss on Retribution’s logo appearing on the tron. Ricochet interrupted his buddies because he wanted to address MVP’s offer. Ali and Crews seemed a little worried. 

Ricochet acted as though he might accept but gave it a pass and laughed at Hurt Business for believing him. Ali and Crews laughed too. Ricochet said he hasn’t run from them before and wasn’t about to tonight. MVP told Lashley and Benjamin to put a special beating on Ricochet. 

They went to break less than two minutes into the match. The good guys were in control before the break and the bad guys were in control after. 

Lashley won it for his team by tapping out Crews with the Hurt Lock (full nelson). 

(After the match, Ricochet could be heard telling Hurt Business that they were going to keep going after them until they were tired of them. Hurt Business laughed at them.) 

No Cedric Alexander again. 

Murphy found Aalyah standing in a random area in the back. (There was a “Deadline to Apologize” graphic on the screen with a timer counting down. That made me laugh. He has under 13 minutes left.) Murphy apologized to her. Aalyah said he needed to worry about Rollins, not her. She wondered if he was seriously considering apologizing to Rollins. He wasn’t sure. 

Ali approached the Hurt Business. They couldn’t believe he approached them alone. Ali said he would also be alone in the ring later and invited MVP to bring Lashley and Benjamin so he could go after all of them. MVP was amused. Lashley was about to go after Ali but MVP stopped him. 

Seth Rollins / Murphy segment 

Rollins entered the ring in a better mood and invited Murphy to the ring. Murphy entered. Rollins said he can apologize and they can move forward. Murphy didn’t say anything. Rollins told him that he knows what happens to people when they stand in the way of the greater good. Rollins made Murphy the man he was today and all he needed to do was apologize. 

Rollins got angrier the longer Murphy didn’t respond. (It is now 10:00pm) Rollins grabbed him by the beard and demanded that he apologize. 

Murphy tackled Rollins and hammered away. The fight spilled out the outside and over the announce desk. Rollins fought back for a moment but Murphy got the better of him. Rollins tried to attack with a kendo stick but Murphy ducked, grabbed the stick, and attacked. 

Rollins pleaded with him to stop but Murphy hit him repeatedly with the stick while demanding that he apologize (to Aalyah). Rollins called out for Aalyah (who wasn’t there) and apologized. Rollins was wearing a leather jacket as Murphy attacked him, so he actually took his jacket off as he apologized again to show he was sincere. 

Murphy believed him and dropped the stick. Rollins attacked him and gouged him in the eye. Rollins attacked repeatedly with the kendo stick. 

Rollins grabbed a chair but Aalyah was in the ring tending to Murphy. She asked him to stop. Dominik ran out to check on Aalyah. Rey and Angie soon followed as Rollins walked to the back. The family wondered why Aalyah would do that. Dominik pointed at Rey’s eye to remind her of what they’ve done. 

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan to retain the Tag Team Championships (10:00) 

Baszler did the viscous arm stomp spot to Ruby early in the match. Byron Saxton wondered if the ref should call off the match after that. Baszler continued to work the arm and was still in control after a break. Ruby ducked a kick and used a schoolboy for two. 

Morgan made a hot tag and hammered away at Baszler but Jax made a blind tag. Morgan sent her into the buckle with a rana and used running corner strikes on both opponents until Jax cut her off with a clothesline. Ruby tagged back in and gave Baszler a DDT. Morgan blind-tagged in and used a foot stomp for two. Jax ran over Morgan before Ruby knocked down Jax with a kick. 

The slight distraction allowed Baszler to catch Ruby with a knee strike. She followed with the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission win. (Morgan tried to save but Jax stopped her.) Baszler held onto the hold after the match until Morgan forced her off. 

The Street Profits cut a pretty good backstage promo on Randy Orton. They spoke of their admiration for the legends that Orton took out. They stated that Edge and Christian taught them that they could have fun and still be the champs. They also said that when they go after Orton, it won’t be outta nowhere. McIntyre joined them and they walked off together. 

Mustafa Ali vs. MVP (w/US Champion Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin) 

MVP was frustrated so he brought Lashley and Benjamin in the ring with him (two minutes into the match). Before they could attack Ali, the lights flickered and the Retribution logo appeared on the screens. 

The secondary Retribution members surrounded the ring with Slapjack. T-Bar and Mace watched from the ramp. 

MVP asked Ali to join them in fighting Retribution. Ali agreed and got ready to fight. 

Ali then left the ring and confronted T-Bar and Mace. MVP was happy to see this. 

Ali turned around and smirked at Hurt Business. MVP realized what was happening. Ali sent Retribution after them. Retribution laid out Hurt Business. 

Ali posed in the ring with Retribution standing behind him. 

The announcers wondered how long Ali was part of this. 

Six-man tag match: Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & Raw Tag Champions The Street Profits (10:17) 

McIntyre was in control and Montez Ford hit a flip dive and they went to break less than a minute into the match. 

Ford tagged in after a break and ran wild on Ziggler until Roode tagged in and cut him off with a spinebuster. Orton tagged in and gave Ford a backdrop on the announce desk. Orton taunted McIntyre so Ford gave him a DDT. They each tagged out and McIntyre tossed Ziggler around with suplexes. 

McIntyre attacked Orton, who was not the legal man, until Ziggler and Roode swarmed him. Angelo Dawkins blind-tagged in as McIntyre headbutted Roode. Ziggler superkicked McIntyre before Dawkins cradled Ziggler for two. Ziggler countered a spinebuster into a DDT before tagging Orton. 

Orton gave Dawkins a draping DDT. Dawkins came back with a spinebuster before tagging Ford. Ford hit a frog splash and almost pinned Orton but Roode and Ziggler broke up the cover. Everyone traded moves until McIntyre wiped out Ziggler with a Claymore kick. 

McIntyre sized up Orton but Roode got in his way so Roode ate a Claymore kick instead. Orton nailed McIntyre with an RKO for the pinfall win. Pretty good match.