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WWE Raw live results: Survivor Series build continues in England


The Big Takeaway: Sheamus and Cesaro recaptured the Raw Tag Team Championships by beating Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins when the New Day showed up to tease another SmackDown invasion. Kurt Angle brought most of the Raw roster out of the locker room, but it turned out to be a false alarm, which Sheamus and Cesaro took advantage of to win the titles. Angle completed his Raw Survivor Series team, adding Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Jason Jordan. Alicia Fox added Asuka and Sasha Banks to her Raw Women's team, but not Bayley, who didn't appear pleased over that. Enzo Amore will defend his cruiserweight championship against Kalisto at Survivor Series. To build up for that match, the WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne, pinned Amore clean on this show. Dunne was the most over performer on the card. Pretty solid show for a taped program. 

Show Recap: 

The show opened with a message of remembrance to the victims of the shooting in Sutherland Spring, Texas.

Miz, Dallas and Axel opened the show inthe ring with MizTV. Axel was in a neck brace from last week's attack by Strowman. Miz warned Baron Corbin that if he ever talked about Maryse again, he would knock Corbin's teeth down his throat. So Corbin responded by saying after their match at Survivor Series, Miz would be calling Corbin "Daddy." Miz said Corbin was the bathroom break of SmackDown Live while he was the whole damn show on Raw. Miz said when Corbin steps through the ropes at Survivor Series, Miz will do something Corbin can't do, which is make the United States Championship relevant. Then Miz introduced Angle. 

Miz wanted to discuss Survivor Series. Angle said despite their differences, the Miz has his complete support against Corbin. Miz questioned that and Angle brought up the TLC PPV. Miz replayed Stephanie McMahon's promo from last week where she made Angle the Raw team captain, and if Angle's team doesn't win then she will find a new GM. Angle said he wasn't going anywhere, this is Raw, a show that has the best talent and the best fans. Angle said that Shane McMahon has an inferior (inferiority) complex because SmackDown will always be the "B" show. Miz brought up the SmackDown invasion from two weeks ago and replayed various Raw wrestlers getting annihilated. Miz showed Angle's retaliation by claiming he set up Daniel Bryan when Kane choke slammed him. Miz claimed Angle locked Bryan in Angle's office to get beaten up. Angle denied Miz's allegations and apologized to Bryan. 

Miz didn't believe him and said when Stephanie made Angle the team captain, he saw a glimpse of the real Kurt Angle, the cutthroat Kurt Angle. He claimed Angle planned to eliminate Bryan just like Angle planned to eliminate the Miztourage. Angle didn't know what Miz was talking about. Miz brought up last week when Angle forced him to defend the Intercontinental Championship, leaving him prone to getting jumped by Strowman. Fortunately, Miz said he and Dallas escaped. But Axel didn't. Miz told Angle to apologize to Axel, but Angle refused. Miz said if Angle had nothing to do with Strowman's attack on the Miztourage, why did Angle put Strowman on Team Raw the next day. Angle said Strowman deserved to be on Team Raw and Strowman was a hell of a negotiator because he had to promise Strowman one thing: a match against Miz tonight. Miz was on his hands and knees begging Angle to reconsider.  

Jason Jordan defeated Elias in a Guitar on a Pole match (7:20) 

The rules were the first person to use the guitar against their opponent was the winner. Elias got the guitar down from the pole, but swung and missed twice. Jordan grabbed the guitar and chased Elias around the ring with it. Jordan used a Northern Lights Suplex, followed by a Rolling Northern Lights Suplex. Then he executed a high angle throw before slamming the guitar across Elias' back to earn the win. During the match, Booker T compared Jordan to Eric Watts getting heat when he walked into the locker room in 1992 WCW. Before the bout, Elias asked the fans what song they wanted him to sing. They responded Oasis' "Wonderwall." Instead, Elias did his standard song running down the town they were in. 

The Bar walked in to talk with Angle. Cesaro was upset that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins haven't been ordered to defend their championships representing Raw at the Survivor Series. Sheamus wanted the Bar to represent Raw against the Usos as the Raw Tag Team Champions at Survivor Series. Angle agreed and ordered Rollins and Ambrose vs. the Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championships tonight. 

Asuka defeated Stacy Coates via submission (1:12)

Asuka won with the Asuka Lock following the Kana Lock. Asuka didn't get much of a reaction. Fox appeared on the big screen, wearing a captain's hat pretending to be a boat captain because she's off her rocker. She announced that Asuke has been added to the Raw women's team for the Survivor Series. 

Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews did an interview with Charly Caruso. They showed Samoa Joe beatng Crews last week. O'Neil said Titus Worldwide was all about having fun, but tonight he had his eyes on Joe tonight.

Joe ran out during O'Neil's ring entrance and knocked Crews off the ramp, then choked out O'Neil with the Coquina Clutch. Joe walked to the ring and said it doesn't matter if you're as big and powerful as Titus or the athleticism as Crews, if anyone stands in his way Joe will put you down. He challenged anyone in the back to come out. Finn Balor answered the challenge. 

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe battled to a double countout (14:37) 

Balor went for the Coup de Grace, but Joe rolled out of the way. Balor caught his 2nd slingblade of the match, but missed the Woo Dropkick and Joe hit a senton. Balor came back with a double stomp and Joe rolled out of the ring. Balor did a somersault tope onto Joe as the referee started his count. Joe caught Balor with a few right hands before the referee counted both men out. Within the first few minutes, Balor attempted the Coupe de Grace, but Joe crotched him. Joe was on offense for several minutes throwing various knee strikes and generally overpowering Balor for two counts. Balor made a comeback with a flying forearm, a running kick to Joe's nose on the apron and the Woo dropkick on the floor. 

They continued to brawl with Balor battling evenly with Joe. Several referees and security officials ran out to stop them. Finally, Angle came out and said he needed two men as aggressive as they were on his side. So Angle added Balor and Joe to Team Raw at the Survivor Series. As Balor started to go backstage, he jumped off the ramp onto Joe with a forearm tope. 

Miz paced in the locker room about facing Strowman. Dallas was back in his motivtational speaker gimmick, saying Halloween was over and the monsters were gone. He said Strowman is nothing but flesh and bones, though he was a lot of flesh. Axel didn't sound as optimistic, saying they should start running now. Miz just glared at him. 

Angle called Bryan, who left a message for him wanting to personally apologize for Kane's actions last week. Then Jordan walked in. Angle added Jordan to Team Raw, joining Angle, Strowman, Joe and Balor. 

Bayley and Sasha Banks did an interview. They both said Fox hadn't spoken to them about joining Team Raw. Bayley said she led Team Raw to victory last year at Survivor Series. Banks said they should be on this team and Fox better add them. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Nia Jax and Alicia Fox via submission (11:45) 

Banks made Fox tap out to the Bank Statement. Bayley sold for Nia Jax almost the entire spot with the same spots done on countless episodes this year. Before the finish, Bayley and Banks had to hoise Jax over the top rope, and it didn't look good. Jax had to practically throw herself over the top. Bayley didn't get much of a response coming out, but once the match started the fans in England starting singing "Hey, won't you be my girl?" to her. After a year of being booked as poorly as one can be booked, Bayley was clearly overjoyed about that reaction.  

After the match, Fox screeched that she needed Banks on her team. Banks looked pleased, but Bayley appeared upset that she was left out. Banks appeared to shurg when Bayley wondered about her plight. 

Braun Strowman defeated Intercontinental Champion the Miz by DQ in a nontitle match (5:06) 

Kane walked in and went toe-to-toe with Strowman, who hit the running powerslam on Kane. Then Kane sat up, so Strowman gave him a clothesline over the top rope. Kane landed on his feet. The match itself was Strowman throwing Miz around and Miz doing his best to run away. Strowman threw Miz onto Dallas and Axel over the top rope to the floor before Kane came out. After Kane left, Axel and Dallas jumped Strowman, who easily laid them out. Strowman finished Miz with a running powerslam, as well. 

Rollins and Ambrose did an interview with Renee Young. Rollins said they were going to win tonight. Rollins talked about how no one wanted to see Sheamus and Cesaro win. He said Sheamus and Cesaro claim to be the bar, but Rollins rolled up his fist and said this has always been the bar since they entered WWE. After Rollins and Ambrose left, Young held out her fist like she wanted the Shield to win.

Enzo Amore came out and said he was the biggest name to enter the UK since the Bubonic Plague. Fans wanted to sing Amore's name to the tune of "Seven Nation Army," but he shouted them down. Amore said everyone from TMZ to newspapers wanted to know what was the future of the Cruiserweight Champion. He said a kid about the size of Kalisto asked him in the hotel who was he going to defend the cruiserweight title against. Amore said Kalisto at Survivor Series. He went on and on about how he had already defeated Kalisto for the championship and Kalisto was in cahoots with Angle to earn this title shot. Corey Graves actually talked over this interview at points, legitimately sounding like he had heat with Amore. 

Kalisto came out. Then Pete Dunne's music came on and the place erupted. Angle walked out and introduced Pete Dunne, the WWE UK Champion. Dunne didn't need the introduction because he got the biggest pop of the show. Angle announced Dunne vs. Amore immediately. 

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in a nontitle match (3:39) 

Dunne pinned Amore with the Bitter End. Before the finish, Amore tried to pin Dunne with his feet on the ropes, but Kalisto alerted the referee, which distracted Dunne. Crowd was completely with Dunne and there was a huge pop when he won. Kalisto laughed at Enzo after losing for making fun of his size earlier. 

Alexa Bliss did an interview with Caruso. Bliss said she heard Natalia talk about how Bliss ran off to Raw after Natalia joined SmackDown Live. Caruso interrupted her and said Bliss did, in fact, go to Raw. Bliss corrected her and said she was a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion, just like she is now a two-time Raw Women's Champion. Bliss asked Caruso was dows two plus two equal? Caruso said four. Bliss said she was wrong, it really equaled one. One goddess. 

Next week, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman return to Raw in Atlanta. 

Also returning next week, Roman Reigns. 

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to win the Raw Tag Team Championship (18:50)

They had an excellent going when the New Day showed up out of the crowd. Xavier Woods teased there would be an Under Siege 2. The match, which had been going on for over 15 minutes, simply stopped. Upon seeing this, Angle rallied Rhyno, Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins (I guess every army has to have privates), Goldust and others Raw wrestlers to surround ringside. As Joe, Banks, Fox, Crews, O'Neil, and many others came out to ringisde, the New Day bolted. As soon as they did, Sheamus hit Rollins with a brogue kick for the pin.  

It was a very good match. Early on, the Shield used a Hart Attack on Sheamus with Rollins doing a slingblade. Down the stretch, Cesaro and Sheamus took out Ambrose with a double crucifix bomb into the barricade. Cesaro hit the Doomsday Device on Rollins, who kicked out at two. Everyone thought that was the finish. Then Ambrose hit Sheamus with Dirty Deeds, followed by Rollins coming off the top rope with a frog splash, but Cesaro tackled Ambrose, who fell onto Rollins to break up the pin. Crowd was loving the match at this point, which was when the New Day showed up. Cesaro came out wearing the kits of the Liverpoot Futbol team, the archrival of Manchester United.