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WWE Raw live results: Survivor Series build from Manchester


Date: November 11, 2019
Location: Manchester Arena in England 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Imperium appeared and lost, Asuka pinned Becky Lynch in a tag match (after Lynch was distracted), and Humberto Carrillo pinned AJ Styles in a tag match (after he ate an RKO by Randy Orton). 

It’s perhaps notable that Kevin Owens appeared to be the most over guy on the show.

Show Recap -- 

Becky Lynch came out to a big reaction. The announcers explained right away that Lynch would team with Charlotte Flair to face Asuka and Kairi Sane because Natalya couldn’t be here due to a family commitment. The announcers were Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler. Dio Maddin is out, selling the attack from Brock Lesnar. Lawler thanked Maddin for defending him. 

Lynch spoke about training here at 15 years old and now she was standing here as The Man in Man-chester. The challenge was getting harder as the opponents lined up but she was welcoming the challenge. “Bring them on.” 

Lynch warned Asuka and Sane that she wasn’t going to stop fighting. She was never going to stop running her mouth and slapping heads. Lynch wanted to become Becky Two-Belts again right now. 

Asuka & Kairi Sane defeated Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair to retain the Women’s Tag Team Champions (17:47) 

It sounded like they piped in fake booing for the entrance of Asuka and Sane, who have the worst combined theme music. Everyone entered then the match started after a commercial break, so they presumably stood around for almost four minutes. 

Lynch slipped out of a cover and mocked Asuka’s little dance. Asuka used strikes on Lynch, then Lynch responded in kind. Asuka got the better of it and tagged in Sane, who drove Lynch face-first into Asuka’s butt. Lynch dodged a corner clothesline and hit a suplex for a one count, then tagged in Charlotte who chopped Sane. 

Sane tried chops of her own but Charlotte no-sold them, then chopped her and did the Flair strut. Charlotte allowed Sane to tag out. Asuka got the better of their exchange for a while until Charlotte caught her with an elbow. Shayna Baszler appeared as they went to break. 

After the break, Charlotte and Asuka were still going at it. Charlotte gave her an Exploder, then booted Sane off the apron. This allowed Asuka to take over. Asuka distracted the referee and Sane attacked Charlotte on the outside (remember, Charlotte knocked her off the apron first). They double-teamed Charlotte, then Asuka applied an Octopus hold. 

Charlotte tried to counter but Asuka gave her a crucifix bomb for two. Asuka used kicks to the chest then tried for the Asuka Lock, then transitioned into an armbar. Charlotte powered out of it by getting to her feet and hitting a one-arm powerbomb. Sane broke up the cover, then tagged in. Charlotte used a backbreaker then made the hot tag. 

Lynch hit Asuka with clotheslines, strikes and a running forearm. She gave Sane an Exploder, then took out both opponents with a missile dropkick. Baszler hopped on the apron which distracted Lynch. Bayley attacked Baszler as Lynch continued to watch. Asuka then used a schoolgirl on Lynch for the pinfall win. Asuka and Sane retain. 

Lynch talked trash at Baszler, then Bayley attacked Lynch and drove her into the barricade. 

The crowd was quiet but this was mostly good, except for Lynch standing on the apron for what felt like 10 minutes. 

Ricochet and Randy Orton appeared to be having an argument backstage. The OC showed up to mock Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo, who was also there. (Orton disappeared from the frame.) Styles dared Ricochet and Carrillo to find a partner to face them (while also making a slight dig at Orton). Orton reappeared and told Styles that he would be their partner. Orton delivered this promo at the pace of his wrestling matches. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Sin Cara (3:58) 

There was a spot where Sin Cara tried a hurricanrana to the outside, but McIntyre caught him and powerbombed him on the black mats. The thud sound Sin Cara’s body made did not sound fun. McIntyre followed with a Claymore kick in the ring for the pinfall win. 

There was a weird Rowan segment where he did baby-talk to a someone or something off-camera. 

They plugged WWE Backstage. 

24/7 Championship match: Samir Singh & Sunil Singh vs. R-Truth 

Samir is the champion, but I think they said Truth agreed to a handicap match. During the match, the Singhs ran away to the back. They briefly hid in the Women’s locker room (women could be heard screaming), then bailed. They found another room to hide in, where they were attacked by Rowan. Truth walked in, but when he saw what happened, he left. This was dumb. 

[Second hour] 

There was a graphic stating that Bobby Lashley (Army), Lacey Evans (Marines) and Montez Ford (Marines) were all veterans. 

Seth Rollins promo 

Rollins seemed to get a mixed reaction on the way out but was booed once he hit the ring. Joseph called the crowd “finicky.” Rollins pulled a John Cena and was just happy the crowd was energetic. Rollins ran down what happened with Triple H and NXT last week. He said Triple H wanted to lit a fire under him, and he did. 

Rollins noted that he started in NXT, but Raw was his show and his home. He said NXT started this fight but he and his team would finish it. The crowd chanted for NXT. 

Rollins wanted a fight tonight. Rollins called himself the best wrestler in the world and challenged Manchester’s best to a match. 

Imperium entered. The crowd cheered and chanted for WALTER. He said they were here to restore the honour of their sport. He called the mat that Rollins was standing on with his dirty feet sacred and told Rollins he wasn’t safe from an NXT takeover just because he wasn’t int he States. Rollins accepted his challenge and told him to get in the ring. 

Seth Rollins defeated UK Champion WALTER (w/Imperium) via DQ in a non-title match (4:40) 

Rollins took WALTER off his feet just a minute into the match with a slingblade. However, as Rollins tried a springboard move, WALTER caught him and hit a German suplex. WALTER applied a single-leg crab, then after Rollins wriggled out of it, WALTER kicked him in the head. 

WALTER clubbed away at him, but Rollins caught his hand and came back with a springboard knee and superkicks as the crowd lightly booed. Rollins set up for a curb stomp but Imperium jumped him for the DQ. The Street Profits ran out but Imperium got the best of them too. 

Kevin Owens ran out to a huge reaction and helped clear the ring. Owens, Rollins and the Street Profits stood tall. 

8-man tag match: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & The Street Profits defeated Imperium (6:40) 

The crowd loudly chanted for Owens at the start of this. WALTER dropped Rollins on the apron, then Alexander Wolfe gave him a German suplex. Marcel Barthel (Lawler seemed confused by his name) worked over Rollins, then I’m pretty sure Owens told Barthel, “I will eat your face.” Fabian Aichner and Barthel double-teamed Rollins, then tagged in WALTER. 

Rollins knocked WALTER’s teammates off the apron, then WALTER nailed him with a running dropkick and powerbomb. Owens broke up the cover, then WALTER fought him off. WALTER went to the top but Rollins ran up and hit a damn superplex. 

Owens made a hot tag and handed out superkicks, then hit Wolfe with a senton off the top, but WALTER broke up the cover. Rollins gave WALTER a suicide dive, then Ford followed with a flip dive (and landed awkwardly on the announce table in the process). 

Angelo Dawkins suplexed Aichner, then Owens gave Barthel a stunner. Rollins followed with a curb stomp on Wolfe for the pinfall win. Team Raw posed. The crowd was happy. They really liked Owens. 

They plugged WWE Backstage again. Mick Foley and Adam Cole will be on as guests. 

Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Cedric Alexander (3:33) 

Vega distracted Alexander momentarily, then Andrade hit a back elbow and hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win. 

Aleister Black wants someone to pick a fight with him. 

There was a commercial for this week’s NXT. It mentioned the OC’s invasion last week but the only specific thing it plugged was Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim in a ladder match. 

There was a video for Veterans Day. They also showed Veterans Day Tweets from different wrestlers as well as a video by John Cena. 

Lashley and Lana were shown arguing backstage. 

(There was a commercial break after the Black segment and one after this, so the Veterans Day stuff was basically an entire block of the show.) 

Lana segment 

Lana was booed. She admitted she wasn’t perfect but at least she was honest, then called herself the most ravishing woman in the world. Lana admitted she cheated on Rusev, but he cheated on her first. She bluntly mentioned that she had sex with Lashley for the first time seven weeks ago and spoke about how great it was. 

She mentioned getting knocked down last week when Ricochet pushed Lashley into her. She said how awful it was but had support from Lashley, who recommended she see a doctor. The crowd is dumping all over this. Lana said she’s perfectly fine and healthy. 

She’s also nine weeks pregnant. She broke down the math for the dummies watching this show and concluded that Rusev put a little Machka brat inside of her. Lana freaked out because she knew she was getting fatter and her boobs were getting bigger. She continued to rant, then Rusev’s music hit. [The third hour technically started here.] 

Rusev came out wearing a suit. The crowd chanted “Daddy’s home” and Lawler was very amused. Lana called him a sex addict again and mentioned all the places he wanted to have sex. He told her not to forget about the tank at WrestleMania. He said we’ve heard all that before, and now she’s claiming to be pregnant. 

Lana yelled at him for calling her a liar. Rusev said he wasn’t calling her a liar, he just wanted to understand. They started yelling and arguing with each other when Lashley’s music hit. Lana raked Rusev’s eyes and Lashley laid him out. As they left up the aisle way, Lana revealed (off mic) that she faked the whole thing. 

Vic Joseph was disgusted. He said, “Your heart goes out to Rusev” again, which they seem to say as often as they call Ricochet a superhero. 

This was as bad as it sounds. (Also, Lana seemed to be speaking a mile a minute and flubbed a few of her lines as a result, which didn’t help.) 

Erick Rowan defeated a jobber (1:09) 

Rowan won with a chokeslam. He brought out a cage (which was covered up) and left it on the announce table during the match. Joseph was freaked out. Lawler wanted him to look inside but he was too much of a baby. 

They aired a quick video package for Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews who face the Viking Raiders next. 

Bray Wyatt will appear on Smackdown. 

Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in a non-title match (3:06)

Andrews and Webster got to shine early, including Andrews hitting Erik with a Stundog Millionaire, but they were cut off and Erik gave them both an overhead suplex at once, which as impressive. Ivar then took them out with a suicide dive. Andrews tried to fend off the Raiders but they caught him and gave him the Viking Experience for the quick win. 

Ricochet confronted Orton backstage. Ricochet said he wasn’t stupid and knew Orton would try to give him the RKO the first chance he got. Orton told him to relax and warned Ricochet not to let him get in his head. 

They aired a Brock Lesnar/Rey Mysterio video package, then ran down Survivor Series. Team Raw is Rollins, Owens, Orton, Ricochet and McIntyre. This felt like a very random way to announce the team members. 

6-man tag match: Randy Orton, Ricochet & Humberto Carrillo defeated AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (15:40) 

The OC were announced as “the best tag team in the world.” Lawler compared Ricochet to Spider-Man again. 

Orton and Ricochet were getting along fine until Styles knocked Orton off the apron and Orton blamed Ricochet for it. After a break, Ricochet was in control. Carrillo tagged in and was worked over briefly by OC until he made the tag to Ricochet (Orton did not put his hand out for a tag). Ricochet ran wild until Anderson caught him with a spinebuster and the OC took over. 

As Gallows worked over Ricochet, he also knocked Orton off the apron. Ricochet fought back with an enziguri on Gallows, then a heel kick on Styles. Carrillo tagged in and hit Styles with a forearm, back elbow, Disaster kick and standing moonsault. Carrillo missed a moonsault off the top, then Orton tagged in. 

Orton gave Styles a powerslam and draping DDT. Orton set up for the RKO until everyone came in and traded moves. Carrillo took out Gallows and Anderson with a moonsault to the outside. Orton stood tall over both Ricochet and Styles. He teased going after Ricochet but gave Styles an RKO instead. Orton then tagged in Carrillo who gave Styles a moonsault for the pinfall win. 

As Ricochet and Carrillo celebrated, Orton teased going after Richcoet again. Orton got in his face and told him he does what he wants, whenever he wants. 

Final Thoughts -- 

It was cool seeing WALTER/Imperium but this was another dull Raw show.