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WWE Raw live results: Survivor Series fallout


Date: November 22, 2021
Location: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York  

The Big Takeaway -- 

The Rock gave Vince McMahon an expensive egg and that led to Big E retaining the WWE Championship over Austin Theory.

Show Recap -- 

The show opened with a shot of an unpleasant Vince McMahon sitting with his empty egg case in his office with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. They aired a video package of the missing egg saga from last night with dramatic music. 

McMahon was disappointed that Deville and Pearce didn’t have an update. He couldn’t believe someone would steal from him. Deville said they interviewed every wrestler but had no leads and even the authorities couldn’t find anything. McMahon threatened to fire them if they didn’t find out who it was by the end of tonight. 

Deville admitted they did have security footage but it was blurry. All it showed was a bare chest and bare legs. I believe McMahon concluded by saying that if someone did bring it back to him, they’d get a title shot against Big E tonight. 


Elsewhere, Kevin Patrick interviewed Randy Orton who had no idea where Riddle was. Riddle showed up with a fake goatee trying to match Orton. He also dressed like Orton (but still had long hair). Riddle said he was doing viper stuff and was ready to beat Dolph Ziggler tonight. Riddle also started acting like Orton which he did not appreciate. 

Tag Team Champion Riddle (w/Randy Orton) defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Robert Roode) (9:27) 

Riddle wanted his gear to look like Orton’s so he wore black trunks (borrowed from Drew Gulak) and, instead of black boots, he wore black tape over his bare feet. 

Ziggler superkicked Riddle in mid-air as he attempted a dive which led to the show’s second commercial break (less than 18 minutes into it). Riddle fought back after the break and hit an Orton-inspired powerslam. Ziggler came back with a fameasser for two. 

They went back and forth for a bit until Riddle psyched up (like Orton) and hit an RKO for the pinfall win. 

This actually delighted Orton who gave Roode a Bro Derek after the match. 


A bunch of wrestlers, including Rhea Ripley, frantically ripped up the catering area looking for the egg. R-Truth thought he found it but it was actually a football. 


“A victory lap for Big Time Becks” 

Lynch was cheered like a big babyface at the start of this but, of course, she turned on the crowd. 

She recalled a lot of great memories that she’s had here in Brooklyn. She wanted to hurt Charlotte Flair last night and Charlotte wanted to do the same to her. The fans loved every second of it — not because they cared who won, but because they just wanted to see someone get hurt. 

She mockingly said the fans just love to see something new so it was time to move on. She wondered who the fans wanted to see next. Maybe Rhea Ripley or Bianca Belair or Liv Morgan. She used to care about the fans’ opinions but not anymore. The fans watched as ten women beat the crap out of each other last night and all the crowd could do is their usual chants. 

None of those women had what it took to beat her, least of all Liv Morgan. The fans liked Morgan now because she was the underdog but not every underdog has its day. Lynch had the title in a death grip and nobody was taking it from her. 

Lynch was pretty terrific here but it’s still funny that they’re trying to make her a heel. 


Bianca Belair entered next for a promo. (They didn’t go to commercial since the Lynch promo, but she was suddenly gone when Belair entered.)  

Belair spoke about her victory last night and credited the fans for helping her fight on. She showed why she was the EST by being the sole survivor. The crowd chanted “EST.” Belair thought that maybe Doudrop can stop being so bitter. She planned on showing Tamina why she was the EST. 

Bianca Belair defeated Tamina (w/Natalya) (3:57) 

Tamina controlled almost the entire match but Belair dodged a charge and hit KOD for the pinfall win. 

Natalya attacked Belair after the match but Belair fought her off. Doudrop then attacked Belair and laid her out with a crossbody. Doudrop left with Natalya and Tamina. 

(Natalya is on Smackdown but Corey Graves said Vince McMahon insisted that everyone from Raw and Smackdown must be in the building tonight.) 

(On Sportsnet in Canada, Kevin Owens is being advertised for house shows in Toronto and Montreal in late December. Those shows could be interesting send-offs for him considering they might be his final dates in those cities for a while.) 

[Second Hour] 

Seth Rollins / Finn Bálor segment 

They advertised Seth Rollins against Finn Bálor but the match never happened. 

Rollins first entered for a promo and was pumped about being the sole survivor last night. He said he did it all on his own because Kevin Owens showed his true colours, Bobby Lashley got himself counted out, Austin Theory wasn’t good enough, and Finn Bálor got Brogue kicked and pinned. Rollins planned on teaching Bálor a lesson tonight. 

Bálor interrupted Rollins’ promo before he could finish so Rollins attacked him during his entrance. Bálor fought back and wiped out Rollins with a dive. 

Bálor tried another attack but Rollins caught him and chucked him into the barricade and over the announce table. Rollins nailed him with the steel steps before hitting a stomp in the ring. As officials checked on Bálor, Rollins gave him another stomp. 

Rollins was attacked by a fan as he walked up the ramp and the cameras cut away. After they showed some replays, they showed Rollins laughing about what he had just done to Bálor, so he appears to be fine. 

(I thought this made Bálor look somewhat weak. Rollins did attack him from behind initially, but it quickly turned into a fair fight and Bálor still got beat up.) 


A bunch of wrestlers ran down a hallway looking for the egg. They’re basically chasing after it like it’s the 24/7 title. 

Sami Zayn met with Vince and claimed he knew who took the egg. Vince seemed skeptical but told him to bring him the egg. 

Sarah Schreiber asked Kevin Owens (who was calmly looking for the egg) about Rollins’ comments. Owens said he wasn’t listening to Rollins but did want to find the egg because it could bring him a shot at the WWE title. 


AJ Styles & Omos defeated The Street Profits via DQ (8:13) 

They went to break a minute into the match and Montez Ford hit a flurry of offense when they returned, including a standing moonsault for two. Omos tagged in and no-sold Ford’s attack before knocking him down. 

Angelo Dawkins grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed Omos for the DQ. Dawkins also sprayed Styles mid-air as he attempted a Phenomenal forearm. An unsatisfying ending to an unsatisfying match. 


Schreiber interviewed Carmella and Queen Zelina about their tag title match tonight. They weren’t afraid of Ripley and especially not Nikki ASH. They planned on overpowering them with their royal beauty. 

Veer Mahaan is coming. 

Carmella & Queen Zelina defeated Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships (4:49) 

Carmella kicked Ripley’s head into the steel post and gave Nikki a superkick (behind the referee’s back). Zelina gave Nikki a Code Red for the pinfall win. Carmella and Zelina are the new champs. 

This was not good at all. They also spent a lot of time letting you know that Nikki was the weak link before she wound up getting pinned. 


Deville approached Vince and let him know that they know who took the egg. Deville said Pearce would bring him in now. 

After a long commercial break, Pearce, Deville and Zayn waited as the guilty man entered with the egg: Austin Theory. 

Theory explained that he just wanted to take a selfie with the egg but was scared by the level of security and the next thing he knew he was back at his hotel with the egg. Zayn said that story didn’t make any sense. 

Vince appreciated Theory’s brave decision to bring the egg back and rewarded him with the WWE title shot. Vince made sure to say he was dropping the charges. Zayn couldn’t believe that decision and said he’s the one who should get the shot. Vince told him to shut up because nobody likes a snitch. 


Cedric Alexander defeated Reggie to win the 24/7 Championship (1:27) 

Alexander won pretty definitively with a Lumar Check. 

Dana Brooke defeated Cedric Alexander to win the 24/7 Championship 

The 24/7 crew (now including Jinder Mahal, The Viking Raiders, Otis and Chad Gable) ran down to attack Alexander, but before they could, Dana Brooke hit him with a flying blockbuster to win the title. The 24/7 crew, who were all men, decided they can’t attack Brooke so she was able to pose and celebrate her win unharmed. 

(They said this was Brooke’s first title win in WWE.) 


Dominik tried to apologize to Rey Mysterio for not helping last week when Bobby Lashley put him in the Hurt Lock. Rey said he didn’t need to apologize or fight his battles. Rey has fought plenty of giants in his career, from Brock Lesnar to Batista to Undertaker. Rey wanted them to give Lashley a Mysterio whooping tonight. 

[Third Hour] 

Schreiber interviewed Brooke about winning the 24/7 title. She spoke about how proud she was as if she had just won a real belt. 

1-on-2 handicap match: Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeated Dominik & Rey Mysterio (10:53) 

Before the match, MVP spoke about how much he respected Rey as a competitor but he left a lot to be desired as a father. He said Rey’s ego was going to get his child hurt. MVP suggested Rey give Angie his number so she can call him when she inevitably gets pissed at Rey. 

The Mysterios had the advantage before a break but MVP tripped Dominik as he attempted a 619 and Lashley managed to regain control. Dominik slipped out of a Dominator attempt and gave Lashley a thrust kick (sort of) before tagging in Rey. They teamed up on Lashley and hit a double 619. They also both hit frog splashes but Lashley kicked out. 

Lashley suddenly killed Rey with a spear and put Dominik in a Hurt Lock for the submission win. 


Patrick interviewed Big E. He admitted he had no one to blame for his loss last night. It was on him and was apologetic for letting people down. However, tonight was a new night. He said Theory was brash but was also talented. He planned on leaving tonight as the WWE Champion and would feel “pretty, pretty, pretty good.” 


Patrick interviewed Liv Morgan. She couldn’t say much before Lynch interrupted. Lynch said Morgan underdelivered again last night and it was Belair who won the match. Lynch said Morgan would never hold the belt. Morgan said she held it last week (when she fought off Lynch). 

Lynch said he lets children hold the belt when she does autograph signings, that doesn’t make them the champion. Lynch mocked Morgan and repeatedly asked her if she was going to cry. Morgan decked her. 


Damian Priest entered for a US title open challenge. Apollo Crews entered, presumably to accept the challenge, but after Priest challenged him, Crews said no. 

Zayn entered to complain about what happened earlier. He said if Crews didn’t want to accept the challenge, then he will. 

Damian Priest defeated Sami Zayn to retain the United States Championship (8:45) 

Zayn gave Priest an exploder into the barricade which led to break 45 seconds into the match. Priest fought back but Zayn hit a blue thunder bomb for two. Zayn followed with a sunset flip powerbomb for two and countered a Reckoning into a schoolboy for two. Priest hit a spinning heel kick but Zayn bailed to the outside and wrenched Priest’s neck against the rope. 

Zayn put the US title belt on his shoulder and shoved Priest’s face before putting the belt back. This caused Priest to “turn” to his dark side and fire up. Priest hit a chokeslam and Reckoning for the pinfall win. 


Theory told Patrick that he planned on becoming the youngest WWE Champion in history. He called Big E a big loser. Theory was the future and the future was now. 

Big E defeated Austin Theory to retain the WWE Championship (9:14) 

Rollins entered to watch the match from ringside. About a minute into the match, with Big E in full control, Owens also entered (to his music) to watch the match. 

The distraction allowed Theory to hit a neckbreaker but only got a one count. Owens and Rollins argued as they went to break. 

Theory was on offense until Big E came back with three consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes and a splash. Theory used a drop toe hold to drop Big E on the buckle before hitting a dropkick for two. Big E followed with an STO. 

Big E issued warnings to Rollins and Owens before heading back toward the ring. Rollins attacked Big E as the referee was busy with Theory. Theory followed with a neckbreaker. 

Owens chucked Rollins into the ring which Rollins didn’t appreciate. Rollins confronted Owens and their argument distracted Theory for some reason so Big E gave him the Big Ending for the pinfall win. 

After the match, Big E decked Rollins as Owens scampered off. Big E gave Rollins a Big Ending as Owens watched from the stage.