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WWE Raw live results: The new Judgment Day

We'll hear from The Judgment Day for the first time since they turned against Edge.

Date: June 13, 2022
Location: Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS 


Show Recap --

Miz TV with guest Paul Heyman 

Miz called Heyman a legend and he was happy to hear that. Miz put over his past Money in the Bank cash-ins before running down his accolades like usual. He mentioned that this year’s winner would face Roman Reigns and Heyman said that person would fail.

Heyman plugged Reigns’ upcoming title defense on Friday’s Smackdown against, “of all people, Riddle.” Heyman went to WWE management and proposed making the stakes even bigger. Riddle interrupted before he could continue.

Riddle wanted to hear the news straight from the horse’s ass. Heyman said Riddle had some balls to interrupt him and Miz. Riddle asked Miz how his balls were doing.

Riddle warned Heyman that he and Reigns had no idea what he was capable of but they would find out on Friday. Riddle fired up and said he didn’t care what the stipulation was because Reigns would have to kill him to retain the title.

Heyman respected Riddle but didn’t think he could beat Reigns. Heyman didn’t even think Riddle could beat his opponent tonight.

Heyman laid out the stipulation: if Riddle doesn’t beat Reigns on Friday, he won’t receive another title shot as long as Reigns is the champion.

Heyman introduced the Usos. The Usos surrounded the ring but the Street Profits came out to even things up. (Also because Montez Ford has a scheduled match against Jimmy Uso next.)


There was a John Cena return video package.

Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso) defeated Montez Ford (w/Angelo Dawkins) (13:03)

Jimmy gave Ford a vertical suplex onto the edge of the ring which led to break. Ford fought back with a back suplex and they exchanged strikes until Ford hit an enziguri for two followed by a spinebuster for two. Jimmy responded with a pop-up Samoan drop for two. Jimmy shoved Ford into the ring post but Ford dodged a splash and Jimmy crashed into the post himself.

Ford brought Jimmy down from the top with a hurricanrana but Jimmy got his knees up on a frog splash and he applied a rollup for the pinfall win.


There was a long video recap of the Cody Rhodes-Seth Rollins angle from last week.

Seth Rollins interview

Kevin Patrick sat down with Rollins for an interview. He thanked “Seth freakin’ Rollins” for his time. Patrick mentioned what happened last week and Rollins laughed. Patrick asked if he felt any remorse. Rollins said he meant every word he said in the ring last week but he also thought Cody Rhodes was a virus.

Rollins decided to take matters into his own hands. Rhodes was not only a danger to WWE but he became a danger to himself when he wrestled with a torn pec. Rollins didn’t feel remorse — he felt pride. The American Nightmare was over and Monday Night Rollins was back.

Patrick asked what was next for him. Rollins said one of the greatest moments of his career was his MITB cash-in and he was thinking of topping that moment. Patrick said he wouldn’t be able to do that until he beat AJ Styles in their qualifier tonight. Rollins said Styles was not on his level. If Styles wanted to stand in his way, he might face the same fate as Rhodes.

Rollins cackled like a goof until Styles busted in and knocked him down. Styles said, “that’s for Cody.” 


24/7 Championship match: Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch

The match didn’t happen. Both women made their regular entrances but Lynch attacked Brooke before the bell could ring. That led to “Becky” chants. Lynch drove Brooke into the barricade before stomping her head into the announce table.

Lynch said this never about Brooke’s little 24/7 championship and told her, “you can keep that.”

Lynch was pissed about how she’s been treated. Lynch also recalled that the last time she was in a MITB match she was cheated and robbed. She said things would be different this year.

She was about to attack Brooke again but Asuka made the save.



They played clips of Alexa Bliss winning the 2018 MITB match (moments after knocking Lynch off a ladder) and Nikki ASH winning in 2021.

MITB qualifying match: Alexa Bliss & Liv Morgan defeated Doudrop & Nikki ASH (4:24)

Each team broke up a cover before Doudrop bodyslammed Morgan on the outside. Morgan avoided a senton but Nikki knocked her down with a kick. Nikki took time to brag so Bliss dropped her with a DDT for the pinfall win. Bliss and Morgan qualify for MITB. 


There was a video recap of Finn Bálor joining Judgment Day and turning on Edge.

Ezekiel defeated Kevin Owens via count-out (8:31)

Owens dodged a flying knee and followed with a superkick, cannonball, and Swanton for a nearfall about 25 seconds into the match. Ezekiel fought back and hit a spinebuster for two.

Ezekiel got Owens on his shoulders and gave him a damn Attitude Adjustment onto the steel steps (not the flat part of the steps — the edge of the top step). That led to a break three minutes in.

Despite that, Owens hit a frog splash off the apron during a break and was in control after the break. Owens went for a senton but Ezekiel got his knees up. Ezekiel followed with a modified fallaway slam, Stinger splash and jumping knee strike.

Ezekiel tried a running splash as Owens was leaning against the post but Owens moved and Ezekiel crashed into it (this is a spot they almost never do but it was essentially the same spot Jimmy Uso and Montez Ford did earlier).

Owens fell out of the ring and yelled at the announcers about Elias. He was so enraged that he jumped on the announce table and freaked out. That led to a count-out.

(The announcers — Corey Graves in particular — really put over the effort by Owens during the match itself.)

— After the match, an excited Ezekiel said he wasn’t done with Owens but was also looking ahead to MITB. Ezekiel said he wasn’t the only one excited — he announced that Elias would return to Raw next week. Owens yelled at him and called him a liar.


They played the video of John Cena meeting his fan Misha and Misha’s mom. 


MVP and Omos entered. MVP cut a promo on Cedric Alexander and said Omos would win MITB.

MVP (w/Omos) defeated Cedric Alexander (1:40)

MVP gained the advantage after Alexander was distracted by Omos and MVP won soon after with the Playmaker. Omos chucked Alexander out of the ring after the match.


AJ Styles said MITB is the one thing that has eluded him in his career and he wanted it now more than ever. He wanted to win it to spite Rollins after what he did to Rhodes. Styles said he wasn’t on Rollins’ level because Rollins was beneath him. Styles was going to show his killer instinct.

Elsewhere, Rollins laughed at Styles’ sentiment. Rollins dedicated tonight’s eventual win to Rhodes.


MITB qualifying match: Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles (15:08)

Styles was dominating until they did one of my least favourite things: Rollins escaped to the outside so Styles ran after him until to get suckered into an attack once he returned to the ring. Rollins followed with a suicide dive sending Styles over the announce table and us to a break.


Parts of the crowd chanted “Cody” at Rollins as he stood tall until Styles fought back with strikes and a facebuster for two. Rollins responded with a superkick for two. Styles countered a stomp into a Calf Crusher but Rollins got a rope break. Rollins hit an enziguri but Styles came right back with a Pelé kick.

They exchanged strikes and counters until Styles gave Rollins a vertical suplex into the turnbuckles for two. Rollins ducked a Phenomenal forearm before using a chop-block. Rollins set up for a Pedigree but Styles reversed into a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a nearfall. Rollins hit a bucklebomb but missed a frog splash.

Styles went for Styles Clash but Rollins countered it and cradled him for the pinfall win. (I believe Rollins pinned Styles while holding his bad leg.)

Great match where they played off a lot of their usual spots and counters.


Miz joined commentary. Ciampa didn’t get an entrance.

Riddle defeated Ciampa (4:35)

They fought back and forth until Ciampa stomped Riddle’s foot and hit a DDT to briefly get the heat. Riddle came back with a Randy Orton-inspired powerslam and draping DDT. Riddle tried an RKO but Ciampa blocked it and applied an ankle lock. He wrenched Riddle’s toe and rammed it into the mat before hitting a running knee strike for a nearfall.

Riddle hit a ripcord knee, floating bro and RKO for the pinfall win. This was good for the time they had.


Bianca Belair in-ring interview / The Judgment Day speak

Patrick interviewed Belair. He asked her if she was ready to face this new version of Rhea Ripley. Belair was always ready to face anyone.

Belair spoke about battling Ripley in the past and the mutual respect they had for each other. However, Ripley appears soulless since joining Judgment Day. Ripley might intimidate everyone else in the back with her act but Belair wasn’t scared. Belair would walk the walk at MITB and retain her title.

Ripley, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest appeared on the screen. Ripley said they did what they want when they want and Bálor said they knocked Edge off his pedestal. Priest said Edge contradicted his own statements to them and sealed his own fate.

Ripley said Belair was only trying to convince herself when she called herself the E.S.T. Ripley didn’t claim to intimidate anyone, she just did. She got her teeth knocked loose last week and she loved it. Ripley planned on walking out of MITB as a two-time champion.

(The segment ended with Edge’s Alter Bridge music playing.)


Theory told Sarah Schrieber that he would prove Bobby Lashley wasn’t on his level. (Yes, Rollins and Styles said this about each other earlier, too.) Theory would also prove he was Vince McMahon’s best investment. He also took a shot at John Cena.


Chad Gable (w/Otis) defeated Mustafa Ali (3:15)

Ali hit a tornado DDT and went to the top but distracted himself by kicking Otis’ hands because Otis was trying to pull Gable out of the ring. Gable followed immediately with the Chaos Theory suplex for the pinfall win.


Veer Mahaan defeated Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio) (3:47)

Mahaan missed a charge and went shoulder-first into the ring post. He abruptly stopped selling so he could beat up Dominik, which was funny. (He booted Dominik and clotheslined him into the timekeeper’s area.)

Rey tried to take advantage as Mahaan re-entered the ring but Mahaan hit an awkward-looking gutbuster and applied the Cervical Clutch for the submission win (Rey tapped out quickly).


Next week on Raw:

  • Lynch vs. Asuka - MITB qualifier
  • Elias concert


Raw main event — Theory/Bobby Lashley pose-down 

Adam Pearce called this the first-ever Theory invitational pose-down.

Pearce explained the rules. They each had to do three poses: double bicep, side chest, and most muscular. Theory tried to take the segment over but Pearce told him to start posing or else he’d disqualify him. Theory did his poses and Lashley sarcastically applauded. Lashley told him he’d beat him in the pose-down, beat him in the ring, and take the United States title. Lashley did his poses.

Theory asked the crowd to cheer for the winner and they cheered for Lashley.

Theory responded by squirting baby oil in Lashley’s face and eyes. Theory dropkicked him out of the ring and posed with his title belt as referees checked on Lashley.

(This would have been a silly but inoffensive segment if it were in the middle of the show. It’s incredible that this was actually the main event segment.)