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WWE Raw live results: Triple H and Mick Foley appear


Date: September 10, 2018
Location: Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA

The Big Takeaway --

Mick Foley will be the special referee for the Universal title match at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will face Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for the tag titles. Roman Reigns laid out Braun Strowman at the end of the show.

Kevin Owens explained that returned under the condition that he can do whatever he wants without consequence, and powerbombed Tyler Breeze on the ring apron to prove it. He has his eyes set on Bobby Lashley, who appears to be getting Lio Rush as his manager.

Show Recap -- 

They kicked things off with Michael Cole introducing Renee Young as a full-time commentator and Corey Graves congratulated her. Young said she was honoured and humbled. 

Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre entered the ring to start the show. They were joined by Elias, Kevin Owens, Jinder Mahal, Sunil Singh, Authors of Pain, The Ascension, Drew Gulak, Mojo Rawley, and Mike Kanellis. The group surrounded ringside.

Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre bragged about their beat-down of the Shield last week and showed a long video package. The crowd booed the replay. Strowman called Roman Reigns a coward and called Ziggler and McIntyre his “dogs of war.” Ziggler said the men around the ring made a choice last week, which was to stand up to the Shield and their bullying.

McIntyre said the balance of power has shifted. They were in control and would set an example when they dismantle the B-Team again tonight. Strowman said that wouldn’t compare to what he does to Reigns inside Hell in a Cell.

The Shield interrupted, entering through the crowd. Dean Ambrose ran down to start the attack, then Seth Rollins dove onto the group. Ambrose grabbed a duffle bag full of weapons (looked like axe handles), handed them to his pals, and they easily cleared house.

The Shield stood tall in the ring as Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre watched from the ramp. The Shield did not go after them for some reason. 

They showed a video from Brie Bella’s phone where they walked into their tiny dressing room just to find it vandalized by the Riott Squad (presumably). 

After a break, the Shield were in a shouting match with five members of New Orleans police. Baron Corbin showed up to reason with them and warned them of the trouble they could find themselves in if they attacked the police, which is fair. He told them to leave and threatened to strip Rollins and Reigns of their titles. Ambrose wasn’t happy, but Rollins said “no problem” and they left, not before Reigns stared down one of the officers.

Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) defeated Ruby Riott (w/Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan) (9:11)  

The kids in the crowd chanted, “Let’s go Nikki, let’s go.” Nikki made a comeback after a break, hitting a spinebuster, clotheslines and a Disaster kick. Logan distracted Nikki which allowed Riott to hit a downward spiral for a nearfall. Morgan entered the ring after Nikki got Riott on her shoulders, but Brie yanked her out, then Nikki hit the Rack Attack 2.0 for the pinfall win. 

Big Show (in his wrestling gear) was on the stage with kids who are a part of Connor’s Cure. After a video package, Big Show introduced each one to the live crowd to get a round of applause. Show asked everyone to join their fight. 

They aired a video package of the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker segment.

Drake Maverick hyped up AOP backstage. He wore a black tank top with the AOP pants, but no vest this time. 

Authors of Pain (w/Drake Maverick) defeated Nathan Bradley & Ronnie Ace (1:23)

Renee Young: “Do I have to watch this?”
Michael Cole: “Yeah, you do, Renee.”

AOP won with the Super Collider.

The Raw announcers plugged a Smackdown HIAC match. 

Triple H showed up in a limo, walked passed the police officers from earlier and shook his head at them. And that concludes the first hour of Raw. 

Triple H promo

Triple H came out. He said that, initially, he and Undertaker were fighting one more time out of respect. He noted all of the legends who picked the Undertaker to win, then showed poll results where 81% of people also chose Undertaker to win. Triple H stated that at this point in your career, stuff like that doesn’t bother you.

However, Michaels picking him to win bothered Taker so much that he just had to appear, baiting Michaels with threats. Triple H wondered if Taker had lost respect for him and Michaels, but then realized Taker really lost respect for himself, which is why he didn’t appear to confront him (instead of Michaels).

Triple H said things were never the same for Taker after he lost at WrestleMania and all he is now is a reputation. He said Taker’s series of matches against him and Michaels were his last signs of greatest, and Taker blames them for his demise. Triple H agreed that it’s personal now and would put Taker down at Super Show-Down. This promo was only about five minutes. 

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated B-Team to retain the Tag Team Titles (8:48)

Ziggler superkicked Curtis Axel as McIntyre held him upside down, then McIntyre hit a reverse Alabama Slam, but Bo Dallas broke up the cover. Axel made the hot tag to Dallas soon after and he ran wild on Ziggler. McIntyre broke up a small package, then headbutted Axel out of the ring. As the referee led McIntyre back to the apron, Ziggler raked Dallas in the eyes. Ziggler tagged McIntyre back in, then they hit the Claymore/Zig-Zag combo for the win.

Immediately after, Ambrose and Rollins hit the ring and attacked McIntyre and Ziggler, who managed to escape. Ambrose and Rollins found somewhere to change, I guess, because they were wearing their personal gear, instead of the Shield attire they wore earlier. 

They aired a dramatic video package of the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley HIAC match from 20 years ago, including old interview clips from Jerry Lawler, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Jim Ross, Mark Henry, John Cena, DDP, Terry Funk, and Shawn Michaels. 

Corbin yelled at Rollins and Ambrose for disobeying him after he kicked the Shield out of the building. Rollins said the Shield was gone, it was just him and Ambrose (which explains why they changed their gear). Corbin said those were just semantics and said he should have them arrested again.

They argued some more, then Rollins said Corbin falsified his statement last week. Rollins introduced a police sheriff. Corbin tried to ignore it, but Rollins had the sheriff read Corbin his rights. Corbin interrupted him and asked if he could reason with Rollins. Rollins agreed to hear him out.

Ambrose and the officer, whose name tag read, “Ambrose, G” (which was never acknowledged) left the room together. Ambrose told the officer that he was never speeding, then admitted he was speeding, then said he thought the speed limit was just a suggestion. Rollins came out of Corbin’s office and said they don’t need to press charges. Ambrose told the officer he would call him the next time he was in jail, and the officer was happy to oblige. The stuff with Ambrose and the officer was amusing. 

Kevin Owens vs. Tyler Breeze

The match never happened. Owens attacked Breeze during his entrance. Breeze fought back for a second, but Owens cut him off with a kick, then powerbombed him on the edge of the ring.

Owens grabbed a mic and said walking away from this place felt great. But he received a call from Corbin who begged him to return. He said Corbin recognized his value as the MVP of Raw. Owens said he returned under one condition--he can’t be held responsible for his actions. Basically, he can do whatever he wants.

He attacked the Shield last week, not to do any favours, but because he’s sick of the Shield. He blamed Bobby Lashley for this because he’s the reason Sami Zayn is not as his side where he belongs. He said this was only the beginning and reminded us this was still the Kevin Owens Show. He promised anarchy, agony, and destruction. This was good. 

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable defeated The Ascension (3:16)

Gable tagged himself in as soon as the match started and suplexed Viktor all over. Konnor cut him off with a boot and Ascension took control. Gable made the hot tag and Roode who ran wild briefly until Gable tagged himself in again and used the Chaos Theory suplex on Viktor for the pinfall win. Roode was happy to win again despite Gable repeatedly tagging himself in. 

Ziggler ranted to McIntyre and Strowman about the Shield, then complained to Corbin when he showed up. Corbin said Louisiana operates under the Napoleonic Code, which complicated matters. Corbin informed them that they would defend the tag titles against Ambrose and Rollins on Sunday. 

Ziggler couldn’t believe the Shield were being rewarded. Corbin said he had his own reason for it, then claimed he wanted to put on the best show possible. He also told Strowman that Stephanie McMahon wanted him to win the Universal title. Strowman was pleased, then said he was going “big dog hunting.” 

Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey & Natalya defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James (w/Alicia Fox) (13:23) 

A few minutes in, Bliss slapped Rousey, who was on the apron. Rousey chased after her, then Natalya caught Bliss and they gave her a Hart Attack. It was a cool spot, but it just led to a commercial and James was in control when they returned.

Natalya eventually made the hot tag, but a distraction allowed Bliss to toss Rousey into the barricade and side of the ring. The crowd chanted for Rousey as the heels worked her over. There was a moment where Rousey was just sort of staring at James, like she was waiting for the next thing to happen. That was followed by James knocking Natalya off the apron.

Rousey made her own comeback briefly after that, tossing around James before applying the armbar for the submission win. As Rousey and Natalya posed, Bliss kicked Rousey in the side and bailed. 

A stagehand handed Elias a tea backstage, but Elias spat in his face because it wasn’t what he asked for. He told the guy to go fix it. Suddenly, Strowman could be heard screaming, asking random people where Reigns was. He yelled, “Where is he?!” and sounded exactly like Christian Bale’s Batman. One guy rubbed him the wrong way, so he tossed him into some stuff.

Charly Caruso asked Rousey about her ribs and if she would be okay for HIAC. Rousey said she was fine, and even if she wasn’t, she would never pull out of a fight because she never has. She said even on her worst day, she was still the best, then stormed off. 

Elias was in the ring and took a shot at the New Orleans Saints for losing yesterday, then said Drew Brees was sick of representing their city. He was about to perform when Mick Foley interrupted. Foley said he was a fan of Elias, but then said Elias didn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

Elias said he was a child once, which he knew people would find hard to believe, and recalled sitting inside The Igloo in Pittsburgh when Undertaker tossed Foley off the cage. He hoped Foley would stay down, but he didn’t, and got chokeslammed through the cage. And now, Foley was standing there a broken man. The crowd chanted, “Mr. Socko.”

Foley said he wasn’t there to talk the past, he wanted to talk the future. Elias called himself the future. Foley agreed he could be a future Universal champion. Foley continued, saying he wanted to be part of this Sunday’s HIAC match and even asked Stephanie if could be involved, even though they don’t get along.

Elias said she probably laughed in his face, and Foley said she did. Foley recalled them bringing out the stretcher during that Undertaker match, with everyone figuring the match was over but he found the strength to climb the cage, and 20 years later he wants to part of the action again so he could feel as alive as he did at that moment.

Foley announced he would be the special referee for Strowman vs. Reigns inside the Cell and the crowd chanted “Yes.” Elias told him to shut up and leave. Foley got in his face and said Stephanie offered him the ability to make one match tonight, for old time’s sake. Foley put Elias in a match against Finn Balor. 

Finn Balor defeated Elias

Balor won with a small package.

They showed a video of Bobby Lashley working out earlier. Lio Rush was there, talking as fast as possible, and said every great man needs a great man of the hour. Lashley seemed annoyed at first and aggressively smacked him in the shoulder, which knocked his shades off. He then cheered up and said, “My man, Lio Rush! Motivate me, Lio!” Rush continued talking as Lashley continued lifting weights.

Caruso tried to interview Strowman, but he grabbed the mic and asked her where Reigns was. She saw him leave, but Strowman didn’t believe it. She said maybe if he goes to the ring, Reigns will find him. So she knows how this show works. Strowman liked the idea.

[Sidenote: Sportsnet in Canada did a news update on the Montreal Canadiens trading away their captain Max Pacioretty by saying there hasn’t been this much controversy in Montreal since Survivor Series 1997.]

Undertaker will be on Raw in Dallas next week. 

Strowman came to the ring and said he was tired of waiting. Well, it is after 11:00 pm ET. He called out Reigns, who didn’t show. Strowman said Reigns wouldn’t be able to escape him inside the Cell and his boys won’t be able to help. He warned Foley not to get involved either, or what happened to him 20 years ago will feel like a papercut.

Reigns’ music hit and he appeared standing on the announce table, holding up his title. Strowman went after him and they brawled. Strowman got the better of it and smashed Reigns’ head into the video boards on the stage.

Strowman cleared the announce table but before he could do anything, Reigns hoisted him up and did a Samoan drop off the table through some fake/padded staging. Reigns got to his feet and posed with his belt as people booed.

This angle was pretty flat, especially after such a long wait.