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WWE Raw live results: Will The Shield reunite?


The Big Takeaway: It was a night where the Shield was back with a vegenace. First, they laid out Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Curtis Axel in the opening segment. Later, they gave Braun Strowman the Shield Bomb through the commentator's table. This led to Angle making the main event of TLC the Shield vs. Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro. Later, Strowman was added to the match. Asuka will face Emma at TLC on her first Raw roster match. The story of Sister Abigail was told by Bray Wyatt, who is indeed Sister Abigail just as Finn Balor is the Demon. Kalisto captured the cruiserweight championship in the main event over Enzo Amore. 

Show Recap:

MizTV kicked things off. Once again, Miz did the gimmick of an awards show for "The Destruction of Roman Reigns." It was the "Mizzies." He presented an award to Curtis Axel, who dedicated his award to Bo Dallas. Michael Cole said Dallas was under the weather. Then came the Best Supporting Actor, which was a tie between Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus thanked Reigns, who got booed. Sheamus said watching Reigns gasping for air laying in the ring just wanted to make him beat Reigns some more. Sheamus said "Yo, we did it" like he was Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky 2. Cesaro thanked Ambrose and Rollins for knocking the teeth out of his mouth for giving them the inspiration to beat up the tag team champions. 

Miz said the Shield didn't want any of Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. There was a greater, revolutionary force standing in the ring. They did something that Brock Lesnar, John Cena and the Undertaker could never do: they destroyed Reigns. Miz introduced the final Mizzie, the man who proved himself to be the big dog of the WWE. After a drumroll, Miz said his name was the Miz. Corey Graves said "We like him! We really like him!" like Sally Field accepting an Oscar in the late 1980s. Crowd chanted "You deserve it." Miz started to dedicate the Mizzie to his unborn child when Reigns came out, selling nothing. He got a mixed response. 

Reigns gave everyone in the ring one chance to get out of his ring. Miz said he thought Reigns' was about action and that talk was cheap. Crowd started to chant for the Shield. Miz told Reigns to go back to the locker room and get Rollins and Ambrose, because rumors of the Sheild's reformation are nothing but hype. Reigns said "Who said anything about rumors?" Then Ambrose came out to his music. Rollins walked out to his music and there was a huge pop as they walked down the ramp together. 

The Shield surrounded the ring like they used to. Rollins jumped in the ring first to battle with Sheamus. Ambrose fought with Cesaro. Reigns took care of Axel while Miz ran for cover. Reigns gave Sheamus and Cesaro Superman punches. Miz found himself surrounded, ran in the ring only to receive dirty deeds from Ambrose. Then Reigns gave Miz the patented Shield triple bomb. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins then did their fist pose to a big pop. 

Jason Jordan defeated Karl Anderson (8:28) 

Jason Jordan won with the hoist hangman's neckbreker after Karl Anderson tried to pin Jordan with a schoolboy cradle with a handful of trunks. Luke Gallows jumped up on the apron late, but Jordan kicked him off. Just a match. 

Miz was being treated for an injured neck. He sold like a comedy character. Kurt Angle walked in and told Miz he would be competing in the main event of TLC. It would be Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro vs. the Shield in a TLC match. 

Elias was in the ring and said Apollo Crews was getting embarassing. He said Crews was driving the Titus Worldwide car in the Indianapolis 500, he was going around in circles and no one cares. He started to sing but a banjo was playing instead of his guitar. Titus O'Neil walked out playing the banjo and asked the crowd "Who wants to walk with Titus Worldwide?" Titus told the crowd to get ready to follow Apollo. Titus had a song for Elias "Elias, tonight on Monday Night Raw, you're about to lose. Right here in Indianapolis, to a man by the name of Apollo Crews." 

Elias defeated Apollo Crews (3:14) 

Elias won with drift away after pulling Crews into the ropes. Crews did a moonsault off the apron and a standing moonsault in the ring. Cole told a story that Slash from Guns n' Roses befriended Elias when he was young and told him the world wanted to hear his music. 

Enzo Amore came out. Even as a heel, the crowd cheers him like a star. He's playing a self-indugent champion. Enzo said he had a good relationship with Angle over the no-contact clause in his contract. Enzo said Kalisto assaulted him, yet Angle gave Kalisto a title shot at TLC. Enzo said he was the realest champ in the room and he knows Angle is doing nothing important right now. So he asked Angle to come out for the Zo Show. 

Angle came down. Enzo said Angle had been sucking on the udders of a cash cow, right here. Enzo pulled out his no-contact contract and wondered why Kalisto is getting the title shot. Angle said it only pertained to a cruiserweight who signed the contract before he signed that clause. Kalisto was assigned to the cruiserweight division after he signed that clause. Enzo said he was Angle's biggest superstar in the locker room. Angle should start worrying about what makes him happy. Angle said he does want to make Enzo happy. So he wouldn't be facing Kalisto at TLC. He would be facing Kalisto tonight. Enzo had a blank look on his face, said "touche." He said he would defend the championship under one condition: if the match is in the main event. Angle walked up the ramp and told Enzo's match would be a lumberjack match with cruiserweights surrounding the ring. 

Braun Strowman defeated Matt Hardy (6:31) 

Braun Strowman won with the running powerslam after two chokeslams. Matt Hardy did the tornado DDT spot, which I think is mandatory for every smaller babyface wrestling a monster heel in this company. Hardy even hit the Twist of Fate, but Strowman got up. 

Postmatch, Strowman threw Hardy out of the ring and carried him over his shoulder up the ramp. Then the Shield came out and stopped him. Strowman glared at them as Hardy vanished. Strowman went after Rollins, but Reigns and Ambrose put the boots to him. It was strange, in a way, because Strowman gets cheered like a babyface. That led to a flat reaction, at first. Then Reigns speared Strowman and the place went nuts. Rollins went to the commentator's table, followed by Ambrose and Reigns. The Shield delievered the Shield Bomb to Strowman on the table for a huge pop. Strowman collapsed to the floor as Ambrose and Rollins got their receipt from last week to get the return of the Shield over strong. 

The Shield did an interview backstage with Charly Caruso. Ambrose said they could fight four or five men because they were the most powerful force in the business. Rollins said you could believe that. 

James came out and said at first she didn't feel like she belonged when she first returned to Raw. She wondered if it was her southern accent, the fact she sang country music, her age. But she realized it was Bliss. It has been Bliss that has been burying her behind her back. But when she wanted to face Bliss last week, Bliss hid behind her bodyguard, Nia Jax. She told Bliss to jump out of her booster seat and put on her big girl pants. James said she had more energy in her than Bliss had hair extensions and pink hair dye. 

Bliss walked out and said she was sorry. She said James had been treated unfairly. Bliss put together a Mickie James career retrospective because many fans may not realize what she has accomplished. Bliss showed the video, which was in black and white and entitled "Superstars of Yesteryear." It was created like a newsreel in the 1920s shown at movie theatres and again implied James was old. Bliss laughed and wondered if it was past James' bedtime. She called James "grandma." Bliss said she was going to be running circles around James and she would send her a link to the video. Actually, she said she would send James a VHS tape. 

James challenged Bliss to come down to the ring. Bliss asked the crowd if the crowd had batteries for James' hearing aid. Bliss acted like she was going to get in the ring, but said the move was just as old as James herself. James pulled Bliss by the hair into the ring, tried to give her the Mick Kick, but Bliss ran for cover. 

Another Asuka vignette aired. They're putting her over huge. Bayley and Sasha Banks watched the piece with Angle. Bayley said she wanted to wrestle Asuka first at TLC, saying she would love to welcome her with a hug, then a Bayley-to-belly suplex. Banks objected, saying she would face Asuka first. Then Alicia Fox walked in and said she's been in the company ten years and has had only one t-shirt, so she should face Asuka. Dana Brooks came in and said sometimes she feels invisible and wanted the match. Finally, Emma showed up, leading to words with Fox, who was mad that Emma walked out on her when they were tag team partner last week. Angle ordered a Fatal Five-Way for later tonight with the winner facing Asuka at TLC. 

Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher defeated Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali (3:36) 

Brian Kendrick pinned Mustafa Ali with sliced bread #2. Ali looked good the brief time he was in there. Kendrick delievered a drop kick to the top of Ali's head before the finish. 

Miz approached Angle backstage. Angle thought Miz wanted the Shield match cancelled. Miz said to the contrary, since Ambrose said they could fight four or five men, he asked for another partner to be added to his team. Angle reluctantly agreed. Miz said he already found his partner. Then Strowman burst through the door and looked incensed after being power bombed through the table by the Shield. 

Balor came out for the latest regarding Sister Abigail. Balor said Wyatt was like a poison, a virus that keeps mutating with more games. Balor said Wyatt is desparate to instill fear, to play games. Balor said he's not afraid of Wyatt and the Demon wasn't afraid of Wyatt. 

Then an empty rocking chair appeared ont he TitanTron. Wyatt sat down and said Balor may not be afraid of him, but Balor will be afraid of her. He said she was young, she was beautiful, and she knew the truth so they feared her. They turned her into some kind of monster and he was there when she took her final breath. She chose him. Together, they promised they would make them all burn. Now, the season of the witch is upon Balor. She's here. The video transformed and made Wyatt appear to have a shawl over his head. This is the look of Sister Abigail. Wyatt's voice sounded like it went through a modulator to make it hauntingly feminine. Abigail said "Excuse me. You men are all the same. You just want to control everything. But Bray is different. Bray is special. Bray has much to learn. From a young age, I taught him the world is a very evil place. I taught him secrets. I taught him the darkness is so much stronger than the light. And I promised him that I would always be there by his side. So here I am. Scorned. Scarred and burned to a crisp. Rising from the ashes to fulfill my promise to my little prince. My sweet, innocent Bray. He wouldn't even harm a fly. But look what you did to him. You hurt him. You lied to him. So I must punish you and your demon. I know all about demons. Call it my specality, if you will. I can turn a demon into a pretty little dandelion. So let me give my advice to you, Finn. You can't beat me. I'm worse than anything you've ever read in your Irish mythology books. I'm worse your world has ever dreamed of. My touch could have dreamed you, Finn. My kiss will burn you to the ground. Run." Abigail cackled, then Wyatt appeared again and cackled. 

Emma won a Five-Way elimination match by pinning Sasha Banks in a bout that also included Alicia Fox, Bayley and Dana Brooke to win the right to face Asuka at TLC (9:40) 

God was this a mess. Cole claimed the first person to score a pinfall would win. So Bayley pinned Brooke with a Bayley-to-belly at 2:26. JoJo announced that Brooke had been eliminated and the match continued. Cole had to admit on live TV he got his rules mixed up. Meanwhile, Booker T tried to make some incoherent comparison of the winner of the match facing Asuka as the same thing as Buster Douglas stunning Mike Tyson in 1990 in Tokyo. Booker was stumbling all over his words until Cole cracked up over a live mic and quieted him down. Then Fox pinned Bayley at 3:12 with an ax kick and the crowd was furious. Banks made Fox tap to the Bank Statement at 9:30.  Emma immediately ran up at pinned Fox with an Oklahoma Side Roll at 9:40 for the win. 

Balor did an interview with Renee Young saying that Wyatt has unleashed something truly evil. He was afraid of the words that Sister Abigail used, but he knows what he must do now. 

Next week, Reigns faces Strowman inside of a steel cage. 

Kalisto did an interview with Caruso. Kalisto said when he was a child, Rey Mysterio and Eddy Guerrero inspired him to make his dream a reality. Then he saw Enzo become cruiserweight champion, which is a slap in the face to cruiserweights. He wants to make Rey Mysterio and Eddy Guerrero proud (they never mentioned today would be Guerrero's 50th birthday). 

Kalisto defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (14:27) 

Kalisto won with the Salina del Sol off the top rope. Amore hit the Jordanzo, but Ali pulled Amore out of the ring when he had the pin saying that Enzo doesn't represent them. Enzo clotheslined Ali. Big spot was when Ariya Daivari started arguing with Ali, which led to a brawl between Drew Gulak, Kendrick, Rich Swann, T.J. Perkins, Gallagher, and everyone else. As this was happening on the floor, Kalisto gave Enzo a superplex to the floor on top of the pile. Enzo actually got in the ring before Kalisto, who delievered the move. It was a limited cruiserweight match, as you can imagine with Enzo in there. Crowd reacted to Kalisto much better than his previous pushes.