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WWE Raw live results: WrestleMania Backlash go-home show

The Bloodline will appear on the final Raw before WrestleMania Backlash.

Date: May 2, 2022
Location: Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC 

Show Recap --

Roman Reigns, the Usos, and Paul Heyman entered to start the show. (There was a Smackdown recap and a plug for Backlash. By the time they spoke it was 8:07pm.)

Heyman put over what a treat it was for us to be able to witness Roman Reigns. Reigns told North Carolina to acknowledge him and that drew a loud mixed reaction.

Out of nowhere, Randy Orton and Riddle popped in the ring and dropped both Usos with RKOs. (The timing of this was great.)

Drew McIntyre then entered with his sword as a concerned Reigns looked on. McIntyre dropped the sword before entering the ring. Orton and Riddle left him to it.

McIntyre and Reigns brawled and McIntyre was getting the better of it until the Usos attacked him. Orton and Riddle jumped back in and everyone brawled. Officials jumped in and tried to break things up as they cut to break (at 8:12pm). 

After a break, there was a replay of what we just saw. The replay was almost as long as the angle itself. Byron Saxton made it clear that we’d see more of this on Friday’s Smackdown.


Earlier today, Ezekiel approached the Street Profits in the back. They gave him a drink and made a toast to him. Chad Gable and Otis interrupted before Kevin Owens quickly barged in to call Ezekiel a liar. Gable said he learned that lie detector tests can be tricked by the biggest frauds.

Owens couldn’t wait to expose Ezekiel as a liar. Angelo Dawkins said they were gonna beat them in a six-man tag tonight. Owens chucked a drink in Ezekiel’s face before he bailed with his buddies.

Six-man tag team match: Kevin Owens, Chad Gable & Otis defeated The Street Profits & Ezekiel (9:28)

The good guys were in control before a break but the bad guys were in control after the break. There was a nice spot where Montez Ford seemed to be going for a sunset flip but Gable countered into a Northern Lights suplex. Owens followed with a moonsault for two. The crowd chanted “we want Zek” and he did get the hot tag.

Ezekiel gave Gable a spinebuster, chops, a Stinger splash, and a delayed vertical suplex but Otis broke up the cover. Everyone traded moves until Ezekiel tackled Owens and hammered away at him. As Gable distracted the referee, Owens tripped Ezekiel and Gable rolled him up for the pinfall win.

(The Street Profits were acting a bit heelish in recent weeks but they were full-fledged babyfaces here. Corey Graves acknowledged that they’ve had more of an edge recently, so that seems to be the extent of it.) 


AJ Styles told Kevin Patrick that he had Edge beat at WrestleMania until his new friend distracted him. That’s why if Styles can beat Damian Priest tonight, he’ll be banned from ringside for his rematch against Edge at Backlash.


Adam Pearce told Sonya Deville that the higher-ups want to see her compete but not while she’s in an authority role. Pearce said she was put in a six-woman tag match tonight, teaming with Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley against Bianca Belair, Asuka and Liv Morgan. Deville wanted to add a stipulation but Pearce told her that she doesn’t have power tonight, she’s only a performer.

(So she doesn’t have authority on nights that she’s wrestling.)


Saxton interviewed ‘Bert Hansen’ in the ring before the upcoming match. Hansen said Mahaan terrified him but he’s competing tonight because it’s always been his dream to wrestle on Raw in his hometown after years working at Stamey’s Barbecue down the road.

Veer Mahann defeated Bert Hansen (1:34)

Mahaan won with the million dollar clothesline and Cervical Clutch.

After the match, Mahaan put the guy in the Cervical Clutch in between the ropes until he passed out. 


Edge and Priest entered.


Edge promo

Edge said, “we are Judgment Day.” He said the fans probably can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror and they probably don’t like him very much anymore. That was only because they despised themselves. They can’t look at themselves in the mirror because it would make them sick, or at least it should.

He said the people in Greensboro couldn’t even count high enough to find their seat numbers. If Greensboro had a sports team it should be named the Lemmings because they were a small, dumb rodent that rushed into danger — just like AJ Styles was doing this Sunday.

The crowd chanted “what” at Edge who made fun of them for not having teeth. Edge continued to rant until Styles interrupted.

AJ Styles defeated Damian Priest (w/Edge) (11:02)

They were playing it up that Styles had an injured shoulder. He was in control until Priest drove him shoulder-first into the ring post. After a break, Styles fought back and gave Priest a rack bomb for a nearfall. Priest followed later with a backbreaker for two. Styles slipped out of a Razor’s Edge attempt and hit a Pelé Kick.

Styles went for a Phenomenal forearm but Priest countered into a chokeslam for a nearfall. Styles ducked a kick and went for the Calf Crusher but let go when he was distracted by Edge. Styles used a rollup moments later anyway for the pinfall win.

— Edge attacked Styles immediately after the match and Priest gave him a flatliner.

They were about to give him a con-chair-to when Finn Bálor ran down and made the save. Edge backed away as Styles clotheslined Priest out of the ring.

Bálor and Styles did the too-sweet thing after the match.

The crowd was into Styles and they popped for Bálor’s save.


Cedric Alexander approached MVP and Omos. Alexander wanted to join them and he got a match against Bobby Lashley to prove himself. MVP liked the idea. Alexander was about to explain in more detail but Omos abruptly told him, “it’s time for you to leave” (which was amusing).


They wished a happy birthday to The Rock.

Miz TV with guest Mustafa Ali 

Miz said “welcome to Miz TV” and they piped in fan noise saying it along with him. Miz introduced Mustafa Ali.

Ali entered but his music was cut short and Miz claimed it was a rare technical mishap. Ali’s microphone also wasn’t working. Miz mocked him and kept calling him “Moost.” Miz advised him not to go to Twitter to complain.

Ali grabbed Miz’s mic. He said the only thing they have to complain about was the fact that Miz still worked there. Ali said Miz always complained to officials when things didn’t go his way but Ali could always rely on the fans. Miz grabbed the mic but quickly realized it was the one that wasn’t working and Ali mocked him for it. Miz got it to work and told Ali that he would live to regret that.

Theory entered. He informed them that Ali’s win over Miz was stricken from the record, per Mr. McMahon. Miz appreciated it. Theory told Ali that he’s done nothing.

Ali told them that they talk too much. He wanted a US title match and was willing to fight for it. Theory used WWE-speak to tell Ali that he has a non-title match tonight. Theory didn’t think Ali could handle the heat. Ali said if there was anyone around here who could handle heat, it was him.

Theory informed Ali that his match tonight was actually a handicap match against him and Miz.


2-on-1 handicap match: US Champion Theory & The Miz defeated Mustafa Ali (approx. 2:48)

Theory tried grabbing Ali’s leg from outside the ring but Ali kicked him down. The distraction allowed Miz to hit Skull Crushing Finale for the pinfall win. There wasn’t much to this.

(The match started during a break and went 2:48 on TV.)


Earlier today, Dana Brooke, Reggie, R-Truth, Tamina and Akira Tozawa bickered about whatever until Nikki ASH attacked Brooke and pinned her to win the 24/7 title. Nikki ran away. Brooke was irrationally upset over losing this title and blamed it on Reggie. She demanded he get her a rematch tonight.

Dana Brooke (w/Reggie) defeated Nikki A.S.H. to win the 24/7 Championship (1:30)

Brooke won her title back with a somersault neckbreaker.

Various people, Reggie included, tried pinning Brooke afterwards but she escaped. Brooke told Reggie that she wanted a divorce. 


Patrick interviewed Becky Lynch. He tried recapping what happened last week but she cut him off and said, “you don’t have to tell me what happened, I was there.” Lynch said she handed Asuka the championship and told her to be a warrior while she went to be a mother. Lynch held up her end of the bargain but Asuka didn’t hold up to hers. As soon as Lynch returned, Asuka vanished. Now it was time for her to put an end to Asuka. 


(The Canadian broadcast plugged Raw in Toronto on August 22, which I imagine will do quite well.)


Seth Rollins entered at 9:49pm and they went to break. They came back with a commercial for Doctor Strange before replaying tonight’s opening angle. They plugged two Backlash matches before Rollins finally began his segment at 9:58pm.

Seth Rollins Appreciation Night 

Rollins said they spent all night last Monday celebrating Randy Orton but thought it was time they celebrated someone underappreciated like him. A spotlight shined on Rollins as the crowd sang his music. Rollins soaked it in before the crowd started chanting for Cody Rhodes.

Rollins said Rhodes tried to steal his spotlight at WrestleMania but he won’t be able to do that at Backlash because Seth Freakin’ Rollins was the damn spotlight. The crowd chanted “we want Cody.” Rollins told them to shut up. Rollins called himself the standard-bearer and the fans have forgotten how great he was so he had a video package made.

Rollins pointed at the screen but Rhodes entered instead. The crowd chanted for Rhodes. Rollins wanted to know why he was out there if he wasn’t there to give him his flowers. Rhodes said if he wanted his flowers he would give it to him. Rhodes congratulated Rollins. However, Rhodes also wanted to know why Rollins seemed to be unravelling at the seams.

Rhodes said he has been nothing but professional since returning, even after Rollins shoved him off the top rope, but he had a feeling that Rollins was about to cross a line he shouldn’t cross. Rhodes admitted that Rollins was one of the best “superstars” over the past 20 years but he was also delusional.

Rollins mentioned how great Dusty Rhodes was (which drew a “Dusty” chant) but Dusty was delusional, just like Cody. Dusty wanted to be WWE Champion but he just wasn’t good enough, and as long as Rollins was here, Cody wasn’t good enough, either.

Before Rhodes could maybe take a swing at Rollins, Rollins attacked him first. Rhodes fought back and dropped him with a Cody cutter. Rollins backed off as the fans chanted for Rhodes. (Rhodes chucked Rollins’ expensive coat into the crowd.) 


They wished The Rock a happy birthday again and plugged Young Rock.

Bobby Lashley defeated Cedric Alexander (2:37)

Omos’ music hit as the match started which distracted Lashley, so Alexander attacked him from behind. MVP mocked Lashley as Alexander continued the attack. Alexander tried a dive but Lashley blocked it before driving him into the barricade and the post. Lashley hit a spear and applied the Hurt Lock for the submission win. 


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Liv Morgan. Morgan thought she and Rhea Ripley were a great tag team but Ripley thought she was a disappointment. Morgan figured that Ripley was really just disappointed in herself. Morgan wasn’t going to take the blame for Ripley’s problems and wasn’t going to take another beating from her. 

They ran down the Backlash card.


10:29pm: Becky Lynch enters. Commercial break.
10:34pm: 24/7 title segment recap. R-Truth offers to be Reggie’s divorce attorney. Doudrop asks Nikki ASH if she’s ready to start taking things more seriously.
10:37pm: Rhea Ripley and Sonya Deville enter. Liv Morgan, Asuka, and Bianca Belair enter.
10:40pm: Commercial break.
10:44pm: Match begins. 

Six-woman tag team match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka & Liv Morgan defeated Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley & Sonya Deville (15:15)

They had a pretty good match and Morgan picked up the win over Deville.

Lynch and Asuka started. Lynch ducked a bunch of strikes and quickly tagged out to Deville. Asuka tagged Belair but Deville quickly tagged out to Ripley. The crowd chanted “E.S.T.” Ripley countered a suplex by yanking Belair down by the hair. Deville tagged in but Belair fought her off.

Morgan and Lynch had an exchange until Morgan wiped out Ripley with a dive. Morgan had her back to the ring which allowed Lynch to hit a dropkick and diving leg drop for two.

After a break, the heels worked over Morgan until she gave Lynch a DDT and made the tag to Belair. Ripley gave her a headbutt but Belair responded with a shoulder tackle and delayed vertical suplex for two. The heels teamed up on Belair which led to Deville and Ripley giving her a double superplex but the cover was broken up.

Asuka made the hot tag and hit Deville with a shoulder tackle, running hip attack, German suplex, and a sliding knee for two. There was a cool combo move where Asuka knocked Deville off the apron with a running hip attack right into a Codebreaker by Morgan.

Morgan tried a pinfall but Lynch broke it up. Everyone traded moves until Deville clocked Morgan with a running knee strike for two.

Deville tried a cover with feet on the rope but the ref caught her. Belair shoved Deville off the ropes and Morgan followed with Oblivion for the pinfall win. The babyfaces celebrated together as the show ended.