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WWE Regina, SK, live results: Enzo references Neville's situation


Reports submitted by readers Brandon Cain and Mike Doucette

- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore to retain his title

Amore worked hard to get heat by trashing the city, but it didn't really work. He also said that he took out Big Cass and made Neville quit. Kalisto ended up retaining with the Salida Del Sol.

- Goldust & Darren Young defeated Curtis Axel & Curt Hawkins

Young sold for most of the match until Goldust got the hot tag and picked up the win.

- Elias defeated R-Truth

Before the match, Elias covered "Wonderwall" by Oasis while insulting the city and R-Truth. The crowd was really into R-Truth, but Elias won with the Drift Away.

- Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro & Sheamus and Heath Slater & Rhyno to retain their titles

Rollins and Ambrose were ridiculously over and retained with a flurry of finishers on Cesaro.

- Sasha Banks & Dana Brooke defeated Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss & Alicia Fox

Emma was the special guest referee for this match and her favoring the heels was pretty funny. The crowd was most invested when Banks and Bliss were in the ring together, but the finish came when Banks submitted Fox with the Banks Statement.

- Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Jason Jordan to retain his title

Half of this match was a debate over two signs: one that said Miz sucks and one that said he's awesome. Miz and Jordan ripped up each sign. Miz was really over here and retained with the Skull Crushing Finale after some shenanigans.

- Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman in a last man standing match

The crowd ended up being super pro-Reigns. He won with a spear through a table.