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WWE SmackDown 1000 live results: Evolution, Mysterio-Nakamura


A video package looking back at the history of SmackDown started the show. 

R-Truth and Carmella were already in the ring for a special edition of Truth TV. Truth said there have been a lot of special Truth TV episodes but this is the most special. Carmella pointed out they only had one episode and they were cancelled.

Truth and Carmella then had a brief dance break. The fans chanted “one more time” but Truth said he had to get to work. He went to introduce the next guest but they had another dance break instead. Truth went to announce his guest when Stephanie McMahon’s music hit.

Stephanie pointed out that she was the first SmackDown General Manager. She asked Truth to ask his first question when Shane McMahon’s music interrupted. The crowd popped huge for Shane. He thanked the fans and Stephanie acted disgusted.

Shane welcomed her to the A show but she pointed out that Raw’s the longest running show. She said Raw wouldn’t start off with something like Truth TV. The crowd broke into a loud “Truth TV” chant. Shane and Stephanie continued to argue until Vince McMahon’s music hit.

The crowd erupted for Vince. He said nobody wants to see Shane and Stephanie argue. He said they want to be entertained. The crowed started a “What?” chant. Stephanie pointed out that Vince has a hearing aid and can hear them. Vince said the fans want a dance break. Vince, Truth, Carmella, Shane and Stephanie all started dancing to end the segment.

The Usos defeated WWE Champion AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan

Styles was halfway down the ramp when Daniel Bryan’s music interrupted. Styles seemed a bit annoyed.

Jimmy rocked Bryan with chops in the corner. Bryan fought back and used a dragon screw whip. Styles continued to target the leg. The Usos gained the advantage with a double kick in the corner. Styles caught Jimmy with the Calf Crusher and Bryan applied the Yes Lock on Jey. Jimmy was able to make it to the ropes.

After the commercial break, both Styles and Jey were down. Bryan got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit a suicide dive and missile dropkick. Bryan used the Yes Kicks for a near fall.

Bryan tried to hit Jey but he moved and punched Styles instead. Jey then went to superkick Bryan but he moved and hit Styles as well. The Usos then hit a double superkick on Bryan for the win. Styles was clearly unhappy with Bryan.

General Manager Paige was in her office. Vicki Guerrero, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis all showed up.

Randy Orton, Ric Flair, HHH and Batista came down to the ring. Tom Philips pointed out this is the first time Evolution’s been together on SmackDown. The crowd broke into a “Batista” chant. HHH and Flair spoke positively about each other and the fans.

Orton noted that HHH has been running things, Flair lives vicariously through his daughter and Batista spends most of his time in a make up chair. Orton’s been in the WWE dominating.

Batista said he’s nervous and going to ignore Orton’s comment. He pointed out that they’re in his hometown. He thanked the fans and said he loves them. He never cared when they called him “Bootista”. All he wanted to do was entrain the fans. One of the reasons he came back was to reunite with Evolution.

He said Evolution is a special group. He said when he first saw Orton in OVW he knew he was special. He said Orton has more talent in his pinky then anyone else that stepped in the ring. He said there’s nothing he can say about Flair that you don’t already know. Then he noted there are a few stories he can’t share. Batista said to Flair “Keep it in your pants”.

Battista started talking about HHH. He noted he’s the greatest and there’s nothing he can’t do…except beat him. The crowed erupted. Batista and HHH went face-to-face and the situaion got tense. Flair calmed them down. They hugged and smiled. However, their smiles slowly faded away.

The Miz defeated Rusev in a World Cup qualifying match

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle joined in on commentary. This was a short match. Rusev was on fire but Aiden English ran out and distracted Rusev. Miz then rolled Rusev up to qualify for the World Cup.

After the match, Lana gave English a low blow. Rusev beat English all around ringside and threw him over the announce table.

Backstage, Edge met with his former Edge head Curt Hawkins

Edge came down to the ring to host a special edition of Cutting Edge. He said he felt he had to be here for SmackDown 1000 because he feels it’s his show. He talked about facing The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and marrying & divorcing Vickie Guerrero.

He noted he’s been watching the show the last few weeks. He feels he needs to be the moral campus. He introduced SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The fans broke into a “Becky” chant. They booed when Edge mentioned Charlotte Flair.

Edge sees a lot of himself in Lynch. She thanked him for having the champ on his show. Edge said he wasn’t meant to be in the main event. He had to fight for everything he got just like Lynch.

Edge noted that Lynch chose the championship over friendship but it was a mistake. He said that he stills see a good person in Lynch. He said it ends with Lynch at home looking at her championships and reminiscing all alone.

Lynch said he’s right and she doesn’t like herself. She loves herself. The fans popped big. She told Edge to get out of her ring and not to break his neck on his way out. Awesome line. This got a huge reaction.

Flair came out and was disgusted with Lynch. The fans chanted “Becky”. Flair and Lynch brawled. Several referees tried to break them up. This was a really good segment. The fans love Becky Lynch.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio ran into Jeff Hardy. 

The Bar defeated The New Day (w/Kofi Kingston) to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The New Day gave up their special orange announce table to Jerry “The King “ Lawler and Booker T. Throughout the match they cut away to King and Booker. King and Booker never seemed ready to speak.

The Bar had the early advantage and isolated Xavier Woods. Big E got the hot tag and ran wild. Big E dropped Cesaro on the top of his head for a near fall. This looked scary.

Sheamus missed a brogue kick and Big E hit the spear to the floor. Woods hit a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Big E hit the Big Ending on Sheamus but he had made a blind tag. Cesaro scored a close near fall.

Sheamus and Cesaro gave Big E a powerbomb/uppercut combo for a near fall. Cesaro hit Kingston from behind. Woods tried to hit a dive but The Bar caught him and tossed him in the barricade. The Bar cleared the orange announce table but Big Show’s music hit.

Big Show came down to ringside and The Bar left. He helped Kingston up. Show suddenly gave Kingston a choke slam through the table. Big E was distracted and Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to win the SmackDown tag team championship.

John Cena sent in a special video. He noted that without SmackDown there would be no John Cena. He mentioned his debut against Kurt Angle. He thanked the fans.

Rey Mysterio defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to qualify for the World Cup

Nakamura started off with stiff kicks and knees. Mysterio fought back with his own strikes. Nakamura applied a front face lock and slowed the pace down. Mysterio attempted the 619 but Nakamura avoided the move. Mysterio hit a sliding dive underneath the bottom rope into a splash on the floor.

Mysterio gave Nakamura a hurricanrana off the top for a near fall. He went for springboard splash but Nakamura caught him with a knee. He followed up with a second knee for a two count. Nakamura attempted the Kinshasa but Mysterio reversed into a pin fall attempt.

Nakamura attempted a second Kinshasa but Mysterio ducked. Finish came when Mysterio hit the 619 and a springboard frog splash to win the match and qualify for the World Cup.

The lights went out and The Undertaker came down to the ring. He mentioned Crown Jewel and the fans booed. Undertaker said he has three words for DX, “Rest In Peace.”