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WWE SmackDown live results: Ali vs. Murphy, Gable vs. Benjamin


SmackDown takes place tonight from the Raising Cane’s River Center Arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Last week, Daniel Bryan revealed Rowan’s doppelganger as the "real culprit" that attacked Roman Reigns. Bryan and Rowan are demanding Reigns make a public apology for wrongfully accusing Rowan.

The King of the Ring tournament continues with SmackDown's remaining first-round matches. Buddy Murphy takes on Ali, and Chad Gable goes one-on-one with Shelton Benjamin.

Randy Orton and The Revival attacked Xavier Woods last week on Raw. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston got some revenge when he attacked Orton and The Revival last Tuesday. Orton and The Revival are scheduled to appear tonight.

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley defends against Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions. The match was set up last week on a Moment of Bliss, with the segment ending when Bayley shoved Flair out of her chair. Flair promises to respond to Bayley tonight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Kayla Braxton approached Roman Reigns backstage and asked about Daniel Bryan and Rowan demanding an apology. He’s got a lot of unfinished business, but he wants to save it for the ring.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston made his way down to the ring. They recapped Randy Orton and Kingston’s feud. They announced Kingston defending against Orton for Clash of Champions.

The fans broke into a loud “Kofi” chant. Kingston noted Orton loves to call him stupid. He pointed out that he attacked Orton last week. Orton made this feud personal, but Kingston wants to prove that he deserves to be champion.

Orton made it personal by attacking Woods and bringing his family into it. Last week, Orton slithered away because he saw the look in Kingston’s eyes. He promised to defeat Orton at Clash of Champions and remain the WWE Champion.

Suddenly, Orton started calling Kingston stupid on the big screen. He would come down there to attack Kingston, but instead, he’s going to wait until Clash of Champions. He was trying to figure out what to do when somebody sent him a letter.

Orton read the letter. The letter asked Orton to stop hurting Kingston because it makes him cry at night. The letter is from Kingston’s son. Orton realized he’s staying at the same hotel as Kingston’s family and he’s going to pay his son a visit.  Kingston left the ring and ran into the back.

In the back, Kingston attacked Orton and officials tried to break it up. Orton took over and gave Kingston the draping DDT. Orton called Kingston stupid and left.

In the back, Big E left the trainer’s room. Kayla Braxton and asked about Kingston. Big E was furious and promised to get revenge on Orton.

They recapped Buddy Murphy defeating Daniel Bryan last week and Rowan attacking him after the match.

Ali defeated Buddy Murphy in a first-round King of the Ring match

This was a good match with lots of intense back and forth action. They had a heated exchange to start the match. Ali used a hurricanrana and sent Murphy to the floor. He set up for a dive, but Murphy cut him off for a near fall.

Back from the break, Ali used a dropkick and sent Murphy to the floor. He followed up with a suicide dive. In an excellent spot, Ali attempted the rolling X-Factor, but Murphy picked him up and tossed Ali to the floor.

Murphy followed up with an insane flip dive. The fans broke into a loud “Buddy” chant.

Murphy missed a Meteora and Ali hit a superkick. He hit a reverse rana for a close near fall.

Murphy used a powerbomb for a two count and hit a knee. The fans broke into a  “This is Awesome” chant. They traded shots in the middle of the ring. Ali hit a spinning heel kick and sent Murphy to the apron. Ali then hit a tilt a whirl draping DDT and hit the 450 for the win in an excellent finish.

After the match, Murphy shook Ali’s hand and raised his arm. Ali advances in the King of the Ring and takes on Elias in the quarterfinals.

In the back, Ember Moon approached Bayley. Moon promised to defeat Bayley in the ring someday. Moon said Flair’s wrong and Bayley is the face of the division. Moon said the better woman won at SummerSlam.

Lacey Evans approached them and promised to prove she’s the face of the division and will show it in their match later.

They recapped Sami Zayn and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura attacking The Miz.

The Miz made his way to the ring. He noted Zayn is Nakamura’s spokesperson because Zayn can’t do it on his own. Zayn is a hanger-on and is just using Nakamura. Nakamura doesn’t need Zayn. Miz noted he made the Intercontinental title. He then challenged Nakamura to a match for Clash of Champions

Sami Zayn interrupted and noted he liberated Nakamura. Nakamura is feeling stronger and better in years. Zayn noted Nakamura is an artist, poetic and King of Strong Style. He called Miz the King of Soft Style. Zayn threatened to beat some respect into Miz. Miz challenged him to come in the ring.

Zayn noted he doesn’t do things on his terms. Miz came out to attack Zayn, but Nakamura attacked Miz from behind. Nakamura then gave Miz the Kinshasa against the LED board. Nakamura then gave Miz a second Kinshasa in the ring.

They announced Big E vs. Randy Orton for later tonight.

Kevin Owens entered Shane McMahon’s office and found Elias. Owens is looking for McMahon, but he’s not there. Owens thanked Elias and left.

SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley defeated Lacey Evans
Bayley had the early advantage, but Evans took over with a slam. Bayley regained control with a knee and rocked Evans with a clothesline on the floor.

Charlotte Flair made her way down to the ring. Back from the break, Evans slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Bayley used a crossbody, but Evans took back over. Bayley tied Evans up in the ropes and rocked her with a dropkick. Evans regained control.

Bayley caught Evans leg in the ropes and hit a big clothesline to take over. Bayley attempted the Bayley-to-Belly, but Evans attacked the arm. Evans hit the moonsault for a near fall.

They traded pinfall attempts. Bayley caught Evans with a knee and Bayley-to-Belly, but Evans grabbed the bottom rope.

Evans kicked the injured left arm and hit a neck breaker. Bayley regained control and hit a Bayley-to-Belly. She followed up with an elbow off the top for the win.

Kayla Braxton spoke with Daniel Bryan and Rowan in the back. Bryan noted he proved Rowan’s innocence last week. Bryan promised not to leave until they receive an apology from Roman Reigns.

Randy Orton defeated Big E

Big E and Orton brawled on the floor around ringside. Big E tossed Orton over the announce table. Orton used a thumb to the eye, but Big E fought back. Orton sent Big E shoulder first into the ring post to take over.

Big E fought back with a series of clotheslines. Orton regained control when Big E missed the splash on the apron. He then gave Big E a back suplex on the announce table.

Back from the break, Big E gave Orton a back suplex on the announce table. He hit Orton with a belly-to-belly suplex and went for the splash, but The Revival caused the distraction. Big E went for the Big Ending, but the Revival interfered again. Orton then hit the RKO for the win.

After the match, Orton and The Revival gave Big E an assisted RKO.

In the back, Sara Schreiber interviewed Chad Gable. Gable noted Shelton Benjamin should know better not to underestimate him.

Benjamin approached and made a bunch of short jokes and left.

They recapped R-Truth defeating Elias for the 24/7 Championship at Fox Founders Day. Truth then appeared on the Fox College Football Kickoff Show. One of the hosts, Rob Stone, defeated Truth to win the title. Then Elias rolled up Stone to regain the title.  

In the ring, Elias sat in the King of the Ring throne wearing the crown. Elias talked about winning the tournament and talked about how good he looks in the crown.

Kevin Owens approached and attacked Elias. They fought in the ring and Owens gave Elias the stunner. Owens didn’t attempt the pin to win the 24/7 title and just walked off.

Truth entered the ring and tried to pin Elias, but Drake Maverick pulled Truth out. Maverick then pinned Elias to win the 24/7 Championship.

Chad Gable defeated Shelton Benjamin in a First Round King of the Ring match

On commentary, Corey Graves made short jokes throughout the match.

Benjamin had the early advantage and scored a near fall. Gable fought back and caught Benjamin with a high angle German suplex. Benjamin fought back with a flying clothesline. He applied the Ankle lock, but Gable rolled through.

Gable leaped off the apron, but Benjamin caught him and tossed him into the barricade. Gable attempted a moonsault, but Benjamin moved, and Gable landed on his feet.

Benjamin caught Gable with knee and attempted a powerbomb.

Gable reversed and rolled up Benjamin to advance. Gable takes on Andrade in the quarterfinals.

Roman Reigns made his way down to the ring to address Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Before Reigns could speak, Daniel Bryan interrupted on the big screen and told Reigns to say I’m sorry.

Reigns asked the fans if he should apologize. Reigns then showed footage of his attack and found footage of Rowan. Bryan was furious. He slapped Rowan in the face and grabbed a mic. He promised he didn’t know anything and that he hates liars. He made his way down to the ring.

Bryan called Rowan a liar and said somebody told him to do this. He said it wasn’t him, but Reigns speared Bryan anyway.