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WWE SmackDown live results: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Carmella


The build to the Royal Rumble continues as tonight's SmackDown takes place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Carmella face off in a triple threat number one contender's match. Tonight’s winner challenges SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble.

Two weeks ago, Vince McMahon slapped AJ Styles in an attempt to motivate him. Styles snapped and attacked McMahon. Last week, Styles used that motivation to win a wild fatal five-way number one contender's match. Styles takes on WWE Champion Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble.

Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted new United States Champion Rusev’s title celebration last week. During the attack, Rusev rocked Nakamura with the Machka Kick -- but Nakamura fell backwards onto Lana.

The Usos take on SmackDown Tag Team champions The Bar in a non-title match tonight. If The Usos win, they’ll receive a future title shot. Plus, more wrestlers will announce their participation in this year's Royal Rumble matches.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Daniel Bryan was at the concession stand and criticized the fans for eating popcorn and candy. He noted they’re just filling an empty void and that’s why they cheer for AJ Styles. He grabbed a hot dog out of a fan's hand and threw hit in his face. He then grabbed a drink out of another fan's hand and threw it at him too.

He went to the merchandise stand and tried buying a Yes Movement t-shirt. They have none because he killed it. He pointed out all the AJ Styles gear and mocked fans for buying it. He entered the arena through the crowd and walked towards the ring.

Bryan wants to make a change but needs the people to change first. Bryan is saving the planet one day at a time. He yelled at the fans that they’re impotent and to change it. He noted that AJ Styles only fills the void for a few seconds. He’s going to fill the void with something meaningful. Suddenly, R-Truth attacked Bryan and they brawled around ringside. This leads to the first match. This was another awesome Bryan promo.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defeated R-Truth In a Non-Title Match

Truth had the early advantage but Bryan quickly took over. Bryan was firmly in control and nailed Truth with the running dropkicks in the corner. Truth made a comeback and scored a near fall. The finish came when Truth missed a charge in the corner and Bryan hit the running knee for the win.

After the match, AJ Styles attacked Bryan on the rampway. Styles was out of control as he went after Bryan but Bryan was able to run off.

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Samoa Joe defeated Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali

The heels took over by isolating Mysterio on their side of the ring. Mysterio fought back and drove Almas head first into the mat.

Ali got the tag and ran wild on Almas. He hit the rolling X-Factor for a near fall. He followed up with a huge tornado DDT. Ali attempted a plancha but Joe caught him. He hit an awesome looking fall away slam and threw Ali over the announce table.

Back from commercial, Ali was caught in the tree of woe but was still able to throw Almas off the top. Mysterio got the hot tag and rocked Almas with a kick. In an awesome spot, Almas lifted up Mysterio but he turned it into a Canadian Destroyer type of move for a close near fall. Mysterio caught Joe with the 619 and Ali nailed Joe with the 450.

Ali took out Joe with a dive to the floor. Mysterio attempted the 619 on Almas but Almas caught him and nailed a gut buster. Almas hit then hammerlock DDT on Mysterio for a huge win. This was a good fast paced match. 

In the back, Carmella discussed her odds in the main event. She noted nobody thinks she can win. She promised to win in the main event and earn the title shot.

Backstage, The Usos discussed their upcoming match with The Bar. They guaranteed victory to earn a future title shot.

Miz barged into Shane McMahon’s office. Miz was upset about The Usos taking on The Bar for a title shot. He wondered why they weren’t getting the title shot. McMahon noted they have to earn that. Miz started talking about outfits but McMahon pretended to get a phone call and walked away.

United States Champion Rusev was in the ring. He brought up Nakamura’s actions from last week. He talked about Lana’s injury after Nakamura fell on her. He noted it’s okay to mess with him but never mess with his wife. He demanded Nakamura come to the ring so he could break every bone in his body.

Nakamura appeared on the big screen in the video truck. He said it wasn’t his fault for injuring Lana. Nakamura showed footage from last week of the injury. Nakamura said Rusev crushed Lana. Rusev was furious and ran to the back.

In the back, Rusev was looking for the TV truck when Nakamura attacked Rusev and beat him down. The officials dragged Nakamura away. Rusev struggled to get up when Nakamura reappeared and hit the Kinshasa.

In the back, Becky Lynch noted she has to earn a title shot for championship she was never beat for. She promised to win the main event and go on to win her title back. 

A recap of Hulk Hogan’s tribute to Mean Gene Okerlund from last night aired. They also showed the excellent tribute video from last night as well.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar defeated The Usos In a Non-Title Match

The Usos had the early advantage until Cesaro interfered from the apron. The Bar isolated Jey by cutting him off from Jimmy. Jimmy and Cesaro both got the tag. Jimmy ran wild on Cesaro.

The Usos hit dives on The Bar to the floor. Jimmy hit Cesaro so hard it sent him into the crowd. Jimmy hit a cross body for a near fall. Jey got the blind tag and hit a superkick for a two count.

Back from commercial, Cesaro had Jey in the Cesaro Swing and transitioned into the Sharpshooter. Jey fought back and nailed Sheamus with a series of headbutts. Jey nailed Sheamus with a superkick as he sat on the top turnbuckle. Cesero made a blind tag but Jey caught him with a superkick too. Jey tried making a tag to Jimmy.

Suddenly, Mandy Rose came out wearing only a towel. She asked Jimmy if she left her gold shorts and top in Jimmy’s hotel room. Jimmy was confused and distracted. Sheamus knocked Jimmy off the apron and Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on Jey for the win.

After the match, Miz came out and challenged The Bar for the titles at the Royal Rumble. Cesaro told Miz he’d talk it over with Sheamus. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Miz and Cesaro accepted the challenge.

In the back, Mandy Rose was walking with Sonya Deville. Rose took off the towel to reveal the very gold shorts and top she claimed to have left in Jimmy’s hotel room. Naomi appeared and attacked both. The heels got the better of Naomi until Jimmy ran in and broke it up.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair ran down her credentials and achievements. Tonight her focus is on Becky Lynch and Carmella. Then her focus will be on Asuka at the Royal Rumble. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan. Bryan was furious that Styles jumped him earlier. He gave another great and intense interview. Bryan promised to be WWE Champion forever. 

Shane McMahon and Miz met backstage. Miz gave a passionate speech about challenging themselves. McMahon didn’t want to earn the title shot that way. Regardless, he shakes Miz’s hand and agrees to the match.

Becky Lynch defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair To Earn A Royal Rumble Title Shot

Flair climbed to the top turnbuckle but Lynch caught her. She slammed Flair onto a prone Carmella. Lynch and Flair traded forearms and chops in the middle of the ring. Carmella nailed Flair with a weak looking kick. Carmella locked on a submission and rolled up Flair for near fall. Flair fought back and hit a moonsault onto both Lynch and Carmella.

Flair and Lynch fought on the top turnbuckle. Lynch attempted a superplex but Carmella yanked Lynch off. Carmella caught Flair with a hurricanrana off the top. She followed up with a suicide dive on Lynch to the floor. Flair went for a moonsault but both Carmella and Lynch moved.

Lynch went for the Dis-arm-her on Carmella but Flair hit the Natural Selection. Flair locked on the Figure Eight on Carmella but Lynch hit a leg drop off the top for a near fall. She quickly locked on the Dis-arm-her but Carmella broke it up with a superkick. Flair hit the spear on Lynch out of nowhere.

The finish came when Lynch locked on the Dis-arm-her on Carmella for the win. Lynch earns the title shot against SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble.

After the match, Asuka came down to the ring and had a face-to-face with Lynch.