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WWE SmackDown live results: Braun Strowman appears

There will also be a five-way match to determine Liv Morgan's Extreme Rules challenger.

Tonight's Clash at the Castle fallout edition of SmackDown takes place at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre last Saturday to retain his title in an intense battle. McIntyre had the match won until The Usos' younger brother Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut. WWE will follow up on that tonight.

This Monday's Raw saw Braun Strowman make his return to WWE. Strowman demolished all of the participants in a four-way tag match and later declared that he's coming to SmackDown tonight.

SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan's challenger for Extreme Rules will be determined by a five-way elimination match tonight. Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville, Natalya, Xia Li, and Lacey Evans are the number one contender's match participants.

The Street Profits will also team up with Hit Row in an eight-man tag match against Maximum Male Models & Los Lotharios on tonight's show.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The finish of Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre from Clash at the Castle aired with Sola Sikoa's interference. 

Michael Cole mentioned that Pat McAfee is fulfilling football obligations. Corey Graves takes McAfee's place tonight. Graves is fine, but McAfee was missed. 

Imperium (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) defeated The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland, & Butch) (19:01)

Now, this was a wild opener. The fans went crazy for Sheamus and The Brawling Brutes, which added to the atmosphere. They worked hard and beat the hell out of each other. They also teased Gunther and Sheamus throughout the match brilliantly. Still, it felt like Sheamus should have gotten the win. 

Imperium tried to isolate Ridge Holland on their side of the ring. Holland fired back and tagged in Butch. Butch took over as he targeted Giovanni Vinci's fingers. 

Gunther tagged in, and Butch attacked him straight away. Gunther absorbed Butch's chops and responded with a vicious one of his own. Sheamus tagged in, and the crowd got to their feet. The fans reacted big as Gunther and Sheamus squared off. They built up the moment, but cut to a break before anything could happen. 

Back from the break, Kaiser rocked Holland with an open-hand strike. Holland responded with a head butt. Kaiser went after the leg, and the heels cut Holland off from his corner. 

Butch got the hot tag and ran wild. He knocked Imperium off the apron and stomped Vinci's fingers. Gunther then rocked Butch with a chop behind the referee's back. 

Sheamus and Gunther briefly traded shots at ringside to a huge pop before it got broken up. In the ring, Vinci destroyed Butch with a clothesline to regain control. 

After the break, Gunther caught Butch in a Boston Crab. Butch tried to fight back but Gunther cut him off. The fans broke into a "We want Sheamus" chant. The fans were dying for Sheamus to get the tag. 

Sheamus got the hot tag to a huge pop. He demolished Kaiser with the ten beats of Bodhran. He knocked Gunther off the apron and gave Kaiser white noise onto Vinci. The fans erupted for Sheamus and got to their feet. 

Sheamus hit the Brogue kick on Vinci. Kaiser rolled up Sheamus for a near fall. Holland had Kaiser beat, but Gunther broke it up with a chop. 

At one point, Holland gave Kaiser a backdrop. Kaiser took a nasty bump when he landed right on his knee. It looked gruesome, but he appeared to be okay. 

Sheamus and Gunther traded shots in the ring to a giant pop. All six guys started brawling, and the fans popped again. Sheamus and Gunther fought around ringside. In the ring, Vinci made a blind tag, and Imperium hit the Imperial bomb on Holland for the win. 


Cole and Graves discussed the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and showed an In Memory Graphic for the Queen. 


Solo Sikoa Joins The Bloodline 

These segments with Sami Zayn and The Usos get better every week. Everyone is so good in their roles. Zayn is hilarious trying to fit in and annoying Jey. Jimmy is great at humoring Zayn. Sikoa looked good not backing down from McIntyre. 

Sami Zayn and The Usos came to the ring. Zayn is so funny dancing to the Usos' music. Zayn told everyone to get their ones in the air. Jimmy put his one finger in the sky, but Jey gave Zayn a look of disgust. 

Zayn started talking about growing up an honorary Uso, but Jey cut him off. Jey talked about Roman Reigns beating Drew McIntyre last Saturday. Zayn was hilarious again, acting as a hype man. 

The Usos then introduced the newest member of the Bloodline, Solo Sikoa. As Sikoa walked to the ring, a Solo Sikoa video package aired on a second screen. 

Sikoa got a lot of heat. The fans gave him a big reaction with lots of boos. Sikoa threatened anyone that goes after his family. McIntyre's music hit to a huge pop. 

Zayn and The Usos jumped out of the ring. Sikoa decided to stay and fight McIntyre. McIntyre hit him with a chair and went for a second shot. Instead, Zayn pushed Sikoa out of the way and took the chair shot.

As the Bloodline walked away, McIntyre challenged Sikoa to a match, and he accepted. 

Later, they announced McIntyre vs. Sikoa for the main event. 


Highlights from Clash at the Castle aired. The fans popped big for Liv Morgan. 

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah defeated Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) (4:59)

The first part of the match wasn't good. It dragged when Aliyah was in there. It picked up when Rodriguez got in for the finish. Toxic Attraction came across as just another team.

Toxic Attraction cut a promo on a second screen. 

Rodriguez had the early advantage, and press slammed Aliyah onto Jayne for a near fall. Toxic Attraction took over and isolated Aliyah on their side of the ring. 

Jayne hit a senton for a two-count and slowed the pace down. Aliyah broke free, and Rodriguez got the hot tag. The pace picked up as Rodriguez hit a twisting elbow for a near fall. 

Toxic Attraction briefly took over and went for a double suplex. Instead, Aliyah speared Dolin and Rodriguez hit the Texana Bomb on Jayne for the win. The fans popped for the Texana Bomb. 


A video package recapped Ronda Rousey putting Adam Pearce in the armbar. Cole announced that Rousey received a punishment, but an investigation is happening behind the scenes. 

Fatal Five-Way: Ronda Rousey defeated Lacey Evans, Xia Li, Natalya, and Sonya Deville (4:32)

Rousey looked good, but the match felt rushed. The eliminations happened so fast that they didn't have an impact. Also, a number one contender's match feels like it should go longer than 5 minutes. 

Liv Morgan watched the match from the crowd. 

Rousey came out in her pink Gi as a tribute to Gene Lebell. Everyone surrounded Rousey in the middle of the ring. She was able to clear the ring. At one point, Li rocked Rousey with a knee. 

Li and Natalya tossed out Rousey. She jumped back in the ring and caught Natalya in an armbar for the first elimination. 

Moments later, Deville caught Li with a chokehold as Rousey got the armbar on Evans for a double elimination. 

It came down to Rousey and Deville. Rousey went for Piper's Pit, but Deville countered into a chokehold. They fell outside the ring, and Rousey sent Deville into the barricade to break the hold. Back in the ring, Rousey hit Piper's Pit and locked on the ankle lock for the win. 

Rousey takes on SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules. 


The Usos, Sami Zayn, and Solo Sikoa were backstage. Sikoa thanked Zayn for helping him out earlier. Jey was so annoyed that Jimmy and Sikoa thanked Zayn. 

At first, Jey said Sikoa had to do it on his own tonight. Sikoa admitted he'd be thankful for Zayn's help. Jey changed his mind and said they'd all be out there later. 


Back from the break, Shayna Baszler approached Ronda Rousey in the back. She wished Rousey good luck against Morgan at Extreme Rules. 

Rousey knows Baszler is disappointed she didn't win the title at Clash at the Castle. She told Baszler to find her when she's ready to take over the show. 


Street Profits & Hit Row (w/B-Fab) defeated Los Lotharios & Maximum Male Models (w/Max and Maxine Dupri) (8:33) 

A good part of the match happened during the break. It was tough to get invested because it felt rushed. Regardless, the live fans seemed into the match and enjoyed it. 

The faces ran wild early and beat down mån.sôör before going to an early break. 

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control as they isolated Adonis. Humberto went for a dive but Adonis moved. Humberto hit Angel instead. 

Dawkins got the hot tag, and he ran wild. He threw Humberto high up in the air. Adonis hit a cannonball off the apron, wiping out the heels. Ford went for a dive, but Humberto cut him off. Dawkins dumped Angel to the floor and hit a huge dive onto the heels. 

Top Dolla teased going for a dive, but Maxine jumped on the apron. B-Fab pulled her off, but Max got between them. The finish came when Hit Row hit the Heavy hitter on mån.sôör for the win. 


A video package recapped Braun Strowman's return on Raw. 

Braun Strowman-Alpha Academy Segment 

Back from the break, Alpha Academy made their way to the ring. Chad Gable knows everyone missed them, but they're back on the blue brand. He told the fans to shoosh.

Gable noted they want to ruin Strowman's SmackDown return like he ruined the fatal four-way on Monday. Gable mocked the fans and said Seattle couldn't even hold onto their basketball team. The fans erupted in boos and broke into a "You suck" chant. 

Gable started talking about Otis being a monster when Strowman's music hit. Once Strowman got in the ring, Gable ordered Otis to attack. Strowman was in control, but the heels worked together. 

Strowman quickly recovered and hit a powerbomb on Gable. He then gave Otis a powerbomb to a big pop. He got Otis up about halfway. 


Kayla Braxton interviewed Drew McIntyre. He noted Clash at the Castle should have been his moment. He should be WWE Champion right now. McIntyre wants revenge on Sikoa for costing him the title in Cardiff. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Sola Sikoa (w/Sami Zayn & The Usos) via DQ (10:25)

The main event was a mixed bag. McIntyre and Sikoa had a hard-hitting match with a weak DQ finish. They worked hard and told a good story revolving around McIntyre wanting revenge. Sikoa looked good in his debut.

Karrion Kross attacking McIntyre for the finish was a strong angle. At first, the screen switching to black and white seemed silly. But it worked well, and the screen fading to black at the end was a cool visual. 

A furious McIntyre attacked Sikoa at the bell. Sikoa briefly backed McIntyre into the corner. McIntyre fought back with a hard clothesline. He followed up with the future shock DDT. He went for the claymore, but The Usos pulled their brother out of the ring. 

Back from the break, Sikoa was firmly in control and hit a Samoan drop for a near fall. Cole noted The Usos and Zayn interfered during the break. 

Sikoa continued to beat down McIntyre. Jimmy interfered and caught McIntyre with a right hand. Sikoa followed up with the Rikishi splash. He talked trash to McIntyre, which fired him up.

McIntyre ran wild and hit a belly-to-belly suplex and neck breaker. McIntyre went for a dive, but Zayn grabbed his leg. McIntyre threw Zayn in the ring. He went for the claymore on Zayn, but Sikoa hit a superkick. 

McIntyre and Sikoa traded shots in the ring. Zayn distracted the referee allowing The Usos to pull out McIntyre. They beat him down until The Street Profits ran down for the save. Ford hit a crossbody wiping out the heels. 

In the ring, McIntyre hit the claymore on Sikoa, who fell to the floor. Suddenly, Karrion Kross jumped McIntyre from behind in the Kross Jacket. The screen switched to black and white the moment Kross appeared. 

McIntyre tried to break free, but Kross wouldn't release the hold. Kross tightened his grip as Scarlett watched, and the screen slowly faded to black. 


Next Week: Number one contender fatal four-way The Street Profits vs. New Day vs. Alpha Academy vs.Los Lotharios