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WWE SmackDown live results: Build to Fastlane continues


Date: February 20, 2018
Location: Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ

The Big Takeaway --

The only somewhat interesting thing that happened on Smackdown was a backstage segment where Sami Zayn informed Kevin Owens he was completely behind him and would lay down for him in the WWE title match at Fastlane. Owens appeared frightened and bewildered.

Three title matches were seemingly made for Fastlane, but there’s a chance two of them end up getting changed. Bobby Roode will defend his US title against Randy Orton, a match made by Shane McMahon despite Daniel Bryan thinking Jinder Mahal deserved the shot. The New Day cheated again to defeat Gable and Benjamin to earn a tag title match against the Usos. Also, Charlotte Flair will defend the Women’s title against Ruby Riott.

Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin both lost tonight.

Show Recap -- 

No intro this week. Renee Young was in the ring and introduced us to AJ Styles. Young began asking her question but the crowd loudly chanted for Styles and he motioned for her to stop. Young asked if Styles still felt in control of his destiny as the crowd chanted “too sweet.”

Styles was confident he could beat anyone he faces and has backed up that claim his whole life. However, he knew anything could happen in a fatal five-way. He said it would feel good to put Kevin Owens through the announce table, or slam “ginger face” Sami Zayn into the steel steps, but knew a move like that left an opening for someone else to pick up the pinfall in the ring.

Styles ran down each guy in the match and said he could beat any one of them individually. Baron Corbin interrupted before Styles could get to him. The crowd booed Corbin as he spoke. Corbin said the last time he faced Styles he won the US Title and he won the rematch. Styles seemed confused but then he remembered that was a real thing that happened.

Corbin said he has Styles’ number and he’ll pin whoever he wants to win the title. Owens interrupted. He said Styles was the one who would end up through a table, then Corbin called him a punk. Owens said Corbin was handed an opportunity by Shane McMahon even though he doesn’t belong anywhere near the title.

Styles told a joke that completely died, asking if Owens had the boil (Zayn) lanced off his back. Owens ranted some more and made a comment about Zayn having all night to prepare for Dolph Ziggler but he still failed. Shane McMahon interrupted next. He heard enough talking and booked Corbin vs. Styles and Owens vs. Ziggler.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler (12:45)

Ziggler used three dropkicks in the first two minutes of the match. Much of the early portion of the match happened outside the ring, with each guy taking turns tossing each other into the announce table and barricade. Owens got the better of the exchange, but Ziggler nailed a vertical suplex back in the ring. Ziggler missed a Stinger splash and Owens followed with a cannonball for two.

After a break, Ziggler spiked Owens with a jumping DDT. Owens went shoulder first into the post and Ziggler followed with a neckbreaker for two. Owens came back with a gutbuster and elbow drop for two. Owens went for a senton off the top but Ziggler got his knees up and hit a Fameasser for a nearfall.

Ziggler slipped out of a pop-up powerbomb and hit a Zig-Zag but Owens kicked out. Ziggler used a Stinger splash and went for another one but abruptly stopped running when he heard Zayn’s music hit. Zayn ran down the ramp but stopped before entering the ring and the distraction allowed Owens to nail a superkick to the side of Ziggler’s head for the win.

Good match. Corey Graves noted the loss was Ziggler’s own fault for not paying attention.

They aired a sponsored video package for Charlotte Flair.

Jinder Mahal came out with Sunil Singh. They both wore all black. Mahal’s voice was gone from the beginning. Mahal said he made a startling discovery about Bobby Roode. He claimed Roode has his own Smackdown Top 10 list and showed it on the screen. Roode was number one, and Mahal and Randy Orton weren’t listed. Mahal called Roode arrogant or whatever.

Roode interrupted. He said he didn’t know what that was and that certainly wasn’t his list. Roode did have a secret about Mahal, that he can’t even make a top 10 list. (My feed cut out for a moment here.) Mahal wanted Roode to admit that he thought he was better than Orton and that he was afraid. Roode wasn’t biting and let Mahal know he wasn’t afraid of him either.

Mahal said he should be afraid because he beat Orton to win the title. Roode cut him off and told him to stop talking about Orton. Roode got in his face when Orton interrupted. Orton faced off with Roode, then punched Mahal in the face. Roode knocked Mahal out of the ring and chased away Sunil. Orton was about to give Roode an RKO but he countered into a Glorious DDT.

Roode shouted at Orton that he wasn’t going to get him twice. Roode was about to pose when Mahal jumped in from behind and gave him a Khallas. This sucked.

They cut to Daniel Bryan and McMahon backstage. Bryan thought Mahal should get a title shot but McMahon thought it should be Orton. They had a completely unnatural argument which ended with McMahon booking Orton vs. Roode for the title at Fastlane. Bryan said, “Whatever you want, boss” and left.

Riott Squad defeated Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Naomi (13:20)

They went to commercial two minutes into the match. Back from break, they aired a commercial for the Mixed Match Challenge. Don’t they know there’s a match happening? When they finally returned, the crowd chanted for Lynch as she worked over the arm of Ruby Riott.

Naomi hit a split-legged moonsault on Liv Morgan but she was pulled out of the ring by her teammates. Naomi hit them with a dive but Morgan drove her into the steel steps as Lynch and Flair watched from the apron.

Logan applied a submission on Naomi, which Graves referred to as a modified Anaconda Vise. Naomi used a hurricanrana and tagged in Charlotte who ran wild on Logan. Morgan distracted her which allowed Logan to hit a chop block. Charlotte fought back anyway and made the hot tag to Lynch, who it Logan with a missile dropkick.

Riott tagged in and Lynch gave her two Exploders and flying forearm. Lynch applied the Disarmer but Morgan broke it up. Everyone jumped in and traded moves until Riott gave Lynch a Riott kick for the pinfall win. Not a good match.

Zayn found Owens backstage. Owens claimed he was looking for Zayn to thank him, but Zayn said he’s the one who wanted to thank Owens. Zayn said now he was in main events and wants to do what’s right, which was payback his friend.

Owens asked if he was serious and Zayn said yes. Together, they could take out everyone at Fastlane until it was just them. Zayn said he was laid down for Owens in the centre of the ring so Owens could become champion and main event WrestleMania. Zayn hugged Owens who looked baffled. This was good.

Big E & Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) defeated Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin to become number one contenders for the tag titles (6:45)

They’ve added graphics to New Day’s entrance. Giant, colourful letters are superimposed on the screen as Big E does his usual spiel, even though the crowd has it memorized already. They could just flash the words on the giant video board on the stage.

Gable and Benjamin seemed to have the match won but Kingston distracted the referee long enough to allow Woods to break up the cover. Woods then gave Benjamin a forearm and shining wizard for the win. Graves noted how ridiculous this was. This will probably lead to a triple threat tag match at the PPV.

New Day’s celebration was cut short by the Bludgeon Brothers who entered for their match.

Charlotte did a selfie promo where she appeared to accept a title match against Ruby Riott.

Bludgeon Brothers defeated two jobbers (1:28)

Harper and Rowan slammed both guys on the mats outside the ring, then Rowan scoop slammed Harper onto both men, which was great. They won with the crucifix bomb.

Riott, flanked by her pals, did a selfie promo where she said she would accept a match against Charlotte if she put her title on the line. I guess they aired these out of order because this was the promo Charlotte was responding to earlier.

The Smackdown announce team plugged the Raw PPV.

Corbin did a selfie promo where he basically repeated what he said earlier tonight. They added colourful, superimposed lettering for this one.

They aired a video package for Shinsuke Nakamura.

Charlotte vs. Riott for the title was made official for Fastlane (made by Daniel Bryan), as well as Roode defending his title against Orton.

Non-title match: WWE Champion AJ Styles defeated Baron Corbin (12:12)

Well into the match, there was a spot where Corbin tossed Styles over the announce table but Styles actually landed on his feet, ran up to the apron and hit a springboard forearm for a nearfall. The announcers made sure to note Styles didn’t get the height he normally does on a Phenomenal forearm. Corbin followed with an impressive-looking Deep Six for a nearfall.

Styles applied the Calf Crusher but Corbin slammed his head against the mat to escape. Styles set up on the apron when Corbin went after him and began choking him. Styles shoved him off though and hit the Phenomenal forearm for the win.

As replays aired, Owens and Zayn jumped Styles. They cleared the announce table but Corbin laid out both guys with End of Days.