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WWE SmackDown live results: Fallout from Fastlane


Date: March 13, 2018
Location: Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

The Big Takeaway --

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn gave Shane McMahon a big-time beatdown at the end of the show after Shane announced the two of them would be having a singles match at WrestleMania. Shane had also announced he was taking a leave as commissioner after speaking with Daniel Bryan (who returns next week). Owens and Zayn were pissed at each other too, so the actual direction isn’t totally clear just yet.

Show Recap -- 

No intro once again this week. The announcers plugged appearances by Randy Orton, Asuka (a “special guest”) as well as Shane McMahon with his WrestleMania announcement.

AJ Styles came out to a really big reaction. Styles admitted he was in trouble when John Cena put him through the announce table (which the crowd booed) but he found a way and is still WWE Champion. Even better, he’s going to WrestleMania.

Styles recalled how unbelievable it seemed that he would ever even be in WWE, how unbelievable it was that he would become WWE Champion, and now, how unbelievable it was that he would be the defending WWE Championship at WrestleMania. But he made it happen. The crowd chanted, “You deserve it,” and he corrected them saying, “I earned it.”

Styles put over Shinsuke Nakamura and mentioned how similar their paths were, but the comparisons end when it comes to the title. Styles called himself phenomenal and Nakamura interrupted.

Nakamura received a good reaction but it turned into dueling chants. Nakamura said everyone likes the two of them and he respects Styles. He concluded, “At WrestleMania, dreams come true. My dream… knee-to-face, and I become champion.” Rusev and Aiden English interrupted. The announcers said Rusev had a match with Styles and they cut to commercial.

Non-title match: WWE Champion AJ Styles defeated Rusev (w/Aiden English) via DQ (11:15)

Nakamura remained at ringside to watch the match. There were dueling chants for AJ Styles and Rusev Day. Styles was in control until Rusev gave him a shot to the throat and a spinebuster for a two count leading to commercial.

Styles slipped out of a superplex attempt, hit strikes and sliding forearm but Rusev came back with a gutbuster and kick to the head for two. Styles ducked a superkick and hit a Pele kick and fireman’s carry neckbreaker. Rusev countered a Styles Clash attempt and tried an Accolade, but Styles countered that eventually into a Calf Crusher.

English immediately jumped in the ring and broke it up for the disqualification. As he pounded on Styles, Nakamura slowly rose to his feet. Nakamura hit the ring and laid out both English and Rusev with kicks. Nakamura gave Styles a look before leaving the ring.

I believe that was the first singles match between Styles and Rusev. It was good while it lasted.

They showed clips of the beating handed out by the Bludgeon Brothers at Fastlane. Dasha Fuentes interviewed Big E, who was alone. Big E wished he was there with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods trying to figure out a way to fill Corey Graves’ car with pancake batter, but the Bludgeon Brothers took away their title opportunity and tried to destroy them.

Big E said Kingston and Woods would be back, and as long as he was standing, he was representing the New Day. Jimmy Uso, with his arm wrapped, showed up and told Big E he wouldn’t be standing alone tonight. He said they would get a chance to tear the house down when everyone recovers, but tonight they would team up to take care of business. The bumped fists and the crowd cheered.

They aired the entire Hall of Fame announcement video for Kid Rock.

Styles found Nakamura backstage and let him know he didn’t need his help. Nakamura responded, “It looked like you did,” which was funny. Nakamura said he would help every single time until WrestleMania when he beats Styles with a knee to face.

Bludgeon Brothers defeated Jimmy Uso & Big E (2:30)

Big E and Uso jumped the Bludgeon Brothers during their entrance. They grabbed steel chairs and dared Harper and Rowan to get in the ring. They grabbed their mallets and entered the ring. The referee ran away which amused the crowd. Harper and Rowan knocked the chairs away with their mallets. Big E and Uso escaped the ring before more damage could be done.

The match began after a commercial break and the Bludgeon Brothers took control almost immediately. Uso made a tag and ran wild on Harper until Harper cut him off with a big boot. Rowan tossed Big E into the steel steps and the Bludgeon Brothers finished off Uso with an assisted powerbomb for the pinfall win. They laid out Big E again afterwards.

Renee Young asked Sami Zayn who he blamed on his failure to win the title at Fastlane. Zayn called that a loaded question and said if it were not for Shane McMahon, he would obviously be WWE Champion. However, Zayn blamed Kevin Owens, explaining that Shane’s obsession with Owens cost him because he’s guilty by association.

Zayn called Owens a talented guy who has been there for him in the past, but when it came to his career, he was a self-absorbed egomaniac. Zayn said he played Owens perfectly but he paid the price for being guilty by association, and that was a price he was not willing to pay again. Zayn was really good here.

Charlotte Flair came out. She was excited knowing Asuka wanted to challenge her. She knew Asuka was here and wanted to be in the ring when she arrived. Asuka came out. Charlotte welcomed her to Smackdown and Asuka said thank you. Charlotte said people always asked her what would happen if she faced Asuka and we would find out at WrestleMania.

Charlotte said iron sharpens iron (after one of the announcers used the same line already) and wanted to face Asuka. Charlotte said she has never faced anyone like Asuka and Asuka has never faced anyone like her. Charlotte claimed she would end her streak and cement her legacy.

Asuka said she challenged Charlotte because she likes a challenge. “You are the queen, but I am the Empress. And Asuka bows to no one -- because no one is ready for Asuka.” Asuka’s music played as they stared down.

Like last week, the women’s segment ended when someone came out for the next segment. This time it was Randy Orton. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal is up next.

Orton said he’s been called many things in his career, some good and some not so good, but never, until now, was United States champion. Orton said this put him on an elite list of grand slam champions, a list he actually cares about. Roode earned his respect at Fastlane, but the title is his now and nobody was stopping him from taking it to WrestleMania. (This was an impressively generic promo.)

Roode came out and congratulated Orton. “You got me.” Roode said he has a rematch, which received literally no reaction. Roode said it would happen at Mania which the crowd lightly applauded. He said it would regain his title and it would glorious.

Mahal interrupted. He congratulated Orton who feigned being touched by this. Mahal egged on Orton by saying Roode was only in WWE for a cup of coffee so far and still won the US title before he did. Mahal said he would beat Roode like he beat Orton last week.

Jinder Mahal (w/Sunil Singh) defeated Bobby Roode (6:30)

The crowd chanted “USA” at these two Canadians. Roode took most of the match but fell for the old get distracted by a Singh and get hit with the Khallas finish. (Mahal won.)

Afterwards, Orton ran in the ring with the biggest look of excitement on his face and hit Mahal with an RKO. This was hilarious. Almost as good as that time Orton did a toe-touch leap after RKO’ing Mark Henry years ago.

Backstage, Young caught up with a miserable Kevin Owens (more miserable than usual, I mean). Owens couldn’t believe what Zayn said earlier and reminded us that he got screwed over by Shane first and if that didn’t happen Zayn never would’ve come close to winning. He was also pissed at Zayn’s little stunt during the match and said he could never get it done on his own.

Owens called himself the rightful WWE Champion and said Shane was like all the other McMahons who need the spotlight. He said there was no reason for Shane to be at ringside at Fastlane and was ready to teach Zayn a lesson. Owens was great here. I feel like this is all a swerve, but we’ll see.

They announced the Fabulous Moolah battle royal and showed the same video from Raw. They also showed (positive) Twitter reactions from some of the women wrestlers.

There was a commercial for Raw plugging Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka, the Ultimate Deletion, and Vince’s Brock Lesnar guarantee.

Carmella did a selfie promo where she called herself a “modern-day Moolah,” said she would win the battle royal and teased cashing in the contract at Mania.

Carmella defeated Naomi (3:02)

Naomi went for a Disaster kick, but Carmella kicked her off the rope, yanked her down and cradled her for the win.

Shane McMahon’s WrestleMania announcement

Shane said he wasn’t going to apologize for what he did and reminded us, again, where this all started and recapped the storyline so far. He did say his conduct may not be suited for a commissioner. Shane said he spoke with Daniel Bryan about this today and announced Bryan would return next week. The crowd booed because they wanted Bryan tonight.

Shane said Bryan would be on his own next week because he was taking an indefinite leave as commissioner. Shane’s announcement was that Kevin Owens would face Sami Zayn at WrestleMania. His music hit and he was about to leave, but Owens came out.

Owens said he wanted to wish Shane the best on his future endeavours and said he could beat up Zayn whenever he wanted. Zayn interrupted. Zayn accused Shane of just listening to the fans and was happy he was leaving. Shane was baffled they weren’t grateful about being on the Mania card. Owens said they did appreciate it, then they attacked him.

Shane attempted a comeback but they fought him off. Zayn gave him a Helluva kick and Owens gave him a pop-up powerbomb. Two referees jumped in the ring and they were attacked as well.

They put Shane’s head through a chair and rammed him into the ring post. They grabbed him by the arms and dragged him to the back (as Zayn aggressively sang the goodbye song). When they got to the back, Owens powerbombed him onto a grate (which had no give) and Shane sold it like he was dying. Officials and EMTs ran in to help Shane. Owens and Zayn left.