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WWE SmackDown live results: Flair vs. Storm, RK-Bro in action


The build to WWE Day 1 continues on tonight's SmackDown from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In last week's main event, Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated Sami Zayn in 16 seconds. Before the match, Brock Lesnar gave Zayn a vicious beatdown to ensure that Reigns would retain the title.

Lesnar challenges Reigns for the Universal title at Day 1.

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair takes on Toni Storm in a non-title match tonight. Storm challenged Flair to a match two weeks ago, but Flair hit her in the face with two pies instead. Flair agreed to a non-title match after Storm hit her in the face with a pie last week. 

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro will make an appearance on SmackDown tonight as they face SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and New Day's Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston in a non-title triple threat match. Plus, Naomi takes on Sonya Deville, and Xia Li makes her SmackDown debut. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Tonight's show is in memory of Jack Lanza. They showed a graphic at the start of the show. 

Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar Segment

This was a fun opening segment. Zayn and Lesnar have a unique chemistry. Heyman was great in his role as well.

Sami Zayn came to the ring in a wheelchair with a neck brace and two male nurses. They recapped Brock Lesnar beating up Zayn and Roman Reigns defeating him last week.

Zayn claimed to be one of the toughest guys in the company. He pointed out that it took both Lesnar and Reigns to beat him. He claimed that it was another conspiracy. Zayn admitted he's not upset about the German suplexes or beat down. He felt that Lesnar betrayed him and that hurts more than anything. 

Zayn is furious and promises to sue Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, the timekeeper, Lesnar, Reigns, and Paul Heyman.

Heyman interrupted and made his way to the ring. He mocked Zayn and started to introduce himself. Zayn noted he wasn't done talking and complained that Heyman blocked the shot. 

Heyman ignored Zayn and started talking again. Zayn heard enough and finally stood up. He got in Heyman's face and noted Reigns isn't at the show tonight. The fans booed Reigns not being at SmackDown. 

Heyman admitted that Reigns is on a sabbatical and is training for his match at Day 1. Zayn yelled at Heyman and noted there was nobody to save him.

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music hit to a big pop. Zayn sat back down in the wheelchair. Lesnar took the mic from Heyman and sat down in the middle of the ring on a chair. The fans broke into a "Suplex City" chant.

Lesnar apologized for beating Zayn up last week. Lesnar did Zayn a favor so he wouldn't have to take on Reigns. Lesnar noted Zayn said they're friends. Zayn admitted he thought they were friends. Zayn said they're both Canadian Alphas. 

Lesnar wants to be friends with Zayn and invited him to hunt and fish in Saskatchwan. Zayn was hesitant but eventually agreed. Lesnar and Zayn started to leave, but Heyman grabbed the mic. Heyman said he spent too much time at the dispensary, and the edibles must be kicking in. The fans erupted in cheers. 

Heyman couldn't believe what he was watching. He said a few years ago, Lesnar would take Zayn to suplex city and not Saskatchawn to go moose hunting. Heyman inadvertently pumped up Lesnar. 

Lesnar snapped and attacked the male nurses. He then turned his attention to Zayn and kicked him out of the wheelchair. Lesnar then gave Zayn the F-5 to end the segment.

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee discussed tonight's main event between The Usos, New Day and RK-Bro. They pushed that it's to determine the best tag team in the WWE.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Lesnar in the back after the break. She asked him why he went to the ring. He told her to ask his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs defeated Los Lotharios (1:22)

They didn't have a good match. They got no time and the finish came out of nowhere. 

Boogs had the early advantage and ran wild Humberto and Angel. He gave Angel a press slam to the floor but struggled to get him up.

Boogs then spun around Humberto and slammed him down. Nakamura tagged in and hit the Kinshasa on Humberto for the win out of nowhere. 

King Xavier Woods Crowning Moment 

Kofi Kingston and King Xavier Woods revealed Woods' new crown backstage. Drew Gulak, Ricochet, and The Viking Raiders joined New Day for their big moment.

Woods discussed taking on The Usos and RK-Bro in the main event. Woods promised to win and prove they're the best tag team. The Viking Raiders seemed not to like that comment. 

They recapped Drew McIntrye not participating in the Black Friday Battle Royal. 

In the back, McIntrye approached Adam Pearce with his sword, Angela. Pearce noted a higher authority decided McIntyre couldn't be in the battle royal. The higher authority also decided McIntrye couldn't take Angela to the ring. McIntyre then put the sword through Pearce's desk. 

Sasha Banks approached Toni Storm backstage. Banks praised Storm for her accomplishments and talent. She believes Storm can beat Charlotte Flair if she keeps her cool and lets Flair snap first. 

Drew McIntrye defeated Sheamus (7:21)

McIntrye and Sheamus had a good short hard-hitting match.

They showed Cesaro watching the match backstage and the commentators mentioned Ridge Holland. 

Sheamus and McIntyre traded forearm shots at the start of the match. Sheamus briefly took over. He beat McIntrye on his chest, but McIntyre countered. 

Sheamus recovered, rocked McIntrye with forearm shots, and tossed him to the floor. Sheamus missed a dive off the apron but rolled through. McIntrye then caught Sheamus with a belly-to-belly suplex. 

Back from the break, Sheamus caught McIntyre with the Irish Curse backbreaker for a close near fall. Sheamus went for White Noise, but McIntrye slipped out and rocked Sheamus with a chop. He followed up with the future shock DDT and went for the Claymore. Sheamus countered the Claymore with a knee for a two count. 

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, but McIntyre rolled him up for a near fall. Sheamus regained control and threw McIntrye into the corner. McIntrye bounced out of the corner and hit the Claymore on Sheamus to win.

In the back, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss stole Pearce's desk with McIntyre's sword. Corbin and Moss didn't appear again and there was no mention of Pearce's missing desk and McIntyre's sword. 

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee discussed Jack Lanza's passing. They aired a touching tribute video looking at Lanza's career. 

Paul Heyman was walking out of the arena when Kayla Braxton approached. Braxton noted Lesnar implied that Heyman's his advocate. Heyman didn't like that question and tried to leave. Braxton wondered what Roman Reigns is going to think. Heyman was furious and told her to stop. 

Naomi vs. Sonya Deville 

They didn't end up having the match again. It turned into an angle to set up Xia Li making her SmackDown debut.

They recapped the Sonya Deville and Naomi feud. 

Naomi grabbed the mic and told Deville to take the suit off and come to the ring. Deville entered the ring but demanded a mic. She noted she had some surprises and introduced special guest timekeeper Shayna Baszler and ring announcer, Natalya. 

Before Baszler could ring the bell, Naomi attacked Baszler and Natalya. Deville and the heels regrouped and surrounded the ring.

Suddenly, Xia Li's music hit, and she made her way to the ring. She had a grand entrance that included a special effect to make it seem like lightening was shooting out of her. Li and Naomi worked together to beat down the heels. Li rocked Deville with a kick to the head, but Baszler and Natalya dragged her out of the ring. 

In the back, Riddle and Randy Orton were discussing their upcoming match. Johnny Knoxville and the cast of Jackass Forever approached. Orton wasn't impressed and walked off. 

They announced Migos make a special appearance at Day 1.

Championship Contenders Match: Toni Storm defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair via DQ (3:18)

Flair and Storm had a fine match with some rough spots and a weak finish. 

Flair had the early advantage, but Storm quickly took over. She caught Flair with a cross body for a two-count. The fans broke into a brief "Let's go Toni" chant. 

Flair fought back and went for the moonsault off the top rope, but Storm moved. Flair landed on her feet and hit a standing moonsault. In a funny moment, Storm rolled onto her stomach to avoid the moonsault, but Flair instinctively went for the pin with Storm still on her stomach. 

Storm fired up and rolled up Flair for a near fall. She then used a small package for another near fall. Flair snapped and began to beat down Storm in the corner. Flair wouldn't stop, so the referee called for the disqualification. After the match, Flair continued to attack Storm. 

They showed Reggie Bush, Maria Menounos, X-Pac, and the cast of Jackass Forever at ringside. 

The Usos walked to the ring for the main event.

In the back, Brock Lesnar approached Adam Pearce in his office. Lesnar thanked Pearce for the fine and suspension. He noted the money went to charity. Lesnar said the suspension gave him time to go hunting. 

Lesnar tried to show Pearce a picture of a moose he hunted. He couldn't find the picture, so he snapped his phone in half. Lesnar described hunting the moose and hanging it on his wall. Lesnar added that he named the moose Pearce.

The Usos noted they're not worried about RK-Bro and New Day. They promised to win tonight and retain the titles at Day 1.  

The New Day made their way to the ring for the main event. Cole revealed that fans voted RK-Bro the best tag team in the WWE in a Twitter poll.

Triple Threat Non-title match: New Day defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro (18:55)

They had a good, fun match that the fans were into. They told a good story and built to Orton tagging in the match. 

Michael Cole noted Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce invited RK-Bro to SmackDown tonight to determine the best tag team in the WWE.

New Day had the early advantage as they isolated Riddle on their side of the ring. Riddle and Woods traded stiff forearm shots until Jey Uso made a blind tag. The Usos jumped in the ring and beat down the four faces. They sent New Day and RK-Bro to the floor and hit a double suicide dive.

Back from the break, Kingston hit a crossbody on Jey for a near fall. Riddle made a blind tag and scored a near fall on Jey. The fans broke into a brief "We want Randy" chant. 

The Usos dragged Riddle to their corner. Orton jumped in the ring, but the referee pushed him out. Jimmy took advantage and slammed Riddle into the ring post. The fans broke into a "Bro" and "Randy" chant. Jey slowed the pace down with a chin lock on Riddle. Riddle tried to tag Randy, but Jey pulled him back to his corner. 

Jey missed a splash in the corner. Riddle went to make a tag, but Jey cut him off. Riddle fought back and went for the tag again, but Jimmy pulled Orton off the apron. The fans erupted in boos. They're dying for Orton to get in the match. Jey went for a pin, but New Day made the save. 

Back from the break, Riddle fought back against the Usos and went for the tag again. Kingston tagged in, jumped off Riddle's back, and knocked Orton off the apron. 

New Day isolated Riddle again. The fans broke into a loud "We want Randy" chant. Riddle and Woods traded chops in the middle of the ring. Riddle fought back and rocked Woods with a knee. He followed up with a Pele kick on Kingston. 

Orton got the hot tag and ran wild on The Usos. He avoided a dropkick from Woods and gave him a back suplex on the announce table. Orton then gave Kingston a back suplex on the announce table too.

Orton gave Jey the draping DDT. Jey recovered and went for the splash but Orton avoided and Jey rolled through. Woods made a blind tag, but Orton hit the RKO on Jimmy. Jey then rocked Orton with a superkick. New Day took over and hit a backbreaker/foot stomp combo on Jey for the win. 

Next week: SmackDown takes place from the All-State Arena in Chicago and features Roman Reigns return.