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WWE SmackDown live results: Hell in a Cell fallout


Tonight's SmackDown features the fallout from Hell in a Cell and a Roman Reigns victory celebration. 

On SmackDown last week, Reigns defeated Rey Mysterio in a Hell in a Cell match to retain the Universal Championship. Tonight, Reigns holds a victory celebration to commemorate his win over Mysterio. 

Earlier in the night last Friday, Jimmy Uso aligned with Reigns and promised to have his back in the Hell in a Cell match. Reigns didn't want his help but admitted that he needs Jey Uso. Jimmy said that he hadn't heard from Jey all week after he stormed off on the previous SmackDown. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair & Cesaro take on Bayley & Seth Rollins in a mixed tag team match tonight. Belair defeated Bayley in their Hell in a Cell match at Hell in a Cell, while Rollins got a win over Cesaro.

SmackDown's build to Money in the Bank will also kick off with Apollo Crews facing Big E in a qualifying match tonight. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


They recapped the Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio Hell in a Cell match from last week. 

Reigns and Paul Heyman were in his dressing room. Heyman noted that Reigns injured Dominik and Rey Mysterio, but they're acknowledging him from their hospital beds. 

Jimmy Uso approached Reigns. He told Reigns that he talked to Jey Uso. Jey told him that he's not coming back. Reigns was furious that Jey's not coming to work after everything he did for him. 

Jimmy told him that he would have Reigns back. Reigns laughed at the idea of Jimmy being his right-hand man. Jimmy promised that he could do what Jey did for him. Reigns told him to prove it. 

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee recapped the SmackDown Women's Championship match from Hell in a Cell. 

Bianca Belair Segment

Bianca Beliar made her way to the ring. She noted that they go back on the road in three weeks. Belair admitted that she couldn't stop celebrating her win at Hell in a Cell. She enjoys looking at her reflection in the belt but not because she's vain.

Belair's proud of the girl she sees in the reflection of the belt. Belair said she overcame Bayley the bully and ended by saying Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Seth Rollins's music interrupted, and he made his way to the ring. He was happy to join Belair and celebrate their wins from Sunday. Rollins claimed he overcame the odds, but she didn't.

Rollins claimed Belair had a fluke victory. He noted he dominated Cesaro but Belair just barely beat Bayley. He pretended to celebrate and asked for a high five and said to throw it up like the Kliq. Rollins noted they have to high five now because Bayley is going to beat her up. 

Bayley's music hit, and she walked to the ring. She mocked Belair and told Rollins not to waste his breath. Bayley said it doesn't matter what she does; she'll always be Bianca Bel-loser. 

Belair heard enough and knocked her down. Rollins tried to get in between them, but it gave Bayley the chance to attack Belair. She beat her down until Cesaro run down. After that, all four started brawling in the ring until it was only Cesaro and Bayley.

Bayley yelled at Cesaro. Suddenly, Belair ran in, and Cesaro assisted her in giving Bayley a dropkick.

Bayley & Seth Rollins defeated Bianca Belair & Cesaro (12:06)

This was a good, fun match 

The faces had the early advantage until Rollins took over on Cesaro. He slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Cesaro fought back with uppercuts, but Rollins countered with a kick to the back. 

Rollins attempted a suplex, but Cesaro countered. Then, Rolins slipped out the back and tried to give Cesaro a back suplex. Instead, Cesaro landed on his feet and tagged Belair.

Belair ran wild on Bayley and hit a standing moonsault for a close near fall. Bayley rolled to the floor, but Belair chased after her. Bayley dropped Belair on the barricade and then pushed her into the ring post. 

Back from the break, Bayley was firmly in control as she worked over Belair's injured shoulder. Belair fought back and tagged Cesaro. Cesaro ran wild and rocked Rollins with an uppercut at ringside. He slammed Rollins' head in the apron and followed up with a flying crossbody for near fall. 

Cesaro gave Rollins the giant swing and went for the sharpshooter, but Bayley distracted him. Rollins used a small package for a near fall. Bayley jumped at Cesaro, but he caught her. 

Rollins then hit Cesaro in the face. Rollins followed up with a forearm to the back of the head, but Belair broke up the pin attempt. Belair then knocked Rollins to the floor, and Cesaro hit an uppercut.

Bayley rolled up Belair for a near fall. Belair fought back and went for the KOD. Rollins ran in and bumped into Belair, and knocked her over. Bayley then hit a running knee and the rose plant for the win. 

Jimmy Uso approached Paul Heyman as he walked out of Roman Reigns' dressing room in the back. Jimmy asked Heyman how does he prove to Reigns that he should be the right-hand man. 

Heyman told him to win a match tonight and prove that he can be main event Jimmy. Heyman said he could get a match for Jimmy, but he has to win.

The Coronation of King Shinsuke Nakamura 

They recapped Nakamura defeating King Corbin to win the crown. 

They set the ring up with a black carpet, a throne, and a crown. Rick Boogs introduced Nakamura and placed the crown on his head.

Pat McAfee couldn't hide his excitement. He's good on commentary and a highlight the last few weeks. 

Boogs introduced Nakamura as the new King of SmackDown. Nakamura and Boogs then rocked out and danced. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton tried to interview Corbin, who was watching on the monitor. She called him King but then corrected herself and called him Baron Corbin. Corbin started to cry and couldn't speak. He walked off and said, what's the point.

This ended up being hilarious but for all the wrong reasons. Corbin did a terrible job pretending to cry. 

In the back, Seth Rollins entered Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville's office. Rollins was happy and joking around but then became serious. He demanded a shot at the Universal Championship. Pearce and Deville admitted that he deserved a title shot, but they were not ready to decide. 

They recapped Otis destroying The Street Profits. 

Money in the Bank Qualifier: Big E defeated Apollo Crews (w/Commandar Azeez) (12:38)

This was a good match.

Big E had the early advantage and scored a near fall. Crews kicked Big E in the face, but he responded with a clothesline for a two-count. They fought on the apron until Crews hit a death valley driver. 

Back from the break, Crews hit a standing dropkick for a near fall. Big E then missed a charge in the corner, and Crews hit a suplex for a two-count. Crews mocked Big E and kicked him.

Big E went for the uranage. Crews countered and hit three rolling German suplexes for a near fall. Big recovered and locked on the stretch muffler submission. Azeez helped Crews get to the ropes to break the hold.

Crews fired back and climbed to the top rope. Big E cut him off, and they traded shots. Crews knocked him down and hit a frog splash for a near fall. He followed up with a German suplex for another two-count.

Crews ran out Big E at ringside but got caught with a uranage. Azeez pushed Big E into the barricade and went for the Nigerian Nail, but the referee caught him. The referee then kicked Azeez out of the arena. 

In the ring, Crews rolled up Big E for a near fall. Big E recovered and hit the Big Ending for the win. As a result, Big E qualifies for the MITB match. 

They recapped Azeez injuring Kevin Owens last week.

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Sami Zayn. He celebrated beating Owens at Hell in a Cell. Braxton then informed him that he faces Owens in a Money in the Bank qualifier next week. Zayn was furious and walked off.

They announced Jimmy Uso vs. Dolph Ziggler for later tonight. 

Sami Zayn approached Adam Pearce and yelled at him. He feels Pearce should just give him the contract. Zayn doesn't think it's fair since he beat Owens at Hell in a Cell. Pearce announced their match next week is also a last man standing match. 

Sonya Deville Reveals The First Competitor In The Women's Money In The Bank Match

Deville wasted no time and introduced the first entrant in the Money in the Bank match Carmella. They piped in fake boos, and Carmella mocked the boos. She noted that she's also the most beautiful woman in the WWE. She demanded Deville do the introduction again, but Liv Morgan interrupted.

She mocked Carmella and noted that she beat her in a match. Morgan believes she deserves to be in the match more than Carmella. They ended up getting into a brawl.

Deville made a match between Morgan and Carmella for right now. She told Morgan to prove that she deserves to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. She noted Carmella's still in the match even if she loses. 

Liv Morgan defeated Carmella (3:14)

They had a fine match. They kept it short, but it still dragged at times. 

The match started during the commercial break. Deville sat at ringside to watch the match.

They showed Natalya and Tamina watching in the back. Carmella demanded Cole tell everyone how beautiful she is and McAfree noted he thought Cole's isn't supposed to be biased.

Carmella had the early advantage and hit a superkick in the corner. Carmella yelled at Morgan and slapped her in the face. Morgan fired up and hit the oblivion for a close near fall. 

Morgan ended up on the top rope, and Carmella caught her with a superkick. Then, Carmella went for the head scissors, but Morgan rolled through for the win. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Jimmy Uso. He promised to win and dedicated the match to his brother Jey at home.

Jimmy Uso defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Robert Roode) (9:36)

Uso and Ziggler had a good match.

Uso used a shoulder tackle and enziguri for an early near fall. Ziggler took over and hit a standing dropkick for a two-count. Ziggler slowed the pace down with a chin lock.

Uso fought back and sent Ziggler to the floor. He followed up with a suicide dive but hit Roode instead.

Ziggler took advantage and gave Uso a brutal-looking zig-zag on the stairs. 

Back from the break, Jimmy fought back and hit a Samoan drop for a near fall. Uso missed a superkick, and Ziggler hit a zig zag for a two-count. Uso went for a powerbomb, but Ziggler rolled through for a near fall. Uso recovered and suddenly hit a superkick for the win. 

Uso went backstage to celebrate with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. However, Reigns didn't react to Uso and walked to the ring. Uso tried to follow, but Heyman stopped him. 

Roman Reigns Segment 

This was a great segment featuring an awesome promo from Paul Heyman and Edge's surprise return. 

Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. 

They recapped Reigns destroying Dominik and Rey Mysterio. They piped in loud "Roman sucks" chants.

Heyman noted that Reigns destroyed everyone on the roster. He said the Fiend got frightened, Strowman got slaughtered, Owens got K.O.'d, and Edge and Bryan got stacked and shipped off.

Heyman pointed out that Bryan was man enough to return but got shipped back out. Heyman said that Cesaro got clobbered, and The Mysterio's got launched literally, figuratively, and metaphorically to hell. 

Heyman said that in less than a year, Reigns wiped out the entire division. He has to change course and do something that's never happened on network TV before. Heyman noted they have no choice because there's no one left. 

Reigns took the mic and was about to speak.

Suddenly, Edge's music hit, and he made his surprise return. Reigns and Heyman were shocked. Edge ran to the ring and brawled with Reigns around ringside. Edge then slammed Reigns head into the announce table. 

Reigns fought back and hit the superman punch. Reigns grabbed a chair, but Edge hit a spear. Edge got a second chair, but Jimmy Uso ran down for the save.

Edge fought back and threw Uso into the stairs. He then speared Uso through the barricade.

Reigns and Heyman took the opportunity to run off.

Edge looked into the camera and yelled for Reigns. Edge posed in the ring to end SmackDown.

Next Week: In a Money in the Bank qualifier, Kevin Owens takes on Sami Zayn in last man standing match.