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WWE SmackDown live results: King of the Ring quarterfinals


The build to Clash of Champions continues as SmackDown takes place from the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

Daniel Bryan demands an apology from Roman Reigns for spearing him last week. Reigns had proof that Rowan was at the scene of the forklift incident. Bryan denied any involvement, but Reigns speared him anyway.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defends against Randy Orton at Clash of Champions. Last week, Orton and Kingston brawled backstage, and Orton gave Kingston a draping DDT on the floor. is teasing that Kingston is looking for payback.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley turned against Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch last night on Raw. Bayley sided with Sasha Banks and beat down Lynch. Bayley defends her title against Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions and is scheduled to appear tonight.

The King of the Ring continues with the quarterfinals as Ali takes on Elias and Chad Gable goes one-on-one with Andrade.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


SmackDown Woman’s Champion Bayley made her way down to the ring. She got a mixed reaction. There was a good amount of boos but also some cheers. She said nothing has changed and she was siding with her best friend. She’s just trying to lift people with her heart and hugs.

She called herself a hero and role model. She’s trying to show the kids what it means to be loyal. Bayley couldn’t turn her back on her friend. She’s trying to put SmackDown on the map and wants to prove that she’s a deserving champion.

Bayley promised to beat the most selfish person on the roster, Charlotte Flair. Flair’s music hit and she made her way to the ring. Flair noted what you see is what you get. She said there is no blindsiding and no hugging. She told Bayley to hold the belt real tight because she’s coming for it.

Sasha Banks music hit, and she walked down the aisle. Flair attacked Bayley and rocked her with a boot. Banks jumped in the ring, but Flair cut her off. Bayley attacked Flair from behind with the chair.

The fans chanted “One more time.” Bayley handed the chair to Banks, and she attacked Flair. The fans broke into a loud “Becky” chant.

Elias defeated Ali in a King of The Ring Quarterfinal match

This was a good match. Ali had the early advantage and sent Elias to the floor. He attempted a dive, but Elias caught him and slammed him on the ramp. Elias threw Ali around ringside and press slammed him into the timekeeper’s area.

Back from the break, Ali rocked Elias with a dropkick. He rocked Elias with hard chops and followed up with the rolling X factor for a near fall.

Ali hit a suicide dive and sent Elias into the barricade. Elias injured his arm, but Ali injured his knee.

Ali climbed to the top, but Elias cut him off. Ali fought back and hit a 450 to Elias’s arm. Ali locked on the cross face, but Elias made the ropes. Elias fought back and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a close near fall.

Elias worked over the injured knee and hit it against the post. They fought on the top rope, but Elias pushed Ali off. Ali moonsaulted to the floor and landed on his feet. Elias attempted a dive, but Ali hit a superkick.

Ali attempted the 450, but Elias moved. Elias fought back and hit the drift away for the win. Elias advances to the semi-finals and faces the winner of Chad Gable vs. Andrade later tonight.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Samoa Joe backstage. He discussed facing Ricochet and Baron Corbin in the semi-finals. He’s here scouting the competition and promises to become king.

Fire & Desire defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross in a non-title match

Cross attacked Mandy Rose with forearms to start the match. Sonya Deville distracted Cross and Rose attacked her from behind. Cross hit a cross body from the top to the floor.

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control. Bliss got the hot tag and ran wild. Cross took out Rose with a crossbody.

Bliss caught Deville with a DDT and climbed to the top for Twisted Bliss.

Cross applied the sleeper on Rose on the floor. Rose sent Cross into the apron. Bliss was distracted and then attempted Twisted Bliss, but Deville got her knees up. Rose hit a knee on Bliss for the win.

Samoa Joe ran into Chad Gable in the back. Joe mocked Gable for being short and called him Bilbo. He told Gable he’s mentally weak. Joe walked away, but Gable seemed bothered by the comments.

Randy Orton made his way down to the ring. The fans broke into a loud “Randy” chant. Orton promised to win the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions and called Kofi Kingston a fraud. He discussed injuring Kingston last week.

The fans broke into a loud “Kofi” chant. He showed footage of Orton attacking The New Day over the last few weeks. Orton promised no more traps and challenged Kingston to come down to the ring.

Kingston’s music hit but The Revival attacked him as he came out. Big E and Xavier Woods are injured an unable to help Kingston. Kingston fought back against The Revival, but Orton jumped Kingston.

Orton repeatedly called Kingston stupid as he stomped on him. Kingston fought back again, but he couldn’t overcome the odds. Orton and The Revival then gave Kingston a super RKO.

They recapped the Roman Reigns mystery attacker angle. 

Chad Gable defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) in a King of the Ring Quarterfinal match

On commentary, Corey Graves continued to make short jokes throughout the match. Zelina Vega mocked Gable for being short as well.

This was another good match. Andrade attempted a moonsault, but Gable rolled out of the way. Andrade landed on his feet and tried a standing moonsault, but Gable got the knees up.

Gable hit a moonsault for a very close near fall. The fans broke into a “Gable” chant.

Andrade fought back but missed the double knees in the corner.

Gable hit a German suplex, but Vega distracted the referee. Andrade caught Gable with a back elbow and attempted the hammerlock DDT, but Gable rolled through and pinned Andrade to advance to the semi-finals. The fans popped huge for Gable’s win. Gable takes on Elias in the next round.

Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin

Black had the early advantage, but Benjamin took over. Black fought back with kicks. Benjamin caught Black with a knee, but Black hit a series of strikes. Benjamin missed a kick, and Black hit Black Mass for the win.

In the back, Drake Maverick fought off The Singh Brothers and Curtis Axel to retain the 24/7 title. Bo Dallas snuck up from behind and rolled up Maverick to win the title.

Intercontinental Champions Shinsuke Nakamura defeated “Andrew Howard”

Nakamura and Sami Zayn made their way down to the ring. Zayn mocked the fans. He asked Nakamura’s opponent if his name is Andrew Howard. He shook his head no. Zayn said it doesn’t matter since he’s named The Miz tonight.

Zayn did commentary on the live mic during the match. This was a total squash and ended when Nakamura hit the Kinshasa.

Bo Dallas rolled into the ring, trying to get away from a bunch of guys. Maverick rolled up Dallas to regain the 24/7 title.

R-Truth was in a lamp disguise next to the King of the Ring throne. Truth rolled up Maverick to win the title.

Daniel Bryan made his way down to the ring. The fans broke into a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant. He said it’s nice to around people that believe him. He said he hates liars and demands an apology from Roman Reigns.

Reigns made his way down to the ring. Rowan attacked Reigns from behind and threw him into the ring steps. Bryan tried to stop Rowan, but he shoved Bryan to the floor.

Rowan gave Reigns a powerbomb into the ring post. Rowan then gave Reigns the Iron Claw in the ring. He grabbed the mic and pointed out that Reigns thinks Bryan was behind the attack, but it was Rowan. He mocked Reigns and challenged Bryan to come in the ring and slap him. Rowan is nobody’s puppet.

The fans broke into a loud “Yes” chant. Rowan admits he was behind the attacks. He hit Reigns with the steps and cleared the announce table.

Bryan got in Rowan’s face and slapped him. Rowan snapped and gave Bryan the Iron Claw through the table. Rowan yelled that nobody tells him what to do.