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WWE SmackDown live results: More build to SummerSlam


WWE Champion AJ Styles returns to SmackDown to address Samoa Joe tonight. Styles and Joe are set to clash over the title at this year’s SummerSlam. Last week, Joe claimed that Styles cares more about being WWE Champion than being a good father and husband. He said the fans at the Barclays Center will be cheering for Styles, but Styles' family will be cheering for Joe.

At SummerSlam, SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella defends against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match. Lynch was happy that her friend Charlotte Flair returned last week but wasn’t thrilled that she was added to the match. Tonight, Lynch and Flair team up to take on The IIconics.

The New Day also take on The Bar in the finals of the tag team tournament. The winners challenge the Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam. And Zelina Vega and Lana are set for a rematch after Vega won last week's meeting.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern.


Randy Orton came down to the ring to start SmackDown. He recapped the brutal beatdown he gave Jeff Hardy last week. Orton asked the fans if they still believe in Hardy. He vowed to end the careers of any superstar the fans put on a pedestal. He said he's going to be so violent that the fans will want to change the channel. They won’t because the fans still believe in superheroes.

He recounted all of his accomplishments but noted the fans still don’t respect him. The crowd actually cheered his accomplishments and chanted his name. He promised again to erase all of the superstars fans put on pedestal. He started with Hardy and erased the enigma. He stated the only three letters that fans need to refer to him by are “RKO”.

In the back, The Bar prepared for their upcoming match with The New Day.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch met backstage. They both tried to talk first. Flair apologized for working her way into the SummerSlam match. Lynch said she was disappointed at first for not having Carmella to herself. She said it’s okay and just another obstacle to overcome. Flair wanted to make sure they’re good for the match later. Lynch said for sure they're good because they’re not Bayley and Sasha.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair defeated the IIconics

SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella joined the announcers on commentary.

Before the match, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay mocked Flair and Lynch. They claimed they couldn’t see Lynch because she’s in Flair’s shadow. They said Lynch is always the bridesmaid and never the champion.

The faces gained control early and isolated Kay on their side of the ring. Flair hit a plancha to the floor taking both heels out. Flair and Kay nailed each other with a big boot at the same time.

Lynch locked on the Dis-arm-her on Royce but Kay broke it up. Flair tagged herself in and hit a moonsault on the IIconics. Flair applied the Figure Eight on Royce for the win. Lynch didn’t seem happy about the blind tag but was okay after the match. Lynch and Flair argued with Carmella after the match.

Renee Young interviewed The New Day. She mentioned that social media was raving about their commentary last week. They have something different for tonight and asked Young to leave. Kofi Kingston put a jacket and blonde wig. He called himself Kramer Kingman and interviewed The New Day about their match with The Bar. The crowd loved this segment.

Earlier today, The Miz was on the set of Miz & Mrs. He finally accepted Daniel Bryan’s challenge for SummerSlam. Byron Saxton said he secured an exclusive interview with The Miz for later in the night.

In the back, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch celebrated their victory from earlier. Lynch noted that tonight was a tag match but in two weeks it’s every woman for herself.

WWE Champion AJ Styles came out to address Samoa Joe. He noted the Joe made it personal when he talked about his family. He promised to be one of the greatest WWE superstars for his family. He said real men make sacrifices for their family. He said he’s missed family events because he’s on the road. His wife is basically a single parent because he’s not there but that’s part of the sacrifice. He admits that he wants to be there for his kids.

He’s mad at Joe because he knows his wife and kids. He said Joe threw away a decade long friendship because he mentioned his family. He promised that Joe’s not walking out of SummerSlam the WWE Champion and he’d be lucky to walk out at all.

Samoa Joe watched the interview in the back and laughed when it was over.

Rusev approached Lana in the back. He said she was right last week and he’s going to be in her corner for her match. Aiden English approached them and apologized for his recent mistakes. They accepted his apology but wouldn’t let him come to the ring with them.

Zelina Vega (w/ Andrade “Cien” Almas”) defeated Lana (w/Rusev)

Lana was in control early but Vega took over and slowed the pace down. Lana fought back and scored a near fall with a suplex. Almas distracted Lana and Vega regained control. Rusev went after Almas at ringside.

Lana made a comeback and climbed to the top. As she did, Aiden English ran out and pushed Almas into the corner, which knocked down Lana. Vega hit the double knees in the corner for the win.

Renee Young interviewed United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. She asked about his match with Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam. Nakamura said Hardy has been erased but he’ll beat what’s left of him.

R-Truth and Tye Dillinger approached Nakamura. Truth challenged Nakamura to a match at SummerSlam and thought he had to beat Carmella to get the match. Nakamura said something in Japanese and Truth understood but won’t repeat it in public. Truth said he wants to face Nakamura tonight. Paige made the match for later tonight during the commercial break.

Byron Saxton conducted his exclusive interview with The Miz. Miz was on the big screen because he’s still on the set of Miz & Mrs. Saxton wondered if the reason Miz wasn’t there is because he’s afraid of Daniel Bryan. Miz said he’s not there because he’s a star.

Saxton asked Miz if he had anything to say about his match with Bryan. Instead, Miz talked about the third episode of Miz & Mrs. and learning CPR, which Bryan should learn to revive his career. Saxton recapped Bryan and Miz’s feud since NXT. Miz feels he should be WWE Champion and is tired of carrying Bryan on his back. He’s tired of Bryan calling him soft and he’s not hiding. He told Saxton to look for Bryan and interview him.

Suddenly, Bryan attacked Miz on the set of Miz & Mrs. Bryan attacked security as well. Miz smashed a glass vase of flowers over Bryan’s head. Miz and secruity ran off. Bryan got up to his feet and walked away.

United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated R-Truth in a Non-title match

Truth was firmly in control and hit a hurricanrana. He followed up with a splash in the corner. Nakamura took over and scored with a series of knee strikes. Finish came when Nakamura hit the Kinshasa for the win.

Earlier today, The Bludgeon Brothers discussed the finals of the tag team tournament and noted they'll be waiting for the winners. 

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers defeated 3SK in 3-on-2-handicap match

The Bludgeon Brothers completely dominated the match and destroyed their opponents. They easily won with a powerbomb/clothesline combo. 

The New Day (w/Xavier Woods) defeated The Bar in the finals of the tag team tournament to earn a match against SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam

The heels took over when Sheamus rocked Kingston and sent him to the floor. The Bar isolated Kingston in their corner. Kingston fought back and dumped Cesaro to the floor. Sheamus missed a charge in the corner and Big E got the hot tag.

Big E ran wild and scored a near fall on Sheamus. Kingston hit the SOS for another near fall. Big E attempted the splash on the apron but Cesaro moved and Big E crashed hard. Sheamus nailed Kingston with the rolling senton on the floor. The Bar regained control and isolated Big E on their side of the ring.

Cesaro gave Big E a superplex and Sheamus hit a knee off the top for a two count. Sheamus attempted the cloverleaf but Big E fought out. Kingston got the hot tag and ran wild. Kingston hit a dive to the floor taking out The Bar. He hit a double foot stomp for a near fall.

Cesaro got the tag but Kingston knocked him to the floor. The New Day attempted the Midnight Hour but Cesaro made the save. The Bar hit White Noise for a very close near fall. Cesaro used the Cesaro Swing into the Sharpshooter.

On the floor, Kingston hit a tornado DDT off the barricade on Sheamus. Big E almost made the ropes but Cesaro transitioned into the cross face. Big E stood up while still in the cross face and countered into the Midnight Hour for the win. This was a good match, especially the last few minutes.

The New Day have earned a title shot against SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam.