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WWE SmackDown live results: More fallout from Survivor Series


Date: November 21, 2017
Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

The Big Takeaway --

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan debuted as a stable. They laid out Naomi and Becky Lynch backstage before attacking Charlotte Flair and Natalya during their title rematch. This was very obviously a copy of what happened on Raw, so much so that it almost has to be a storyline. Or maybe it isn’t. The positive is they did look strong. Also, when asked about what happened, Daniel Bryan sort of brushed it off and said, “no comment.”

Speaking of Bryan, there was a show-long storyline involving him, Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Shane was about to fire Zayn and Owens, but Bryan put them in lumberjack match instead. Shane thought this would lead to their firing after the match, but it didn’t. Bryan instead put Owens in a match against Randy Orton next week, so this story will continue.

They are also building to AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal for the WWE title at Clash of Champions.

Show Recap -- 

The show opened with a recap of SmackDown losing the 5-on-5 men’s match against Raw at Survivor Series. Byron Saxton said SmackDown was well on their way to winning the match before Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interfered, which doesn’t seem true.

Shane McMahon came out to kick things off and got a good reaction as usual. Shane said they came so close at Survivor Series and SmackDown proved that they, even in defeat, will no longer be considered anything but the show in WWE. He almost choked up when saying this, and added that he was proud of the entire roster.

Shane said they all bleed blue and would do anything for the fans. That is, of course, except for Owens and Zayn, who he called out. They came out and Zayn was even more full of energy than usual, to the point where Owens had to motion to him to settle down.

Zayn wondered what excuse Shane would come up with or if he would finally admit that he was wrong. Owens said it was a mistake to leave them off the team because they can beat anyone, including the Shield, the entire Raw team, and even Brock Lesnar. Owens wanted an apology.

Shane told Owens to shut up. He said they don’t have respect for anyone on the roster, for Shane, or for the fans. Zayn agreed with him on every point. Shane had two words for them, but Owens interrupted. He said Shane couldn’t fire them because they were too valuable, and every person in the back and in the industry respected them.

Zayn called them future Hall of Famers and Owens called them the top two superstars in WWE. Shane told them the roster didn’t respect them and called them megalomaniacs. Shane was actually about to fire them, but Daniel Bryan interrupted.

Owens and Zayn called Bryan a voice of reason and Zayn sucked up to him, so Bryan told him to shut up. Bryan said he had to send Randy Orton home because he threatened both men. He said the New Day were furious too and put them in a match against them. Zayn didn’t like that idea, so Bryan told him to shut up again. Bryan announced that their match was a lumberjack match. Bryan’s music played and he led a Yes chant. Shane seemed displeased.

Charlotte vs. Natalya for the women’s title was announced for tonight. AJ Styles will address Jinder Mahal’s challenge as well.

Shelton Benjamin (w/Chad Gable) defeated Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso) (7:08)

Saxton said Benjamin and Charlie Haas mentored the Usos when they first arrived in WWE years ago. Jey was about to hit a dive but Gable jumped on the apron to block it. Jimmy Uso yanked him down but Gable then sent him into the barricade. The distraction allowed Benjamin to use a schoolboy for a two count.

Jey followed with a superkick which seemed like it would be the finish, but Benjamin kicked out. Jey superkicked Gable off the apron and the delay allowed Benjamin to dodge a diving splash and hit Paydirt (reverse STO) for the win. This was Benjamin’s first singles match in WWE since 2010 when he lost to... Kane.

Owens and Zayn approached Baron Corbin backstage and wondered if he was on their side. He said he didn’t like them and told them to find someone more weak-minded. They kept walking and approached Bobby Roode (wearing his robe). They asked if he would be on their side and he called them crazy. He was in the match they interfered in and was looking forward to being a lumberjack tonight. He told them he owed them both a receipt.

Naomi spoke with the makeup lady backstage and said she was bummed they lost on Sunday, but was happy to see Charlotte beat Alexa Bliss, and figured she would beat Natalya tonight.

Ruby Riot showed up and introduced her to Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. Naomi stood up to defend herself but they attacked her and laid her out. Becky Lynch tried to make the save, but they laid her out too. Lynch sold this like she was badly hurt. It’s good to see new faces, but did they really have to do the same angle on both shows?

There was a sponsored segment where they showed clips from Ric Flair’s retirement segment in March 2008.

Bludgeon Brothers defeated The Hype Bros (1:25)

When the match started, Luke Harper took out Zack Ryder outside the ring by launching him into the steel steps, which the referee allowed for some reason. He also allowed Harper and Rowan to hit a few double-team moves on Mojo Rawley, including a double chokeslam for the win. It wasn’t that loud, but people were cheering for the Bludgeon Brothers by the end.

Natalya congratulated Charlotte for beating her last week, which she called an almost impossible task. She mocked the “hot mess” Ric Flair for blubbering like a baby. She said her cat could beat Alexa Bliss and would give Ric something to cry about tonight.

There was a segment a little earlier where Shane told Bryan he liked his idea for Owens and Zayn, because the New Day and the rest of the roster could get their hands on them before Bryan fires them. Shane decided he would rather go back to his hotel room and watch, so he grabbed his bag and left. Bryan said nothing.

AJ Styles promo 

Styles received a great reaction. They aired Paul Heyman’s interview putting over Styles and the crowd cheered. They continued cheering Styles for a while before he spoke. Styles wished he could be here celebrating after slaying the beast, but it didn’t go down that way. He appreciated the kind words, but you don’t get a prize for coming in second place.

Styles did say that Brock Lesnar was the one who limped to the back and was willing to have a rematch. He reminded Lesnar that in Rocky II, Rocky wins (spoiler alert). Styles moved on to Jinder Mahal.

Styles heard Mahal wants to take his title, so he took off his vest and called out Mahal for a match right now. Mahal’s big face showed up on the screen (with the flag of India behind him). Mahal said he was too busy watching Styles’ match against Lesnar on repeat.

Mahal claimed Styles took advantage of him in the middle of a European tour, and if he fought Lesnar, he would be standing there as the beastmaster. Styles asked him if he knew how stupid that sounded. He said Mahal should be well-rested because he did nothing at Survivor Series.

Mahal said he brought prestige to the championship and wasn’t going to fight in a place like Texas. Mahal wanted his rematch at Clash of Champions. He laughed as the Singh brothers attacked Styles from behind. Styles fought them off and gave one of them a Styles Clash. Styles came off well here. Mahal, on the other hand, was terrible.

Zayn and Owens approached Rusev and Aiden English backstage. English was singing a new rendition of “Rusev Day.” Zayn said Thanksgiving was coming up, but as French Canadians, they didn’t believe in that crap and would rather celebrate Rusev Day.

Owens said Shane and Bryan didn’t know how to utilize their best talent and reminded Rusev that his qualifying match with Styles was cancelled, while John Cena was just allowed in the match. Zayn and Owens left as Rusev and English seemed to consider their words.

WWE Women’s Championship match: Charlotte Flair NC Natalya (6:48)

During the entrances, Tom Phillips read a promo for WrestleMania tickets, but the graphics on screen were for Clash of Champions. Moments later, they showed the Clash of Champions graphic again and Phillips and Saxton read the proper promo this time.

After a break, Charlotte hit punches in the corner, but Natalya grabbed her and nailed a sitout powerbomb for two. She followed with a Sharpshooter but Charlotte got a rope break. Charlotte fought back with a backbreaker and went for a moonsault, but Natalya got her knees up (barely).

Charlotte hit a spear and Natalya fell to the outside. Riot, Morgan and Logan ran down through the crowd and attacked Natalya. The referee called for the bell. (So this was a DQ or no contest.) People chanted “NXT.”

The three heels then jumped into the ring and attacked Charlotte. They each hit a move and stood tall. Again, this was way too much like the Raw angle, but the crowd was into it. The announcers are acknowledging the similarities to what happened on Raw.

Dasha Fuentes asked Daniel Bryan about what happened during the women's title match. He responded, “Well, it’s an interesting situation. No comment.” Owens and Zayn interrupted. Zayn said firing them would be his biggest mistake. Bryan wished them luck.

Styles will face the Singh brothers in a handicap match next week. A Saw-themed Fashion Files is scheduled, too.

Lumberjack Match: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) (11:49)

It seems like ring announcer Greg Hamilton is no longer pausing for the crowd to chant along with “one fall.” Shinsuke Nakamura is among the lumberjacks. Woods is (sort of) dressed as a lumberjack.

Kingston was sent to the outside a couple of times, but the lumberjacks didn’t touch him. Zayn went out after him and the lumberjacks immediately jumped him, which got a laugh from the crowd. Zayn tried to escape but they picked him up and tossed him back in the ring.

Zayn and Owens got the heat on Kingston after a break. Owens tried a senton but Kingston got his knees up and made the hot tag to Big E, who suplexed Zayn around the ring. Zayn slipped out of a Big Ending but Kingston tagged in and hit a diving crossbody. Owens broke up the cover, then he and Big E took each other out with clotheslines.

A brawl broke out between the lumberjacks after Corbin accidentally clubbed Roode. The lumberjacks fought up the ramp, which mostly left ringside clear. Woods knocked Mike Kanellis out of the ring, and Owens knocked Woods off the apron. Kingston was distracted so Zayn used a schoolboy for the win.

Rusev and English attacked Big E afterwards, then Kingston took them out with a dive off the top. Owens ran away though the crowd but when Zayn tried to do the same, Woods caught him and dragged him into the ring. Kingston hit him with a Trouble in Paradise. Big E and Woods finished him off with a Midnight Hour. The New Day’s music played and they danced.

They cut backstage to Owens who stormed through the back. He ran into Bryan and pleaded with him. Bryan wondered if he was even concerned about Zayn. Owens mentioned how long he and Bryan have known each other and begged him not to fire them, even getting on his knees. Bryan told him not to beg, he was never going to fire them. He put Owens in a match with Randy Orton next week instead. Owens tried to get out of this, but Bryan made it clear that was a bad idea, so Owens agreed and thanked him.