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WWE SmackDown live results: Reigns vs. Roode tables match


The build to the Royal Rumble continues as SmackDown takes place from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina tonight. 

Roman Reigns takes on Robert Roode in a tables match. With his 30-day suspension for a wellness policy violation up, Roode returned last week and attacked Reigns after The Usos faced King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler. Roode gave Reigns a spinebuster on the announce table, and Ziggler followed up with an elbow to put him through the table.

The winner of the tables match will decide the stipulation for Reigns vs. Corbin at the Royal Rumble.

The Miz and John Morrison's feud against The New Day will continue with Morrison returning to the ring against Big E tonight.

After Sasha Banks bailed on their match last week -- Banks and Lacey Evans will finally face off.

Plus, Kane makes his return to Friday Night SmackDown. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with an in Memorium graphic for Rocky Johnson. 

Kane made his way down to the ring to kick off SmackDown. He pointed out they're nine days away from his favorite pay-per-view, The Royal Rumble. Kane discussed The Royal Rumble and the chance at headlining WrestleMania. 

Kane talked about all the eliminations he earned throughout his career and the amount of fun he had. 

Suddenly, The Firefly Funhouse interrupted. Bray Wyatt pointed out that Kane hasn't changed. He noted it's not good to brag about causing misery. 

Wyatt gave Kane that chance to apologize, but he didn't. He thinks Kane winning the Rumble isn't a good idea. Wyatt noted Ramblin Rabbit is doing better after being attacked. 

Wyatt realized that Kane's picture is already on his wall, which means Kane and The Fiend have cross paths before. 

The lights went out. The red lights came on, and Kane was standing at ringside. 

The Fiend then emerged from a hole in the ring. Kane turned around and asked what took him so long. Suddenly, Daniel Bryan appeared and hit the running knee on The Fiend.

The Fiend tried to get away and went back through the hole. Bryan chased after him and pulled out some of The Fiend's dreadlocks, but he was able to get away.

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan. Bryan noted The Fiend disappears every time he gets close to getting him. Bryan is sick of Wyatt escaping down the hole. He challenged The Fiend to a strap match at the Royal Rumble. Bryan explained the rules and noted it might not be a good idea, but he's determined to get his hands on The Fiend.

John Morrison (w/The Miz) defeated Big E (w/ Kofi Kingston) 

On commentary, Michael Cole and Corey Graves discussed Graves' podcast. Graves noted he discussed the potential of Big E as a singles star, and this might be the start of it. 

Big E had an early advantage, but Morrison took over. He dragged Big E to the apron and rocked him with a kick to the back. Morrison then hit a neck breaker off the apron to the floor. 

Back from the break, Morrison slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Big E fought back, but Morrison recovered. Morison hit a standing shooting star press for a near fall. 

Morrison missed a springboard move, and Big E hit a belly-to-belly. Morrison poked Big E in the eyes to briefly take over. 

Big E recovered and hit a big splash for a near fall. He then gave Morrison a huge back body drop. 

The Miz jumped on the apron, but Kingston pulled him off. Morrison climbed to the top, but instead of hitting Big E, he hit a dive to the floor onto Kingston. 

Big E went for the spear, but The Miz caused a distraction. Morrison then hit Starship Pain for the win. 

In the back, Roman Reigns and The Usos discussed Reigns match against Robert Roode later tonight. They noted if Reigns wins, he gets to pick the stipulation for his match against King Corbin. 

The Usos promised to get some payback against The Revival. 

Back from the break, Michael Cole pushed the NFC Championship game this Sunday on FOX. 

The Usos defeated The Revival 

Jimmy rocked Scott Dawson with a right hand to gain control. The Revival took over and isolated Jey in their corner. 

Dawson slowed the pace down with a chin lock on Jey. Jimmy got the hot tag and ran wild. 

Jimmy rocked Dash Wilder with a clothesline and hit a Samoan drop. He then hit a crossbody for a close near fall. 

Wilder avoided a superkick and used an inside cradle on Jimmy for a two count.

Jey got the tag, and the Usos hit double superkicks on The Revival.

The Finish came when Jey hit a suicide dive on Dawson, and Jimmy hit a splash on Wilder for the win. 

Michael Cole and Corey Graves pushed that The Revival is on a losing streak. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed The Revival. They said if WWE doesn't change, then they might have to make a change. 

Suddenly, Lacey Evans brawled with Bayley and Sasha Banks in the back. Banks was injured on the floor and was holding her leg.

They recapped the Mandy Rose-Otis angle. 

In the back, Mandy Rose approached Sonya Deville. She asked Rose if Otis can be in her corner. Deville said she gets what Rose is up to with Otis. Rose said Otis is a nice guy, but Deville thinks she's just using him. Rose isn't sure if Otis will agree to be in her corner. Deville thinks he'll say yes if Rose asks.

In the trainer's room, Bayley checked on Banks and noted she couldn't compete tonight against Evans. They were furious that Evans attacked them. Adam Pearce entered and pointed out this is the second time Banks can't take on Evans. He said the match is happening but with Bayley instead in a non-title match. 

Lacey Evans defeated SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley In a Non-TItle Match

Evans had the early advantage and ran wild. Bayley took over and rocked Evans with a forearm. She slowed the pace down and worked over the shoulder. 

Bayley caught Evans with a back elbow for a two count. The fans broke into a loud "Let's Go Lacey" chant. 

Evans made a comeback and hit the bronco buster. She attempted her moonsault, but Bayley got her knees up. Bayley followed up with a running knee into the barricade. 

Back from the break, Bayley was firmly in control and backed Evans into the corner. 

Bayley missed a charge in the corner. She regained control and scored a close near fall. 

Bayley rocked Evans with a back elbow off the second turnbuckle for a very close two count. The fans broke into another "Lacey" chant. 

Bayley dropped Evans on the top turnbuckle. She then charged at Evans, but Evans rocked Bayley with the Women's Right for the win. 

The newest addition to the SmackDown announce team Alyse Ashton interviewed Shorty G. He's not going to fall for what Sheamus is up. Shorty G noted Sheamus is one of the best superstars.

Suddenly, Sheamus interrupted and mocked Shorty G's height. He patted Shorty G on the head. Shorty G snapped.

Shorty G tackled Sheamus to the ground and threw shots. Sheamus was furious afterward. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Braun Strowman. He announced his entry into the Royal Rumble match and then turned his attention to Intercontinental champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Strowman noted he pinned Nakamura twice. He demanded a shot at the IC champion Nakamura. 

In the ring, Elias thanked the fans and started singing a song about Greensboro. Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro interrupted. Zayn said they have more significant problems than Elias. He talked about Braun Strowman's challenge and turned it down. Zayn noted, not this close to the Royal Rumble. 

Zayn pointed out that Nakamura won the Rumble match before. Zayn noted he's done and told Elias to get back to doing whatever he's doing. 

Elias noted he just wrote a song about Sami Zayn while he was talking. Zayn was furious and sent Cesaro to the ring.

All three heels jumped Elias and beat him down. Strowman marched down to the ring and threw the heels out.

A tribute video for Rocky Johnson aired and included highlights from his career. After the video, the fans broke into a "Rocky" chant. 

Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Cross) defeated Sonya Deville (w/Mandy Rose)

Heavy Machinery made their way down to ringside to be in Deville's corner.

Rose distracted Bliss, and Deville attacked. She used a chin lock, but Bliss fought out. 

Rose tried to climb to the top to distract Bliss again. Cross then pushed Rose off the top, but she fell into Otis's arms. 

Deville was distracted, and Bliss rolled her up for the win. 

In the back, King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler approached Robert Roode. Corbin discussed all the possible stipulations he can make when Roode wins. 

Tables Match: Roman Reigns defeated Robert Roode 

Roode jumped Reigns as he made his way down to the ring. Roode pulled out a table from under the ring, but Reigns rocked him with the drive-by. 

Reigns ran around the ring but missed a spear and crashed through the barricade. King Corbin came out and watched the match from the stage. 

Back from the break, Roode tried to superplex Reigns through a table in the ring. Reigns fought back and attempted a powerbomb through the table but Roode fought out.

Reigns hit a superman punch on the floor and threw Roode back in the ring.  Corbin caused a distraction, and Ziggler caught Reigns with a superkick. 

Ziggler and Corbin placed Reigns on the announce table. Roode climbed to the top, but The Usos ran down for the save. They hit double suicide dives onto Corbin and Ziggler.

The Usos then gave Ziggler a double splash through the announce table. 

Reigns then speared Roode through a table in the corner for the win. 

After the match, Reigns announced the stipulation for his match against Corbin at the Royal Rumble will be a falls count anywhere match.