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WWE SmackDown live results: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin


This week's Friday Night SmackDown is a taped show from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

With the roster stuck in Saudi Arabia, last Friday's episode featured an NXT invasion, Brock Lesnar quitting SmackDown to go to Raw, and NXT Champion Adam Cole defeating Daniel Bryan.

Two matches that were initially scheduled for last week have been rebooked for tonight. Roman Reigns takes on King Corbin, and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival defend their titles against The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E).

Boxing star Tyson Fury defeated Braun Strowman by countout at Crown Jewel last Thursday. Fury returns to SmackDown tonight to address the fans. Strowman is also scheduled to appear.

Plus, Sasha Banks returns and goes one-on-one with Nikki Cross. This is Banks' first match since she was injured against Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell last month.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


King Corbin made his way down to the ring to kick off SmackDown. He talked about the Survivor Series in two weeks and noted it's Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT. The fans broke into a loud "NXT" chant. Corbin discussed NXT invading SmackDown last week and blamed Roman Reigns.

He noted Reigns fought leukemia and won. Now Reigns spends all his time with his family and doesn't care about being a world champion. Corbin mocked Reigns and challenged him to come to the ring. He admitted Reigns wasn't there but promised to defeat him in the main event later. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Kofi Kingston and Big E. They have a message to the injured Xavier Woods. Big E told Woods not to drop the soap, but Kingston pointed out Woods isn't in jail. They promised to defeat The Revival and become seven times tag team champions. 

The New Day defeated The Revival to win the SmackDown tag team titles 

Before the match, they announced Raw tag team champions The Viking Raiders vs. NXT tag team champions Undisputed Era vs. SmackDown tag team champions The Revival at Survivor Series. Cole noted if New Day wins, they'll be in the match instead. 

Kingston went for a quick pin to get the early win. The heels tried to isolate Kingston, but he fought back and tagged in Big E. New Day were firmly in control when Dash Wilder injured his knee. He clutched his knee as they cut to commercial. 

Back from the break, Big E hit a bell-to-belly suplex on Wilder. During the break, Wilder revealed the knee injury was a fake and tricked Big E. Kingston ran wild and hit a dive to the floor. The Revival hit a superplex/splash combo for a near fall. Wilder went for a tornado DDT on Kingston, but he fought back and hit the SOS for a two count. The heels took back over and hit a double draping DDT for a close near fall.

The finish came when The Revival went for the Shatter Machine on Big E, but Kingston made the blind tag. Big E held Wilder as Kingston hit the trouble in paradise to win the titles. On commentary, Corey Graves claimed Kingston no longer has to have doubts about his career because of this win.

In the back, Roman Reigns arrived at the arena and ran into Shorty G. He told Reigns about King Corbin's comments. 

Backstage, Sami Zayn approached Daniel Bryan. He noted he asked Bryan to join him and Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn claimed Bryan would have won the NXT championship last week if he was in his corner. He pointed out that Cesaro & Nakamura take on Ali & Shorty G later, and he wants Bryan to watch closely. 

Heavy Machinery was in the ring, waiting for their opponents. Suddenly, Imperium (WALTER, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel & Alexander Wolfe) from NXT UK jumped the faces. New Day and a bunch of other guys ran out for the save. Imperium ran off. 

Kayla Braxton interviewed SmackDown Woman's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. Bayley noted NXT Woman's Champion Shayna Baszler jumped her last week. She pointed out that it was Bayley and Banks that put the NXT Woman's division on the map. Banks promised to defeat Nikki Cross later, and Bayley promised to beat Baszler and Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. 

Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (w/Sami Zayn) defeated Ali & Shorty G

Daniel Bryan came out to watch the match. The heels had the early advantage, and isolated Shorty G. Shorty G fought back and attempted a tag, but Csearo caught him. He went for the victory roll on Cesaro and made the tag. 

Ali ran wild and hit a huge tornado DDT for a close near fall. Shorty G suplexed Nakamura out of the ring, but Cesaro nailed Shorty G with an uppercut. Ali attempted a crossbody, but Cesaro caught him. Nakamura attempted the Kinshasa, but Ali hit a superkick. Ali climbed to the top, but Zayn interfered, and Cesaro pushed Ali off the top. Nakamura then hit the Kinshasa for the win. 

After the match, Zayn invited Bryan into the ring, but Bryan walked off.

Sasha Banks defeated Nikki Cross

Banks has a new remixed version of her theme song, which now features Snoop Dogg. Bayley joined the commentators during the match. 

Banks had the early advantage and choked Cross on the middle rope. Bayley was very impressed. The fans started singing at Bayley, but she wasn't impressed. 

Cross fought back and hit a crossbody off the apron onto Banks. Suddenly, Cross jumped Bayley at ringside. Bayley interfered, and Banks regained control. Cross fought back, and Banks rolled out of the ring.

Back from the break, Banks hit a double knee for a near fall. Cross fought back and hit a tornado DDT. She followed up with a splash and bulldog. Cross attempted a crossbody, but Banks rolled through into the Bank Statment. Cross reversed, but Banks rolled her up for a near fall.

Cross went for the neck breaker, but Banks hit the backstabber into the Bank Statement for the win. 

After the match, Bayley attacked Cross. Suddenly, NXT Woman's Champion Shayna Baszler ran out and attacked Bayley. It took a while for Banks to run back for the save. Baszler ran off as the fans erupted into an "NXT" chant.

In the back, Sami Zayn spoke with Daniel Bryan. He told Bryan to forget about the Yes Movement and the Yes chant. He asked Bryan to join them.

Suddenly, the lights went out, and the red light came on. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt was standing behind Bryan, and he attacked him with the Mandible claw.

They recapped Tyson Fury vs. Braun Strowman from Crown Jewel. 

Tyson Fury made his way down to the ring. He talked about traveling all over the world and ran down some of his victories. Fury feels great to be home. He spoke of his fight in February but noted he has unfinished business with Braun Strowman. 

Strowman made his way down to the ring. Fury thanked Strowman for the match at Crown Jewel, and they shook hands. He noted if they fight again, it should be as a tag team. Strowman liked that idea, and so did the fans. He said there's nobody stupid enough to face the two of them. The B Team's music hit, and they made their way to the ring. Curtis Axel said they're stupid enough to accept the challenge. 

Fury and Strowman beat down the B Team together. Strowman ran around ringside and ran the heels down. Fury rocked Bo Dallas with right, and Strowman took out Axel with a power slam. 

They recapped King Corbin attacking Roman Reigns on WWE Backstage. 

Carmella & Dana Brooke defeated Fire & Desire 

The winning team joins Sasha Banks and Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series. 

The heels had the early advantage and isolated Carmella. Fire & Desire attempted a double suplex, but Carmella fought back. Sonya Devilla regained control with a kick to the head. Dana Brooke got the hot tag and ran wild. Brooke scored a near fall, but Mandy Rose broke up the pin attempt. 

Brooke sent Deville into the ring steps. She sent Deville back into the ring and hit the Swanton Bomb for the win. Brooke and Carmella join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. 

King Corbin defeated Roman Reigns 

Reigns clotheslined Corbin out of the ring before the bell. Reigns beat Corbin around ringside and in the ring. Corbin had a brief advantage but Reigns took back over with a big boot. Reigns set up for the Superman punch but Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler ran down to ringside. 

Reigns attacked them both but Corbin gained control and scored a near fall. Corbin followed up with a hard clothesline for another near fall. Reigns fought back and hit a flying clothesline for a two count. He set up for the Superman Punch but Roode caused a distraction.

Ziggler tried to attack Reigns but he fought them both off. Reigns hit the spear on Ziggler but Corbin hit the End of Days for the win.