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WWE SmackDown live results: Ronda Rousey open challenge

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are also set to appear as SmackDown airs on FS1.

Due to the World Series, SmackDown moves to FS1 for tonight's episode.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will appear ahead of his title defense against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel on November 5 in Saudi Arabia.

The Bloodline's problems continued on last week's episode. Jey Uso ignored an order from Reigns and Sami Zayn not to mess with Logan Paul. Paul got the better of Jey and knocked him out with one lucky shot.

The Brawling Brutes' Ridge Holland & Butch take on Zayn & Solo Sikoa. Last week, The Bloodline sent Sheamus to the hospital when they injured his arm with a chair. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey issues an open challenge tonight. Plus, Hit Row and a mystery partner take on Legado Del Fantasma.

There will also be an appearance by Bray Wyatt on tonight's show. WWE has announced that Wyatt will "address his demons."

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Michael Cole and Wade Barrett recapped The Bloodline injuring Sheamus last week. They also recapped Logan Paul knocking out Jey Uso with one lucky shot.

Behind the curtain, The Bloodline was getting ready for the match. Jey assumed Sami Zayn wanted him not to get involved. Instead, Zayn said it's all hands on deck. Zayn mentioned Roman Reigns was on his way to the building. 

The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland & Butch) defeated Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa (w/The Usos) (11:49)

Brawling Brutes and Zayn & Sikoa continued the streak of hot openers on SmackDown. Everyone worked hard, but Butch was the highlight of the match. Jey's help backfired and cost Zayn and Sikoa the win. The Bloodline storyline continues to be one of the best things in WWE. 

The Brawling Brutes beat down Zayn to gain control early. They were firmly in control until Sikoa made a blind tag. The heels took over and isolated Butch on their side of the ring.

Jimmy Uso took a cheap shot at Butch from ringside. Butch fought back and took out Zayn with a running knee. After a distraction from the Usos, Sikoa rocked Butch with a clothesline from behind. 

Back from the break, Butch caught Sikao with a DDT and tried to make the tag. Zayn cut him off, but Butch broke free. Holland got the hot tag and ran wild. Sikoa fought back and caught Holland with a pop-up Samoan drop for a close near fall.

Holland and Sikoa traded head butts in the middle of the ring. They collided, and both made a tag. Jey caused a distraction allowing Zayn to roll up Butch for a near fall. Zayn missed the helluva kick, and Butch climbed to the top rope. The fans broke into a loud "Sami" chant. 

The finish furthered the problems between Jey and Zayn. Butch was setting up for a moonsault, but Zayn was playing possum. He tried to sucker in Butch, but Jey pulled Zayn out of the ring. Zayn was mad at Jey since he was laying a trap for Butch.

As this was going on, Sikoa knocked down Butch. Then he tried to calm down Jey and Zayn. Holland took advantage and wiped out Jey and Sikoa. Zayn turned around, and Butch caught him with a small package for the win.

After the match, Zayn and Jey continued to argue in the ring. Jimmy took Zayn's side and got in Jey's face. That's when Roman Reigns' music hit to a giant pop.

Reigns and Paul Heyman slowly made their way to the ring. 

Roman Reigns Promo 

The Bloodline were all great in their roles in this segment. Reigns is excellent as the leader who's losing patience with Jey. Zayn was trying to be the good guy and make Reigns happy. Jey's the hothead who went too far by saying he doesn't care what  Tribal Chief said. Sikoa, Jimmy, and Heyman were awesome just reacting. The atmosphere was amazing too. The fans loved the segment and reacted big to key moments. 

Back from the commercial, The Bloodline was standing in the ring. Reigns demanded that St. Louis acknowledge him. The fans broke into a loud "Roman" chant. 

Reigns acknowledged the elephant in the room. Since Zayn and Jey want to fight like kids, he will treat them like kids. Reigns wants this resolved now. 

Zayn took the mic and noted there was tension with Jey. He admitted he didn't know why Jey didn't like him. Zayn gets along with everyone except Jey. He likes Jey and stuck out his hand. The fans applauded. 

Jey told Zayn to get his hand out of his face. Jey went off on Zayn as the rest of the Bloodline stood in place. Jey pointed out that Zayn's not family. He doesn't like anything about Zayn, including his hair, face, and shirt. 

Zayn doesn't know why Jey's yelling at him. He's trying to make peace because the tribal chief wants peace. Jey yelled that he didn't care what the tribal chief said. That got a giant reaction. 

Reigns was furious and got in Jey's face. Zayn calmed the situation down and stuck up for Jey. He said Jey didn't mean it, and he's not feeling like himself. Zayn added that Jey's not feeling very Ucey. The fans broke into a loud "Ucey" chant. Reigns laughed and asked if Jey's not feeling Ucey. That line was so funny that Jey struggle not to laugh. Reigns told Jey to find his inner Ucey. 

Reigns told Jey to figure this out, or he will make Zayn a full-blown Uso. They're going to change his name to "Sami Uso." The fans broke into a loud "Sami Uso" chant. 

Heyman took the mic and promised that Reigns would defeat Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, and they left. 

Bray Wyatt's symbol flashed across the screen. 


A Viking Raiders and Sarah Logan vignette aired. 

New Day defeated Maximum Male Models (w/Maxine Dupri) (3:43)

New Day promised to defeat the Maximum Male Models in an inset promo.

New Day and the Maximum Male Models had a fun squash match. It was all about making New Day look strong and setting them up as future title challengers. 

New Day dominated the heels and isolated mån.sôör. After a distraction from Maxine, the heels took over. Woods fought back and sent ma.çé to the floor. Kingston got the hot tag and ran wild on mån.sôör. 

Kingston knocked ma.çé.off the apron and hit the boom drop on mån.sôörThey briefly fought on the top rope. Kingston dropped mån.sôör off the top and hit a splash. The finish came when New Day hit the midnight hour for the win.


Kayla Braxton interviewed Sonya Deville about Ronda Rousey's open challenge. Deville mocked Liv Morgan again. Morgan attacked Deville, and they brawled backstage. Morgan snapped and went crazy, trying to attack Deville. Referees ran in to break it up. They struggled to hold Morgan back. 


SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Emma (6:50)

Emma's return was a bit underwhelming, as was the match. The fans seemed dead at times and didn't know how to react.

Before the match, Rousey mocked the fans for not recognizing that she's a fighting champion. She called them mediocre and demanded her challenger come to the ring. Emma made her WWE return to a good reaction. 

Rousey dominated Emma and kicked her to the floor. Emma briefly fought back, but Rousey regained control. Rousey stalked Emma around ringside. Emma moved out of the way, and Rousey crashed into the steps. Emma caught Rousey in the tarantula and followed with a flying crossbody for a near fall.

Rousey regained control and mocked Emma. Emma fired back and caught Rousey with a clothesline. Rousey took back over with an ankle lock. Emma broke free and briefly gained control with a German suplex. The finish came when the referee was momentarily distracted. Rousey poked Emma in the eyes and hit Piper's pit. She then locked on the armbar for the win.

They announced both Bianca Belair vs. Bayley in a last-woman standing match and The Usos defending against Butch and Holland at Crown Jewel.


In the back, Jey Uso wanted to talk to Roman Reigns about Logan Paul, but Paul Heyman wouldn't let him. Heyman gave Jey his word that he'd take care of it. 


Shayna Baszler congratulated Ronda Rousey on her win backstage. Suddenly, Natalya interrupted and got in Rousey's face. She claimed Rousey was lucky she didn't accept the open challenge. Baszler jumped Natalya and choked her out. Baszler and Rousey left together.


A video package recapped the Legado del Fantasma vs. Hit Row feud.

Hit Row & Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ B-Fab) defeated Legado del Fantasma (w/Zelina Vega) (4:21)

Oddly, this was one-sided in favor of the faces. They dominated the majority of the action. Legado del Fantasma feels like a great act, but they haven't been impressive since their debut. 

Before the match, B-Fab introduced their partner Shinsuke Nakamura. The faces jumped in the ring and beat down Legado del Fantasma. They cleared the ring, including B-Fab taking out Vega with a pump kick.

The match started during the break. The heels took over when Vega interfered. Back from the break, Legado isolated Ashante "Thee" Adonis on their side of the ring. Nakamura tagged in and tossed out Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.

Nakamura and Santos Escobar traded stiff shots. Nakamura took over and hit a sliding German suplex in the ropes. Top Dolla took out Wilde and del Toro with the world's strongest slam. Top Dolla then ran up the ropes and rocked Escobar with a forearm. Top Dolla dropped Wilde, and Nakamura hit the Kinshasa for the win.


In the back, Paul Heyman showed Roman Reigns footage of Logan Paul training. Heyman's concerned about Paul and added he only needs one lucky shot. Reigns isn't worried because Paul only had two matches. Heyman claimed Paul had a steel plate inserted into his hand after breaking it. Heyman pointed out that Brock Lesnar won the UFC title in his third match. Reigns didn't like that comment. Heyman freaked out, apologized, and promised to turn on the jet. 


Kayla Braxton interviewed LA Knight. Ricochet interrupted and mocked Knight for thinking he was god's gift to SmackDown. Knight agreed that he is god's gift to SmackDown and walked off. Ricochet threatened to shut Knight up. 


Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) defeated Madcap Moss (9:31)

Kross and Moss went about ten minutes, but it felt longer. It dragged in the middle and lost the fans until the finish. Kross should have won a squash match instead of being in a competitive contest. 

Moss had the early advantage as he backed Kross into the corner with hard chops. Kross quickly took over, but Moss fought back. He caught him with a shoulder block sending a frustrated Kross to the floor.

Back from the break, Kross was firmly in control as he backed Moss into the corner. Kross slowed the pace down as he beat down Moss. Kross gave Moss a Northern lights suplex and rolled through into a stiff clothesline. 

Moss fired up and fought back with a clothesline. Kross regained control, but Moss hit a spine buster for a near fall. Moss hit a series of shoulder tackles in the corner. 

After a distraction from Scarlett, Kross took over and hit Moss with a forearm to the back of the head for the win. 

Kross jumped Moss after the match and choked him out with the Kross jacket. With Moss still in the Kross jacket, Kross cut a promo on Drew McIntyre and promised to beat him at Crown Jewel in the cage. 


Cole and Barrett ran down the Crown Jewel lineup. 

Kayla Braxton tried to interview Rey Mysterio, but Imperium attacked him with a chair. Gunther ripped open his shirt and gave him a vicious chop. 

Bray Wyatt was pacing backstage as random scenes flashed across the screen. 

Bray Wyatt Promo 

This segment was similar to the one a few weeks ago. It was another cliffhanger but revealed a bit more this time. Wyatt cut a great promo but was interrupted by a strange character on the screen, Uncle Howdy. It's still unclear where this angle is going, but it's been fantastic so far. This was a solid show-closing angle that continued the slow build of the Wyatt story. 

Wyatt's entrance is awe-inspiring. The fans gave him a huge pop and broke into a loud "Welcome back" chant. The fans incredible reaction made him emotional. 

Wyatt said there's no mask for him to hide behind and no smoke or mirrors. Wyatt's being the real Bray Wyatt. He admitted that he's been out of control for most of his life. Sometimes his feelings can take him to a dark place. Other times, he doesn't feel anything at all. Wyatt admitted he did some horrible things. 

Suddenly, a video on the screen interrupted. It featured a guy in a creepy mask with a top hat. He introduced himself as Uncle Howdy. Uncle Howdy was upset that Wyatt sent "him" away. He said that Wyatt hides behind a mask but can't hide from him his Uncle Howdy. SmackDown ended with another eerie cliffhanger revealing a bit more of the Bray Wyatt story. 


Next week: Intercontinental Champion Gunther defends against Rey Mysterio. Plus, Liv Morgan takes on Sonya Deville in a no-disqualification match.