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WWE SmackDown live results: SummerSlam build continues in Toronto


Date: August 8, 2017
Location: Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario

The Big Takeaway --

Randy Orton beat Jinder Mahal in the main event in a non-title match but was laid out by Rusev as the show came to a close. James Ellsworth returned to help Carmella defeat Naomi, also non-title. Daniel Bryan announced John Cena vs. Baron Corbin for SummerSlam. Fandango is back, but we still don’t know who attacked him and Tyler Breeze.

Show Recap -- 

The show started with a dramatic recap of John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura last week, including three different angles of Cena landing on the back of head and neck. They also included the post-show angle involving Baron Corbin attacking Nakamura and getting laid out by Cena.

Cena starts things off tonight. The crowd loudly sang, “John Cena sucks” during his entrance and JBL said he got a tremendous reaction. Cena said he found out last week that Shinsuke Nakamura is afraid of nothing and the crowd chanted for Nakamura. Cena admitted he didn't know why the crowd used to chant for Nakamura, but now he gets it.

Cena said Nakamura hits hard. Really hard. Cena thought he was on his way to SummerSlam to face Jinder Mahal and become 17-time champion when, suddenly, the referee was raising Nakamura’s hand. (There was a light “Jinder” chant after his name was mentioned.) Cena came to the realization that he lost, which doesn’t happen a lot, but shook Nakamura’s hand out of respect.

Baron Corbin interrupted. He has new music and graphics. Corbin was sick of hearing about the dream match and handshake. Corbin wasn’t happy that Cena got in his business and he had no trouble taking him out. Cena called Corbin a skinny-fat, overrated, dumpster fire and pointed to a sign referring to Corbin as a dumpster fire. The crowd chanted it, too.

Cena challenged him to a fight but Corbin figured there’s no reason as long as he has the briefcase. Corbin said he doesn’t need to beat Cena and told him to shove it.

Daniel Bryan came out next to a huge reaction. Bryan got two words out when he stopped because of the crowd chanting his name. Bryan wasn’t sure if Corbin was a dumpster fire or the future, but put him in a match with Cena at SummerSlam. Cena was excited and the crowd chanted “Yes” as Bryan’s music played. This was a fine opening segment.

The Usos defeated Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger (6:43)

JBL said the people here in Bizarro Land love the “lovable, neurotic, Sami Zayn.” They went to commercial less than a minute into the match.

Dillinger made a hot tag and ran wild, but was cut off when attempting a suicide dive. Zayn responded by hitting a flip dive to both Usos, and Dillinger followed with a sitout powerbomb on Jey for a nearfall. Jimmy took out Zayn outside the ring with a superkick and made a blind tag. Jey slipped out of a Tye Breaker, kicked Dillinger’s leg, and Jimmy applied a Tequila Sunrise. Dillinger tapped out.

Afterwards, the Usos mocked the New Day and said they would become champs at SummerSlam. Big E came out on the stage to distract the Usos while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods attacked them from behind. New Day were about to attack Jimmy with a steel chair but Jey yanked him out of the ring and they bailed.

Renee Young, who got a nice pop from her hometown crowd, interviewed Randy Orton, who got a mixed reaction. Orton said Rusev was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is a weird thing to say considering his attack was pretty deliberate. Renee asked about his match with Mahal tonight. Orton said the Singh brothers won’t be there and Mahal won’t be able to get away.

Fashion Peaks

Tyler Breeze interviewed the Ascension about his dream last week. Konnor and Viktor got up and left with a pie. They didn’t care what happened to Fandango, they just wanted the free pie. Fandango appeared behind Breeze, wearing an ugly suit that was way too big, and a necktie around his head.

Fandango was zombie-like until he took a sip of coffee, which brought him back to normal. Fandango said aliens kidnapped him. Breeze asked how he escaped and Fandango said he could leave anytime he wanted. He stayed for “anal probes” but then quickly corrected himself, claiming he meant “wardrobes.”

Fandango said the aliens gave him the ability to see into the future. (He was trying to say “clairvoyance” but couldn’t get the word out.) Fandango said the next person who walked through the door was the one who destroyed Tully the horse. Arn Anderson walked in and they asked if he destroyed Tully. Arn said yes, because they should’ve named the horse after him. Arn left with two donuts. To be continued.

They showed Lana speaking with Tamina backstage last week, claiming she wanted to be like her, but more ravishing. Tamina was displeased.

Charlotte Flair defeated Lana (2:24)

Charlotte was toying with Lana until Lana slapped her. Charlotte nailed her with a big boot and applied the Figure Eight for the quick tap-out win. (The crowd chanted “Thank you Lana” during the match, likely because Charlotte’s tights came down briefly when Lana attempted a sunset flip cover.)

Shane McMahon addresses SummerSlam U.S. Title match

Shane McMahon came out to a good reaction. He ran down what happened last week and introduced Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. There were dueling chants for both men and Shane acknowledged the 50/50 split. (Someone in the crowd has a Smash Wrestling sign, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at one of those shows in Toronto.)

Owens apologized for his actions last week. Owens wasn’t worried about Shane screwing him and said we’ve already seen a McMahon screw a legendary Canadian before. The crowd cheered and chanted, “You screwed Bret,” so of course Owens said that other Canadian actually deserved it.

Owens also brought up the history between Shane and Styles and showed the beating Styles gave Shane a few months ago that led to their WrestleMania match. Styles admitted he wasn’t happy either when Shane was announced as referee, but the officiating hasn’t been great lately.

Styles knew that Owens was just trying to manipulate the situation. Styles said if Shane does screw him, he’ll just have to face the repercussions like he did at Mania. Styles told him not to take it personally, he just doesn’t trust anyone, especially a McMahon.

Shane said he doesn’t operate like his other family members. Owens called him out on this and showed a clip of Shane screwing Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1998. Owens said you can find all kinds of examples like this on the WWE Network. Shane said he would call it down the middle unless they gave him a reason to get involved.

Styles admitted Owens wasn’t pinned last week and offered to face Owens right now, without Shane. Owens said he would rather win the US Title in the United States in a city that matters. Styles got in his face and they shoved. Owens gave him a cheap shot, so Styles tried a Pele kick but kicked Shane by accident. Owens left and the crowd chanted, “You screwed Shane.” Shane nodded at Styles like he knew this was just a mistake.

Tamina approached Lana in the locker room to mock her. Lana politely asked her to leave. Tamina said Lana would never wrestle like her. She said Lana got opportunities because of her ambition and now, Lana would help Tamina get hers.

Non-title match: Carmella defeated Women’s champion Naomi (6:19)

Naomi slapped Carmella out of the ring as the crowd chanted, “We want Ellsworth.” They went to commercial about 40 seconds into the match.

Carmella tried yanking Naomi off the top rope by grabbing the hair so the referee backed her off. With the ref distracted, Ellsworth appeared to push Naomi off the top (it didn’t look like he even touched her, but Naomi fell anyway) and Carmella hit a superkick (this also missed) for the pinfall win. Not good, but at least Ellsworth is back.

Natalya approached Carmella and Ellsworth backstage. Natalya warned them to stay out of her business at SummerSlam or else she would give Carmella a chin like Ellsworth. Ellsworth wished her luck at SummerSlam and said they were counting on her to win. They laughed at her and left.

Shinsuke Nakamura sit-down interview with Renee Young

Nakamura said he wanted to be in WWE his whole career and compete against the best in the world. Renee asked about last week. Nakamura called Cena the measuring stick and the guy in WWE, “But I beat him.” Renee asked about Mahal and the SummerSlam title match. Nakamura called this his destiny. He looked forward to watching Mahal tonight, and at SummerSlam, the Nakamura Dynasty begins. This was good.

Non-title match: Randy Orton defeated WWE Champion Jinder Mahal (11:39)

Orton was all over Mahal, hitting a back drop on the barricade and on the announce table, neither of which was a DQ. Orton began clearing the table as Mahal jumped back in the ring. Orton knocked him back outside and tossed him over the table. Orton tried an RKO through the table but Mahal pushed him off the table and into the barricade.

Mahal is in control after a break. It’s not the majority, but a sizable part of the crowd is chanting for Jinder. Orton hit a superplex off the middle rope for a two count. Orton followed with clotheslines, a fallaway slam, punches in the corner and powerslam for two.

Mahal came back with a high knee for two. Orton responded with a draping DDT and posed for the crowd, who are booing him. Mahal countered an RKO into a schoolboy for a near fall, followed by a kick to the face. Suddenly, Orton countered the camel clutch slam into an RKO for the pinfall win.

Afterwards, Orton posed and walked up the ramp as the show was coming to a close, when Rusev suddenly appeared and superkicked Orton. The show ended almost immediately after that, with Rusev standing tall.

Final Thoughts --

I enjoyed this show up until the main event, which was very ordinary and probably just shouldn’t have happened. If I checked correctly, that was Mahal’s first loss on TV/PPV since becoming number one contender for the WWE Championship back in April.