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WWE SmackDown live results: SummerSlam go-home show

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus will face off in an Old Fashion Donnybrook match.

With SummerSlam now 24 hours away, tonight's SmackDown takes place from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Drew McIntyre goes one-on-one with Sheamus in an Old Fashion Donnybrook match. The winner will challenge for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash of the Castle in Cardiff, Wales this September.

Roman Reigns is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He's defending the title against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam.

Grudge matches between The New Day & The Viking Raiders and Lacey Evans & Aliyah are also set for tonight's SmackDown.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods have been feuding with The Viking Raiders since Erik & Ivar returned with a new vicious streak a few weeks ago and attacked them.

Evans was supposed to wrestle Aliyah the last two weeks. Instead, Evans demanded respect from the fans and walked out. Last Friday, she knocked out Aliyah with the Women's Right before leaving.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus (25:32)

McIntyre and Sheamus had a great match. They worked hard and beat the hell out of each other. They got 25 minutes with two commercial breaks. 

The fans were hot for the entire match. It's always a nice change to start with a match instead of a long-talking segment. 

McIntyre's the number one contender for the WWE Undisputed Universal title. He challenges for the title at Clash at the Castle in September. 

There were a bunch of kegs and shillelaghs around ringside. They also set up a mini-bar with beer and pictures of Sheamus' family. 

As Drew McIntyre made his entrance, Sheamus ran out and jumped him. Sheamus beat down McIntyre around ringside before the match. 

Sheamus had the early advantage until McIntyre hit a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Sheamus rolled out and grabbed a shillelagh. 

McIntyre fought back and hit a back suplex. They fought around ringside, and the fans broke into a loud "We want tables" chant. McIntyre tossed Sheamus over the commentary desk.

McIntyre grabbed a table, but Sheamus cut him off. He tossed McIntyre into the ring steps. Sheamus set up the table at ringside and grabbed the shillelagh that McIntyre broke in half last week. Sheamus took over and beat down McIntyre.

McIntyre regained control and threw Sheamus into the ring steps. Sheamus tried to suplex McIntyre into the table, but he reversed. McIntyre continued to beat down Sheamus and threw him into a keg.  

Back from the break, Sheamus was firmly in control. He rocked McIntyre with a chair shot to the back. Sheamus then wedged the chair in the corner, but it fell out. Sheamus went for white noise, but McIntyre escaped. He sent Sheamus into the corner to take over.

McIntyre ran wild with a belly-to-belly suplex and threw a bunch of chairs into the ring. As McIntyre stepped back in, Sheamus threw one of the chairs into McIntyre's face. He went for white noise on the chair, but McIntyre reversed with the future shock DDT for a close two-count.

McIntyre was in control when Ridge Holland ran in and attacked him with the shillelagh. Sheamus then rocked McIntyre with a knee for a near fall. McIntyre recovered and gave Holland a suplex into the table. 

Back from the break, McIntyre and Sheamus fought on the corner. McIntyre threw Sheamus off with a belly-to-belly. Sheamus avoided the claymore and hit the Alabama slam for near fall. 

McIntyre regained control and threw Sheamus into the mini-bar at ringside. Suddenly, Butch showed up and jumped off the kegs onto McIntyre. Sheamus then broke a bar stool over McIntyre's back. In the ring, Sheamus hit white noise off the top rope for a very close near fall. The fans broke into a loud "This is awesome" chant. 

Butch pulled out a huge shillelagh. However, McIntyre recovered and rocked Sheamus with the Glasgow kiss. He grabbed the shillelagh and beat down Butch and Sheamus. 

McIntyre hit the claymore on Butch, but Sheamus hit the Brogue kick for another close near fall. Sheamus couldn't believe McIntyre kicked out. The fans popped big for the near fall and broke into a "This is awesome" chant. 

Sheamus went for the Brogue kick again, but McIntyre caught him. He then powerbombed Sheamus through a table. The finish came when Sheamus slowly crawled over to a shillelagh. McIntyre watched and hit the claymore kick for the win.

McIntyre takes on the Universal Champion at Clash at the Castle. After the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed McIntyre. She congratulated him for winning and becoming the number one contender. McIntyre started to say that someone has to take the title off the part-time champions. 

Suddenly, Theory attacked McIntyre with the briefcase from behind and beat him down. The fans booed Theory loudly. McAfee pointed out that Theory's from Atlanta. 


Pat McAfee-Happy Corbin Segment 

This was a good segment. McAfee and Cole tried to run down the SummerSlam lineup, but Corbin interrupted. McAfee, Cole, and Corbin were good in their roles. 

They recapped the Pat McAfee-Happy Corbin angle from last week. 

Corbin walked through the crowd with a ticket, popcorn, and a "loser" poster with McAfee's picture. Corbin waved the ticket in McAfee's face and sat down behind him. 

Back from the break, Corbin was yelling at McAfee. Cole noted that Corbin has a ticket, and they have a job to do. 

They recapped Seth Rollins attacking Riddle and injuring him. Corbin kept heckling McAfee. 

McAfee and Cole tried to run down the SummerSlam card. Corbin heckled McAfee non-stop. McAfee was frustrated and said he knows new people are in charge, but this isn't the way to read the lineup. 

McAfee and Corbin started arguing again. Adam Pearce and officials ran out to break them up. Corbin jumped over the barricade and kept yelling at McAfee. Suddenly, Corbin gave McAfee a low blow from behind. McAfee went down and screamed in pain. 

McAfee stayed at commentary and continued to sell the low blow. 


In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Theory. Theory bragged about attacking Drew McIntyre earlier. He promised to cash in the briefcase tomorrow night and win the Universal title. Theory then will beat McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. Paul Heyman approached Theory. 


Shotzi defeated Aliyah (3:17)

Shotzi and Aliyah had an okay match with some rough spots. 

Cole noted that Shotzi replaced Lacey Evans because she isn't medically cleared to compete. 

Aliyah was briefly in control, but Shotzi took over. Shotzi scored a near fall and locked on a Boston crab. Aliyah fought back and made it to the ropes. Shotzi pulled her back in the middle, but Aliyah broke free. 

Aliyah hit a flying clothesline for a two-count. Shotzi regained control and sent Aliyah back in the ring. Shotzi then hit the never wake up for the win. Shotzi's finisher looked awesome. 


They recapped Raquel Rodriguez defeating Sonya Deville last week. During the break last week, Deville scolded the fans when Ronda Rousey came out and beat her down. 

In the back, Liv Morgan and Rousey were posing for pictures. Natalya and Sonya Deville approached. Natalya feels she deserves a title shot more than Rousey. 

Back in the ring, Shotzi was laughing hysterically and started to speak when Rousey walked to the ring. She beat down Shotzi and called out Natalya. 

In a funny moment, a fan apparently heckled Rousey. She told him to shut up and that his mother failed him. The fans popped big for that moment. 

SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya & Sonya Deville (11:40)

This was a good tag team match. The story revolved around Morgan and Rousey not getting along. Morgan refused to tag out and kept trying to win on her own. They seemed to position Morgan as a heel. 

Adam Pearce made this match official during the commercial break.

Rousey and Morgan worked over Natalya for the early advantage. Morgan hit a running knee on Deville in the corner. Rousey and Morgan briefly argued. Morgan avoided Deville Matrix-style, and Rousey rocked Deville with a clothesline. 

Morgan and Rousey argued again. Morgan tagged herself in, and the heels took over. Natalya gave Morgan a painful-looking suplex at ringside. 

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control and isolated Morgan on their side of the ring. The fans broke into a loud "We want Ronda" chant. Natalya went for the sharpshooter, but Morgan broke free. Morgan almost made the tag but hit the code breaker. Morgan went for the pin instead of tagging Rousey.

The heels regained control and backed Morgan into their corner. Cole and McAfee felt Morgan should have tagged Rousey when she had the chance. Morgan fought back and broke free.

Morgan crawled over to Rousey and had the chance to make the tag. Instead, Morgan tried to hit oblivion on Deville, but she missed. The heels regained control, but Morgan broke free again.

Rousey tagged herself back in and ran wild on the heels. Rousey hit Piper's Pit on Deville. The finish came when Morgan hit oblivion on Natalya and Rousey locked on the ankle lock on Deville for the win.


They recapped the controversial finish from the Usos vs. Street Profits from Money in the Bank. 

Referee Instructions with Jeff Jarrett, The Street Profits, and Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos

This turned into a good segment.

Back from the break, The Usos made their entrance. Jeff Jarrett came out last but didn't get much of a reaction. The fans started chanting "What" when Jarrett began to talk.

The Usos and Street Profits saved the segment. The Usos asked if it's a disqualification if they punch Montez Ford in the face and break his nose again. They argued back and forth, asking Jarrett the rules. 

Jarrett noted that tomorrow night he's in charge. Tonight is a different story, and he convinced them to fight. A brawl broke out, and Jey accidentally superkicked Jarrett. The Usos tried to apologize to Jarrett, but he pushed them off. 

Dawkins pushed The Usos out of the ring. Ford then hit a huge dive onto The Usos to end the segment. 


They recapped the Viking Raiders and New Day feud.

New Day made their entrance. 

Back from the break, Maxxine Dupri introduced the Maximum Male Models. They modeled the SummerSlam beach wear. The whole segment took place backstage and was short. Max Dupri showed up at the end. 

The Viking Raiders made their entrance. 

The Viking Raiders defeated The New Day (9:15)

The Viking Raiders and the New Day had a good tag team match. The Raiders looked great. 

The New Day had the early advantage. Kingston went for a hurricanrana but couldn't connect on the way down. The Raiders took over and backed Kingston into their corner. Ivar tossed Kingston out of the ring and splashed him against the barricade. 

Back from the break, The Raiders were firmly in control. Kingston fought back, and Woods got the hot tag. Woods ran wild and hit a side Russian leg sweep on Ivar. 

Woods hit a tornado DDT off the middle rope for a close near fall. Erik briefly took over, but the New Day regained control. Kingston rolled up Erik for a near fall. Erik fought back and rocked Kingston with a knee. The Viking Raiders then hit a double powerbomb for the win. 

After the match, The Viking Raiders grabbed their shields and a chair. Woods got back in the ring to protect Kingston. Instead, Ivar smashed Woods in the head with his shield. They threw Kingston out of the ring and Pillmanized Woods' leg.


Paul Heyman Special Address  

This was a good SmackDown and closing segment heading into SummerSlam. Heyman cut a great promo, and Brock Lesnar made a surprise appearance. Theory tried to attack Lesnar, but it didn't hurt him. McIntyre got his revenge on Theory to tie up the earlier angle. 

Heyman discussed Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for tomorrow night. He talked about Reigns being the champion for 700 days. He promised that Reigns would be the last man standing. 

Heyman noted Lesnar would spoil Reigns' historic title reign over his dead body. Heyman guaranteed that Reigns would beat down Lesnar, hold up the two titles, and they'll finally get rid of Lesnar from the WWE.

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music hit to a huge pop, and he made his way to the ring. Heyman tried to give him the mic, but Lesnar backed Heyman in the corner. Theory ran out and attacked Lesnar with the briefcase. Lesnar absorbed the shots and beat down Theory with the briefcase instead. 

Theory rolled out of the ring. Suddenly, Drew McIntyre showed up and hit the claymore on Theory. McIntyre and Lesnar had a staredown to end SmackDown.