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WWE SmackDown live results: Tag Team titles on the line


A Tag Team title match is set for tonight's episode of SmackDown.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day will defend their titles against Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro. Nakamura and Cesaro jumped New Day several weeks ago after they retained the titles. Nakamura then defeated Kofi Kingston in a singles match last week, setting up the match for tonight.

In a non-title match, Women's Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks are taking on Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss tonight. Bayley is defending her SmackDown Women's Championship against Cross at Extreme Rules on July 19.

Universal Champion Braun Strowman will face Bray Wyatt in a non-title Wyatt Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules. Tonight, WWE will re-air their title match from Money in the Bank.

The Miz and John Morrison host Miz TV with their guest Jeff Hardy tonight. Last week, Sheamus appeared via video to toast Hardy. Sheamus couldn't attend but sent his personal bartender. Hardy broke a bottle over the bartender's head and hit the Swanton Bomb. 

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Michael Cole and Corey Graves ran down the line up for tonight, which includes a karaoke showdown between Naomi, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, and Tamina.

Miz TV with Jeff Hardy 

The Miz and John Morrison introduced their guest Jeff Hardy. During the intro, Morrison mocked Hardy every time Miz said something positive about him. Miz insincerely apologized to Hardy for Morrison's comment. Miz asked Hardy if he had a clip to show. Miz and Morrison then did a bit around the word clip.

Miz then showed a long clip recapping Hardy's feud with Sheamus, including last week's angle with the bartender. Miz and Morrison noted that Hardy is a hero, but he's a loser in the end. Miz pointed out that Hardy is his daughter's favorite wrestler. Miz doesn't want her to look up to Hardy because he might disappoint her. 

Miz wondered if losing to Sheamus at Backlash bothers Hardy. Hardy admitted that it does bother him. He wants to defeat Sheamus and put this behind him. Hardy is doing this for people like him that are struggling. 

Miz said they want to help Hardy. They tried to convince Hardy that he needs to defeat Sheamus in a rematch. Miz thinks Hardy should take on Sheamus in a bar fight. Hardy realized the reason Miz and Morrison brought him out here is to embarrass him. He knows they're just doing this for Sheamus. Hardy agreed to the bar fight and promised to defeat Sheamus. 

Hardy then demanded a match against either Miz or Morrison. Hardy noted they mocked him to his face, so he has to punch them in their face. Hardy attacked Miz and Morrison and cleared the ring of the heels. 

Jeff Hardy defeated The Miz (w/John Morrison) 

Hardy and Miz had a basic match that dragged at times.

Hardy had the early advantage and hit a sliding dropkick. He slowed the pace down with a side headlock. Miz and Hardy ended up fighting on the apron. Miz then dropped Hardy face-first on the apron to take over. 

Miz applied a chin lock to slow the pace down. Hardy fought back and rolled up Miz for a near fall. Hardy dropped Miz to the apron, but he landed on his feet. Miz attempted to springboard into the ring, but Hardy caught him and hit the Twist of Fate. 

Hardy climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Morrison pulled Miz out of the ring. Hardy then hit a cross body onto Miz and Morrison at ringside. 

Back from the break, Hardy was firmly in control. Miz tried backdropping Hardy to the floor, but he landed on the apron. Morrison yanked Hardy off the apron. Miz then tossed Hardy into the announce desk to regain control. 

Miz hit a series of running knees and a clothesline in the corner. Hardy fought back and attempted a twist of fate again, but Miz hit a DDT for a close near fall. 

Miz hit the It kicks for a near fall. Hardy fought back and hit a jawbreaker. Hardy fired up and hit a flying clothesline.

Hardy followed up with a dropkick in the corner and knocked Morrison off the apron. 

Hardy climbed to the top turnbuckle for a Swanton Bomb. Suddenly, Sheamus appeared on the screen and taunted Hardy. Hardy was distracted, and Miz tried to roll him up. Hardy reversed and rolled up Miz for the win.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in the back. She noted that Nakamura beat Kofi Kingston last week and wondered if there could be another upset tonight. Cesaro and Nakamura were furious that she'd ask them that question. 

Cesaro mocked The New Day, and Shinsuke Nakamura promised they'd win the titles later. 

Sasha Banks and Bayley made their entrance. As Bayley was posing on the ramp, Nikki Cross ran out and jumped on her back. Cross and Bayley then brawled down the ramp.  

They showed Dana Brooke in the back dancing and preparing for the karaoke showdown later tonight. 

Non-title match: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

This was a good match, in particular, Bayley and Sasha Banks were great. Cross should have been a bit more protected, considering she challenges for the title at Extreme Rules. 

Bayley tried to get away from Cross at the ring of the bell. The heels took over and isolated Cross in their corner.

Cross fought out and tagged in Bliss. The faces regained control and sent the heels to the floor. 

On commentary, Michael Cole noted that Cross and Bliss were in control. Bayley and Banks heard and started yelling at Cole. Cross grabbed Bayley's title and taunted the heels. 

Cross hit a crossbody off the announce desk onto Bayley. 

Back from the break, Bliss and Banks traded shots in the middle of the ring. Bayley made a blind tag and hung up Bliss on the middle rope. Bayley yelled that was a tribute to her good friend Stone Cold Steve Austin, which was funny. 

Bliss briefly fought back and used an inside cradle for a near fall. The heels regained control and isolated Bliss on their side of the ring. Bliss fought back, and Cross got the hot tag. Cross ran wild and hit a running bulldog on Banks. Cross hit a tornado DDT on Banks, but Bayley made a blind tag and scored a near fall. 

Cross had the match won, but Banks made the save. Banks tossed Bliss into the barricade. Cross took out Banks with a sliding dropkick, but Bayley rolled up Cross to win the match. Cole noted that Bayley used the ropes to win.

Money In The Bank: Universal Champion Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt to retain the title

They had a pretty basic match for a pay-per-view. 

Wyatt competed as himself and not as The Fiend. He wore a red sweater and black pants like he does when he hosts The Firefly Funhouse. 

Wyatt approached Strowman and tried to talk to him. Strowman shoved Wyatt back into the corner.

Wyatt and Strowman locked up in the middle of the ring. Strowman then took down Wyatt with a shoulder tackle.

Wyatt briefly took over with a right hand. Strowman regained control and sent Wyatt to the floor. Strowman picked up Wyatt and tossed him into the ring post. Strowman crushed Wyatt with a running splash in the corner. 

Strowman charged at Wyatt at ringside, but Wyatt moved, and Strowman crashed into the announce desk. Suddenly, the pig from the Firefly Funhouse appeared at ringside. Wyatt then gave Strowman a DDT on the floor. Wyatt followed up with a senton, but Strowman rolled to the floor. 

Wyatt sent Strowman into the steps at ringside. Strowman briefly fought back, but Wyatt hit a tornado DDT and Sister Abigail for a very close near fall. 

Back from the break, Wyatt was firmly in control. He attempted a second Sister Abigail, but he hesitated, and Strowman countered with a chokeslam. 

Strowman recovered and hit a running shoulder tackle at ringside, which sent Wyatt into the barricade. Back in the ring, Wyatt jumped to his feet and knocked Strowman to the floor. 

Suddenly, Strowman appeared wearing the black sheep mask. Wyatt was happy and assumed Strowman was returning to Wyatt. Strowman did Wyatt's pose in front of him. 

Strowman and Wyatt hugged in the middle of the ring. The puppets from the Firefly Funhouse appeared at ringside. They all celebrated the Strowman was home. 

Strowman took a step back and took off the mask. Strowman stomped on the mask and hit the running power slam on Wyatt for the win.

Sara Schreiber interviewed SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day in the back. They praised Cesaro and Nakamura but promised to retain the titles later tonight. 

In the back, Lacey Evans and Naomi prepared for the karaoke showdown, which is next. 

Naomi Won The SmackDown Karaoke Showdown

Jey Uso hosted the first-ever SmackDown Karaoke Showdown, which featured Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, and Dana Brooke. This was a strange segment. All four tried hard, but the segment felt out of place. 

Lacey Evans was first up and sang Jeff Jarrett/Road Dogg's "With My Baby Tonight." 

Dana Brooke sang Honkey Tonk Man's theme song. She wore all black with black shades. Brooke was so bad she was good. She gave a great terrible performance. 

Tamina performed Triple H's theme. 

Naomi performed Dusty Rhode's theme song. The fans picked Naomi to win, but Evans was unhappy. Evans pushed Naomi down. Naomi jumped to her feet, and a brawl broke out. 

Lacey Evans vs. Naomi 

This was kept short and wasn't much of a match. 

Brooke and Tamina remained at ringside.

Evans competed in her red dress. She used her dress for an early advantage.

Naomi rocked Evans with a kick to the head.

Brooke tried to help Evans, but she pushed her to the ground. Tamina tried to get involved, but Evans shoved her. All four broke out into a brawl.

In the back, Sara Schreiber noted some people take karaoke seriously. Schreiber interviewed Intercontinental Champion A.J. Styles. Styles pointed out he beat Drew Gulak last week, and there's nobody left to defend against.

Schreiber informed Styles that he defends against Matt Riddle next week. Styles was furious and wondered who he defeated to earn the title shot. Schreiber pointed out that Riddle beat Styles. 

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura 

They had a good match until the finish, which came out of nowhere.

Kofi Kingston charged at Nakamura at the ring of the bell. The heels quickly gained control and isolated Kingston in their corner. Cesaro used a gut-wrench suplex for a near fall. 

Kingston avoided a double boot, and Big E backdropped Nakamura to the floor. The New Day took over and gave Cesaro the Unicorn Stomp in the corner. In an awesome spot, Big E launched Kingston over the rope onto the heels on the floor, but Cesaro rocked Kingston with an uppercut. 

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control and isolated Kingston on their side of the ring. Kingston fought back and hit the SOS. Big E and Cesaro both got the tag. Big E ran wild and used a series of belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E attempted a splash, but Cesaro moved out of the way. 

Cesaro rolled up Big E for a near fall. Cesaro backed Big E in the corner and rocked him with shots. New Day hit a powerbomb/Meteora combo, but Nakamura broke up the pin attempt. 

The heels tossed Big E to the floor. Kingston fought Cesaro and Nakamura on his own. Big E jumped back in the ring, and both teams continued to brawl. The referee suddenly called for a double disqualification. 

Cesaro pulled out a table from underneath the ring, and the fans started booing. Of course, a real audience would chant "tables" and not boo. New Day tried fighting back, but the heels regained control. 

The heels placed Big E on a table in the ring. Cesaro then gave Kingston a powerbomb off the middle rope onto Big E and through the table. 

Next Week: Intercontinental Champion A.J. Styles defends against Matt Riddle.