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WWE SmackDown live results: Tag title match, MITB qualifiers continue


The build to Money in the Bank continues as SmackDown takes place from the WWE Performance Center In Orlando, Florida, tonight.

One half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz defends against Big E and Jey Uso in a triple threat match. John Morrison retained the titles for their team at WrestleMania 36 when he defeated Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston in a ladder match. 

Tonight features two Money In The Bank qualifying matches. In the men's qualifying match, Daniel Bryan takes on Cesaro. In the women's qualifying match, Naomi goes one-on-one with Dana Brooke. 

Tamina takes on Sasha Banks; if Tamina wins, she gets a shot at the SmackDown Women's Championship. Tamina demanded a title match against Bayley last week. Bayley promised Tamina would get the title shot if she could first defeat Banks. 

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville will attempt to clear the air tonight. Two weeks ago, a mysterious figure revealed that Deville and Dolph Ziggler conspired to keep Rose and Otis apart. Rose discovered the truth and helped Otis defeat Ziggler at WrestleMania 36. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


They showed an In Memorium for Howard Finkel 1950-2020

A Moment Of Bliss with Universal Champion Braun Strowman 

Women's Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross made their way to the ring. Cross noted they're the new Women's tag team champions and beat the Kabuki Warriors twice. 

Bliss wasted no time and introduced their guest Universal Champion Braun Strowman. She referred to Strowman as her friend. Michael Cole announced that Strowman defends against Bray Wyatt at Money In The Bank. 

They all congratulated each other on winning their respective titles. Bliss turned her attention to Bray Wyatt and noted he's psychotic. They recapped Bray Wyatt confronting Strowman last week. 

Strowman pointed out that nobody knows Wyatt as well as he does. He admitted he was part of the Wyatt Family, but he's trying to forget that part of his past. Strowman knows Wyatt is just playing games. Strowman's not interested in playing games. He noted if Wyatt tries to come after him, he's going to get these hands.

Suddenly, Strowman noticed a gift in the corner. He assumed Bliss is the one that got it for him, but she didn't get him a gift. Strowman opened the gift and pulled out the old black sheep mask he wore when a member of the Wyatt Family. 

Strowman stared at the mask as Bliss and Cross backed off. Wyatt started laughing, and an old picture of Strowman wearing the mask appeared on the screen. 

Tamina defeated Sasha Banks (w/SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley)

Bayley joined Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary. 

Banks tried to make a peace offering by giving Tamina a Sasha Banks t-shirt. Tamina was furious because it's small and not extra-large.

They messed up the first few spots with Banks landing on her head at one point. Banks tried begging off but rolled up Tamina for a near fall. 

Back from the break, Tamina was firmly in control. Banks recovered and scored a near fall. Banks took over and slowed the pace down with a chin lock. 

On commentary, Cole wondered if Banks would get a title shot against Bayley. Bayley avoided answering the question. 

Banks locked on a sleeper, but Tamina backed Banks into the corner to break the hold. Tamina rocked Banks with a clothesline, and Banks rolled to the floor. 

Bayley distracted Tamina at ringside, and Banks shoved Tamina into the ring post. She followed up with a 619 and pushed her into the steel steps. 

Bayley teased attacking Tamina when Lacey Evans ran out and wiped out Bayley with a tackle. Tamina then rocked Banks with a superkick for the win. 

Tamina earns a future title shot against SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley. 

Backstage, Jey Uso promised to defeat The Miz and Big E later tonight. 

Back from the break, Kayla Braxton interviewed Lacey Evans. Evans promised to follow Sasha Banks wherever she goes. 

Sheamus defeated Denzel Dejournette

Dejournette had a brief moment of offense. Sheamus quickly took over and beat down Dejournette with a series of elbows. He continued with a series of brutal knees and hit the Brogue Kick for the win. 

Michael Cole and Corey Graves turned their attention to Jeff Hardy. Sheamus was still at ringside and yelled at Cole for mentioning Hardy again like he did last week after Sheamus won. Sheamus warned Cole not to make the same mistake. 

Jeff Hardy Chapter II: The Fall

They looked at Jeff Hardy's career and his personal struggles.

Hardy discussed his substance abuse issues and legal problems. They went into detail of his several run-ins with the law and his jail time.

In the back, Dana Brooke was warming up for her Money In The Bank Qualifying match. Carmella approached Brooke and was unhappy that Brooke took this match. She pointed out it's risky because they have a match against Women's Tag Team Champions next week. Brooke wasn't concerned and noted she's going to win tonight and next week.

This year's Money In The Bank ladder matches has a new format. Michael Cole noted this year; the competitors have to climb the corporate ladder.

The matches take place at WWE corporate headquarters. The match starts on the ground floor, and the competitors have to get to the top. The briefcases will be located on the roof of the WWE headquarters.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Dana Brooke defeated Naomi

Naomi had the early advantage and scored a near fall. Brooke took over and threw Naomi to ringside.

Brooke wanted to win by count-out but followed up with a sliding dropkick. 

Brooke slowed the pace down and locked on the body scissors. Naomi recovered and fought back. She rocked Brooke with a springboard kick for a near fall. Naomi attempted a hurricanrana, but Brooke countered with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Brooke attempted a cartwheel splash, but Naomi got her knees up. Naomi tried the rearview, but Brooke rolled her up for a near fall. Naomi fought back and hit the rearview for a near fall. Naomi attempted a split-legged moonsault but missed. Brooke then used a sunset flip for the win. 

Brooke qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder match. 

They recapped The Mandy Rose-Otis-Sonya Deville-Dolph Ziggler angle. 

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Clear The Air

Sonya Deville came to the ring and begged Mandy Rose to come to the ring. She fought back the tears and wants to tell Rose something. She's been trying to call Rose all week, but she won't take her calls. 

Mandy Rose made her way to the ring. She doesn't have anything to say to Deville because of what she did to Otis. Deville noted they'd been together since Tough Enough. 

Deville dropped the fake crying. She said Rose is selfish. Deville knew that Rose would kick her to the curb once she got Otis. Deville said this is about their tag team. 

Deville tried to hook her up with Dolph Ziggler because he was going to help Fire & Desire. Deville is happy the cards are on the table because she wants to see Rose hurt.

Deville wasted her time being second best to eye candy. Rose has no talent. Deville promises to show everyone the real leader of the team was a fighter and not some centerfold model. 

Rose noted she was happy she slapped Deville at WrestleMania 36. They teased fighting when Ziggler ran out. He apologized for his actions. Ziggler told Rose to look into his eyes and say to him that she doesn't feel anything. Rose pushed Ziggler's hand away. Deville then jumped Rose, but Ziggler wasn't happy that she did.

Otis ran out for the save and gave Ziggler the caterpillar. Rose got her hands on Deville, but Deville escaped. 

Michael Cole and Corey Gaves talked about Howard Finkel. Cole noted he joined the WWE 24 years ago and knew nothing about sports entertainment. He said Howard Finkel taught him about the business. 

They aired an excellent tribute video for Howard Finkel covering his career and highlights. 

In the back, The Miz promised to defeat Jey Uso and Big E later tonight.

They aired a video package on The Forgotten Sons.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Daniel Bryan (w/Drew Gulak) defeated Cesaro (w/Shinsuke Nakamura) 

Bryan and Cesaro went back and forth early. Bryan sent Cesaro to the floor and hit a suicide dive. 

Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared in a room with the words The Truth Will Be Told appearing on the screen. He showed clips of various SmackDown stars.

Back from the break, Bryan and Cesaro traded hard shots in the middle of the ring. Bryan took over and worked over Cesaro's arm. Cesaro broke free, but Bryan regained control and went back to the arm. Cesaro powered out and slammed Bryan down.

Cesaro briefly took over, but Bryan went back to the arm. Bryan attempted a flying cross body off the top, but Cesaro caught Bryan and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cesaro locked on a sharpshooter, but Bryan made it to the ropes. 

Cesaro rocked Bryan with a running uppercut on the floor. 

Back from the break, they battled over the backslide. Bryan rolled through and went back to the armbar. Cesaro broke free, but Bryan rocked Cesaro with the Yes kicks for a near fall.

Cesaro recovered and rocked Bryan with a knee for a near fall. Cesaro locked on the cross face, but Bryan countered into the Lebell Lock. Cesaro broke free and rocked Bryan with uppercuts in the corner. 

Bryan tried running up the corner, but Cesaro caught him. Bryan held on and applied the Lebell Lock for the win. Nakamura tried to interfere, but Gulak cut him off. 

Daniel Bryan qualifies for the Money In The Bank ladder match at Money In The Bank. 

In the back, Big E noted he's a single man trying to win the tag titles for a team. He told Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to watch closely tonight. Big E promised to win.

Backstage, Elias was making his way to the ring for a special performance when King Corbin attacked. Corbin beat down Elias in the backstage area and injured his hand. Corbin grabbed the guitar and dragged Elias out. 

Back from the break, Elias was in pain when Corbin attacked again. He continued the beat down and stepped on Elias's injured arm. Corbin then hit Elias in the throat with his scepter. 

Elias struggled to breathe and get to his feet. Suddenly, Corbin came back and smashed Elias's guitar over his back. 

Triple Threat Match: Big E defeated The Miz and Jey Uso To Win The SmackDown Tag Team Titles For The New Day

Big E had the early advantage and cleared the announce table. Uso rocked Big E with a superkick. Uso and Miz worked together and gave Big E a double suplex through the table. 

Back from the break, Uso caught Miz with a Samoan drop. He followed up with a suicide dive onto Big E and then Miz. 

Miz recovered and attempted the skull-crushing finale on Big E. Uso rocked with Miz and Big E with superkicks. Uso rolled up Miz for a near fall.

Miz fought back and hit the skull-crushing finale for another near fall.

Miz locked on the figure four leg lock on Jey Uso. Big E picked up Miz to break up the hold and hit the Big Ending to win the tag team titles.

The New Day is now eight-time tag team champions.

They showed Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods' reactions at home. Kingston quoted Howard Finkel with "And new tag team champions The New Day."

Next Week: The Triple H 25th anniversary special begins on SmackDown. Also, Jeff Hardy Chapter III: The Redemption.

In Money In The Bank qualifying matches, King Corbin takes on Drew Gulak, and Sasha Banks goes one-on-one with Lacey Evans.

Women's Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defend against Dana Brooke and Carmella. Plus, a special look at the history between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt