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WWE Super ShowDown live results: The Undertaker vs. Goldberg


The third show in WWE's 10-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority takes place today as Jeddah hosts Super ShowDown.

The Undertaker and Goldberg are set to face off in their first singles match against each other ever. And a rivalry will be renewed as Triple H takes on Randy Orton.

Seth Rollins will defend the Universal Championship against Baron Corbin, though Brock Lesnar has said he'll cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase today. The WWE Championship will also be on the line in Saudi Arabia, with Kofi Kingston defending against Dolph Ziggler.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon, Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley, "The Demon" Finn Balor defending the Intercontinental title against Andrade, and The Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Lars Sullivan are set for the main card.

The pre-show begins at 1 p.m. Eastern time and will feature The Usos vs. The Revival. The main card will then begin at 2 p.m. Eastern.


Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young are doing commentary for tonight’s show. They noted that those at ringside tonight are going to have to endure what feels like 100 degree weather.

The Usos defeated The Revival

The Usos controlled early, sending both of the Revival to the floor. Revival blind tagged and took out Jimmy. Jey made the hot tag and took out Dawson. They mentioned on commentary that both teams are gunning for Raw tag team champions Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, who have not been on television in weeks.

Jey had a inside cradle on Dawson but Dash distracted the referee. Jey took out Dash but Dawson took advantage with a spinebuster. Both teams tagged in as the Usos started to go on the offense, hitting superkicks. Dawson was laid out with a double superkick then was pinned. That was anticlimactic. Pretty basic, but the crowd was into it.

Seth Rollins defeated Baron Corbin to retain the WWE Universal title

This was alright. Exactly the type of title match you’d see at a house show.

Seth Rollins gained control early with a dropkick, but Corbin shoves Rollins as he climbs to the top rope and immediately focuses on Rollins’ ribs, which are injured in storyline due to Lesnar’s assault on Monday.

Rollins comes back with an enziguri and hits a slingblade, then hits a pair of suicide dives on both sides of the ring. Corbin went for a chokeslam but Rollins floated over and went for a pinfall, getting two. Corbin cut him off with an elbow then landed a release rotation side slam for a nearfall.

Corbin hit the deep six, then screamed at the referee when he only got a two count. Rollins hit an elbow that sent Corbin out of the ring. He grabbed a chair, which the referee told him to get rid of. Corbin got into it with the referee again, which led Rollins to roll up a distracted Corbin for the win.

After the match, Corbin hit the End of Days on Rollins, which was the cue for Brock Lesnar to come out with a steel chair. Rollins low blowed Lesnar, however, and grabbed the steel chair, striking Lesnar. Lesnar grabbed the briefcase as he was being assaulted, which led to Rollins stomping Lesnar into the briefcase. Lesnar never cashed in, so Rollins left with the title.

Finn Balor defeated Andrade to retain the Intercontinental title

Technically this was a step above the other matches, pretty good. The crowd here weren’t into this like they were into the first match and that hurt it a bit.

Things were pretty even early. Andrade went for the hammerlock DDT, but Balor escaped and hit a dropkick. Andrade was sent out of the ring, but he ended up tripping Balor on the apron, giving him his opening.

Balor came back alive with a dropkick as he clotheslined Andrade to the floor and hit a giant tope con hilo. They went back and forth. Andrade went for a reverse tornado DDT but Balor escaped, took out Andrade and hit 1916. Andrade countered with a springboard knee and knees to the corner.

Andrade went for the double moonsault but Balor got the knees up Andrade went for the second moonsault. They went to the apron where Andrade went for a sunset flip bomb on Balor, but instead Balor took control, sending him back to the ring and hitting a foot stomp.

Andrade cut off Balor and hit the hammerlock DDT, but Balor kicked out. He hit the running dropkick and started to go for the coup de grace but instead Andrade met him on the top rope. Balor instead hit a DDT off the top rope then hit the coup de grace for the win.

Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns

This was such a weird match. It was short, so it wasn’t bad, but just silly in a lot of ways. I can never buy Shane McMahon being a competitive wrestler, but yet here he was getting heat on Roman Reigns in an actual wrestling match. Despite having McIntyre in his corner and establishing him as backup, he really didn’t get involved until the end.

Shane, already sweating bullets, attacked Reigns at the bell. He immediately gained control, but Shane cut him off and posted him, sending Reigns to the floor. Shane worked over Reigns putting him down with a long chinlock. Shane getting control for this long feels so weak psychologically.

Roman made a comeback, hitting short-arm clotheslines in the corner then took down Shane with a kick. Roman went for the Superman punch but Shane clipped Roman’s knee then went for a triangle submission. He escaped the hold as Shane exited the ring. McIntyre jumped Roman as he entered the ring, but Reigns posted him then laid him out with the Superman punch.

Back in the ring, Shane hit a spear of his own for a nearfall. But Reigns started to make a comeback, going for a spear Shane countered by kicking Reigns, but Reigns immediately took him down with a punch. McIntyre entered the ring, however, and laid out Roman with the claymore kick, allowing Shane to pin him.

Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party by DQ

This was real bad, to the point of just sheer incoherence. I don’t know what the goal was of this match, but this is the best example of WWE taking something pretty easy (a squash match) and overthinking it to a ridiculous degree.

Dorado got some brief offense on Sullivan, but he quickly pushed him to the floor, took him back to the ring and hit a giant shoulder block. He sent both Dorado and Kalisto to the floor. Metallik tried for some offense, but it was to no avail. Same thing for Kallisto, who was quickly swatted down after an attempt for some top rope offense.

Sullivan took down Kallisto with a one-armed powerbomb and went to the top rope, but Dorado and Metallik pushed him down to the mat and beat him up for the DQ. Yes, this match ended in a disqualification.

All three Lucha House party members beat up on Lars after the match, to the point that it actually looked like they laid him out. They tried to leave, but Sullivan stalked them. Metallik attacked him, but he ended up laying all three out on the floor. Dorado went for a crossbody off the ring, but instead was slammed on the apron. And that was it.

Randy Orton defeated Triple H

This was a painfully boring, plodding match that went about 25 minutes. To their credit, once finishers were starting to get dished out the crowd got into this more than anything on the show so far. But the bulk of this match felt like it lasted forever, in a bad way. Exactly the kind of match neither man needs at this point in their career, but it got the job done by the end at least.

Triple H came out on a motorcycle. Michael Cole noted that it had to be a Wrestlemania caliber event if Triple H came out with an entrance like that. Nice try.

They start off slow. They exchange holds until Orton cheap shots Triple H and goes on offense. Triple H posts him and starts working on Orton’s shoulder. Orton came back in a big way by giving Triple H a big side slam on the announcer’s table.

Orton stomps on Hunter back in the ring. Orton had a headlock on for what felt like ages. Triple H finally cut him off and tried for the pedigree but Orton slingshotted him into the corner. Triple H still managed to take down Orton with a clothesline.

Triple H went for the pedigree again but Orton dropped him on the apron, then hit a dropkick. Orton hit him with punches in the corner then went for the RKO but Triple H escaped and struck Orton, sending him down. Triple H cross chopped Orton but Orton promptly replied with a powerslam.

Triple H hit a spinebuster, then the two traded nearfalls. Triple H put Orton in a crossface. Orton struggled until finally reaching the rope. Triple H went for the pedigree but Orton countered with the RKO but Triple H kicked out. Orton went to the corner and went for the punt. Triple H caught him and pedigreed him instead, but only hit two.

Back on the outside, Triple H hit a side slam on the table, but it didn’t break. He did this three more times, but the table still didn’t break. Oops. Triple H threw Orton back the ring and paused for a bit before re-entering. Orton then hit the RKO and pinned Triple H, just like that.

They did a recap of the YouTube video where Jinder Mahal won the WWE 24/7 just before everyone got on the airplane. R-Truth then won the title while the flight was going on and Jinder was sleeping. He then ran to the airplane bathroom where he barricaded himself.

Baron Corbin came up to Byron Saxton, mad. He said the referee cost him the biggest match of his career. He said heads will roll.

Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Lashley

This was better than I thought it would be. It wasn’t super great, but they did work hard and ended up having a pretty good big guy match.

Lashley came out and posted on a platform. When Strowman came out, he grabbed the platform and threw it off the stage, smashing it.

They actually did some agile stuff at the start, with leapfrogs and everything. Lashley grabbed him and hit a powerslam but Strowman kicked out. Lashley took him down with a headlock, but Strowman powered out and splashed Lashley to the corner, sending him to the floor. Strowman ran around the ring, shoulder blocking Lashley to the floor not once but twice.

Lashley got control, taking him outside of the ring and hitting a big suplex on the stage. He went to the top rope, but Strowman threw him off the top rope then eventually hit the powerslam for the win.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE title

This was okay, but pretty flat. Just something missing that didn't get me into the match. The crowd were into Kofi Kingston, but I don't think they were into the actual match.

Dolph was in control early, stomping and elbowing Kingston. Kingston finally whipped Dolph into the corner hard, giving him some breathing room. Ziggler went for the zig zag, but Kofi cut him off in order to start building momentum.

Dolph came back with a DDT and posted Kofi. He went for a famouser, but Kofi blocked it as they exchanged nearfalls. Kofi hit the SOS, then took out Dolph with a trust fall off the top rope to the floor below. Dolph shoved Kofi into the barricade, then shoved him into the nearby steps.

Kofi immediately fought back, sending Dolph back into the ring but Ziggler blocked a trouble in paradise attempt. Ziggler countered with a roll-up, but Kingston kicked out. Kingston shoved Ziggler into the ropes where Woods smacked Ziggler with a kick, then Kingston followed with the trouble in paradise for the win.

Byron Saxton asked Ziggler backstage if his break was too long. Ziggler said he thought Kofi was a hero, a fighting champion, but actually he was nothing but a coward. Saxton said some say he deserved it. Ziggler said he outperformed everyone. Ziggler called out Xavier Woods' interference and demanded another match, this time one on one in a steel cage.

Mansoor won the 50 man battle royal

This was, for the most part, dreadfully boring. There were parts of this match where literally nothing was going on. At least by the time they whittled it down to six people business picked up.

Most of the participants came out like geeks. A few, like Cesaro, Samoa Joe and the Miz got entrances. Elias came out last, running down some of the participants in the match. The match featured a lot of guys who aren’t on TV or even worse, 205 Live.

People were being thrown out pretty quickly, I think Robert Roode was the first one. Authors of Pain, who are now back, faced off against the Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery. AOP threw out Tucker while the Viking Raiders sent out AOP. Titus, meanwhile, came out from under the ring after hiding. Why didn’t he wait until there were no more people left? He then threw out both Viking Raiders, which tells you their future.

More eliminations followed. Shelton Benjamin threw out Titus O“Neil. Samoa Joe eliminated Hawkins and Ryder. There was literally nothing going on the point that the announce team was talking about how hot it still was. Otit hit the caterpillar but was immediately eliminated by Rowan after. He took out Xavier Woods with the iron claw and sloppily threw him out to Otis. This brought in a lot of eliminations, including the Revival throwing out the Usos.

It boiled down to Ricochet, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Ali, Elias and Mansoor, the NXT star who is from Saudi Arabia. Ali and Ricochet worked to eliminate Joe. Cesaro eliminated them both from behind, then Elias threw out Cesaro, leaving Elias and Mansoor. The latter superkicked Elias and went to throw him out, but Elias countered and threw him out of the ring. Mansoor countered by backdropping Elias out of the ring and to the floor for the win.

Saxton interviewed Mansoor, mentioning he was born in Riyadh. Mansoor said he doesn’t have the words to describe how important it is to him or to us. He said he was a WWE prospect last year. He was just a rookie with a dream to represent his country all across the world. He said he won the biggest WWE battle royal in history and his dream came true. He then finished his promo by speaking in Arabic.

The Undertaker defeated Goldberg

This was sad more than anything. The layout of the match was designed for it to be as simple as possible, but it was clear, especially in the closing moments of the match, that both men can’t even do this type of match anymore, and I don’t know if that is because of Undertaker or Goldberg because both looked bad.

Both men got long entrances. Goldberg busted himself open hitting his head on the door before exiting for his entrance, which brought back the pyro. Undertaker got an elaborate entrance with druids, pyro, smoke, the whole nine yards.

Goldberg did the cut throat gesture, then hit two spears but the Undertaker kicked out. The Undertaker sat up. Undertaker ducked a clothesline and tried for a chokeslam but Goldberg countered and transitioned into a kneebar. Goldberg whipped Undertaker into the ropes but Undertaker missed a spear attempt, sending Golberg into the post hard. Goldberg was bleeding heavily, his head busted wide open.

Undertaker hit old school then went for the chokeslam and after Goldberg paused, got it. He went for the tombstone but Goldberg kicked out. A double clothesline spot followed. Undertaker hit snake eyes, but Goldberg followed with another spear. He hit the sloppiest looking jackhammer you’ll ever see for a nearfall. This was falling apart badly. Goldberg seemed like he was going for a tombstone piledriver and Undertaker was going to reverse, but both fell down. Then Undertaker pinned him with a chokeslam.

The show finished off with a Undertaker pyro celebration.

This was a ridiculously boring show that felt like it lasted ages. I think it will earn votes as one of the worst shows of the year, just because it was so boring in execution and none of the matches, save for Lashley/Strowman (and think about that) would be considered good.

When they said, in their own WWE speak, that this would be “the equivalent to or exceed Wrestlemania”, maybe they meant some of the worst ones of all time, like WrestleMania 2 or IX, because this doesn’t come close to touching this year’s or any recent WrestleMania. There are no highlights here. Move on. Live your life.