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WWE WrestleMania 36 Sunday live results: Lesnar vs. McIntyre


Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre, Edge vs. Randy Orton, and more highlight the second half of the card for WrestleMania 36.

Braun Strowman defeated Goldberg for the Universal Championship on Saturday. Tonight, we'll see if Lesnar and McIntyre's WWE Championship match brings another title change.

Edge and Orton are facing off in a last man standing match. This will be Edge's first one-on-one singles match since he was forced to retire due to injury in 2011.

Following The Undertaker and AJ Styles' boneyard match at WrestleMania night one, tonight's Firefly Fun House match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt figures to be presented in a similar fashion.

Two Women's Championship matches will air tonight. Charlotte Flair is challenging Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship, and Bayley is defending her SmackDown Women's Championship against Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, and Sasha Banks in a fatal five-way elimination match.

Also set for tonight are: The Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Austin Theory for the Raw Tag Team titles, Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler, Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley, and Natalya vs. Liv Morgan.

Natalya vs. Morgan is tonight's pre-show match. The hour-long pre-show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern time.



Liv Morgan defeated Natalya (6:23) 

Natalya probably controlled most of the match but Morgan picked up the pinfall win with a rollup. They worked well together and Morgan’s selling in the empty arena was somewhat amusing. Tom Phillips did commentary alone. 

The pre-show was mostly recaps and previews. There was a Street Profits promo where Angelo Dawkins wanted Charly Caruso (who wasn’t there) to know he was single. There was also a video of Renee Young, Christian and Booker T (in their homes) talking about Edge and Randy Orton. Corey Graves mentioned that Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre was the main event. 


Stephanie McMahon welcomed us to the show as she did last night. They aired the same video intro as last night as well. 

Rob Gronkowski let us know that WrestleMania starts right now. 

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are the Raw announcers. 

Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley to win the NXT Women’s Championship (20:23) 

They aired a long video package after Charlotte’s entrance (it was edited in so it’s not like she stood around waiting). It was 7:14pm ET when the bell rang. Ripley wore new blue and white gear. 

Charlotte hit a series of chops then Ripley came right back with the Riptide just two minutes into the match but Charlotte kicked out and rolled out of the ring. Ripley told “princess” to get back in her ring. Ripley was in control for a bit until Charlotte caught her leg in the ropes and worked it over from there. 

Ripley planted Charlotte with a slam but Charlotte still managed to get to her feet first. Ripley tried fighting back but Charlotte kicked her leg out of her leg. Ripley did manage to catch Charlotte with a couple of kicks, a low dropkick and short-arm clotheslines. Charlotte again kicked her in the leg, sending her out of the ring. 

Charlotte went to the top but Ripley caught her in the electric chair position and slammed her face-first for a two count. Ripley followed later with a flying dropkick for two. Charlotte avoided a boot and chop-blocked Ripley. The referee kept asking Ripley if she wanted to continue and she told him to shut up. 

Ripley booted Charlotte in the chest then put her in a standing cloverleaf. Charlotte slipped out and went for the Figure Four but Ripley fought her off, then Charlotte applied a Boston Crab. They exchange rollups for two counts, then Ripley nailed a big boot for a nearfall. 

Charlotte went for a moonsault but Ripley got her knees up, then Charlotte hit a spear for a nearfall. Charlotte applied the Figure Four, then transitioned into the Figure Eight and Ripley tapped out while screaming in pain. Charlotte is the new NXT Women’s Champion. 

This felt like a pretty physical fight. There’s no crowd, but it felt like they cut away from Charlotte celebrating too quickly. 

They aired a commercial for The Big Show Show on Netflix. 

There was a video package recapping night one of WrestleMania. 

Aleister Black defeated Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) (7:16) 

Black wore a special outfit for his entrance. Lashley wore long black and gold tights instead of his usual trunks. Lana wore a red dress. The match started at approximately 7:45pm ET. 

Lashley worked over Black and suplexed him on the outside. Lashley tried a delayed vertical suplex but Black kneed him in the head. Before Black could really follow-up, Lashley used a powerslam for two. Lashley went for a spear but Black kneed him in the face (I think) for two then followed with strikes. Black then hit a moonsault to the outside. 

Lashley recovered quickly and ran over Black back in the ring. Lashley set up for a Dominator but Lana hopped on the apron and demanded Lashley go for a spear instead. Lashley was happy to oblige. He blew Lana a kiss and dropped Black. Lashley went for the spear but Black caught him with Black Mass for the pinfall win. This was a perfectly fine match with a good finish. 

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bayley and Sasha Banks. Bayley called this the most unfair challenge in history. Bayley knew Braxton and everyone else, including Trish Stratus, was trying to drive a wedge between her and Banks. Bayley blew off Braxton and left. Banks decided to stay. Braxton noted that Banks has never been SmackDown Women’s champion. Banks told her to watch and see what she does. 

There was a promo for Money in the Bank on May 10. They also plugged Total Bellas. 

They replayed Mojo Rawley winning the 24/7 title last night. Gronk told Charly Caruso that he’s won the SuperBowl but that was in the past and he wouldn’t mind walking out tonight as 24/7 Champion. 

There was a car commercial and a commercial for the WWE video game everyone hates. 

They aired an Otis/Dolph Ziggler/Mandy Rose video package. 

Michael Cole and JBL are the Smackdown announcers. 

Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Sonya Deville) (8:12) 

Otis went right after Ziggler but Ziggler managed to side-step him and hit a superkick. Ziggler was in control until Otis caught him and used a slingshot to send him into the middle turnbuckle. Ziggler tried a kick and punch but Otis no-sold it and followed with clotheslines and a scoop slam. 

Otis slammed Ziggler and went for the caterpillar but Deville jumped on the apron so Otis stopped mid-move. Ziggler kicked him low while the referee was distracted. Mandy Rose entered (to her music), slapped Deville and gave Ziggler a low-blow. Otis did the caterpillar elbow drop for the pinfall win. Rose celebrated with Otis. Otis picked up Rose and they kissed. 

There was a beer commercial and commercial for the Network. 

Edge defeated Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match (36:36) 

(My recap of this match is very long. If you just want to read the finish, scroll to the bolded portion below.) 

Edge entered first. Orton’s music hit but he didn’t show. As Edge waited, Orton (who was disguised as a cameraman) snuck in from behind and nailed an RKO. The referee checked with Edge and wanted a verbal confirmation that he was ready to go. Edge slowly got to his feet and gave the go-ahead to start. 

As soon as the bell rang, Orton dodged a punch and hit another RKO. The referee counted to eight but Edge slipped out of the ring to get to his feet. Orton then hit Edge with the camera which led to a count of seven. Orton took the fight to the fitness center in the building. Orton beat on Edge while telling him he’ll always love him. 

Edge fell down and Orton reminded the referee that he’s supposed to count. Orton grabbed a weight plate but before he could use it, Edge dropkicked him while hanging from one of the weight machines. Edge hammered away on Orton, then swung off a bar to land a splash. 

They traded punches, which Edge got the better of. Orton tried to escape through the production area but Edge slammed him against a garage door. The ref was counting but Edge wasn’t satisfied so he did it again. 

They brawled back toward the main arena and Orton launched Edge into the barricade which led to a nine-count. Orton dragged Edge down a hallway, slamming him into a wall, and they found themselves in some sort of conference room. Edge slammed Orton against the table and wall which led to a nine-count. Edge encouraged Orton to get up. 

Edge placed Orton the table, then hit an elbow drop off a chain-link fence that was positioned over the table on the ceiling. Orton thumbed Edge in the eye and slammed him against the wall, which also took out the cameraman. They fought in a storage area next and Orton was in control. Orton slammed him into steel steps and Edge barely got up at nine. 

After a while, Edge climbed a ladder onto a high platform and nailed a diving elbow drop through a table. Orton actually got up before Edge, but they both got up around an eight count. Orton was bleeding from the back/shoulder. 

They fought on to a pick-up truck and Orton gave him a draping DDT on the truck. The referee checked on Edge before counting. Edge climbed some boxes onto the top of a big production truck. Orton chuckled and followed him up there. 

On top of the truck, Orton went for a punt but Edge caught him with a spear. Edge got up at seven, then Orton got up at nine and gave Edge an RKO. Orton got up at six and Edge barely got up at nine. 

Orton grabbed chairs and brought them up to the top of the truck. Orton hit him in the back with a chair then set up for a con-chair-to. Before he could do it, Edge popped up and put Orton down with a head-and-arm choke. 

Edge seemed to have it won but told the referee to stop “f*cking” counting. Edge became emotional and hit a con-chair-to. Orton didn’t get up. Edge wins. 

Mojo Rawley was chased around by a bunch of unnamed wrestlers. They happened to brawl below the perch that Gronk was standing on, so he dove on to the pile, knocking everyone down. Gronk pinned Rawley to win the 24/7 title. 

They plugged Edge’s documentary on the Network, which was excellent. 

The Street Profits defeated Austin Theory & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (6:21) 

Theory gave Dawkins his finisher (a cutter variation) but Ford followed immediately with a frog splash and Dawkins pinned Theory for the win. 

Theory, Garza and Vega attacked the Street Profits after the match until Bianca Belair made the save. Belair speared Vega and gave her the K.O.D. Dawkins, Ford and Belair celebrated together. 

Titus O’Neil announced that he’ll be hosting the rest of the show. He had the important job of letting us know that the show was continuing. They aired a merchandise commercial. 

5-Way Elimination match: Bayley defeated Sasha Banks, Lacey Evans, Tamina and Naomi to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship (19:16) 

Naomi has the best entrance in this environment. 

There was a funny moment where Cole said that Bayley and Banks were almost eliminated at the same time (they both got pinned at once for a two count), Bayley heard Cole and said, “No, we didn’t” while still selling. 

Tamina was eliminated at approximately 6:23 when Banks gave her a 619, Bayley hit a flying elbow, Banks hit a frog splash, Evans hit a moonsault, Naomi hit a split-legged moonsault, and they all pinned her at once. 

Naomi beat the crap out of both Bayley and Banks until Bayley saved Banks from a submission. Banks hit a back cracker then applied the crossface and Naomi tapped for the elimination at about 10:09. 

Bayley and Banks then teamed up on Evans. Bayley went for a running knee but Evans ducked and she nailed Banks by accident. Bayley hammered away on Evans until Banks yanked her off to confront her. As they argued, Evans clocked Banks with a “woman's right” for the elimination at about 13:23. 

They fought back-and-forth until Evans hit a nice moonsault for a nearfall. Banks jumped in and gave Evans a back cracker. Bayley followed with a headlock driver for the pinfall win. Bayley retained. Banks grabbed the belt and gave it a look before handing it to Bayley. Banks raised Bayley’s arm as she celebrated. 

They aired two commercials. 

Firefly Fun House match: Bray Wyatt defeated (?) John Cena 

As Cena entered for a seemingly normal match, he began welcoming us to WrestleMania when the video cut and they aired quick clips from previous WrestleManias, before cutting to Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House. 

Bray exited through the door then the camera expanded to show Cena standing in the funhouse. The rabbit puppet told Cena that Wyatt went through the door and told him to be careful. 

Cena stood in the dark when he was accosted by the Vince McMahon puppet, who warned Cena that he must show him enough ruthless aggression to stay in WWE. Bray aired a clip of Kurt Angle challenging someone new, which led to Cena’s debut. In present time, Cena appeared in front of Wyatt wearing a version of the gear he debuted with. 

Wyatt called this Cena’s greatest failure as Cena took swipes at Wyatt. Wyatt ducked each one and they played cartoonish music over it. This led to a Saturday Night’s Main Event intro. In the vein of an old wrestling show, Wyatt introduced us to his new tag partner, who was Cena (I think with a different name). 

Suddenly, Cena showed up as the Doctor of Thugamonics. Cena freestyled a few rhymes to crickets and booing from the funhouse puppets. Wyatt gave Cena the opportunity to speak sincerely. Cena instead stayed in Doctor of Thuganomics mode, so Wyatt laid him out. 

We’re now at the Wyatt compound (which previously housed Wyatt, Rowan and Harper, who were briefly shown in a clip). Wyatt aired a clip of himself against Cena at Mania six years ago, with the crowd begging for Wyatt to win, only for Cena to beat him. Back in the ring in present time, Wyatt wore his old Wyatt Family attire. Wyatt offered Cena a chair. Cena took a swing but Wyatt disappeared. 

We’re now on... Nitro. Wyatt wore a red and black nWo t-shirt with leather jacket as they spliced in clips of Eric Bischoff. Wyatt introduced Cena, wearing a black and white nWo shirt. The McMahon puppet called this, “such good shit.” Cena wildly attacked Wyatt as chants of “Cena sucks” played. Wyatt disappeared and Cena was actually hammering away on the pig. 

The Fiend appeared behind Cena and put him in the claw. Audio of Cena talking about how overhyped Wyatt was played as Wyatt put him down in the ring. Wyatt counted to three himself with Cena down, presumably for the win. The Fiend posed as Cena’s body disappeared. 

They cut to a stunned Titus O'Neil who said, “I don’t know what I just saw.” 

They aired two commercials. They plugged MITB again. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) to win the WWE Championship (4:28) 

Paul Heyman did not do the introduction for Lesnar as he normally does. Mike Rome introduced both guys. 

McIntyre hit a Claymore Kick about 20 seconds in but Lesnar kicked out. McIntyre went for another one but Heyman warned Lesnar it was coming, so he dodged and hit consecutive German suplexes. Lesnar hit another German and F5 but McIntyre kicked out at one. 

Lesnar hit another F5 but McIntyre kicked out at two. Lesnar hit another one but McIntyre kicked out again. Heyman told Lesnar to do it again. Lesnar went for it, but McIntyre gave him a Claymore Kick. McIntyre gave him two more Claymore Kicks for the pinfall win. McIntyre is the new champion. 

Tom Phillips thanked us for watching. The show ended at approximately 10:25pm ET.