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Rey Mysterio says WWE is 'in the hands of the right people'

Mysterio is confident in the new WWE regime.
Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is confident in the new WWE management regime. 

Mysterio was in Saudi Arabia recently for the Gamers8 festival and spoke to The National about WWE, his legacy, and if he still plans on retiring at 50. 

Regarding the recent changes in WWE, Mysterio believes the company is in the right hands. 

“The one thing I can say and I can answer it straight from my heart, and from the changes that I've seen in the past two weeks, is the position that Triple H has, and the rest of their crew including Stephanie McMahon, Bruce Prichard, Nick Khan, is a very, very difficult position to overcome,” he said.

“But I think it's in the hands of the right people without a doubt. And if there's anyone that's willing to make a change for the better is the guys that are in charge right now. So I truly believe we are in good hands."

“Triple H wants nothing but the best for this business, in this industry and for this company. Now, it's going to be up to us to put in the work to help them take it to the next level.”

During an interview with Ariel Helwani earlier this year, Mysterio said that it had always been his plan not to wrestle past 50. The 47-year-old is enjoying this stage of his career, however, and isn't thinking about a retirement date just yet. 

“Obviously, times change and your train of thought changes as you get older. Having my son Dominik become a part of WWE changed my outcome and the number that I was looking at," Mysterio said. "Since the beginning, I've never enjoyed things as much as I am during this phase of my career."

“My body feels great. My mind feels great. Right now, I'm not even thinking of a number," he continued. "I'm just enjoying every day as it happens and getting the most out of it. I'm sure that eventually my body is going to say: ‘Okay, now's the time, don't go any further.' And, that's when I'm going to decide to push everything behind. But I'm enjoying the moment right now.”

Mysterio also said he's happy in WWE and not looking to work anywhere else. 

“I never really had any desire to go anywhere else. It has always been the WWE," he continued. "Now I know the WWE has always been my home.

"And, not only for me, but for my son as well and for my family. You know, we've been part of the WWE brand for 20 years. And, it's once you get to know family, you just don't turn away from them.”