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Ric Flair personally thanked Vince McMahon for adding him back to WWE signature open

Flair visited Vince McMahon on Monday in Tampa.

Ric Flair says he met with Vince McMahon recently and thanked him for putting his "Wooo" back into the WWE signature opening. 

Flair's "Wooo" had been removed from the video last September following the airing of a Dark Side of the Ring episode on 2002's "Plane Ride From Hell." Two weeks ago, the "Wooo" was added back again. 

Flair spoke about what this meant to him on Tuesday's edition of Busted Open Radio. He also mentioned having visited with McMahon on Monday when WWE was in Tampa. 

"I went and saw Vince yesterday to personally thank him because they were in Tampa," Flair said. 

"It made me feel like my world had changed again. It made me feel a lot better than when they took me off, I can tell you that. Everything Vince McMahon has ever said to me in his entire life has come true and he said, 'I promise you that I will put you back on it,' and he did. I went over to see him yesterday and thanked him," Flair said.