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Ric Flair will 'never go back to WWE,' couldn't work for Nick Khan


Image: WWE

On the latest edition of his podcast, Ric Flair said that he will never go back to WWE and is not a fan of company president Nick Khan in particular.

Airing frustrations that the company is trying to erase his legacy, Flair specifically took issue with being replaced in the opening video montage by the Ultimate Warrior and his trademark "Wooo!" being taken out.

"I could never work for Nick Khan in my entire life. Vince McMahon, I could work for. Nick Khan, who is the guy who orchestrated taking me off the show....he orchestrated taking the 'Wooo' off... never in a million years," Flair said, adding that he still talks to McMahon now and has no issues with him.

Flair requested and was granted his release from WWE in August. He was removed from the opening video package and had his merchandise pulled from WWE Shop following the infamous Dark Side of the Ring episode focusing on the "plane ride from hell" where he was accused of sexual misconduct on the flight. He denied the allegations, but still lost a national sponsorship over the fallout.

Flair also addressed rumors regarding talks between himself and AEW.

"No, there are no discussions (with AEW) at all. I mean, I told Vince McMahon, and my word is pretty much my bond, unless they do something really stupid to me, that I would never ever go to work for the competition. Now, they've done some really stupid stuff. So that door is open. But, I have not talked to Tony (Khan). I haven't heard a word from them."

Flair said he is not looking for any jobs in wrestling, saying he made more money last week when the podcast launched than in his rookie year of 1973. He said he signed a three-year deal with appearances that pays him more than he was making in WWE. Money wasn't an issue with why he asked for his release.