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Rob Gronkowski no longer under WWE contract


Rob Gronkowski is no longer under WWE contract.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed a Wrestling Inc report tonight that Gronkowski has exercised a release clause in his contract. As part of that release clause, he will reportedly not be able to join another wrestling company for “a set period of time”.

The report also said while there was an expectation that Gronkowski would wrestle at SummerSlam, any match with Gronkowski will no longer be happening.

Gronkowski signed with the WWE in March and hosted both nights of WrestleMania 36. He won the WWE 24/7 championship during those tapings, pinning Mojo Rawley after doing a dive off a platform and onto several NXT developmental wrestlers.

On tonight’s episode of Raw, Gronkowski lost the WWE 24/7 championship to R-Truth. Disguised as a gardener, Truth rolled up Gronkowski while Gronkowski was outside filming a TikTok video and pinned him to win the championship for the 36th time.

Gronkowski, who retired from the NFL in March 2019, was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in April.