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The Rock at Raw for filming of 'Fighting with My Family'


Besides the live Raw tonight, there will also be scenes shot for the movie "Fighting with My Family" at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

They'll be shooting the in-ring wrestling scenes with the lead characters.

The movie is based on the Bevis family in England, which includes father, wrestler and promoter Ricky Knight, mother Sweet Saraya Knight, as well as Paige and her brothers. The movie, a comedy, likely builds to Paige, played by Florence Pugh, going after the Divas champion, who is played by former TNA wrestler Thea Trinidad. While we don't know this, it would make sense that scenes for a match between them would be shot tonight.

Dwayne Johnson is hands on with the making of the movie and will be at the Staples Center. It would make it very easy for him to appear on Raw although it has not been confirmed that he will be.

Johnson tweeted that they would be filming Pugh's "big scene" after Raw goes off the air.