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Roman Reigns officially confirmed for WWE European tour


Roman Reigns has officially been added to WWE's next European tour.

WWE's United Kingdom Twitter account confirmed today that Reigns is set for Raw's UK dates on May's European tour. Reigns is also advertised for Raw's non-UK shows on the tour.

Dave Meltzer reported last week that the belief was Reigns will be working a full-time schedule starting with the European tour, if not sooner.

Raw's side of the European tour will begin in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Wednesday, May 8 and conclude in Cardiff, Wales on Friday, May 17. Raw will be taped in London, England on Monday, May 13.

Reigns returned to WWE on the February 25 episode of Raw and announced that his leukemia is in remission. He then returned to the ring at Fastlane on Sunday, teaming with Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose to defeat Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley.

There was an angle on last night's Raw where Reigns was supposed to face Corbin, but McIntyre attacked Reigns instead. McIntyre then defeated Ambrose in a falls count anywhere match.