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Roman Reigns retains Undisputed WWE Universal title at SummerSlam

Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre is now official for WWE Clash at the Castle.

Roman Reigns is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion coming out of SummerSlam.

Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of SummerSlam on Saturday night, defeating Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match. After Lesnar refused to stay down no matter what Reigns hit him with, Reigns gave Lesnar the second of two straight belt shots and buried him under a pile of table pieces, chairs, and the steel steps to get the win.

Theory is also still Mr. Money in the Bank following SummerSlam. Theory tried to get involved in Reigns vs. Lesnar, but he never officially cashed in. When Theory was trying to give the briefcase to the referee, Lesnar laid out Theory with an F-5 on the briefcase.

For his entrance at SummerSlam, Lesnar drove to the ring on a tractor. The tractor played into the match when Lesnar lifted up the ring while Reigns was in it.

Next month will mark two years since Reigns' Universal Championship reign began.

Reigns defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Drew McIntyre is now official for WWE's Clash at the Castle pay-per-view in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday, September 3.