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Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul official for WWE Crown Jewel


The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match for Crown Jewel has been set.

At a press conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, WWE confirmed that Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal title against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, which will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 5. You can watch the press conference below:

Triple H opened the press conference, announcing the match and calling the bout a spectacle that has never been seen before, and pushed that Paul could do “the unthinkable”. Reigns then spoke, saying that he respected the following that Paul brought and could even be the third match on any show he headlines. But he won’t treat Paul like the third match on the card at Crown Jewel.

Paul responded, thanking WWE and Triple H and saying he was going to deliver a performance that no one has ever seen before. He said he found his home in WWE and called out Reigns immediately because that is what he does, mentioning his second boxing match ever was against Floyd Mayweather. He told Reigns that this may be his profession, but Crown Jewel is his match. Paul said that while Reigns was the head of the table, he was the table, and that Reigns would acknowledge him on November 5.

After some questions from reporters, Heyman attempted to close the press conference, running down Paul. Paul asked why Reigns wouldn’t say anything and allowed his mouthpiece say everything. Reigns got up and shoved Paul, leading Triple H to seperate the two. The two met face-to-face to close out the press conference.

It was reported Friday afternoon that a press conference would be held on Saturday to confirm the main event between Paul and Reigns for Crown Jewel. On SmackDown, Paul appeared and confronted the Bloodline, teasing that he may challenge Reigns for the title.